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“No One Is Pushing Me Out” Biden Tells Staff (ZH)
Biden May Drop Out Of Presidential Race – NYT (RT)
Dozens of Democrat Lawmakers Want Biden Out – Bloomberg (RT)
Only Michelle Obama Can Beat Donald Trump – Poll (RT)
Jack Smith is Willing to Try Trump Up to Inauguration Day (Turley)
The Presidential Dilemma (Paul Craig Roberts)
Hillary Clinton Welcomes Ukraine ‘Attacking’ Trump (RT)
Will Putin Attack Poland & the Baltics? (Ray McGovern)
Western Talk of Ukraine Peace Just For Show – Zakharova (RT)
Orban Reveals Zelensky’s Reaction To Ceasefire Proposal (RT)
US Dissatisfied With Ukraine’s Mobilization Rate – Former PM (Sp.)
Tucker Carlson Announces Zelensky Interview (RT)
Ukraine To Be Warned It’s ‘Too Corrupt’ For NATO – Telegraph (RT)
‘Hamas Has Never Been Stronger’: Israel Is Stuck In A War It Can’t Win (Blade)
Houthis Vow USS Theodore Roosevelt Primary Target Once it Enters Red Sea (Sp.)










Big Mike







Someone gave Hunter a security clearance? For real?

“No One Is Pushing Me Out” Biden Tells Staff (ZH)

Update (1355ET): According to AP, Biden told campaign staff “No one is pushing me out” during a Wednesday call. Would he even know though? Meanwhile, a new NYT/Siena poll reveals that Trump now leads Biden 49%-43% among likely voters.

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Update (1055ET): With knives out and all eyes on Kamala, President Biden has reportedly ‘told a key ally that he knows he may not be able to salvage his candidacy’ if he can’t convince the public in the coming days that he’s up for the job, the NY Times reports. “He knows if he has two more events like that, we’re in a different place” by the end of the weekend said the ally, referring to last Thursday’s debacle of a debate. The conversation is the first indication to become public that the president is seriously considering whether he can recover after a devastating performance on the debate stage in Atlanta on Thursday. Concerns are mounting about his viability as a candidate and whether he could serve as president for another four years.

A top adviser to Mr. Biden, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the situation, said the president was “well aware of the political challenge he faces.” -NYT. We’re shocked Biden can ‘weigh’ anything given his condition, but the White House says the Times report is ‘absolutely false.’ As we noted earlier, odds of Kamala Harris facing off with Trump in November spiked overnight, and then accelerated even higher upon the NYT report, only to pull back shortly thereafter after the White House denied.

What a time to be alive!

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While Former President Barack Obama has publicly supported sockpuppet president Joe Biden following last Thursday’s unprecedented debate, he has privately told allies that the path to victory ‘grew more challenging’ following an abject debacle for the Democrats. According to ‘several people familiar with his remarks,’ and perhaps most notably conveyed via the Washington Post, not only has Obama grown more concerned following the debate (and having to physically guide the 81-year-old off of a stage last month), the former president “has long harbored worries about his party defeating Donald Trump in November, repeatedly warning Biden in recent months about how challenging it will be to win reelection.” Not only that, “Just before the debate, Obama conveyed to allies his concerns about the state of the race.”

So Obama gets to save face, while adding to the growing chorus of Democrats who have expressed everything from quiet panic to public hints, to outright calls for Biden to drop out of the race. Meanwhile in the ivory tower, White House aides are reportedly freaked out that crack addict, China profiteer, Ukraine energy expert, convicted felon Hunter Biden is in the building helping to counsel his father in Jill’s time of crisis. According to NBC News’ Ken Deilanian, White House staff are asking “What the hell is happening,” after a report that Hunter has been sitting in on meetings.

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Biden May Drop Out Of Presidential Race – NYT (RT)

US President Joe Biden is seriously considering whether he can recover from his “disastrous” debate performance, the New York Times reported on Wednesday, citing a “key ally” who wished to remain anonymous. Biden struggled through last week’s exchange with challenger Donald Trump, hosted by CNN. The Times described his performance as “devastating,” even though Biden’s campaign had arranged the circumstances to be maximally favorable. “He knows if he has two more events like that, we’re in a different place” by the end of the Independence Day weekend, the unnamed ally told the newspaper. While the unnamed source insisted that Biden is “still deeply in the fight for re-election,” the 81-year-old is reportedly aware that the next several days must go well if he wishes to “salvage” his candidacy.

Biden is scheduled to record an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos – a Clinton White House veteran – on Friday and take part in campaign events in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. A meeting with Democratic governors is also on the schedule for Wednesday evening. White House spokesman Andrew Bates told the NYT that the anonymous ally’s claim was “absolutely false” and that he had not been given enough time to respond. According to the Times, Biden has told at least one person that he is open to the possibility that the plan to move on from the debate and shift the narrative to Trump “may not work.” The White House and the campaign have offered a range of excuses for what happened at the debate. Meanwhile, a CBS News poll on Wednesday showed Trump two points ahead of Biden nationally and three points in battleground states.

“Concerns are mounting about his viability as a candidate and whether he could serve as president for another four years,” the Times noted. Several other unnamed allies of Biden told the outlet that he was “clear-eyed” about the “uphill battle to convince voters, donors and the political class” that his debate performance was just a bad day. Media outlets that have been friendly to Biden for years, insisting just last month that he was “sharp as a tack” and that allegations of mental and physical infirmity were fake news, turned on the president practically overnight. Major party donors have reportedly done so as well, demanding a new candidate. Vice President Kamala Harris remains unpopular, however, and the Democrats did not allow a competitive primary, leaving them in a bind to name a possible replacement

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“..even among Democrats some 45% believe that he should withdraw from the race..”

Dozens of Democrat Lawmakers Want Biden Out – Bloomberg (RT)

Dozens of Democrats in the US Congress are considering signing a letter demanding that President Joe Biden suspend his reelection campaign, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. Calls for Biden to withdraw from the race and resign from office have intensified since his disastrous debate performance against Donald Trump last week. Bloomberg did not name any of the lawmakers involved, and attributed the news to an anonymous “senior party official.” According to this official, Democrats fear association with the unpopular and apparently senile president will harm their own reelection chances in November, leading to “a Republican sweep of Washington and an unchecked Donald Trump presidency.” Calls for Biden’s withdrawal have snowballed since last Thursday’s CNN-hosted debate, during which Biden appeared confused and struggled to finish sentences.

Speaking to MSNBC on Tuesday, influential Democrat Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Jim Clyburn both discussed the possibility that Biden may suffer from a mental condition, while Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas became the first sitting Democrat lawmaker to urge Biden to suspend his campaign. Liberal pundits have gone further, with The Atlantic and The Hill both publishing op-eds on Wednesday calling on Biden to leave office immediately, after the New York Times, Washington Post, and Chicago Tribune all called on him to step aside so the party can choose a more lucid candidate to take on Trump this November. The White House, meanwhile, insists that Biden does not suffer from dementia or any other degenerative condition, and that his lackluster performance was the result of tiredness and a “bad cold.”

On Wednesday, White House spokesman Andrew Bates dismissed a report in the New York Times suggesting that the president was considering whether to pull out of the race, calling the claim “absolutely false.”According to Politico reporter Elena Schneider, Biden told campaign staffers on Wednesday that “no one’s pushing me out. I’m not leaving. I’m in this race to the end and we’re going to win.” Biden spoke to Clyburn and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer by phone on Wednesday, Bloomberg reported. The president has a packed schedule of appearances over the coming days, including a meeting with Democratic governors on Wednesday evening, an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Friday, and campaign events in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin over the weekend.

“We really want to turn the page on this,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Tuesday, adding that Biden’s upcoming appearances will allow Americans to “see him for themselves.” According to multiple polls, however, Americans have already decided that Biden is not fit for office. A survey conducted by CBS News/YouGov in the wake of the debate found that 72% of registered voters do not believe that Biden has the “mental and cognitive health necessary to serve as president.” The poll indicated that even among Democrats some 45% believe that he should withdraw from the race.

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That poll is wrong. Because it will all be about Big Mike.

