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    Just Some Randomer

    It’s over already?


    website is coming back saying invalid author name and email address – testing


    various things I came across plus some cut and pastes, none of which I can vouch for – unsubstantiated – some of this could be garbage


    “Contrary to earlier reports it seems ballistic missiles have yet to be launched from Iran.” (Israeli Channel 14)
    Explosions reported in Tehran
    Claims that Iran has stated it will respond severely if retaliations are made.
    Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly says Russia will support Iran if the United States joins the war against Iran.
    Latest Sputnik reports Iran launching drones and missiles at Israel. Hezbollah is also firing.
    “Iranian media reports that apparently the US had asked them through Qatar to cease their attacks, Iran refused and threatened to attack US bases in case of any US intervention.”

    “American media claim that Iran is carrying out the largest drone attack in history, while Biden’s appeal is not planned.
    It is also reported that the United States, through Qatar, allegedly conveyed to Iran that the attack on Israel must be stopped, to which Iran threatened to strike American bases in the Middle East if the United States intervened.

    -An anonymous Pentagon official said that so far the United States has not taken active action to counter the Iranian attack.
    — Iran’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations:
    ‘Conducted on the strength of Article 51 of the UN Charter pertaining to legitimate defense, Iran’s military action was in response to the Zionist regime’s aggression against our diplomatic premises in Damascus.

    The matter can be deemed concluded. However, should the Israeli regime make another mistake, Iran’s response will be considerably more severe.

    It is a conflict between Iran and the rogue Israeli regime, from which the U.S. MUST STAY AWAY.’


    “shouldn’t the drones have hit 40 minutes ago?” and incessant “nothingburger” comments now starting over on Zerohedge.


    my own comment – maybe it IS over now – IF there is no retaliation


    Whats the difference between “American Exceptionalism” and the “chosen ones” idealogy?

    As I have said many times before, the Jew has transferred his morality to the USA and, like many, many Jew communities in the past, that morality is killing the USA. As a parasite culture, you would think that the Jew would learn how to live peacefully within other cultures, but that is not the case, they will feed off the other cultures until the host starts to die at which point they turn on the host.

    Kunstler is a joke, always pretending to not be a Zionist, until he can’t help himself and the real Kunt pokes its head above the parapet. All Jews are this way, it does not make a difference whether they are your dentist or anyone else in your community, they are this way. They believe in Israel, the Jew nationality and the superiority of Jews; as jb-hb pointed out, they even stole the “God’s chosen ones” label from the Palestinians, the true Israelites. The fact that they are genociding God’s real chosen ones is just ironic to them, they will never allow another group to water down their concentrated hate for humanity, never compromise, never learn to live in peace with others.


    more possibly garbage updates, possibly coming out with some delay:

    Officials in the Biden administration requested that Israel consult with them before any response to the Iranian attack? (no! Send Biden out for an impromptu and unscripted press conference about this! Do it!)

    Tel Nof air base, from where supposedly the strike on the consulate was launched is suffering explosions?

    Al Jazeera reports rockets flying through the skies of Tel Aviv?

    Dimona reactor area under attack?

    claimed Iranian use of hypersonics?


    citizenx said

    Virtue signalling about “good jews” is like trying to seperate the contents in your toilet bowl. If you’re a good jew- then you ain’t a jew- you disown Israel, you disown the lies of a jew “race”, and you destroy the chosen one cult of a sick ism religion.

    Exactly. Disown the religion or believe in the religion, there is no middle ground for people born into Jew families. If you stick with the religion then you own the current atrocities of your chosen religion, the atrocities currently happening now as if you were in Gaza shooting babies yourself.

    People who are Jew and condemn the Gaza genocide are simply disingenuous; like the Nazi throwing a Jew into the gas chamber while wearing the Nazi uniform and trying to persuade you that Nazis are basically good people. Your actions and loyalties tell us who you are.

