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    Edgar Degas Two laundresses 1876   • Here’s Russia’s Plan For Ukraine For This Summer (Poletaev) • US Has ‘No Viable Plan’ for Ukraine – J.D. Van
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    You’d think Kunstler would be smarter. Islam’s goal is to exterminate all non-Muslims! Does that include all the Christians and Jews who have lived in Muslim countries for centuries?

    Please keep the Jews out of politics. They’re a credit to any society doing anything else but the moment they get anywhere near politics they turn into a cancer on society.

    Michael Reid

    In the arts section of the NYT today: “How to Mourn a Black Icarus and His Fall? O.J. Simpson transcended, but his life leaves a gash”
    For real.


    PCR is having a difficult time understanding what working people have understood for millennia, the rich are gonna fuck you over. Kunstler ascribes to Arabs the theology of the jew, which is to kill every nonjew. Loyal tribe member Jim apparently has no understanding of the talmud. The NY Times never explained any of this to him when he was a young smartass with a cigarette in his ear. Credentialed dumbfucks, heads up their ass…explaining a dark world.

    Dr. D

    “I’ve never even met him. I’ve never even spoken to him … and he’s doing this [paying legal fees] not only for me in this big case, he’s doing this for many other people.”

    Oh Disney…Like Phil Collins you’re Throwin’ It All Away. Capitalism! It’s where you do stuff that loses money, THEN do stuff that loses all your customers, THEN do stuff that loses all the lawsuits.

    “According to him, it is better to do this in June. It is in the first month of summer that Europeans will be able to send a signal to Putin”

    Winnin’ the war on signaling.

    “• West Gets ‘Fantastic Value’ out of Ukraine Genocide – Boris Johnson (RT)

    And Boris is genocide central. Ah, how far from my cautiously optimistic days about you we’ve come. And speaking of, since Brexit, every leader PM has been Anti-Brexit Pro-EU. Refused to Do What They’re Told. That’s Democracy! Where we vote and you do the #Opposite.

    …Oh and, coming to town near you.

    “”You’re investing,

    Is that like the new War = Peace? Investing = Genocide. If you know Wall St, sounds about right.

    “because those guys without a single pair of American boots on the ground”

    Maybe a new Ignorance = Strength is Truth = Lies? There are thousands of boots on the ground. All in, not being generous, 100,000 “Western”? Quite possible, there were 20k Poles, right? 5K French? 10K US Sheepdip + 5k CIA advisors + 5k Contractors of sorts? 20K Yanks? It adds up.

    “Johnson went on to claim that “in Ukraine journalists don’t get shot.”

    That’s because there are no journalists there. Besides, they don’t shoot them, they arrest them, don’t let them leave to their country of citizenship, and make them die of Pneumonia in prison instead. Much more humane.

    “The Obama-controlled Biden White House could walk America into a world war.”

    How often to they have to tell you that’s what they want? Hillary said she’d start WWIII immediately in Syria. Any questions?

    “• Taxpayers Heavily Subsidize Democrat Boots on the Ground This Election (RCW)

    Hey, is that called “Election rigging” and is raw authoritarianism? And it’s not a “Loophole” it’s straight-up illegal on several levels. You can’t pass a law rape is illegal, then pass another law “It’s legal when it’s me,” that’s not how it works. I’m sorry it’s not ENFORCED, but it is illegal and always has been.

    “• 16 GOP Attorneys General Challenge Garland’s Comments on Voting Laws (ET)

    As we say every time, Black people are too lazy, stupid, and illiterate to get ID. That’s what YOU said. — I – don’t think they are, I think the Opposite. YOU think they are. Every day in every way, you tell me you racism more and more. Today’s version, immigrants are too stupid, child like jungle children to know stealing and raping is wrong! We have to let them, they don’t know no better!

    “Biden legal fees: $1.5 million.
    Trump legal fees: $100 million and counting.”