Only Michelle Obama Can Beat Donald Trump – Poll (RT)

Michelle Obama, the wife of former US President Barack Obama, is the only potential Democratic candidate who could beat Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in November’s election, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll. There is growing concern among Democratic voters over President Joe Biden’s ability to secure a second term in office this year, particularly after his debate with Trump, in which the 81-year-old incumbent appeared frail and confused, and struggled to finish his sentences. On July 1 and July 2, Ipsos market research company surveyed a representative sample of 1,070 US adults for Reuters, including 892 registered voters, 348 Democrats, 322 Republicans, and 303 independents.

According to the poll, if a vote were to be held now, Biden and Trump would both win an estimated 40% of the votes. However, around three in five voters, including nearly one-third of Democrats, believe Biden should drop out of the race altogether and that his party should put forward a new candidate, even at this late stage. Most of Biden’s potential replacements do not seem to have the public approval or recognition needed to beat Trump on November 5, according to the poll. In hypothetical matchups against Trump, Vice President Kamala Harris was one point behind the Republican candidate, while others, like California Governor Gavin Newsom and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, fared even worse. The only person who could beat Trump is Michelle Obama, the poll suggests. In her matchup against the former president, some 50% of registered voters said they would vote for her, compared to 39% who said they would vote for Trump.

The former first lady also appears to have a better public image than the other candidates. The survey showed that around 42% of voters have a favorable opinion of Trump, compared to the 38% who have a favorable opinion of Biden. But Obama had an approval rating of 55%, beating all other potential Democratic candidates. Meanwhile, Biden and his team have indicated that they have no plans to drop out of the race despite last week’s debate performance, which they have tried to play down as just a “bad night.” The Democratic Party has also publicly rallied behind the president. Privately, however, media reports suggest that many top Democratic donors want Biden gone from the November 5 ticket and even his public allies, including Barack Obama, have reportedly been “telling people Biden can’t win” in private.

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It’s called election interference. And SCOTUS should stop it.

“Smith’s appetite for a trial before the Inauguration may exceed his ability to force that expedited schedule…”

Jack Smith is Willing to Try Trump Up to Inauguration Day (Turley)

The Washington Post is reporting that Special Counsel Jack Smith may try to convict former president Donald Trump all the way through the election and up to 11:59 am on January 20th. After the oath, the Justice Department has long maintained that it will not prosecute a sitting president. There is also a long-standing policy of the Justice Department to abstain from criminal proceedings before an election to avoid the appearance of trying to influence the outcome. Smith has signaled that he will discard that policy and that he is prepared to try Trump not only up to the election but through the election. He is now reportedly willing to try Trump up to January 20th. Smith has made trying Trump before the election the overriding priority in his two cases against the former president. He failed repeatedly to force a shorter schedule on appeal before the Supreme Court.

His arguments were revealing. He suggested that the public should have a possible conviction before they cast their votes. It flipped the DOJ policy on its head in openly seeking to influence the election. The Supreme Court was not persuaded, though Smith did succeed in effectively cutting the appellate process a bit shorter. He then lost in spectacular fashion before the Court on presidential immunity. According to the Post, he is not giving up the ghost and is now committed to a trial running up to Inauguration Day: “Current officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, expressed … that if Trump wins the election, the clock on the two federal cases against him would keep ticking until Jan. 20, when he would be sworn in as the 47th president.” Even with Smith’s continued push to try Trump at all costs before the Inauguration, it could be a challenge. There is a 30-day period before the Supreme Court case is effectively returned to district court.

Judge Tanya Chutkan has been highly favorable for Smith and highly motivated in seeking a trial before the election. That led to problems highlighted in the recent opinion. Chutkan was so motivated that she failed to create an adequate record on these issues. That record will now have to be established. If Chutkan rules as she did earlier, she is expected to be hostile to Trump’s claims on his conduct falling within official functions. However, she will need to make the record and her decision could again be appealed. The Court left clear guidelines that will make it difficult for Chutkan to, again, dismiss such claims.

Moreover, the pre-trial motions were stopped with the latest appeal. They must now be addressed. Finally, she pledged to give the Trump team over 80 days for preparation after the appeal, which will be added to the 30 days, the period for the remand record, and the pre-trial motions. There is also the need for the court and Smith to deal with the Fischer decision limiting the use of the obstruction charges — impacting two of the four counts against Trump. As I have previously written, Smith has various options but could trigger a new reversal on appeal if he follows his signature inclination to resist legal limits. In other words, Smith’s appetite for a trial before the Inauguration may exceed his ability to force that expedited schedule.

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“All the people can do is to cast votes that might or might not be properly counted..”

The Presidential Dilemma (Paul Craig Roberts)

The dilemma is not limited to Trump and Biden. All of us face it. Biden cannot win despite all of the theft mechanisms the Democrats have institutionalized. A stolen election requires a close election in order to hide the theft. But the polls show no such close election. In order to use the fraudulent electoral means put in place, the Democrats need a candidate that the media can present as neck-in-neck with Trump. Even if Democrats had such a candidate, the Biden Crime Family cannot risk Trump taking office. In the event that Trump has learned not to appoint his most dangerous enemies to the highest offices, Biden out of power faces the risk of a real investigation of his and his son’s suspect business affairs, which appear to boil down to influence peddling.

So far the Biden family has reacted negatively to the pressure on Biden from fellow Democrats to stand down. But there is room for a deal if the Democrats can find a candidate for whom they can succeed in having a stolen election accepted. The deal would be that in exchange for standing down, the replacement candidate when “elected” will have the Justice (sic) Department investigate Joe and Hunter’s business dealings and clear them from all suspicions. One wonders why the corrupt merrick garland hasn’t already done this. For Trump the main problem is how does he form a loyal government committed to Trump’s and Trump’s supporters agenda? The Rino Republican establishment is almost as opposed to Trump as the Democrats. Where are there aware Republicans with brains and a willingness to fight the Establishment and the media which serves the Establishment? Supposing such people exist and that Trump finds them, how does he get them confirmed in office? Confirmation is up to the Senate. Is the Senate going to put in office people who intend to dismantle the Establishment that the Senate represents?

The most important question is who will sacrifice his chances for success in life by serving in a Trump administration and going against the Establishment. There are so many ways in which the Establishment can ruin you. When Trump, if elected, is confronted with his isolation, as he was during his first term with no reliable advisers having abandoned Bannon and Flynn, what does he do? Does he declare his re-election as vindication and make his peace with the Establishment, thereby surviving and recovering from his damaged business interests? Trump’s support is in the people, but the people are impotent. The media lies to them continually, but enough of them continue to support the media and partake of their indoctrination from CNN, NPR, the New York Times and the rest of the presstitutes for the media to continue its lies. The media’s lies sustain the official narratives.

The people have no influence on the cabinet departments that serve the private agendas of the Establishment. All the people can do is to cast votes that might or might not be properly counted. We already see an unpromising change in Trump. In place of analysis he blusters. If he had been in office Russia would have been too afraid to invade Ukraine and Hamas to attack Israel. In other words, he has bought into the Establishment explanations. We no longer hear that he is going to normalize relations with Russia. Instead, he is going to intimidate Russia. This is not what the world on the brink of World War III wants to hear. We want to see leadership that acknowledges Washington and NATO’s responsibility in the ever-widening conflict. As long as we are full of self-justification, we can’t see the Russian point of view. Unless we can bring ourselves to see the Russian point of view, we will continue on our path to a major war.

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Vovan and Lexus strike again.

Hillary Clinton Welcomes Ukraine ‘Attacking’ Trump (RT)

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signaled her support if Ukraine attempted to dig up dirt on GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. She made the comment in a phone call with Russian prankster duo Vovan and Lexus, one of whom posed as ex-Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko. According to a recording of the conversation made public on Wednesday, Clinton and the man she believed to be Poroshenko discussed the political landscape in the US leading up to the November election, as well as the potential repercussions of a Trump victory for both Kiev and Washington. Trump has repeatedly criticized the way the administration of US President Joe Biden has handled the Ukraine conflict, saying he would end hostilities within 24 hours if elected and stop sending unconditional financial support to Kiev.

Clinton said that she is “doing everything” she can to secure Biden’s reelection, while acknowledging that those efforts come at “a very difficult time in this country.” Her comments followed a recent television debate between Biden and Trump, widely seen as a disaster for the incumbent. The former presidential candidate, who lost the 2016 election to Trump, described her former rival as “very dangerous,” adding that he “would be very bad for the United States as well as for… Ukraine,” and that Kiev was right to be concerned. Later in the conversation, ‘Poroshenko’ offered to “request a hearing in the [Ukrainian] parliament to find something on him [Trump] before the election,” recalling that the 45th president is already facing serious legal trouble in the US. “I think we can attack him from different sides,” the prankster suggested.