    Disclaimer: The holocaust is just another lie made up by the Jew people and their leaders. There were no gas chambers, there were no 6m dead Jews. Sure, there were camps and all inmates had numbers tattooed on their arms, but that was just efficient German housekeeping. The lies and brainwashing is astonishing.

    Michael Reid

    @ Dr. D

    Re: Pickles interview

    Thank you for the analysis


    that will NOT be that:

    Israel war cabinet approves ‘powerful response’ on Iranian soil coming tonight

    Dr. D

    Citizen, I know we’ve had our disagreements, but I very broadly agree with your more expressive and detailed comment above. It’s only in the fine print and details we differ.


    Dozens, no 100 hundred no 200 hundred
    US military shoot down a drone, no they shot down a dozen
    What goes up rains down as deadly junk
    Did Iran destroyed/damaged the airbase?
    Is there anything left to fire by the “iron dome.”
    Some drones got trough.
    Cost … multimillion dollar, two hour firework defenses.


    War with Israel strikes me as the least likely response from Iran. I guess there must be overwhelming domestic pressure to retaliate in kind. Of course the Zionist regime will pretend that it was all innocent and never hurt anyone, that this is an outrageous unprovoked attack that must be punished because the Iranians are doing what Israel does; claiming a right to defend itself. Only the chosen ones have a right to defend themselves, the others have to take it up the ass and like it.

    There will be more to this event than we currently realise. I would be surprised if Iran attacked Israel without support from a larger power, maybe Russia, China or both. Obviously this is all part of a larger movement as the Houthis and Hezbollah are involved, but to what extent will Russia in Syria aid the Iranians. How can this be brought to a conclusion?

    The other question is what is the end goal? What does Iran hope to achieve by responding to Israel’s provocations? Does it hope to stop further provocations? Is that the limit of its goals? Obviously this is a response to the murder of their staff in the consulate in Damascus, but they know that the down trodden land-stealing Jew will fight to the end, they are barinwashed into thinking they are victims and that God is on their side; they are insane and rabid, so what else will they do? Whatever it is likely to be, the Iranians are not too afraid of it, so they are saying “bring it on”.

    The Israel child is now in full tantrum, expect all hell to break loose.


    The aftermath of Iranian ballistic missiles in Israel

    Seems that they were hitting Negev air base.

    Big impacts ~500 kg category very high speed glowing from overheating

    It seems Negev airbase was targeted

    “Network 12 of the regime has confirmed that 7 missiles hit this important airbase of the Zionist regime”
    Israeli media confirm 7 missile strikes on a military facility in the Negev desert.
    In general, the overload method works even under the cover of a bunch of cheap drones, missiles reach the target despite all the efforts of the United States and Israel.
    (footnote to Ukraine/Zilinsky :
    You’re iron dome ammunition has been used against Iran. 60B$ on hold)

    TAE Summary


    Dr D Rich

    File under semi-correct and hemi-authentic from the occasionally entertaining Sam Vanknin. Can you imagine what tender mercies the physician mafia and their RN and admin hanger-on-ers do to the only physician ever to pursue justice against this malignant cohort?

    Sam’s video came to mind when the following case passed across the news service. There it is, the unimaginable. A transplant surgeon took his patients off the transplant wait-list….”secretly”.
    Fuck him and the nurses, PAs, residents, fellows, and hospital administrators that looked the other way. Old Psych Sam is proven right once again.
    CEOs, businessmen, attorneys, judges, medical boards and training programs will insist upon this malignant shit receiving due process and the presumption of innocence when those same entities refuse those same niceties to rare physician whistleblower.