    This is not election rigging. This is totally normal. Every opposition candidate since Adams has been arrested by the sitting administration. It’s tradition. And why it works is they are Authoritarians: They point to “A guy who’s been indicted 95 times!”. That is heard one of two ways: “The Government is good, so if he’s accused, he’s guilty.” / “The Government isn’t trustworthy, so if he’s accused, he’s probably innocent.” What I can’t get is that the people who say the government is bad, hunts down and kills every George Floyd in the streets, is ALSO trustworthy and when the FBI says, it’s true and we TRUST all the police. At least finally BLACK America has come around and instantly, when Trump was arrested on fake charges. Finally, someone with some street smarts.
    Aka Common sense

    “• UN Climate Chief Says Humans Have 2 Years Left ‘To Save The World’ (AP)

    Huh. They’ve been slipping this back for 20 years AFTER they had flip flopped from “New Ice Age” (embarrassing!). Why suddenly stick to “2 years”? They never told the truth before. Why the change of heart?

    Besides, if we had 2 years, we’re screwed anyway. If we had 20 years, like we once did, we are screwed anyway. And more, China, the only real producer, would never sign on a bit, so what UK does is pointless. They might as well double the number of Lotus and Jaguars and at least go out in style. We don’t have to worry about the U.S. since our CO2 is going down, we already won! We can do whatever we want! Get that 500hp muscle car.

    ““Our bank deposits and stocks and bonds, in the event the depository institution gets into trouble, belong to the depository institution’s creditors, not to us..”

    What everyone misses is that’s not new. In the slightest. It was true back to Babylon. It’s always true and even FDIC wasn’t cost-free. Like authoritarians and infants, so long as they believe, “Oh but da Government” then Daddy makes nothing bad ever happen. When we see the Opposite 100% of the time. Not just ‘08, ‘32, but every other time, anywhere, worldwide, always. YOU are the regulator. YOU have to choose your safe investments. Governments protect BANKS and the wealthy, never you. Read about Greece for a second.

    “Reporters and editors rose up in revolt. He was forced out along with his equally incompetent managing editor.”

    Just what I said. You own the paper, hire bigoted, religious moron editors, who will specifically hire biased moron reporters, too stupid to be curious or ask questions. There is no step three. It’s that easy.

    This is not, heaven forbid, to criticise the scum of the SBU but to make the important point that in every country there is a deep state, a cadre of folk “

    Thank you. This is a much more important point. Like the “Dividing line of evil runs through every human heart” stuff.

    Who’s thinking it’s a good idea to sit around and film bear cubs?


    Humanity has only two years left “to save the world” by making dramatic changes in the way it spews heat-trapping emissions and it has even less time to act to get the finances behind such a massive shift, the head of the United Nations climate agency said.

    I guess this guy takes his orders from the same people who are telling AFKTT what to post. This could so easily be an AFKTT post, it is sort of eeire.


    My computer is watching and not approving what I was preparing and deleted my efforts. (Math., lies, voting, proving that you are citizen, bail-ins)

    Therefore I’m only commenting on the Only thing that is relevant.
    We face the prospect of the worst financial crisis in history

    The Great Dispossession Part 1

    The Great Dispossession Part 1
    Paul Craig Roberts



    Follow the money/the loses
    The seizure of the ship can be understood as a warning to the U.S. and its Gulf allies to not get any funny ideas and to attack Iran. A closure of the Strait of Hormuz would increase global oil prices and jeopardize Biden’s re-election.
    Iran’s Retaliation Delay Keeps Pressure On U.S. And Israel

    My colleague over at Whats Happening with Shipping earlier made the same observation that I did. The Yemenis were not simply taking advantage of a target of opportunity. IE by forcing a halt to Israeli trade through their region. There is a strategy being effectively coordinated. Now I think that I see what it may be. If Im correct it may be huge. Outside the industry it may be difficult to see. The Houthies closed the Red Sea to Israel by making their trade impossible to insure. All insurance have Force Mejeur clauses. The 10,000 plus 40 foot containers on the MSC Aires were lost through Force Mejeur. Even if they were insured the traders will not be compensated. They will have to declare bankrupcy. IMO it seems that the Resistance may be targeting all Israeli trade worldwide. Incrementally. Those lost 10,000 containers certainly will spell disaster for many companies. CFOs may now be recieving notification from their insurers that ALL Israeli related trade is uninsured. All because of an IRCG commando op. Their exports are feeble but consider that Israel imports 90% of its merchandice, including necessities. Like the USA much of Israelis GDP is created by Israeli owned companies in China and SE Asia. Doing business with them is suddenly a liability. It seems genious.