Clinton seemed to like the idea. “Good. Anything you could do, attack him, I’m all for it, because he is a very dangerous man,” she responded. ‘Poroshenko’ then followed up with a suggestion to “send my people in the US,” without clarifying what he meant, but the former secretary ignored this proposal. Biden and Trump faced-off on June 27, with the US president widely being perceived as incoherent and fumbling. According to several reports, many prominent Democrats and party donors are scrambling to find a replacement for Biden. Meanwhile, Trump is heading into the election as the only former or current US president to be convicted of a crime. In May, the GOP frontrunner was found guilty of falsifying business records stemming from an alleged ‘hush money’ payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, with whom Trump allegedly had an affair. The ex-president maintains his innocence and has denied being involved with Daniels.

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Fiona Hill.

Will Putin Attack Poland & the Baltics? (Ray McGovern)

At Thursday’s debate with Donald Trump, President Joe Biden, calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal,” claimed that he “wants all of Ukraine. … Do you think he’ll stop? … What do you think happens to Poland and other places?” Spoiler Alert: Official Ukrainian sources confirm that Putin did stop in March 2022, after Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky agreed to forswear membership in NATO. This was the key provision in the Ukraine-Russia deal initialed by Davyd Arakhamia, who at the time was Zelensky’s chief negotiator (and his party’s faction leader in the Rada) at the talks in Istanbul at the end of March, hardly a month into the war. The Russians lifted their objection to Ukraine joining the EU, as the Ukrainians agreed to neutrality. Security guarantees sought by Kyiv (short of NATO membership) would be worked out. The fighting would stop. Agreement on the status of Crimea would be put off to the future.

Putin and Zelensky reportedly were micromanaging the March 2022 negotiations, and at that early stage the Russians expressed readiness for the two to meet. At the same time that Biden and other Western leaders raise the alarm that Putin will attack other parts of Europe when he’s through with Ukraine, they claim Russia can’t even take the Ukrainian province of Kharkiv, has lost more than 500,000 men to just 30,000 Ukrainians and its economy is faltering (none of which is true.) But Cold War Western power was based on an exaggerated Soviet threat and the same is true today. In a November 2023 Kyiv Post report titled “Russia Offered to End War in 2022 If Ukraine Scrapped NATO Ambitions – Zelensky Party Chief,” Arakhamia confirmed that in the March 2022 negotiations Russia proposed ending the war on the condition that Ukraine abandon its NATO aspirations and adopt a neutral stance.

Arakhamia continued: “Neutrality was the biggest thing for them, they were ready to end the war if we took — as Finland once did — neutrality and made commitments that we would not join NATO. This was the key point. While negotiations continued in Istanbul, former U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson unexpectedly arrived in Kyiv on April 9 and said that Ukraine shouldn’t sign anything with them at all – and ‘let’s just fight.’ ” Arakhamia’s candor was refreshing. But it came as no surprise to those of us following Ukraine in early 2022. On May 5, 2022 — a year and a half before Arakhamia spilled the beans to the Kyiv Post — Ukrainska Pravda ran a report under the title “Possibility of talks between Zelensky and Putin came to a halt after Johnson’s visit”: “According to sources close to Zelenskyy, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, who appeared in the capital almost without warning, brought two simple messages.

The first is that Putin is a war criminal, he should be pressured, not negotiated with. And the second is that even if Ukraine is ready to sign some agreements on guarantees with Putin, they [the West] are not. The collective West felt that Putin was not really as powerful as they had previously imagined, and that here was a chance to press him.” Three days after Johnson left Kyiv, Putin publicly stated that talks with Ukraine had “turned into a dead end.” Putin expressed confidence that Russia would ultimately prevail and added that it would “rhythmically and calmly” continue conducting the operation in Ukraine. In his major speech to the Russian Foreign Ministry on June 14, Putin said the Russian troops approaching Kyiv in February-March 2022 were there “to push the Ukrainian side to negotiations.” From Feb. 24 on, the Russians had expressed readiness for diplomacy. Interestingly, Zelensky appointed Arakhamia chief negotiator on Feb. 28.

Putin continued: “Surprisingly, as a result, agreements that satisfied both Moscow and Kyiv were indeed reached and initialed in Istanbul. … The document was titled ‘Agreement on Permanent Neutrality and Security Guarantees for Ukraine’. It was a compromise but resolved the problems that were stated as major ones even at the start of the special military operation. But the path to peace was rejected again. … The former UK prime minister said directly during his visit to Kyiv – no agreements. Russia must be defeated on the battlefield. … Thus they began to intensively pump Ukraine up with weapons and started talking about the need to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia.”

Who has been telling Biden that Putin “will not stop at Ukraine?” Exhibit A would be Fiona Hill, disciple of arch-Russophobe historian Richard Pipes, and national intelligence officer for Russia (2006-09). Her insights appeared in The New York Times exactly a month before Russia invaded Ukraine. On Jan. 24, 2022, the Times featured a guest essay by Hill titled “Putin has the U.S. Right Where He Wants It”: “This time, Mr. Putin’s aim is bigger than closing NATO’s ‘open door’ to Ukraine and taking more territory — he wants to evict the United States from Europe. As he might put it: ‘Goodbye, America. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.’”

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”What is happening to Europe is not just a crisis, or collapse, or loss of position. It truly is a disaster..”

Western Talk of Ukraine Peace Just For Show – Zakharova (RT)

Any Western talk of peace in the Ukraine conflict is merely a “decoy” as the US and its allies remain intent on inflicting a strategic defeat on Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited Kiev on Tuesday, where he urged Vladimir Zelensky to seek a ceasefire with Russia to facilitate peace talks. The Ukrainian leader rejected the proposal, saying he has a different way to end the conflict. Whatever discussions Ukraine and Western nations have about peace are mere “decoys, screens, tropes and memes,” said purely for their own sake, Zakharova said on her weekly radio show on Wednesday. The Ukraine conflict is dominated by the goal of inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia, which the US and its allies have declared “absolutely clearly and specifically,” the official explained.

In practical terms, the West seeks to dismantle Russia and to end its existence, she claimed. What did you expect from the people chosen by the US as their tools? Tools don’t have a say in what they do. Clear-eyed politicians in the EU can see the place allocated to their nations in the US grand plan, which is that of a sacrificial animal on the altar of victory against Russia, Zakharova added. Europe’s grim future is evident in the state of its economy, she said. ”What is happening to Europe is not just a crisis, or collapse, or loss of position. It truly is a disaster,” she argued. Western officials such as Hungary’s Orban, who publicly object to the course of action chosen in Washington, probably want to set the record straight for the future generations of Europeans, who will blame the leaders of today for their inaction, Zakharova said.

The Hungarian prime minister has repeatedly argued that Western sanctions imposed on Russia as punishment for the Ukraine conflict have failed to end hostilities and ended up hurting EU members more than they did Russia. Budapest has used its veto power in the bloc to stop proposed restrictions that would have undermined core Hungarian national interests, such as its cooperation with Russia on nuclear energy. Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged to order a ceasefire with Ukraine as soon as Kiev renounces its bid to join NATO and pulls its troops out of all territory which Moscow claims under its sovereignty.

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“..Ukraine is not interested in Orban’s proposal and claimed that a ceasefire “cannot be considered in isolation.”

Orban Reveals Zelensky’s Reaction To Ceasefire Proposal (RT)

Ukraine’s Vladimir Zelensky was not receptive to Budapest’s proposal to establish a temporary ceasefire with Russia, according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who recently traveled to Kiev. During his surprise visit on Tuesday, which was his first trip to Ukraine in over a decade, Orban proposed that Zelensky think about “whether it would be possible to take a break. To reach a ceasefire and start negotiations [with Russia] since a quick ceasefire could speed up these negotiations.” Ahead of the trip, Orban stated that he hoped to explain to Zelensky that “time is running out and it is important to establish peace, as hundreds of soldiers are dying on the front every day and we do not see how a solution can be found on the battlefield.”

