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    I am very concerned that I will be forced to vaccinate my three teens with an mRNA vaccine before there is more than 6 months data available on the long term effects. If their father insists and it is FDA approved for their ages…I have no legal grounds to fight it. If I fight it, I will lose, and I risk losing custody…and I don’t have the money for another legal battle.

    Dr. D

    I’m in a Mr. House mood today.

    ““China’s Digital Yuan Comes with an Expiration Date:
    The money itself is programmable. Beijing has tested expiration dates to encourage users to spend it quickly, for times when the economy needs a jump start.”

    What do you think I wrote about that, the ’30s Technocrats, the Philosopher-Kings who would control every part of our lives, food down to the ounce, power to the milliwatt, money down to the hour? How about the US$ losing 99% of it’s value in one lifetime, effortlessly transferring that 99% wealth to the 1% using inflation and securitization?

    Right again? They’re bringing all of China’s tyrannical oppression and social credit, removable chip, expiring money here. Glen Greenwald giving you trouble? Shut off his chip. Tell his chip to “malfunction”, to “glitch” like Facebook and YouTube do every day to his kind, and accidentally claim he has CV and has to be under house arrest for two weeks, the 50th week in a row.

    Right again? What’s the point? I can get my things in order, I can easily prosper.

    “I told you once before that there were two times for making big money, one in the up-building of a country and the other in its destruction. Slow money on the up-building, fast money in the crack-up. Remember my words. Perhaps they may be of use to you some day.” – Rhett Butler

    As so many financial writers do, I don’t WANT to prosper by your inflation, securitization, tax loopholes that take all your money and give it to me. I’d tell you to stop it. I do tell you to stop it, shut it off, return to meritocracy of hard work.

    But they won’t. They want more of it. So I’m running out of things to add. I’ll just buy Tara in foreclosure and vacation on the beach. Where the 1st class people don’t follow rules and don’t wear masks. Which is everywhere and all of them, if you hadn’t noticed. I can’t save you from yourselves; only the people can end their own prison. By saying “no”. It’s that easy. If you hadn’t notice from Minneapolis, there’s nothing they can do. Nothing. They riot FOR prison and slavery instead. Suit yourselves.


    > AND get treated like a second class citizen.

    A feature, not a bug: Compliance™ and submission to the Very Few are the goals.. Da Covid was just a vehicle for those aims, which were long-planned. See also the [useless]
    mask-theatre; and, finally, the Plans in Germany for the “third wave™”..

    signed, concerned mcCitizen.

    Dr. D

    For Raul, he was on about this, but I gave him an awful hard time for most of a year without any pressure to backlash. That’s free speech, so we can have free ideas. Some others did too. So it’s not about being wrong: in a world of universal lies it was hard to tell what was going on, and we each pinned our estimations above or below the actual.

    I’m not sure what more a person can do. Not be wrong? Not speak? What?

    Dr. D


    If they’re into it, stall and claim to be completely cooperative. It’s irresponsible to do it before all elderly have one. You were only just about to get the J&J but they shut it off today: that’s not your fault. You tried. Now you have to research it all over again.

    Repeat until all untested vaccines are banned, which begins to seem likely. At least for the young. And go to some chatboard, tell your story, and start a $100k Gofundme with Libertarians.


    @ ctbarnum – to assuage your fears about contracting Covid from your mother after, and as a result of, her receiving her jab: that simply cannot happen.

    It is possible that she picked up the virus somewhere after getting her jab and then passed it on to you. Or you could have, coincidentally, picked it up somewhere else yourself.

    But getting an mRNA jab that induces the recipient to produce the protein s-spike does not make them infectious in itself.


    > Right again? They’re bringing all of China’s tyrannical oppression and social credit, removable chip, expiring money here. Glen Greenwald giving you trouble? Shut off his chip. Tell his chip to “malfunction”, to “glitch” like Facebook and YouTube do every day to his kind, and accidentally claim he has CV and has to be under house arrest for two weeks, the 50th week in a row. <

    Bingo! ..and who coulda knowed.. 😉

    madamski cafone

    @ Bill7

    “It is truly remarkable to me that you can get the great majority of the Polity to believe
    something for which there is *no substantive evidence* (speaking of Da Covid™ fear-porn)..”

    Not everyone enjoys your formidable intellectual powers.


    I get it, ‘ski: you’re just Doing Your Job.

    thats fine


    For Raul, he was on about this, but I gave him an awful hard time for most of a year without any pressure to backlash. That’s free speech, so we can have free ideas. Some others did too. So it’s not about being wrong: in a world of universal lies it was hard to tell what was going on, and we each pinned our estimations above or below the actual.