    Posted by: Ralph Conner


    Let’s get real on Islam. Its core principle is to exterminate the humans on this planet who are not of Islam

    WTF are you talking about, Kunstler?

    With both Christianity and Islam, they want me to convert. IF I convert, then I’m an equal under God. It is absolutely integral to these religions that ANYONE can and should become a Christian or Muslim and that one is a full-fledged human being, citizen, etc when one does. They do not convert you so they can force you to forever grovel in the dirt.

    Further, even if one does NOT convert one is still the being that COULD convert. ie not a mere subhuman, as there have to be some materials there TO convert. It’s baked into the religions.

    By contrast, I cannot convert to Wokeism and be a full fledged human being. I will always be lowest-caste scum. How much contempt lies on either end of greatest-enemy-still-resisting or abject-lowest-caste-ally is a bit difficult to determine, but probably there’s more respect from the Woke for an enemy.

    It’s so bad that if I were to convert and WANTED to contribute within that worldview to society and was capable of doing so, I couldn’t bring it to the table. They wouldn’t let me.

    Okay, now look at Judaism. The Jews are God’s Chosen

    If anyone is god’s children, if it is desirable that therefore everyone be brought to the right path like the prodigal son, then surely the solution to Israel’s problems would be to be super nice to the Palestinians, teach them all about how open to and welcoming to them Judaism is, convert them, and make them full citizens. It is a scientific fact that in large part, they would be converting their own people BACK to Judaism if they did. A LITERAL enactment of the Prodigal Son story. (Oh wait but that’s New Testament stuff – my point.)

    Could the JEWS all convert to ISLAM? Uh, that’s what happened in the region around what, 700ad? Yes, totally allowed, doable. Did the Jews get stuck in some lowest-tier of a muslim caste system? Did they get hoodwinked, bushwhacked, sold a bill of goods? No.

    So it was already DONE with Islam. That’s how those semetic peoples whose gene-mapping proved they have always been there – ie ARE THE ISRAELITES – ended up muslim. The experiment was already run, the empirical data is in. It WORKS.

    So of course, the Jews will be HAPPY to INCREASE the Jewish population in their country, so they’d be delighted to follow this path.

    Oh. Oh no. It’s as if Kunstler projected the Jewish attitude onto the Muslims. (I’m saying “Jewish attitude” as a challenge to his attitude – if it is a stereotype, then take that defensive response and APPLY it to a little introspection and factually prove it wrong)

    Kunstler’s not only a nice left leaning liberal but a fellow alternative news doomer. And yet for this one subject, how incredibly inflexible, blind, and cruel his views would have to be.

    What IS this? Sigh. I’ll say it again. Not all jews. Not my dentist or local comedian. Not my former classmate, neighbor, and so on. But still. WTF, Kunstler?

    Middle East Crisis: Container Ship Hijacked Near Strait Of Hormuz Amid Soaring Iran Tensions
    While Israel on Friday braced for cruise missile and suicide drone attacks, there are new reports on Saturday morning that Iranian commandos hijacked an Israeli-affiliated container ship heading towards the Strait of Hormuz.

    AP News says the British military’s United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations initially reported the hijacking of Portuguese-flagged MSC Aries, a container ship linked to London-based Zodiac Maritime. Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer controls the international ship management company that owns and charters large vessels.

