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    Dr. D

    “Evia were made to buy a ferry tickets”

    Yes, because gasoline isn’t free. So you needed to have “profits” and therefore “Savings” otherwise known as “Capital” from dirty capitalists so that they could then have the personal resources to give away free ferry tickets. Which they may have even wanted to, but couldn’t, because their boat would be confiscated when they reached the dock and stop running, shipped to China, cutting off Evia much worse and forever. This is because tyrannical financial monopoly – and Germany – already stole everything everywhere in Greece and gave it to a few billionaires in Hamburg and Geneva. So now Greek ferry owners can barely get up and fuel the boat already. Thanks Germany. More complete conquest than the 3rd Reich.

    Crippling them exactly as this, gutting and murdering the middle class to complete desperation, is the whole plan alpha to omega, just as here with landlords, although we’re resisting and very hard to crack. Meanwhile, Bezos flies to (not) space in a giant dick. That’s where your money is.

    “Fauci and his ilk have a monopoly on truth and science, even (or especially) if they are the only ones allowed to talk.“

    “Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts.” —Richard Feynman, Ph.D., Nobel Laureate, Physics

    Anyone who shuts down discussion and dissent is by perfect definition, #AntiScience. Indeed, they are the most AntiScience people we’ve seen perhaps ever and history will remember them so.

    Oh and while they call “Mandatory Vaccinations” the CDC will NOT require vaccinations and indeed half of the CDC refused. PhDs and all.

    “I have tears in my eyes today, our Polish Brothers and Sisters joined our war against vaccine passports.” They lost. Bye Bye. Trials soon.

    “Otherwise intelligent folks” Were they really intelligent though? Parrots can mimic speech from textbooks. Intelligence understands it.

    Like, “They need to change their unhealthy lifestyles.” Okay, and I see non-stop gov’t ads for exercise and weight loss when? Top comorbidy. Super-easy fix, like hiring nurses and getting beds, plenty of time. And you don’t do that either, but DO have the exact same “pill” you reject but approve if it’s in form of the jab. Surely you’re making this up, Doctor.

    “effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects”

    But I know it’s safe because I just made it up in my head just now, then said it with my mouth. Now it’s true! Safe and Effective! We know this because we never looked.

    “Lytton BC, Malden WA, Pine City WA”

    You cannot survive even in a bunker. The fire overhead would consume all the oxygen and perhaps drop a tree on your door. Very serious stuff. Takes lots of forward planning and work to cope, although well-possible.

    “The ruling western corporate state does not give a damn if the people or the infrastructure survive.”

    Quite the contrary. They are actively and provably TRYING to kill the people and infrastructure, but especially the people. For decades. “Giant sucking sound” that killed all the Mexican farmers too, making them immigrants. And said so in all their own published papers. Go Green! No need for any of it. In harmony with Nature, not machine thinking, we can easily have had both, but they don’t want it and have done everything they can think of to engineer us and remove us from our heritage.

    Why? Look at Ezlxa: they want the earth to be one giant Manor House and Hunting Lodge in New Feudalism. So they protect the places, then build condos for their friends. But not you, dirty peasant. Get to work!

    One idea discernible among the Religious Right (RR) is that” God has given man domain over the earth which they must keep responsibly as his work and his garden. You notice this because every place NON Religious Right are, it’s a city, every inch of topsoil razed, high crime, endemic racism, no nature in 100clicks. …While they tell OTHERS not to cut trees, like Ye Olde Englande. Meanwhile, in RR-land, it’s called “Montana”. No cities anywhere, nothing but trees, the problem is to get enough parking lot for a hospital, and stay armed against bears with a caliber starting with “4”. Ironic.

    Garlic must be hardened off, it’s important or it won’t keep at all.


    thanks, dr D, will research hardening off garlic.


    @ Dr. D: “Evia were made to buy a ferry tickets”

    Thank you for the big picture view. A well-reasoned “reality check” REMINDER is always welcome. I forget how the financialization of everything everywhere – is everywhere. Always degrading, limiting human “capital” from full human expression.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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