However, following his conversations with Zelensky, Orban told the Swiss Die Weltwoche news outlet, that the Ukrainian leader “had some doubts” about the ceasefire proposal and “didn’t like it very much.” He explained that Zelensky “had a bad experience in the past with ceasefires, which, in his opinion, did not benefit Ukraine” and because of this believed there were “limits” to what could be achieved. While Zelensky himself has not yet commented on Hungary’s proposal, his deputy chief of staff, Igor Zhovka has stated that Ukraine is not interested in Orban’s proposal and claimed that a ceasefire “cannot be considered in isolation.”

Instead, Zhovka said that Kiev will continue to seek a resolution to the conflict based on Zelensky’s own ‘peace formula’. The ten-point program, initially floated in late 2022, calls for a complete withdrawal of Russian forces from territories Kiev claims as its own, reparation payments and an international war crime tribunal for Russia’s leadership. Moscow has vehemently rejected Zelensky’s plan as a non-starter and has stressed that any peace talks with Kiev must be based on “realities on the ground.” Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has presented his own set of terms for starting ceasefire talks, which include a full Ukrainian withdrawal from the regions that voted to be part of Russia, as well as legally binding guarantees that ensure Ukraine will never become a member of NATO.

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‘You planned to mobilize this number of people, but mobilized that. We have provided you with funds for weapons and that number of troops, and you fail to hold your end of the bargain,..”

US Dissatisfied With Ukraine’s Mobilization Rate – Former PM (Sp.)

The United States expresses its dissatisfaction with the insufficient mobilization rate in Ukraine, causing trouble in Washington-Kiev relations, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said on Wednesday. “After the adoption of the bill facilitating mobilization, the number of mobilized people increased, but the Kiev regime failed to achieve the numbers set by the Americans, failed by far. That is why they are having problems with their US masters who are openly saying: ‘You planned to mobilize this number of people, but mobilized that. We have provided you with funds for weapons and that number of troops, and you fail to hold your end of the bargain,'” Azarov said on Telegram. There is active agitation in Ukraine in favor of signing of the temporary ceasefire agreement, he added.

“They say, we should sit tight, gain strength and win [the lost territories] back. That is the idea of all that [agitation] talks. No one is promoting the idea of giving up these territories indefinitely, the idea of a permanent peace treaty, the idea of giving up on NATO membership. These ideas are mentioned nowhere,” the former prime minister added. Martial law was introduced in Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The next day, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree on general mobilization. The martial law and mobilization have been continuously extended since then. On May 9, the Ukrainian president signed bills to extend mobilization and martial law in the country for another 90 days. Under martial law, Ukrainian citizens aged from 18 to 60 are prohibited from leaving the country.

Western countries have been providing massive military and financial aid to Kiev since the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in February 2022. The Kremlin has consistently warned against continued arms deliveries to Kiev, saying it would lead to further escalation of the conflict.

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“Stage [the interview] on neutral grounds or he might have you disappeared like Gonzalo Lira..”

Tucker Carlson Announces Zelensky Interview (RT)

Vladimir Zelensky has finally accepted a request to be interviewed by Tucker Carlson, the American journalist has revealed. A notorious Ukrainian government-linked website branded Carlson an enemy of the state, in particular for his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this year. Carlson used to host a highly-rated evening show on Fox News until he was fired last April for reasons never quite explained. He has since launched his own network, posting on X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram. “Looks like we’ve got the Zelenskyy interview,” Carlson said on Wednesday. “We’ve been trying for two years, and with particular intensity after interviewing Putin in February.” “The point is to bring Americans much-needed information about the conflict that’s completely reshaping their country’s position in the world. Coming soon we hope,” he added.

Following the Putin interview, Carlson revealed that he also reached out to Zelensky to give him a chance to “explain his position,” but said that the Ukrainian leader ignored his overtures. The influential American journalist has long been critical of the US policy to fund Kiev in the conflict against Moscow. “Ukraine can’t win. Everybody knows that around the world. People are very clear on that. There is not one informed person outside the United States who thinks that somehow Ukraine is going to beat Russia,” he said in April.Last month, during an interview with Donald Trump Jr, Carlson argued that Ukraine was being sold off to foreign corporate investors and that the Ukrainian nation would disappear within 50 years. “We betrayed them like no other country ever,” he said at the time.

Carlson’s announcement has caused some concern among his fans, given that he was placed on Ukraine’s notorious list of public enemies back in 2023, labeled as “an accomplice of Russian occupiers and terrorists.” “Stage [the interview] on neutral grounds or he might have you disappeared like Gonzalo Lira,” conservative blogger Ian Miles Cheong warned Carlson, referring to an American-Chilean journalist who was tortured to death in a Ukrainian jail earlier this year. The controversial Mirotvorets (Peacemaker) database was launched by Ukrainian government-linked activists in 2014. It has often been called Ukraine’s ‘kill list’, as a number of prominent journalists and other public figures featured on the website have been murdered over the years.

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Good topic for Tucker’s interview.

Ukraine To Be Warned It’s ‘Too Corrupt’ For NATO – Telegraph (RT)

NATO wants Ukraine to make more effort to crack down on endemic corruption as a condition for any progress towards joining the bloc, the Daily Telegraph reported on Tuesday, citing sources. According to the British paper, concerns that Ukraine is “too corrupt” to become a full-fledged NATO member will be highlighted in the communique at the bloc’s Washington summit on July 9-11. A senior US State Department official told The Telegraph that the West must “applaud everything that Ukraine has done in the name of reforms over the last two-plus years.” However, he added that “we want to talk about additional steps that need to be taken, particularly in the area of anti-corruption. It is a priority for many of us around the table.”

NATO members first agreed in 2008 that Ukraine would eventually join the bloc, without setting an exact timetable. After the Western-backed coup in Kiev in 2014, Ukraine made its NATO aspirations a strategic goal and formally applied to join the bloc in 2022. The move came after four of its former regions voted overwhelmingly to join Russia. However, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has said Ukraine’s accession is out of the question while it is in conflict with Russia, insisting that membership can only be approved “when allies agree and conditions are met.” Moscow has said Ukraine’s plans to join NATO are among the key reasons for the conflict. Ukraine has been plagued by corruption for years. The hostilities with Russia have made the problem even more apparent, and the Ukrainian military has been rocked by several high-profile procurement scandals in recent months.

Graft is high on the list of concerns for Ukraine’s Western backers in the EU and US. Last month, the EU set up a special watchdog to combat the possible embezzlement of billions of dollars allocated to Kiev. In May, Robert Storch, the Pentagon’s inspector general, released a report stating that “endemic corruption persists” in Ukraine while calling its government “one of the least accountable” in Europe. An NBC report in June claimed that Kiev has been irritated by constant US demands to ramp up anti-corruption efforts. American and Ukrainian officials have acknowledged that it is one of the issues poisoning bilateral relations. According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, Ukraine is in the ‘red’ zone, ranking 104th out of 180 countries.

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“The stocks of their weapons have been depleting, many tunnels have been destroyed, infrastructure has been devastated. Their combatants must be exhausted as they have been fighting for a long time. But from the political point of view, Hamas has never been stronger..”

‘Hamas Has Never Been Stronger’: Israel Is Stuck In A War It Can’t Win (Blade)

Through April, the IDF had targeted more than 32,000 military sites belonging to Hamas and its allies. In June, Israel announced that 15,000 of the group’s militants had been eliminated. But experts are certain those measures won’t eradicate the Islamic group that has been in charge of Gaza since 2007. “We are advancing to the end of the stage of eliminating the Hamas terrorist army,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday, addressing the cadets of Israel National Defense College. “I was very impressed by the achievements above ground and below ground, and by the commanders’ fighting spirit. With this spirit we will achieve our objectives: Returning our hostages, eliminating Hamas’ military and governing capabilities, ensuring that Gaza will not constitute a threat…” he added. Since October 7, 2023 – when hordes of Hamas militants attacked Israel and killed more than 1,500 people – Israel has eliminated dozens of Hamas tunnels.