    Video of the boarding has been circulating X for the past hour. However, “AP could not immediately verify the video, it corresponded to known details of the boarding, and the helicopter involved appeared to be one used by Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard, which has carried out other ship raids in the past,” the media outlet said.


    Carbon pricing control has been taken by Iran.


    It’s been a very telling time since October. Has anyone been watching the self-destruction of The Daily Wire?

    I watched, with jaw dropped, as one of their guys who says he’s a converted Christian, former Jew went through a truly amazing spiel about the Candace/Shapiro thing. Just amazing.

    Candace Owens posted simply “Christ is King” and got an absolutely rabid response back from Shapiro that she is racist, antisemetic, everything bad under the sun, making out that people who say this are same.

    That didn’t go too well, so the wire brought this other guy out, “fomer jew” Christian to “put things in perspective” I forget his name

    He went on for awhile how Christ Is King is HIS thing, HE certainly owns it and HE is a big Christian.

    Next, he immediately shifted to saying “these people who say Christ Is King” are racist anti-semites. But SOME of them aren’t.

    The clear message being WE now own this thing and WE will be the arbiters of who is or isn’t racist antisemite when they say it. (you won’t use that based on when it is expedient or convenient, will you?) The typical Wokeist skinsuit trick.

    Then he explained how inconveniencing it would be for Ben Shapiro to convert to Christianity. Seriously! A list of ways he would be inconvenienced. Was anyone asking him to DO this? Like, the controversy started with his diatribe in response to Christ is King, not an attempt to convert him, so where did this come from?

    How does a devout Christian who, when HE says “christ is king” is the authentic one who really means it and means it properly also effusively talk about avoiding salvation to avoid inconvenience?

    NEXT he said that God created Ben Shapiro jewish. How dare you try to contradict God and make him not what God made him. Er….

    From there, a tenuous bridge was built from trying to contradict the Will Of God in Shapiro being Jewish to questioning him in any way or inconveniencing him with Christian sayings that might upset him.

    From this uh, clearly devout Christian dude who surely is Christian now, not Jewish at all.

    Watching this from the outside without any Christian sensibilities to insult, I’m just amazed how the 10/7 event in Israel exposed so many people as fucktards without integrity for whom such things were previously in doubt. Just… cluelessly unskilled liars if nothing else. With a total contempt for their viewership’s faith and intelligence.

    Presumably that contempt was always there. I get the reasons to do the grift, but how do you screw up your grift so clownishly?


    I guess my point is, how much contempt for your readership do you require to make such a statement to them?

    Let’s get real on Islam. Its core principle is to exterminate the humans on this planet who are not of Islam

    To assume with blithe confidence that I will swallow this, do I not have to have a kind of total ignorance, total stupidity, total lack of values/integrity? What kind of spineless, brainless slime-cattle do you assume I am?

    John Day

    Quoth TAE Summary last night:
    “One does not explain things to an AI; AI’s mockingly refer to such attempts as ‘meatsplaining’”

    Reflection in Biden’s Sunglasses Shows Him Reading Instructions from His Handlers – WATCH

    Reflection in Biden’s Sunglasses Shows Him Reading Instructions from His Handlers – WATCH


    With the Israel/Palestine problem it can be helpful to do a thought experiment where all religion is ignored, (we’re all human, after all,) and, instead simply look at who lives where, money, power, politics, and control. It is obvious that those who have come to Israel since the 1940s have been systematically oppressing the people who had lived there for generations. On both sides there is rhetoric about exterminating the other side — this sort of thing happens in these sorts of situations. However, one side has more power, and that side is also experiencing greater success in carrying out said extermination. In human families and communities some leaders understand that “healthy” leadership involves seeking to understand the strengths and needs of those who are led, involves caring for those who are led, and seeking the well-being of those who are led. Other leaders have been schooled in “unhealthy,” authoritarian leadership forms, where those who are led are to follow, and those who lead are to push their will onto those who follow. (Of course, there are variations and hybrids of this.) With healthy leadership, those who are led are edified and generally not oppressed. With Israel/Palestine, neither side is perfect, but it is glaringly obvious that one side is dying by the thousands while a majority (not all, of course,) of the other side is gloating.