    We learn from each other, or communication, on platforms like this, would make no sense. Why try if you already know everything?


    @Dr D

    “ stall and claim to be completely cooperative. It’s irresponsible to do it before all elderly have one.”

    Thanks for that bit…I will need to brainstorm along those lines.


    ” A few months ago, Reiner Fuellmich told me about his plans to take the WHO (and other players) to court for “crimes against humanity”.
    He is one of the most powerful lawyers in Europe, and is currently preparing the largest class action lawsuit in history, otherwise known as “Nuremberg 2.0”. ”

    Enjoy the video:


    Davey Miller back-dooring Pipeline:

    Dude’s almost as old as me.. I like this one too, but it’s from long ago:

    Ventura (you had to be there!) Style-master..

    Mr. House

    Ain’t no conspiracy

    What i found most interesting was his comments on covid coverage, fits perfectly with what i said in my previous comments.



    A little early to state transmission from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated cannot happen, as studies are in the beginning stages of being conducted. If you have the raw data on that I would sure like to see it. Not so much a fear, but one of: IF this is COVID, it’s a big nothingburger. I, along with Dr. D, am in a Mr. House kind of mood today.

    @ Mr. House

    “I still stand by my original thesis, they needed a reason to print, the rest of the world went along with it because they don’t have any alternative to the american financial system yet.”

    I would add to your thesis in that the last area for preventing financial system collapse was seen to be helicopter money (i. e., direct payments from the fed), which the COVID scare made a handy excuse to do.

    Mr. House


    Most of the reactions to covid have been economic, not healthcare. Essentially they told us to wear masks and they can’t treat you until “vaccines” came out. But if you lost your job, you ended up getting paid more then those in the lower end who kept theirs. Not to mention you haven’t had to pay rent for a year now, since they keep pushing that back. The CARES ACT was a bigger bailout then 2008 and then they did what, 3 more with perhaps an infrastructure bill to come? What happened to all the work those shovel ready jobs did after the 2008 crisis? Maybe that was all wasted on corruption too! Are we really this stupid? Or are we just incapable of thinking that those who consider themselves are betters might just rob the bank while pointing at “systemic racism and covid” to keep us distracted?

    Mr. House

    BLM might be real to the “plebs”, but its founders and probably many of the higher ups are just grifters. Like most of america these days. We’re being oppressed, so instead of promoting unity and solving issues, we’re just gonna be divisive! That’s always worked thru out history! Pay no attention to the founder who’s spent millions of dollars buying properties in affluent neighborhoods……..that aren’t being burnt down.


    Germ: link to Reiner Fuellmich interview. Thank you.

    Doc Robinson

    “No voter id in the UK either!”
    “You turn up at the polling station; you tell them your name and address; they cross you off the list; you vote. No ID expected.”

    Also, the UK doesn’t require UK citizenship to vote. And the UK allows proxy voting, where someone else votes on your behalf.

    You will not be able to vote until you are 18.
    You must also be either:
    • A British, Irish or European Union citizen or
    • A Commonwealth citizen who has permission to live in the UK

    You can choose to vote by post or by proxy.
    Proxy means allowing someone you trust to vote on your behalf.

    Who can vote in UK elections?


    @Mr House

    “ Raul took those numbers down after reader request ”

    Raul said this is not the case.


    “ and now you have another fine soul painted black for your pleasure to add to your collection.”

    What are you talking about? Are you out of your mind? What collection?


    My intention was not to criticise our host. I asked a simple question. Does he takes any responsibility for participating in the fear mongering campaign that we all have been subjected to through mainstream and alternative media alike except some rare exceptions? He didn’t answer. That’s his prerogative. I’m ok with that.


    > and alternative media alike except some rare exceptions?

    Indeed: Edward Curtin, CJ Hopkins (go re-read the latter’s pieces from a year ago, and tell me what he got wrong), a coupla others; then, of course, the few commenters who saw through the deeply-inculcated Narrative here..

    “cunspiracy theoriss!”


    “focus was get Trump out” ?

    Nah, not nearly cynical enough: Trump! was just Part of the Act; not even controlled opposition.


    “BLM might be real to the “plebs”, but its founders and probably many of the higher ups are just grifters.”

    “Wokeness” is an Elite Project, part of their Divide n’ rule strategy.. how else to account
    for its so-curious staying power? LGBTQIALRYYZMAski..

    Not organic


    @ctbarnum – Yes, vaccinated folks can indeed pass on the SARS – Cov-2 virus to the unvaccinated (and to the vaccinated).