It has seized weapons depots and cash, destroyed various military sites, killed operatives of Hamas and of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and captured thousands others. But almost nine months in, Israel’s victory over Hamas still seems remote. Before the deadly October 7 attack, the Islamic group that has been in control of the Strip since 2007, boasted five brigades or 25 battalions with a total number of active combatants standing at 30,000. In June, Israel admitted that it had only eliminated half of that original force, or 15,000 Hamas combatants. On Tuesday evening, the country’s chief of staff, Herzi Halevi, said Israeli forces had killed at least 900 militants in Rafah, south of the Strip. Reports suggest that Hamas is now actively recruiting new cadets, many of whom are 18 year-olds, to replenish its ranks, but even if they fail to reach their initial numbers, the existing battalions are more than enough to challenge Israel.

Just on Monday, Hamas militants fired twenty rockets from Khan Yunis at Israel’s southern communities, showing they are still capable of putting up a fight. Areas that had been vacant of Hamas before are now seeing a resurgence. Israeli soldiers continue to fall in the Strip, almost on a daily basis, with the total number already exceeding 670. “I don’t believe Israel can destroy Hamas completely,” said Shadi Abdelrahman, a political analyst and native of Gaza who left the Strip shortly before the war. “Hamas is not like any other group. They are not outsiders. They have an ideology connected to a cause, and that cause is to fight for their lands or to avenge the death of their loves ones,” he added.

Stemming from the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamist organization that’s deemed terrorist by many regional and international players, Hamas was established in Gaza in late 1980s as a response to what they call Israeli occupation and the inability of other Palestinian factions, including Fatah, to confront it. But they were far more than just a group that wanted to resist Israel militarily. Just like their patrons, the Muslim Brotherhood, they were a social movement: they established schools and hospitals, they ran charities and served as mediators in family feuds, and that made them an indispensable part of the Gazan society.

“Socially speaking, Hamas of today doesn’t have that much power and cannot provide what it used to before, simply because they cannot move freely due to Israel’s heavy shelling,” explained Abdelrahman. “Militarily, their capabilities have also been damaged. The stocks of their weapons have been depleting, many tunnels have been destroyed, infrastructure has been devastated. Their combatants must be exhausted as they have been fighting for a long time. But from the political point of view, Hamas has never been stronger,” added the analyst.

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“If they want to take the risk, get themselves into trouble, and put themselves into the same predicament that Eisenhower was, let them come..”

Houthis Vow USS Theodore Roosevelt Primary Target Once it Enters Red Sea (Sp.)

The USS Theodore Roosevelt is set to take over duties in the region after Yemen’s Ansar Allah movement (Houthis) targeted the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Red Sea with missiles and UAVs in response to earlier bombings, leading the supercarrier to exit after an eight-month posting. Yemen’s Houthi militia has released a video promising to sink the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt once it arrives in Red Sea waters. The aircraft carrier is a “primary target for the Missile Forces of the Yemeni Army from now on, and will be subject to targeting upon its entry into the Red Sea,” Ansar Allah leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi stated in the video. “If they want to take the risk, get themselves into trouble, and put themselves into the same predicament that Eisenhower was, let them come,” al-Houthi warned.

The Houthis have vowed to stop all Israeli-owned or bound naval traffic through the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden until Israel halts its assault on the Palestinian Gaza Strip. The armed forces have tried to strike the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower carrier on several occasions, but the US Navy insists that those attacks caused no damage to the supercarrier or its escorts. A missile and drone barrage targeted the vessel shortly before it departed the region in early June.

“In response to US and UK air strikes on some cities and civilian targets in Yemen, which killed and injured more than 58 people, most of whom were civilians, the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier was attacked in the Red Sea with a large number of ballistic, cruise missiles and drones,” Ansar Allah political office member Hezam al-Asad told Sputnik in May. Yemeni forces hit a US aircraft carrier in the Red Sea with missiles and UAVs in response to the bombing of the country – Ansar Allah. Most of those killed and wounded in US and British strikes on Yemen were civilians, a member of the Ansar Allah political bureau told Sputnik. The Yemeni blockade of Israel prompted the United States to send warships to the Red Sea along with a handful of ships from a ‘coalition’ of NATO member states including the UK. Those forces have attacked targets in Yemen.

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Snow leopard



Baby sleep





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    Félix Vallotton The balloon 1899   • “No One Is Pushing Me Out” Biden Tells Staff (ZH) • Biden May Drop Out Of Presidential Race – NYT (RT) • Doz
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle Independence Day 2024]


    Vovan and Lexus strike Hillary Clinton


    No one on Killary’s staff even bothered to contact Poroshenko’s staff to confirm the interview.

    Amazingly incompetent.

    Not even basic procedures followed.

    Prank calling taken to the Olympic level.

    What’s next, start a nuclear war by prank calling the launch codes?

    Besides, the Demonrats have an ace in the hole so that can’t happen.

    Voila, the Acehole!




    Hilarious: undercover cam shows Trump call Biden a hot pile of crap after owning him in debate



    Population Ukraine 2021 43.5 million

    Population Taiwan 2023 23.3 million
    Taiwan demographics:
    0-14 yrs – 12.2%
    15-64 yrs – 69.7%
    over 65 yrs – 18.07%

    To the last Taiwanese! you do the math
    “Happiness is a warm gun” – Lennon

    Beautiful new moon on the Emerald Coast this morning.


    • Houthis Vow USS Theodore Roosevelt Primary Target Once it Enters Red Sea

    Put this in your pipe and smoke it….

    The Houthis’ Hypersonic Missile Is a Game-Changer in Red Sea

    Tit for tat

    Oh noes, I think the Empire of Lies Military Mafia is going to cry!

    The screenshot captured from a video released by Yemen’s Houthi group on June 26, 2024 shows that a hypersonic missile is launched from an undisclosed desert area in Yemen


    Smokin’ the Teddy Bear!


    UPDATE: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has shut down speculation that he is set to be interviewed by conservative pundit Tucker Carlson.

    “Mr. Tucker Carlson should check his FSB sources more carefully. The President of Ukraine has a completely different schedule, and Tucker Carlson is not on it,” presidential spokesperson Sergii Nykyforov said in a statement on Thursday, referring to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).


    Dr. D

    “Debt Rattle Independence Day 2024

    Yes, but it’s OUR Independence Day. Why does anybody else care, or about our President? Or anything else we do? A mystery.

    The M. O. Clip is her praising Harvey Weinstein, a swell all-around guy, and how he’s really not for her, but representative for the Democratic Party at large.

    “General Election Poll”

    You are kidding, right? So they just say Biden is in the running! It’s soooper close!!!

    If we’re at thirds, 1/3 would never, 1/3 is well aware there’s no point in voting for him now, and 1/3 is staying home. What was the supposed support before this debate? 8% approval. Now 0.8?

    When they talk about media lying, this is what they mean: ZERO statistical support = ALL the support and winning the Presidency fair and square. The MAGA has done yeoman’s work getting it to appear even MORE ridiculous than last time, but…

    Adding Hunter to every cabinet meeting was truly inspired. Not only get that in the news, but make all the actual officials who think this is real to look at him every day. You really want this? You think this is okay? Even for power? Alright then. We’ll print the pic of you two kissing in tomorrow’s news.

    “President Biden has reportedly ‘told a key ally that he knows he may not be able to salvage his candidacy’ “

    No. He didn’t. He is not capable of that level of speech. Nor thought.

    And also so the NYT “Just reported” it? And the WH denies it? …So the NY Times is clearly lying then, and will issue ANOTHER retraction shortly. I was thinking, modern paper: Page 1-10 headline news; page 10-16, retractions of all YESTERDAY’S headlines and news. Sort of a 50-50.

    I guess like the weather if you don’t like the news, just wait a few hours.

    “Concerns are mounting about his viability as a candidate and whether he could serve as president for another four years,” the Times noted.”

    In the Future. But the PAST exists. Time Exists, fellows.

    ““..even among Democrats some 45% believe that he should withdraw from the race..”

    You’re kidding, right? Okay, Jr Intern Reporter: go give me an expose’ on who the 55% are then. As our hook, go interview the cast of SNL who put on that Biden replacement skit yesterday.

    “Michelle Obama, the wife of former US President Barack Obama, is the only potential Democratic candidate who could beat Republican frontrunner”

    Um. How? Mike has no government experience whatsoever. Is having a President who is incapable of doing anything, making decisions so the agencies can just do whatever they feel like new goal now? Or is it the second, “Obama’s” fourth term? (Note, I don’t believe O runs anything either: he’s a point-man for a CIA collective. Oh he was running things? Then why did he have all of W’s cabinet, war, finance, and half all the others? ‘Cause “Hope and Change”. Lots and lots of Change by having all the GOP people stay.) Is it really Bush’s 6th term then?