    John Day

    Expertly Destroying Life Support Systems

    Eleni sent this interview with Michael Hudson about the conduct of the war against Palestinians, which is patterned as the war against the Vietnamese people was patterned during that war, based upon the systems analysis paradigm of Physicist, Herman Kahn, who was the inspiration for “Dr. Strangelove” in that movie, and explored the theory of “winnable” nuclear war, as well as the “Strategic Hamlets” initiative in Vietnam.
    Kahn was a founding member of the Hudson Institute, and also worked as a military analyst and strategist at the similar Rand Corporation. Michael Hudson was brought into the Hudson institute after the publication of his expose book, Super Imperialism in 1972. This was adopted as an operations manual for US global currency policy, as it portrayed the $US as being supported more by the necessity of buying oil and other trade items in $US, than by the gold backing, which had just been “suspended”, as the US ran out of gold.
    Hudson, therefore attended many high level strategic meetings with Kahn over a period of several years. He describes Kahn’s analysis of the interventions necessary to destroy the system which supports people in a society. This included removing people from communities and putting them into tightly controlled compounds, “Strategic hamlets”, which Israel has done with Gaza, and also the isolation of West Bank Palestinian communities from each other.
    “Killing all of the journalists” was a lesson learned by the US during the Vietnam War, when diffusion of actual knowledge of the horrors of war ruined societal support for the war. (“Hey, hey, LBJ, How many kids did you kill today?”) This is being carried out in Gaza and the Palestinian West Bank villages. Destruction of hospitals and of food supplies is critical. The message to humanitarian organizations to “go back home” was very effectively conveyed by the killing of 7 aid workers by 3 waves of drone attacks, until they were all dead and burned. Ships turned around. The mission closed down. Aid Workers, Hospitals and Doctors are at the “top of the target list” with Journalists.
    The US promptly stopped funding for UNRWA, based on a few tortured confessions from UNRWA workers in Israeli prisons, and has blocked it until 2025, despite that background being revealed.
    All of this is to make it impossible to live in Gaza, and to enforce death by starvation, which is less dramatic than bombing, upon all the Palestinians who will not leave.
    Israel is the US/Western “aircraft carrier:” in the oil-producing Mideast, which LBJ (and others) have said “would have to be invented if it did not exist”.
    Hudson explores the threat to global oil supply and prices, if Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz, and how the US/Israel/West might be able to prevent that, such as by developing a pretext for massive attacks upon Iran, perhaps nuclear. Currently, Iran is being careful to avoid providing such a pretext for nuclear attack, after the provocation of the Israeli bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus Syria last week.
    The upshot is that this is the same coordinated policy as in Vietnam, and has been continuous in Israel/Palestine since the meetings Hudson attended during the Nixon administration in the early 1970s. The window-dressing for the American and western public is propaganda, and it is not effectively overriding the actual imafes people see, but it is delaying any real action to stop the genocide, while the starvation, bombing and destruction of all support-systems grinds forward.
    Hudson points out that the only currently anti-war candidate running for POTUS is the Green Party CandidateJill Stein MD..
    He discusses the plans to convert Gaza to an Israeli luxury development, with piers for yachts, installed by Americans. These purport to carry in food, but that is not happening.
    Hudson reports Israeli deals with India for construction after the expulsion of Palestinians. He reports that the lack of money in supporting Palestinians helps drive the genocide.
    The imperial project, as he lays it out, is the successful financialization of Genocide.

    Israeli occupation forces on Friday targeted a group of journalists, in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip, wounding three of them.
    Medical sources said that Israeli occupation warplanes targeted multiple journalists in Nuseirat camp, causing causalities among them.
    The sources identified the journalists as Sami Shehahdeh, whose foot was amputated due to the attack., Sami Barhoum, and Ahmed Harb.

    The Israeli occupation continued its brutal aggression against the people in Gaza on the third day of Eid al-Fitr, Friday, as its warplanes launched a series of airstrikes on various areas of the territory, resulting in horrific massacres against civilians.

    John Day

    UN Security Council fails to grant full UN membership to Palestine
    Members of the UN Security Council failed to reach a consensus Thursday on a bid by Palestinians for full UN membership.
    “There was no consensus” during a closed-door meeting, said Maltese Ambassador Vanessa Frazier, who holds the council’s rotating presidency for April.
    However, two-thirds of the members were in favor of full membership, she said, without specifying which countries.