    But, getting vaccinated with an mRNA jab cannot make you infectious in itself. The mRNA vaccines only code for the S-spike protein and your cellular machinery manufactures only S-spike proteins (via cytoplasmic ribosomal translation). These proteins then induce an immune response specific for the S-spike. mRNA vaccines cannot themselves cause Covid infection.

    The fact that the vaccine-induced immune response is specific to only the S-spike protein is the basis for the weakness of the vaccine, and is why natural immunity from actual infection by a ‘whole’ virus is superior.


    > But, getting vaccinated with an mRNA jab cannot make you infectious in itself. <

    Would *we* lie to *you*.. ? Have wee ever, ever, ever done that beefore (Remember the Maine!; Tonkin!; WMDs in Iraq!; and on and on and on..?

    Pass, TYVM.


    > Ain’t no conspiracy

    Oh yeah there is, just you ain’t in it:

    The bleak primacy of the “no conspiracy!” bit is so telling of our New Dark Age..


    “But, getting vaccinated with an mRNA jab cannot make you infectious in itself.”
    Indeed, according to theory it cannot, and if the vaccines have been produced in fully sterile and functional conditions then scientifically they cannot. But underpinning that is the untested assumption that vaccine production has been conducted properly, and as various volumes of destroyed and/or spoiled batches have shown, that is definitely an assumption.
    I don’t have any evidence that’s happened (or necessarily believe it has), just saying you can’t rule it out – it could be that some batch of vaccines are contaminated with Covid.

    Re earlier discussion on Craig Murray’s comments, I don’t get how they’re really controversial. He believes (from his personal moral position, which clearly preferences collectivism over individualism) that people should “suck it up” and get vaccinated. I have no intention of getting vaccinated, but his statement of his personal beliefs is free speech in action. He’s honest enough to say that coercion by the state (even when it pulls in the direction of his personal beliefs) is unacceptable and should be resisted to the end. Bravo to that!


    Voter ID in Australia? Huh? I live and vote there.

    Last time I voted I turned up at the polling station, told them my name & address, was crossed off the list, and then I voted. No ID expected or shown. No changes to this system in the wind.

    Am I missing something here?

    By the way, we have a choice of electronic or paper ballots. I always choose paper.


    Forgot to add that we can do postal votes quite easily; they’ve been available for decades and are uncontroversial.

    Further, if for some reason you can’t go to a polling place on polling day, then you can vote early. The procedure is the same: turn up, recite name & address, be crossed off, go and fill out your ballot.

    The only non-Australian citizens who are eligible to vote are British subjects who were on the Commonwealth electoral roll immediately before 26 January 1984, at which time the eligibility requirements were altered.

    What the libertarians don’t like is that voting is compulsory. It’s not a big deal. If you fail to vote then you will be sent a please explain letter. If your grounds are deemed unsatisfactory, you will be fined in the order of AUD$20, hardly crippling. They’re fairly flexible when it comes to valid reasons.

    The Australian Electoral Commission has a solid reputation domestically and worldwide.


    As to vaccines, I’m one of many people who prefer to wait and see what happens before giving informed consent. There’s lots of reassuring messages in the media here, and so far the failure rate has indeed been very low.

    But then we were being told that the AstraZenaca was perfectly safe — until discovering that it wasn’t. OK, so now it’s almost perfectly safe. Pfizer is now the gold standard and we’re constantly reassured that it is perfectly safe. What might we discover 6 months from now with both vaccines? As far as I know the EUA didn’t terminate the Phase 3 Clinical trials.

    The Federal government’s vaccine rollout campaign has been a shambles. Plenty in the media here if you’ve an interest in learning about it.

    Doc Robinson

    A ridiculous example of Covid restrictions that are just “security theatre” (from Craig Murray):

    I am planning to travel to Spain at the weekend to give evidence in the criminal case against UC Global for spying on Julian Assange and his visitors (including me) in the Ecuadorean Embassy… In returning to Scotland, if I fly direct to Edinburgh I have to enter a quarantine hotel for ten days at a cost of £1750. If however, I fly to Heathrow and then get the train to Edinburgh, I don’t have to enter a quarantine hotel and I can self isolate at home for nothing… As it is, the fact that the quarantine hotel is so easily evaded shows that there is no real seriousness of purpose behind the quarantine hotel scheme; it is purely a bit of security theatre, designed to give the impression the government is doing something and protecting us.

    Covid-19 and Commonsense


    A lot of good issues raised in Gail’s latest – despite the fact that she comes across as fairly pro-vaccine:


    We can’t expect COVID-19 to go away; we should plan accordingly
    Posted on April 11, 2021 by Gail Tverberg

    [4] Conclusion

    While it is possible to see what change in direction seems to be needed with respect to COVID-19 and infectious diseases in general, it is not something that those in leadership positions will be able to implement. Instead, we will likely “go off the cliff” at full speed. Changing expectations in advance is almost impossible.