    Smith’s appetite for a trial before the Inauguration may exceed his ability to force that expedited schedule…”

    Smith who? Private citizen Smith who has no executive power?

    “Biden cannot win despite all of the theft mechanisms the Democrats have institutionalized.”

    Yes, and this avoids the Civil War Europe had arranged for us. If this one fails, fall back another 4 years and make it even MORE implausible. Then like Macron, everyone knows he’s not running anything. It’s a farce, government is finally admitted to be a complete facade, a skin-suit for oligarchs, or in this case, security agencies. No?

    What’s with UK, where the #3 Party – perhaps 30% of the vote – has ZERO MPs seated under their rules? How far can that go? They’re the 90% in popularity and still zero MPs? Why not? And although UK is a parody of itself and all things, so also are many other countries.

    “Spoiler Alert: Official Ukrainian sources confirm that Putin did stop in March 2022,”

    But that would mean “Time Exists.” No it doesn’t, obviously. And if only Trump had been president,w e could guess what amazing things would happen. All Democrats rounded up, Hillary in jail, all wars ended, economy destroyed… Oh wait: the #Opposite of those things. Nevermind: everyone knows all things and their #Opposites are really the same.

    “”What is happening to Europe is not just a crisis, or collapse, or loss of position. It truly is a disaster..”

    Reminds me of more from that European this week. Not only is Russia losing everywhere, centralized Europe both more Europe AND more individual, powerful states, but the European Economy is great! Never better, can barely stand it! The Germans must be seeing things about their economy. Just like the Americans. Yellen says food inflation is 2% for at least 5 years. That’s why she says Powell has to lower rates: because everything is going so well!! When things are hot, we always lower rates and make them hotter, amirite?

    …Is there such a thing as BBC poisoning? Parts Per Million of sauce that powerful?

    “Any Western talk of peace in the Ukraine conflict is merely a “decoy” as the US and its allies remain intent on inflicting a strategic defeat on Moscow”

    What clued you in, the specific promotion of the most inane, incompetent Russophobic Estonian in all European history? (No, literally: think about it. What’s Estonia’s goal and place so far in 2,000 years?)

    Okay, again, this is fun, but WHY are they acting this way? Clearly something large is at stake and they’ll collapse without it. Their strategy also stinks, which tells you something else. Russia is setting the pacing = slow, which tells you something else. If they don’t get this they’ll collapse, because otherwise doing this makes them just look like bloodthirsty idiots. Which they ARE of course, but you’re not supposed to LOOK like it.

    “• Orban Reveals Zelensky’s Reaction To Ceasefire Proposal (RT)

    The Good Guys are required to ask. I’m sure they knew this was the response. Ze was reminded by the Azov Battalion, (now doubled, AND legal for the U.S. to give nuclear weapons to) that they’d kill him 30 seconds after the ceasefire. …Or so rumored via Alexander.

    Otherwise, how does this article square? We just saw this week at 1-2,000 men/day, he was very grave and said “Time is running out”. …And therefore we DON’T want a ceasefire? Time in which to tour for more money and weapons that are being made very, very slowly? No? …There’s something else going on.

    “• US Dissatisfied With Ukraine’s Mobilization Rate – Former PM (Sp.)

    That’s what happens when everything is a lie, in a nation of liars. They’ve lied about how many escaped, how many dead, how many raised, lied about all that for previous reasons. Now the conclusion of the last lies is, “If only 30k are dead, then surely you have about 5 Million men left, right?” Uh, no. This allows the U.S. to throw them under the bus, although we know the truth and we know the lies. So that is, we’re lying too, and using their lies to lie back to them and make it their fault. We had no intention of helping them and we want them all dead, as does Europe, too, clearly. This lie is just our way of making sure that happens.

    ..Oh and maybe a couple Russians too.

    “• Ukraine To Be Warned It’s ‘Too Corrupt’ For NATO – Telegraph (RT)

    I disagree. Clearly it’s the other way around.

    “Graft is high on the list of concerns for Ukraine’s Western backers in the EU and US.”

    I bet it is: Europe’s entire leadership has blackmail material Ukraine holds on them. That’s why they’re joined at the hip, old pal, and Europe is trying to slow-kill their blackmailer and still keep the money. No? Okay, thought experiment: I have blackmail on Michael. I own him. Right? Okay, now I have blackmail on Michael CORLEONE. Nope, he owns ME and he has me shot. But not at first. Not for a while. Thus power dynamics of Ukraine v Europe. Know your place.

    “• ‘Hamas Has Never Been Stronger’: Israel Is Stuck In A War It Can’t Win (Blade)

    Well, clearly the answer is More War!! Ask Nutsy; literally this is what he said. If you can win one war, start two! Works for the U.S., amitrite?

    Btw, Nutsy is trying to get US into that war, to fight FOR him, like – literally every other nation on the planet. We can’t beat 14-year old goatherders in Fstan. Clearly we are finally spread too thin, duh, just as Russia and China arranged for us by exaggerating our own weaknesses, duh. That is, our MIC wants to go everywhere, do everything, buy everybody? Fine, make them go too far, buy too many Senators until they collapse, off balance. Obvious strategy, if the enemy falls for something so transparent. (We did. Thank God Osama wrote that treatise on how he was going to make the U.S. bankrupt itself with a new ‘Crusade’ worldwide and piss off 200 nations of the Global South. Whew, dodged that bullet.)

    More immediate: no weapons for Israel AND Ukraine, although Israel is so small it should be a rounding error. IF anyone were to try that, China would take Taiwan in 5 days without a shot, since it would be obvious the U.S. had nothing, and wasn’t going to come up with f-all for some time, like decades, so it’s as if we didn’t exist in the Pacific. Maybe they’d add Hawaii and “Free the ethnic minority” there, reinstate the King.

    In other news, Egypt is finally on the ropes and may collapse. Israel may be waiting for this to herd Gaza into the Sinai and then lock the gates behind them, as originally planned.

    Sure. Good plan. …But that won’t save Israel which has ceased to exist.


    “A Tesla is an essential tool for serious people.”

    perhaps a Tesla is an automobile for seriously essential tools

    Dr. D

    ‘We Can’t Let A Convicted Felon In The White House,’ Biden Tells Hunter ” –BBee


    more importantly, the replacement damper rods are installed and the washing machine back in service.
    OEM replacement parts – $400
    knock off parts from China, Amazon, with shipping – $33
    labor – 2 hours – including test rinse/spin cycle

    it is neither a Boeing nor a Raytheon washing machine, but it is engineered to fail. TOP OF THE LINE!


    found another blue tarp yesterday, i’m good

    those darned kids

    who’s independence?


    Choices, they’re such a bitch




    “…she’s not just a terrible replacement because she’s an airhead…

    she’s also a terrible pick because she shares responsibility for Biden’s horrific tenure as President.

    As Vice President, Harris has been integral to the administration’s decisions, from the handling of the border crisis as “Czar” (I’ll pause for laughter)….

    to spiking inflation and awful foreign policy maneuvers. Her involvement in these areas implicates her in the administration’s failures and erodes her credibility as a change agent.

    Rather than representing a fresh start, her succession would likely be perceived as a continuation of the status quo, undermining confidence in her ability to steer the country in a new and more effective direction.

    Que her up

    Lights, camera, action……



    do any of the jokes have a punch line?

    those darned kids

    “politicians don’t make decisions, they announce them” ~ tdk



    Glad to hear you won your washing machine battle!
    I was battling all day with my washing machine yesterday too!
    No victory yet. Just a temporary truce!
    The battle resumes again today!

    Kamala hold $91 million campaign trump card.
    Um, no.
    It is just a slush fund for her!
    Besides the donors might asked for their money back!
    Billions are needed to campaign!

    I am hoping the Biden Crime Family over play their hand and the Dems stiff Joe!
    Afterall Joe won’t remember!
    So Dems stiffing Joe didn’t happen, right?

    SCOTUS new 3 tier Presidential immunity test reducing absolute presidential immunity, means Biden can now be prosecuted just like he prosecuted Trump!
    Afterall prosecuting your political opponents is not part of protected official presidential acts so is considered a private criminal act!
    Now you know why Biden wants immunity from all past, present, and future crimes for himself and all of his Crime family too before he leaves!

