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No, I wasn’t going to talk about the wildfires raging outside my hometown of Athens, Greece, though they are bad enough. The skies are anything but blue, and the sun is deep red. Thousands have been evacuated, and hundreds lost their homes. Just so far. As I said earlier, the Monasteraki kitchen, which the Automatic Earth actively supports, is feeding about 2,500 people daily, including firemen, but I have little additional info. They work almost 24 hours a day in the heat and the smoke to do it, and we’ll talk about organizational and financial details later.

But yeah, it’s a cruel reality that the government doesn’t take care of its own firefighters. Until earlier today, the evacuees from the island of Evia apparently were made to buy a ferry ticket as their homes were burning down. You can’t make it up. A good time to count one’s blessings. The biggest support efforts so far, in manpower and equipment, come from Romania and Poland. Not western Europe. Oh, and: “For the $3 billion #Greece will pay for 18 French jet fighters, 12 of which are used, #Athens could have bought 100+ state-of-the-art fire fighting aircraft”. Too late now. The politicians call “force majeure”.


The fires I am thinking of are of a more “symbolic” art: the propaganda and censorship that on the one hand keep us from asking the questions that need to be asked, and on the other hand from hearing from those who can help us formulate those questions. It has gone to such an extreme now that most people are not even aware that there are such questions, including many politicians and health “experts”. It is indeed the biggest global propaganda operation ever, and it’s costing, and destroying, scores of lives.

We are stuck between a fake one-dimensional reality of lockdowns, masks and vaccines that are supposed to keep us safe but don’t, and a different reality of masks and lockdowns that don’t stop much of anything but instead cause many problems of their own, and vaccines that have already killed 1000s and hurt millions of people, and that may well lead to much bigger problems, like for instance “the birth of an entirely new world of autoimmune disease” through antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

We are not allowed to read about that, or watch a video, or talk about it, even if the people who involved are distinguished health professionals, in the same way that we are not allowed to talk about early treatment of Covid through for instance anti-virals; we are supposed to shut up and get jabbed. But we are not all completely stupid.

We do not believe unquestioningly that Anthony Fauci and his ilk have a monopoly on truth and science, even (or especially) if they are the only ones allowed to talk. Instead, we think that if he were right, there would be no need for all the banning and censoring and deleting of doctors who don’t always agree with him. We cannot afford to stifle dissent, we never could. We need conversation and discussion, and we’re not getting any.

Whether it’s McCullough, Mercola, Robert Malone, Pierre Kory or anyone else, it’s insane to silence them for spreading misinformation. For all we -that means you- know it’s Fauci et al who spread misinformation. How would you know though? His is the only information that is spread at all. He effectively has a monopoly.

The point is not whether you agree with Fauci or the CDC or anyone else, the point is that this doesn’t give you the right to silence those who don’t agree. You don’t have that right if only because it keeps us from finding out what is real or not, and eventually from saving people’s lives. Which is what everyone’s main concern should be, but apparently is not, or there would be no silencing. Part of me might want Fauci silenced, but no, let him speak; just not when pretending he embodies “the Science”.

We don’t just have the right to know, we need to know. Because our lives and health and freedoms and human rights are at stake. Censoring info that doesn’t agree with you should result in an immediate dismissal. But who even knows that alternative views exist anymore? The propaganda and censorship campaign has been highly successful. So much so that many people now turn against the unvaccinated and blame them for new cases and deaths.

However, most people think that what they read and view is the truth, that the media have checked this for them and this is what came out. But the media hasn’t checked a thing, other perhaps than why some people still are not vaccinated, and even then they will not tell you the reasons, they will only try to shame these people into complying with the Big Model.

As for the vaccines, I only need to repeat these lines:

“The document – a slide presentation – outlines unpublished data that shows fully vaccinated people might spread the Delta variant at the same rate as unvaccinated people..”

“The Delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox and may be spread by vaccinated people as easily as the unvaccinated, an internal C.D.C. report said.”

And yet, the military patrols the streets in Australia, thereby ending either the democracy or the government, France tomorrow introduces a whole new set of measures to get people to comply with vaccination with a substance that even the CDC says doesn’t work. What’s the point of a vaccine passport if those who carry one can infect you just as easily as those who don’t?