    Congress Introduces ADL-Backed ‘Countering Antisemitism Act’ to Police Online Speech
    A bipartisan pair of AIPAC-funded senators have introduced a new bill backed by the Anti-Defamation League aimed at silencing criticism of Jews and Israel and policing Americans’ online speech.
    The bill comes as Israel is committing an active genocide of Palestinians with US-supplied bombs and inducing a man-made famine in Gaza.
    “The Countering Antisemitism Act is the most far-reaching antisemitism initiative to be introduced in Congress,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said Thursday on X. “It offers a smart, bipartisan, whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach to combating this hatred and protecting Jews around the country.”

    Iran Begins Attack On Israel By Launching Dozens Of Suicide Drones
    Update(1554ET): Axios correspondent Barak Ravid has cited several US and Israeli officials who say Iran’s attack against Israel has started. It is currently almost 11pm in Israel. It could take hours for the drones to reach Israel, however, the big question remains whether Tehran sends ballistic missiles. Both the IDF and the Biden administration have confirmed that drones are en route to Israeli airspace. Iranian state TV also since confirmed. The White House has said the attack is “likely to unfold over a number of hours.”

    Iran Announces Launch Of First Wave Of Ballistic Missiles On Israel
    Update(1805): Iranian state media has just reported that the elite IRGC has launched its first wave of ballistic and(or) cruise missiles at Israel. Already an estimated hundreds of drones are headed toward Israel. It appears Iran is seeking to overwhelm Israel’s anti-air defense systems. The United States is expected to help Israel intercept this barrage. There are statements from the Houthis saying they have also launched rockets against Israel, and there are fears Hezbollah is about to unleash a barrage too. Unconfirmed reports have said rockets have been launched from Iranian assets in Syria too.
    Below is the IRGC confirmation via PressTV: “In response to the Zionist regime’s numerous crimes, including the attack on the consular section of Iran’s Embassy in Damascus and the martyrdom of a number of our country’s commanders and military advisors in Syria, the IRGC’s Aerospace Division launched tens of missiles and drones against certain targets inside the occupied territories,” the statement read. At this point the question is which will hit first: the slower-moving drones which were launched well over an hour ago, or the ballistic missiles which are likely to take less than 30 minutes to reach their targets.

    ​ IDF Planning “Significant Response” Against Iran As Explosions Ring Out Across Israel
    ​ Update(20:00ET): CNN is reporting there have been several explosion on the ground across Israel, but there’s yet to be official confirmation of the extent of casualties. Israeli media is reporting the first as follows: “Medics treating first injury from Iran attack – a 10-year-old boy from Bedouin town near Arad in serious condition.” The IDF spokesman is confirming at least one of its military bases has been hit in the south by an Iranian cruise missile, sustaining “minor damage”. This was reportedly at Dimona, where Israel reportedly has undeclared nuclear weapons, making such a strike highly dangerous. Further Iran’s IRNA is reporting:
    ​ Iran successfully struck the Israeli airbase in the Negev Desert with ‘Khaybar’ ballistic missiles.​

    John Day

    USAF Conducts B-52 Bomber Exercise With ‘Unarmed’ Nuclear Cruise Missiles [Barksdale AFB in Louisiana is where B-52 missions to the mieast depart.]
    Hans Kristensen, a nuclear weapons expert at the Federation of American Scientists, posted on X that the United States Air Force conducted a “nuclear exercise with B-52 bombers” at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota this past week. This exercise coincides with a week of soaring tensions in the Middle East.
    Airmen from the 5th Bomb Wing at Minot AFB and the 2nd Bomb Wing at Barksdale AFB (located in Louisiana) participated in Exercise Prairie Vigilance at the air base in North Dakota between April 6 and 12.
    Prairie Vigilance is considered a “routine training mission that enhances the safety, security, and reliability of the bomber leg of the US nuclear triad,” the service wrote in a press release published on the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service website.