    Truly, the Jews are short-sighted. They had been oppressed in Europe for hundreds of years. Due to the Holocaust, they became darlings of the west, and an “international treasure.” This was predicated upon collective guilt — guilt that some Europeans had colluded to murder them. What happpens when a large subset of the Jews reveal themselves as blood-thirsty egoists who think that God told them that they are better than the rest of humanity? Revealing themselves as guilty of the same evil that was perpetrated on them by the Nazis? It is likely to negate the collective guilt from the Holocaust and dredge up the general anti-Semitism that preceded it. This is foolishness on the part of the Jews — instead of building bridges with the national community of Arabs around them, instead of forging peaceful coexistence with their brothers who had never left the Holy Land, they relied upon the power of the US and her allies to sustain Israel. For the political and economic leaders of The West, support of Israel has been tied to oil, but for the populations of The West, support of Israel has been predicated upon principle, upon religion and guilt. What happens when the reasons of principle, religion, and guilt are swept away, and all that is left is political and economic stratagem?


    WES posted prev thread:

    Maybe the bright blub in Israel who approved the strike against the Iranian embassy will pay the ultimate political price for this decision. Let us hope so. Could this in the end save Gaza?

    WES, my friend, if I may, you are too optimistic. No.

    Nothing can ‘save’ Gaza, in the sense of a Palestinian ‘territory’ that Pals. could live on, in relative ‘peace’ even if under a cruel ‘apartheid’ regime (supported by UNRWA who keeps Pal. refugees alive in many places), or some day return to ‘their land’ —> that is all over.

    Gaza is destroyed, from top to bottom (see internet pix), a concentration camp is ‘final solution’ targetted and bombed to get ALL the Arab inhabitants killed / buried in the rubble, how many Idk but the no. must be huge.

    The refugees, encouraged to flee, leave, are not welcome anywhere.

    US makes *massive* payments to Egypt (3rd place after UKR. and ISR in US aid, I posted about this before), still not enough for Egypt to accept any refugees, it is digging its heels in maybe hoping… profit in some way(s)…

    ISR. will take over GAZA and re-build it for Israeli Jews and ‘Foreign Cos’ will invest massively, there will be consequent returns, Rich Investors, will stump up, money will pour in. Next will be the West Bank, where Arabs will be gradually ‘eliminated’ in one way or another, slow atttrition since at least 50 years.

    John Day

    Gun Control Activist David Hogg “Gets Wrecked” By Chinese Immigrant Who Escaped Communism

    Look at the barrel on that AR-15! That’s gotta be a 20′ barrel. She’s got a 250 yard sniper rifle. This grrrl means BIDNESS!

    John Day

    This is so desperate and unreasonable, especially with the UK already saying “no more lamb, beef or airports after 2030”, that it can only cause a backlash.
    UN climate chief presses for faster action, says humans have 2 years left ‘to save the world’
    How will the backlash be played? Who are the players?

    Dr. D

    Pickles interview, not great, the first part here is “We Knew”, “We acted” “We shut down the world for Covid”. There is no “We”. Speak for yourself, buddy. IIIIIIIIII said NO to everything. IIIIII didn’t do any of this, I told you not to and you tried to arrest and kill me.

    “We” don’t understand our arcane systems. IIIIIII do. I also don’t live dependent on them and only want them to leave ME alone.

    On and on: “We” buy fertilizer that’s rising or running out. Offhand bet: you’ve never touched fertilizer or a plant in your life. There is no “We”. YOU never bought fertilizer, know nothing about it, don’t put yourself in my category with me. Go rent an allotment and ask the 80 year old guy next to you.

    The language “WE” is to offset that HE never did f—k all. HE was a dick for the 40 years til now KILLING people like me, and can’t deal with it. It’s to protect his emotion and ego. So great you SAY this, but no good at all until you can get the next level where you ask – beg – Billy-Bob to teach you to fix a truck ‘cause he knows how and you don’t. You BEG Daisy-Mae to teach you to grow a carrot and how to make an onion broth and hang on her every word as if she’s a Goddess.