A lot of people by now have lost their marbles, and we need to hope that those who haven’t, can make themselves heard. Or the immediate future looks awfully bleak.




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    Dr. D

    “Evia were made to buy a ferry tickets”

    Yes, because gasoline isn’t free. So you needed to have “profits” and therefore “Savings” otherwise known as “Capital” from dirty capitalists so that they could then have the personal resources to give away free ferry tickets. Which they may have even wanted to, but couldn’t, because their boat would be confiscated when they reached the dock and stop running, shipped to China, cutting off Evia much worse and forever. This is because tyrannical financial monopoly – and Germany – already stole everything everywhere in Greece and gave it to a few billionaires in Hamburg and Geneva. So now Greek ferry owners can barely get up and fuel the boat already. Thanks Germany. More complete conquest than the 3rd Reich.

    Crippling them exactly as this, gutting and murdering the middle class to complete desperation, is the whole plan alpha to omega, just as here with landlords, although we’re resisting and very hard to crack. Meanwhile, Bezos flies to (not) space in a giant dick. That’s where your money is.

    “Fauci and his ilk have a monopoly on truth and science, even (or especially) if they are the only ones allowed to talk.“

    “Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts.” —Richard Feynman, Ph.D., Nobel Laureate, Physics

    Anyone who shuts down discussion and dissent is by perfect definition, #AntiScience. Indeed, they are the most AntiScience people we’ve seen perhaps ever and history will remember them so.

    Oh and while they call “Mandatory Vaccinations” the CDC will NOT require vaccinations and indeed half of the CDC refused. PhDs and all.

    “I have tears in my eyes today, our Polish Brothers and Sisters joined our war against vaccine passports.” They lost. Bye Bye. Trials soon.

    “Otherwise intelligent folks” Were they really intelligent though? Parrots can mimic speech from textbooks. Intelligence understands it.

    Like, “They need to change their unhealthy lifestyles.” Okay, and I see non-stop gov’t ads for exercise and weight loss when? Top comorbidy. Super-easy fix, like hiring nurses and getting beds, plenty of time. And you don’t do that either, but DO have the exact same “pill” you reject but approve if it’s in form of the jab. Surely you’re making this up, Doctor.

    “effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects”

    But I know it’s safe because I just made it up in my head just now, then said it with my mouth. Now it’s true! Safe and Effective! We know this because we never looked.

    “Lytton BC, Malden WA, Pine City WA”

    You cannot survive even in a bunker. The fire overhead would consume all the oxygen and perhaps drop a tree on your door. Very serious stuff. Takes lots of forward planning and work to cope, although well-possible.

    “The ruling western corporate state does not give a damn if the people or the infrastructure survive.”

    Quite the contrary. They are actively and provably TRYING to kill the people and infrastructure, but especially the people. For decades. “Giant sucking sound” that killed all the Mexican farmers too, making them immigrants. And said so in all their own published papers. Go Green! No need for any of it. In harmony with Nature, not machine thinking, we can easily have had both, but they don’t want it and have done everything they can think of to engineer us and remove us from our heritage.

    Why? Look at Ezlxa: they want the earth to be one giant Manor House and Hunting Lodge in New Feudalism. So they protect the places, then build condos for their friends. But not you, dirty peasant. Get to work!

    One idea discernible among the Religious Right (RR) is that” God has given man domain over the earth which they must keep responsibly as his work and his garden. You notice this because every place NON Religious Right are, it’s a city, every inch of topsoil razed, high crime, endemic racism, no nature in 100clicks. …While they tell OTHERS not to cut trees, like Ye Olde Englande. Meanwhile, in RR-land, it’s called “Montana”. No cities anywhere, nothing but trees, the problem is to get enough parking lot for a hospital, and stay armed against bears with a caliber starting with “4”. Ironic.

    Garlic must be hardened off, it’s important or it won’t keep at all.


    thanks, dr D, will research hardening off garlic.


    @ Dr. D: “Evia were made to buy a ferry tickets”

    Thank you for the big picture view. A well-reasoned “reality check” REMINDER is always welcome. I forget how the financialization of everything everywhere – is everywhere. Always degrading, limiting human “capital” from full human expression.

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