    Corruption in Ukraine.
    Without corruption in the Ukraine, the US couldn’t have struct a deal with Ukraine’s elites to start a war with Russia good to the last Ukrainian!
    So why is the US surprised that Ukraine’s elites are not living up to the deal to the last Ukrainian?
    Every video we see of Ukraine features lots of Ukrainian men not at the front!
    Oh, maybe the Ukrainian elites have only run out of poor Ukrainians to seĺl to the US?

    So is Hunter Biden going to now inherite the Biden Crime Family’s US Presidency?

    Just remember the outcome of the US election is not determined by the voters voting but by the counters counting ballots.
    That’s right!
    Only ballots count!
    That is why they let you vote, because voting doesn’t count!
    Votes only determines the number of ballots that needs to be counted!



    I rubbed a Bounce sheet on my daughter’s cooling fan blades and it is a little bit quieter!
    Thanks for the tip!


    Just For Show
    Biden is scheduled to record, (an edited version will be shown), an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos – a Clinton White House veteran – on Friday and
    take part in ( scripted), campaign events in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

    LUCIDITY = the quality of being able to think clearly, especially when this is temporary: He has intervals of lucidity.
    White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre deserves an Oscar for her lying performance
    The White House, meanwhile, insists that Biden does not suffer from dementia or any other degenerative condition, and that his lackluster performance was the result of tiredness and a “bad cold.”



    Static, one of the core Forces in the Universe

    The spray can stuff ‘to reduce static cling’ was marketed to keep static off women’s dresses so they wouldn’t cling to their legs.

    Static Guard Spray Disco Classic TV Ad Commercial


    Nima’s channel

    Michael really whips out the whoop-ass on the Collective West.

    Empire of Lies sanctions were a gift from god to Russia.

    Forced it to manufacture everything it needed from the West or sourced it from China et al, to become quite self sufficient.

    Unlike the Duh’merican economy which makes next to nothing the Sheeple consume by the boatload.

    Empire of Lies has an 11% industrial base only makes crappy over priced ‘weapons’, the rest of Duh’merican consumer goods are made abroad.

    Piss off China and have them cut exports or put tariffs on Chinese goods and INFLATION will explode and asphyxiate the Duh’merican consumer.

    Food prices are already to the breaking point where a lot of people can’t afford to eat properly.

    Duh’merica grows food but can’t even keep a price lid on the one catagory of stuff it still produces.

    The rest of it’s consumer products come from somewhere else.

    Gives new meaning to the term “useless eaters”

    Russia and China CRUSH NATO’s Plan as Ukraine FALLS Apart | Michael Hudson

    D Benton Smith

    from yesterday’s posting of the Thomas Massie interview by Tucker there are a couple of things that warrant mention. They are not small or insignificant, the first one being that Tom Massie is lying, and the second is that he is being blackmailed.

    I am NOT saying that he is a terrible person in all respects. I am neither his psychiatrist nor his priest. I am saying that he is lying, and is being blackmailed. You figure out why.

    I’m fairly sure that Tucker spotted this, but for those who aren’t full time professionals, Thomas Massie was lying when asked about the blackmail of officials. It’s pretty obvious when you examine the footage starting at 44:05 when Tucker asks to what extent officials are being blackmailed. Massie’s body language just screams “I’m so guilty that I have to lie fast and get off of this topic as quick as I can. ” Specifically, he delays his vocalization, hunches his shoulders up and has head down, makes a stupid-face, and then launches off with a outright lie that he doesn’t see much of it and that it probably isn’t much of a problem. My own question about that is that if it is rare and unimportant then why does EVERY congressman and Senator maintain “opposition research” files on ALL of his colleagues? Obviously Massie is lying, which you see him do at foot 44:16. Also notice that by foot 47:00 he has deftly and successfully directed the conversation onto a different topic (which he chose, and likes, because it makes him look good).

    So, if he is being blackmailed by the mysterious blob, then why do they suffer him to live and stay in office? Well, because someday when it REALLY matters they WILL make him do what they tell him to do, and in the meantime he is amassing a horde of truly decent people who believe that he is trustworthy and well principled (which he is not) and will do the right thing for them regardless of his own personal interests (which he won’t, because he is under blackmail, and selfish.)

    They just murdered his wife, by the way, so expect Rep. Massie to show his true colors on the next BIG vote, probably. something to do with an existentially crucial issue involving Israel, Russia, or the American Presidency. Lives are on the line, including his.

    By the way, and this is probably related, he is a mega smart man (world class) and made his fortune on a product of his own invention which just so happens to be crucially important to the fields of robotics, and AI interfacing with human beings. Yeah. Transhumanism can’t happen without his patented invention. I wonder if DARPA , DoD or CIA had anything to do with his funding or development of that invention, or the company that produces it and makes him super rich.

    D Benton Smith

    Come to think of it, Massie is a lot like Elon Musk. They are both just wonderfully nice guys in every respect but one: they place their own interests over the interests of others for a “good cause”, which is not actually a good cause, but a very very bad one. They want to make “improvements” to the species itself. They believe that they can improve on God’s design. They have fallen in love with their own intellectual/cognitive prowess so head-over-heels, that they believe their own solution are better than the one’s that God recommends. And they believe it so strongly that they work to make it so, in defiance of their Creator. Another way of saying that is that they refuse to be the slave to a loving God, without whom they would NOT even exist.

    That’s what got Lucifer in trouble, wasn’t it? Hubris of the first order.


    REPEAT AND REPEAT the ABC interview will be pre-recorded, and it will be edited.

    “taping the interview on Friday, July 5, ABC will provide a first glimpse of the conversation that evening via “World News Tonight with David Muir.” The full interview — after ABC’s edits — will air as a “primetime special” on Friday at 8pm ET, and again on Sunday morning’s “This Week.”

    Stephanopoulos will likely feel significant pressure to act something like a real journalist, for once.
    Indeed, the interview could prove to be the most historically significant of his career.

    ABC is certain to garner high ratings on Friday night;
    Biden’s chance of prospering from the opportunity is much lower.

    (Question: Is the objective, of informing the public, for Biden to win votes or for Biden to lose votes?)


    The clip of Big Mike thanking Weinstein showcases the demonic miasma filling the corridors of power.

    If you go back 10,000 years, the first ‘civilizations’ (cough,gag,cough) used blackmail in one form or another as the primary foundation of power, the Axis Mundi of Evil.

    H sapien sapien hasn’t improved much in 10k years, same old shit, over an over an over.

    Looks like ad infinitum.

    Humans are such a defective species, maybe they are nearing their expiration date.

    The planet will sigh a deep breath of relief.

    The average lifespan of a mammal species is 1 million to 2 million years

    The majestic blue whale has plied the seas for about 4.5 million years.

    While the Neanderthals winked out of existence in a few hundred thousand years.

    When H sapien sapien were a young species, they lived below the Dunbar number of individuals in any one group.

    Dunbar’s number is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships—relationships in which an individual knows who each person is and how each person relates to every other person. (100-200_avg 150)

    If you had a sociopathic personallty in the Dunbar group, it was a lot easier to identify them and snuff them out, especially before they had a chance to breed and multiply their poison.

    So once groupings of H sapien sapiens got bigger than 150 people, the plotting, scheming, blackmailing sociopaths stole the punch bowl and have never given it back. Not once in 10,000 years

    So now the psychopaths and their sidekicks the sociopaths have got-it-all

    No stopping them now.

    We are on rails to WWIII

    No sane voices in sight


    Ukronazis Are Now Press Ganging Women

    I wonder how Duh’merica Lib-tard feminists will respond when the DC Satanists do this to them?

    Cry tears of rages?



    here is what gasoline prices (per liter) are around the world for 2023.

    Wow, Eurotardistan is taking it right up the Old Wazoo!


    Feel the burn!



    All that fire engine red gas prices in Euroturdistan is because it’s INDIAN gas resold from refining RUSSIAN oil.


    This is too funny for words.

    Gonna be a long damn winter coming up on the continent…


    D Benton Smith

    Wealth is the carrot and blackmail/murder is the stick. Fear and greed will getcha every time.

    D Benton Smith

    So, what is Elon Musk basically prescribing for the human species? Is he saying that we should all invest all of our money, effort and time into becoming a better saner civilization? Or does he propose that our only hope of survival is to augment our brains with AI driven supercomputers and use rocket ships to escape to another planet before we kill ourselves on this one.