    At most, a few interested people can try to explain to their fellow citizens what is happening. Perhaps, in our own little spheres of influence, we can make some small changes in the right direction, starting with strengthening our own immune systems.

    Executive summary from zerosum

    There exist a virus that culls the sick, old, and those that have a weak immune system and a bad lifestyle.
    There is a response to that virus that caused changes to our social/economic systems.
    The culling of those individuals will leave the remaining population with a more robust immune system.
    The culling of those individuals will leave the social/economic systems healthier/robust.
    1. elimination of redundant carriers
    2. fewer individuals to share/divide the resources/pies
    3. the virus is essential and changing how living bios interacts


    I have a confession to make.
    I have caught the spring fever virus!
    I am also starting to come down with the cottage opening fever virus too!
    I don’t believe there are any known cures for these types of viruses.
    I will just have to catch them and take my chances!

    Mister Roboto

    Wow. Calling the response to Covid hysteria and fear-porn and then posting a link to an article positing that the vaccination campaign (however misguided and hackneyed it may actually be) is actually a conspiracy to instigate mass genocide. I’m starting to wonder if I might be the only person here whose irony-meter is still functioning. (Yes, I’m sure enjoying the Age of the Barbarism of Reflection, how about y’all?)


    Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines are showing the similar severe blood clotting syndrome in young women with seven deaths reported out of millions injected. The virus vector used by both vaccines is an adenovirus, a common type of virus that typically causes mild cold symptoms when it infects someone rather than lipid capsules used by Pfizer and Moderna jabs. Earlier human clinical trials have tested viral vector vaccines against Zika, influenza, HIV and malaria, among other viruses. Apparently without this clotting reaction. However, COVID-19 in severe infections has profound affect attacking blood vessels, clotting the alveoli in the lungs, cutting off oxygen. Being a Biologist before I retired, I wouldn’t be surprised if the body’s reactions to coronavirus and mRNA injections are interrelated. They just weren’t detected due to the warp speed emergency use vaccine approval without the long-term studies being finished.

    A vaccine acceptance required because western governments are too corrupt and incompetent to go on an immediate war footing and implement national public health procedures that would have prevented coronavirus from becoming endemic in Europe and the Americas unlike the Asian and Island nations which averted it. In the USA there is no alternative to the mRNA jabs. Americans must make the risk benefit decision on getting injected in a politicized dysphoria. There is absolutely no intention of providing public healthcare for all or ending the PR campaign to maintain the status quo for-profit system.

    Mister Roboto

    Russia, U.S. Locked in Propaganda War Over Vaccines

    Yes, and a pretty damn “no-holds-barred” one, at that, from the looks of it.



    Question: I am under the impression some covid vaccines are still being modeled the way most past vaccines have been (whole dead virus) but that this takes more time. I think 2 of the chinese vaccines followed this method and possibly the 3rd Russian one (Sputnik is russia’s 1st) is too.

    In theory these whole dead virus vaccines should be able to handle any variances something these new so called vaccines don’t seem to be able to do. Is that your impression too?

    Is the sputnik vaccine done the old way or is it a shortcut like Pfizer/ Moderna? I think John Day said he was more comfortable with the Sputnik vaccine. What’s your take?



    A quick google search indicates that China is developing a traditional inactivated whole-virion SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Yes, a whole virus should give more proteins/folds for the immune system to recognize and attach/attack. Reducing the variant problem.

    The basic design problem with gene therapy is triggering an effective immune response for a viral protein structure that also does not occur naturally in humans for both sexes for a lifetime. The immune system attacking unique cancer tumor proteins, for example, is not a problem. A few more years is better than none.

    All of the current coronavirus vaccines (including Sputnik V) are mRNA gene therapies that act the same way as a virus but have been engineered by humans to cross the cell membrane and take over the cell’s protein assembly process to make snippets of the coronavirus spike protein that then passes into the circulatory system to trigger an immune system. To get mRNA inside the cell there are two techniques, lipid capsules used by Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and all the others which took a “viral vector” approach. AstraZeneca took a chimpanzee adenovirus — a common cold — and spliced in the same spike protein genetic sequence from the coronavirus into it. Sputnik V uses a human adenovirus. There are discussions of using AstraZeneca’s and Sputnik V together.

    This is a technology that was available to meet a money-making need caused by government failure to control the pandemic but it hasn’t been fully tested for long-term efficacy or safety.

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