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    @ Ilargi @ #120850:

    Ilargi, that chart you posted is interesting. Not really because of the crypto guy, though, unless one thinks it’s “really bad” to donate to Dems but “not so bad” to donate to Repubs. If this chart is correct, the Republicans got $34,667,000 more than the Democrats from all the top ten donors combined.

    2 of the top ten gave only to Democrats, 5 gave only to Republicans, and 3 others (including Bankman-Fried) spread their donations around. The fact that Bankman-Fried gave more money to the Democrats than to other parties he donated to is meaningless in and of itself. The top 2 Republican donors gave only to Republicans; that is also meaningless. What is consequential is that there is so much mad money (overall) sloshing around the system.

    The top 2 Republican donors are Ken Griffin (owns hedge fund Citadel) and Richard Uihlein (owns ULine shipping and supply company, and is heir to Schlitz brewery). I’m sure the Mercers gave more to the Republicans than anyone else, but they use a dark money fund that allows the donors to keep the recipient’s names and party affiliations secret, so their names aren’t on the chart you show. And yes, it is legal to donate in secret now.

    I think the more interesting aspect of this list is that it shows there are too many people with way too much ‘walking around’ money buying the politicians in this country, and that the Citizen’s United decision was one of the most corrupting decisions in the history of the Supreme Court.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)
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