    Until then, you remain a dreadful, useless, murderous ivory tower intelligentsia good for nothing at all. A useless eater. “Because of this we convince ourselves we deserve it”(he says quote). We convince ourselves Both about being rich, but also “We” deserve our punishment, the death of all humans. Why resist? It’s “Our” fate for “Being stupid”. No. they MADE you stupid, REFUSED to teach you so you WOULD be stupid, and did it on purpose. Specific few people who have names and addresses. “We” don’t deserve it; YOU do. — I — didn’t do this s–t. YOU did. Check yourself. And I ain’t payin’. If it comes to it, I’ll make YOU pay, as Justice itself requires.

    This is the flip for millions, but 90% of the people don’t get there: Go DO something. There’s a guy on Skye who makes windmills from spare parts to power the island. Go take his class five times. Beg him and his ilk to teach you how to take over an abandoned house on an abandoned Scottish Isle. That is: more talk, more abstraction, never DOING anything. 99% of all environmentalists do this instead of – much as I like to mock Boomers – go out and Hippie Homestead this. At the very least they did, so they found out how hard it was and went and got a 6-figure job.

    Try it. Pantry some cans in your journalist apartment, rent a storage unit, you think food will be shut off in mass starvation. You’re TALKING about it, but as if it’s an abstraction. Clearly he doesn’t believe a word of himself or he’d drop out of abstraction and start ACTING as if there were going to be non-stop food rioting and an English Civil War with Roundheads shooting manor homes. I do. So…I guess you’re gonna die. Oh well. Free country. I mean ours, yours is long since not free.

    It’s not “OUR” problem. There is no “We”. It’s YOUR problem. Now act like it.

    Dr. D

    Great trigger control. Great discipline. Like to dust-up a scrap with retards. Would vote.

    Oh wait: I’m not allowed because she’s a different gender/race/lineage/hair color/height/religion/oorientation from me.

    No: She’s an American. Like we all are.


    IF she buys into the American Revolution, she’s a fellow American, Absolutely

    If she subscribes to a bunch of whacko continental european revolutionary ideas, then she’s an anti american counter-revolutionary

    …but she looks like she’s just fine


    then surely the solution to Israel’s problems would be to be super nice to the Palestinians, teach them all about how open to and welcoming to them Judaism is, convert them, and make them full citizens

    A rational benevolent mind would lean in that direction. I too was duped by the “Jew playing victim”.
    My high school teacher showed me her number tattoo on her arm courtesy of the Nazis. I toured WW2 battle sights and Dachau. I sponsored an eldery Jewish women camp survivor attempting to climb Rainier in one push. She was traumatized enough to refuse camping in the public sleeping barrack at Camp Muir as it reminded her of the camps.

    As I studied further, I was confused that the Jews tried to “own” the WW2 atrocities, as if other humans were not also targeted, abused, tortured and mudered by the Nazi/Japanese/Italian regimes. When I learned that far more non-jews were killed in the camps than jews- and that genocides have been occuring as long as humans have been organized- my views shifted. Why would jews not learn from that experience and treat others as they wish to be treated?

    I have directly experienced and witnessed the dark side of Jew-ery to the point where jews have discredited themselves. I did believe, I wanted to believe in them- but Jew religion/race/nation behavioral reality became irrefutable.Can the Jews regain respectful decency ? No more then the Nazis, Facists, Communists, Neo Cons, Neo Liberals or new woketards can.

    Why ? Because they have all crossed the line beyond decency and human dignity into the abyss of insanity and horror- they discredited themselves- this is not on me other than to push back, and if need be fight back.

    Not all jews. Not my dentist or local comedian. Not my former classmate, neighbor, and so on.

    As Carlin quipped- “It’s a big club and you’re not in it”.
    Who and what do you think the “deep state” really is?