    Yeah, man! Spread that pervasive mental/spiritual illness you’ve got by taking it elsewhere before you’re healthy. And spend every last cent of your limited resources and production capacity on that project. When that last cent is SPENT, by the way, and you still have not escaped to the stars or the meta-verse, well ….. you’ll be dead.

    That’s not sanity. That’s lunacy. That’s the mindset of a deadly VIRUS!

    And frankly, I don’t care how nice of guy he is if he’s leading me down a primrose path to Hades.

    What I’m saying here is that Elon Musk may not look like guy with lunatic beliefs, but he is one. Don’t listen to his words. Look at his actions. See them. How likely is it that any of those projects he’s cooking succeed in SOLVING the problem it promised to fix? [ Hint: none of them because each of them are impossible.]

    Will sending a million selected people (limited seating, so only the “best”!) to the stars “real soon now” improve the lives or extend the longevity or welfare of the billions of people now on the planet?

    Will putting an AI connected chip in the brain of an idiot enable him to make better choices between what’s right and what’s wrong?

    Will everyone who wants one get a free electric car, robot servant and a stocked mini-bar?

    C’mon folks. Those marvelous achievements that you’re being wrung dry and worked to death to achieve will NOT benefit you are anyone else who depends on you. The benefits will accrue only (are now accruing only) to those high enough on the ass-kissing pyramid of power to afford them. What percentage is that again? Something like one tenth of one percent? Just how bad do I have to be to get that limo, blow and hookers?

    Beware of multi-jillionaires offering you a really great deal on a new life.



    Liz Truss telling the story of how she was ejected from the PM job and how corrupt the UK government has become. The corrupt UK government is no surprise, that has been the case forever, but it is interesting to read the similarities and differences to the corruption in the USA.

    But never fear, Statista will continue to produce maps showing that Russia, China, etc are more corrupt that the USA or Europe, making the “good” white people feel they are God’s gift to this earth.


    Not-Transitioning: India burns more coal than the US and Europe combined and just ordered $33b in “new coal plants”

    The graph in this article is interesting, but when you add in China (you can do that here https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/coal-consumption-by-country-terawatt-hours-twh?tab=chart&country=IND~JPN~DEU~USA~GBR~CHN) which burns over 25,000TWh then the whole scale changes and India is but a tiny blip on the graph.

    The graph shows how meaningless the west’s move away from coal has been on a global scale, all politics with no chance of making a difference to the anthropogenic CO2 output, regardless of whether you believe CO2 is just the latest climate bogey man or is the real planet destroyer.

    Virtue signallers like the EU are totally irrelevant to the overall scheme of things, mostly because they burn gas instead of coal, as if that is God’s own fuel and coal is the Devil. When western politicians grab an industry and use it as a way to help their friends graft money from the tax payer, you know that industry is in for a very hard time.

    Go China.


    And NOW The Ugly – Ozempic; https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=251615

    Fat people really should recognise that self control is the root cause of their weakness. Taking this drug and losing your eyesight is not a good deal compared to putting a lock on the fridge or better, not going to the supermarket when you are hungry and buying all the shit you should not be buying.

    But the fat must be desperate, they are willing to trust big pharma to lock the fridge for them, instead of them getting off the sofa and doing it themselves. Well, I guess if you have been endlessly given without earning, you end up being entitled and think you deserve, rather than having to earn.

    Losing weight is hard work but it is much easier these days than 50 years ago when the low-carb reality was being censored by the government’s low-fat bullshit; and they say we should trust the experts in government.


    Happy Independence Day, from the land of the dependent. Have to say, it’s a bit sad to see y’all so engrossed in the dog and pony shows the jew allows for discussion. I might as well talk to tree stumps or bowling balls for all the good it does me. Fair enough. I’m surrounded by these motherfuckers locally, daily, and the evil is ever present and overwhelming. Like Gaza. Most here seem like good people, I wish you the best. I’ve tried to warn you, but it’s a waste of time. Like my relatives, who took those shots. No matter what I said, it did’nt register, now they’re all fucked up or dead. So be it.

    D Benton Smith

    Go get your hands on a copy of “Windswept House” by Malachi Martin. You should probably first do a little deep diving on Martin himself and what he meant the book to be . That’s a largish a rabbit hole, so don’t get lost. Just dive deep enough to confirm to your own satisfaction that Martin intended the book to be a transparently veiled factual history of real events by real people, and that Martin himself is an amazingly qualified credible source of the info that’s covered in the book. He is without parallel.

    Having done that, read the first 30 or so pages. Don’t skim, because the information density is very high and you’ll need to understand every line in order for the big picture to emerge.

    If your intellectual and moral integrity are high enough then those 30 pages (and the remainder of the book) will change your perception of present day life.

    The stuff happening to us is not accidental and it’s not disorganized. It’s 100% on purpose, and it is incredibly organized.

    The “Cabal”, Blob, Globalist NWO (whatever you call it) is, literally, an extremely organized and hierarchical Satanic cult within a broader skein of evil that has come dangerously close to gaining control of the entire planet via its myriad institutions. Most importantly the KEY institutions of money, communications, education, and religion (and most centrally important, the world religions known as Judaism and the Catholic Church.) The interactions between these institutions are not organic. They are carefully planned and closely coordinated.

    This is not a conspiracy theory. It is simply a description of the way things are. Those who call it reality and actually know what the word reality means. Others call it superstitious fantasy and don’t know.

    The only two reasons people are “allowed” to live after saying things like this are that most of us are microscopically unimportant to the Satanic Blob. They have far bigger problems than one isolated and virtually invisible inaudible truth-teller somewhere out in the boondocks. Trash like that can be swept up like dust once the main victory is achieved. They consider that there will be plenty of time to spray the ants after total control is accomplished.

    The second reason that I’m timorously brave enough to speak plain truth out loud is that I am satisfactorily assured that truth tellers have a certain amount of probationary protection from God. The more devoted to Truth that they are, then the more protection they get. Comprehension of the veracity of that statement becomes clearer with each step in the right direction (the direction of the truth of God).

    Some of you will see the direct truth of my statement that there is God, and others will think that my ardent fervor about that point is wacky.

    It’s not wacky, it’s true. The only reason it might sound wacky to anyone is that they believe the opposite. They believe that there is no God, and therefore people like me, who know that there is, are wacky. You see the basic split, right?

    Alright, I’ll stop beating that horse. Go read Windswept House with the assurance that it is an essentially factual report revealing a crucially significant aspect of the world you are living in.
    As Martin put it, “This novel isn’t fiction, it’s FACTion.”

    I’ll wait a bit before discussing details. Wouldn’t want to reveal the spoiler too soon.


    Well, that was fun. There’s a steady rain outside and the power went out at 3pm. We got it on again at 4:30, but what was weird was that the lights went out and then there was a short-burst, low-pitch, LOUD, electric hum. Wrong order of things…


    X Re-Joins Pro-Censorship Advertisers’ Alliance

    Reality strikes again; Musk needs the money so will comply with his advertisers’ censorship requirements? Maybe, but X already has other censorship as well, the myth of “free speech absolutist” only lives on in the minds of the fanbois.



    You do know you can buy a refrigerator that is connected to the internet!
    Then big brother can help you lose weight!
    If that doesn’t work out then they can digitize your money so you can’t buy any food!
    Hello, I am from the government and I am here to help you!


    Dems need Joe to resign to maximize their legal maneuving room and avoid upcoming legal ballot issues.
    Republicans are co-operating with Dems of course!


    US Drones started getting air sick in late June due to a sudden increase air turbulence!
    Mig 31 started making “Iove from Russia” Mach 3 fly by passes to US drones.
    Erratic drone heart beats required emergency visits to ERs!
    As replacements, now only shorter and more expensive manned survalience flights with fighter escorts can be made.

    Russian submarines have become more active around Crimea.

    Nato air missiles have been set up along the western Ukrainian border to protect F16s.

    Are Ukrainian army recruiters now targeting poor dead Ukrainian men’s widows?


    While most if not all comments are trivial compared to yours, and I am serious. We still need to chatter about the day. I need to avoid incriminating statements. Your comments have not been wasted.

    As far as that chatter. its essential. Every one here has been adding a lot of value.

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