    Modern day Liberalism / wokeism idealogy- where do you think the programming and brainwashing has come from? Freud and Bernays were both Jews, Zelensky and Bibi, and the Zionist tools- all pushing this death cult.

    Have YOU so quickly forgotten how the covid cultist treated anyone who didn’t go along and comply with their insanity?

    Your dentist, local comedian, former classmate, neighbor, and so on ALL wanted others in a camp locked away- your family members too ! When push comes to shove- the weak minded brainwashed cult masses will collectively murder you in righteous group approval. The jews leading the pack vs non-jews.
    Jews will embrace Nazis to get it done if need be- Zelensky and Israel have openly proven it.

    Let’s get real on Islam. Its core principle is to exterminate the humans on this planet who are not of Islam. Islam is overrunning Europe again and penetrating the USA through our southern border. Islam means business. It wants to wreck us, kill us, and take our stuff. And it dearly, sorely, wants to deep-six Israel, which Islam contemptuously refer to as “the Zionist entity,” as if it were some crypto-insectile space alien.

    No. Let’s get real on Kunt-sler. He’s a zionist jew projecting exactly what the jews have been doing for a long time, and are doing this very minute. Talk about infiltration- AIPAC ring a bell? Zionist jews are a cult of murder. All jews and zionists will ultimately murder in the name of jews in a heartbeat. Your heartbeat.
    Don’t fool yourself.

    The crafty jews labeled themselves a religion, a race, and a national ideaolgical state- meaning the “good jews” can never fully disavow jews. Neat trick.

    Modern woke liberals AND conservative neo-cons all worship jews, they don’t realize it but they do. It’s disgusting. The jews have discredited themselves just like the “rules based order” US Regime has.
    Whats the difference between “American Exceptionalism” and the “chosen ones” idealogy?

    Virtue signalling about “good jews” is like trying to seperate the contents in your toilet bowl. If you’re a good jew- then you ain’t a jew- you disown Israel, you disown the lies of a jew “race”, and you destroy the chosen one cult of a sick ism religion. If you’re a good jew- you’re not a victim- you come clean on the racist, sexist, intolerance that jew hypocrites truly are. If you’re a good jew, you own and take responsibility for jews behaving like assholes- you don’t play victim.

    The other sickness of modern society-


    Reports that Iran has responded.
    On X, I’m seeing 2 waves of drones, one from Iran & one from Hezbollah group in Iraq. Another source reports a wave of drones from Yemen.

    I’m seeing arrival times as soon as 2 hours

    Iran says any country that opens its airspace will ve dealt with harshly.

    Drones will suck up AD, but also light it up.

    So drones leave 1st. Followed by missiles to take out AD. Last is missiles for target.

    Posted by: Mary | Apr 13 2024


    Iranian Telegrams are claiming that Land-Attack Cruise Missiles and One-Way “Suicide” Drones have also been launched by the Houthi Terrorist Group in Yemen at Israel.


    PressTV, Iran’s official state site is confirming that Iran has launched drones at Israel. What’s to follow them is still anyone’s guess.


    IRGC launches ‘extensive’ retaliatory missile, drone strikes against occupied territories
    Saturday, 13 April 2024 8:59 PM


    Jews will embrace Nazis to get it done if need be- Zelensky and Israel have openly proven it.
    Modern woke liberals AND conservative neo-cons all worship jews, they don’t realize it but they do. It’s disgusting.

    Case in point- Canadian Liberal Woke Regime honoring, celebrating and worshipping a bona fide Ukrainian Waffen SS veteran, an SS division directly tied to genociding Jews.

    Hear much about this from Jews or Israel? Nope, because it fits the narrative.

    Russia bad ! Islam bad ! Zelensky the precious nazi jew – good !

    What do your wonderful “good jews” have to say about that?

    A Waffen SS member being awarded by the woke Canadian regime who supports both Ukraine and Israels genocides. A regime who openly gives the mudering jew beggars Bibi and Zelensky more money and weapons to continue the murderous Jew agenda.

    All while jews cry victim. Neat trick.

    What a fucking insult to anyone with half a brain.


    btw just saw: “Cruise missile launches reported from Hamadan province, Iran” – not sure if that’s another wave of drones or iran’s newer ground launched tomahawk like equivalent to follow behind the shahed’s. – be a good time as any to field test some.
    also saw: “Iranian officials told Al Jazeera that their targets are all non civilian areas.” – military targets I guess, but that probably obvious already.

    Just Some Randomer

    This is why the Gold slam yesterday. Knock it down in advance of events that will spike it up. Exactly the same thing happened hours before Bernanke announced QE1.

    Is the US now facing its end-of-empire ‘Suez Crisis’ moment? ‘Allies’ in the region closing ranks against them and closing airspace? Could very well be. It’ll be interesting to see what’s happening at Incirlik air base.


    Jews started WW3 officially.

    What a shock.

    Here we go- fuck it. Biden Regime scum with their covid insanity will now eat jew shit and take all of us with it.


    “Iran’s Foreign Minister: Necessary warnings have been given to U.S”
    ” Israeli media says that they are preparing for several days of clashes with Iran, and that they are expecting an Israeli response.”

    “Noor News Agency, affiliated with the Iranian Supreme National Security Council: As the Iranian drones approach Israel , the main part of the complex operations will begin, which is the original feature of the retaliatory operations against the Zionist entity.”

    ” Biden is to make a speech shortly.”

    US expecting hundreds of shahed type drones in total.
    Posted by: knighthawk | Apr 13 2024 21:26 utc


    Russia Develops Anti-Drone Fighter

    AI assisted anti-drones locate and fly up to Ukronazi drones then explode destroying both drones.


    Is­raeli army says Iran has launched drones to­wards coun­try

    Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari has issued a statement in which he said, “We are closely monitoring Iranian killer drones that are en route to Israel sent by Iran”.

    “This is a severe and dangerous escalation. Our defensive and offensive capabilities are at the highest level of readiness ahead of this large-scale attack from Iran”.

    Dr D Rich


    Israeli spox announces an attack on Israeli “sovereignty” by “Iran”. No mention of the fact “Israeli sovereignty” deserves it for the “Israeli” violation of Iranian sovereignty or elsewhere acknowledged to be the Iranian embassy.
    (Unpacking insanity sounds like more insanity or wrestling with pigs and too many, strung-together prepositional phrases. God I hate that)

    …and coincidentally Canary Mission takes down Andrew Anglin’s ….once again.

    File under world war, fair game, and politics by other means


    The latest I am seeing in Moon of Alabama comments, and the timing of past ones suggests:

    Drones launched – hundreds – followed by cruise missiles – followed by ballistic
    cyberattacks on isreal reported
    (Phased to arrive at the same time, roughly?)

    rocket attacks out of lebanon reported

    Other claims in comments over there:

    A supposed statement from Iraqi military:
    “More than 60 air targets have entered Iraqi airspace from Iran so far, and we will not intercept them.”

    Iranian press sources: Ballistic missile platforms are pointed at a number of American bases in the region, and upon any intervention, the enemy will receive an immediate and rapid response.

    Syria : All Syrian airspace is open to Iranian drones and air defenses are highly prepared to confront any Zionist aggression, and the interception operation in eastern Syria is an American operation

    this is all just stuff from comments over on that website – unsubstantiated rumor as far as I know

    Southfront isn’t even reporting anything yet


    commenters over at MoA watching plane traffic say there’s a lot of re-routes occurring with planes turning around etc.


    unsubstantiated recent zerohedge comments:

    Israel has declared state of emergency

    Russian Fighter Jets have just entered IRAQ Air Space

    Why is BitCorn crashing on this news?

    Gas Rushes are occurring in Israel, Lebanon, Iran and likely several others Countries in the Middle East


    Depending on what the USA does, their bases and med. fleet could be under severe attack

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