    Middle East Crisis: Container Ship Hijacked Near Strait Of Hormuz Amid Soaring Iran Tensions
    While Israel on Friday braced for cruise missile and suicide drone attacks, there are new reports on Saturday morning that Iranian commandos hijacked an Israeli-affiliated container ship heading towards the Strait of Hormuz…
    ..According to Bloomberg data, MSC Aries was leaving a port from Dubai on Thursday and heading towards the Strait of Hormuz. The vessel’s last known position was recorded around 1256 local time on Friday off Dubai’s coast. AP noted that the ship’s transponder had been switched off.
    X user Megatron called the ship’s seizure by Iran a “big game changer”:
    This once again is confirming that the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar are helping Israel bypass the Houthi blockade by land route from the UAE port.
    Iran is now cutting that route as well.
    If Hezbollah cut the Mediterranean route with its drones, Israel could fall into a complete trade blockade…
    ..Focusing on the Middle East, MUFG’s Tom Joyce showed how 25% of global trade flows through three chokepoints: Suez Canal, Bab-El Mandeb Strait, and Strait of Hormuz. The latest incident is very concerning for global trade and flow of goods, such as energy products, through the region.

    Qatar and Kuwait Forbid US From Using their Bases to Attack Iran
    Qatar and Kuwait have informed the US that they cannot use U.S. bases on their territories against Iran. This move seriously reduces US capabilities in the region.
    Qatar is, by far, the largest US base in the entire Middle East… It also indicates the U.S. asked for permission to do exactly that . . . Hit Iran.

    Russia Now Says It Expects ‘Unconditional Capitulation Of Zelensky Regime’ Before Peace [May 20 is Zelensky’s last legitimate day as president of Ukraine.]
    During Thursday’s UN Security Council meeting, Vasily Nebenzya, the Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations, said that Moscow now expects the “unconditional capitulation” of the Zelensky government.
    Ambassador Nebenzya told the body:
    “This is how it will go down in history – as an inhuman and hateful regime of terrorists and Nazis who betrayed the interest of their people and sacrificed it for Western money and for Zelensky and his closest circle. In these conditions, attempts by the head of the Kiev regime to promote his formula and convene summits in support of the Kiev regime cause only confusion. Very soon the only topic for any international meetings on Ukraine will be the unconditional capitulation of the Kiev regime.”
    He emphasized in conclusion to these provocative remarks, “I advise you all to prepare for this in advance.”

    Ukraine’s new mobilization law
    The Ukrainian parliament has passed the controversial new law on mobilization. The law became even stricter than its critics feared.

    John Day

    The share of young men aged between 20 and 30 in Ukraine’s demographic structure has dropped to its lowest figure in the history of the country, not a good sign for the combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian army, The New York Times said.
    According to it, “the roughly one million men who serve in Ukraine’s army are battered and exhausted.” From 1990 to 2024, the share of young Ukrainians aged between 20 and 30 dropped more than twofold, the paper writes citing United Nations’ data. This situation seriously undermines the combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian army, where young men under 30 years of age are the backbone. In this situation, “Ukraine must balance the need to counter a relentless Russian offensive by adding more troops against the risk of hollowing out an entire generation,” NYT said. [NYT is State Dept. mouthpiece.]
    On April 2, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed laws on lowering the draft age from 27 to 25, on the elimination of the term ‘restricted suitability [for military service]’ and on creating an electronic list of persons liable for military service.

    During today’s speech at a meeting of the UN Security Council, Russian representative Vasily Nebenzya spoke about the real state of affairs in the Ukrainian conflict zone. According to the diplomat, residents of Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev and other cities are increasingly sharing the location of military installations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the Russian military.
    “Recently, the Ukrainian military began to openly complain that local residents in Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities and regions of Ukraine began to actively share with our military coordinates of military warehouses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and places of concentration of military reserves, which clearly demonstrates the real attitude of the civilian population to what is happening.” – Nebenzya told the participants of the Security Council meeting.

    Ukrainian resources report that the construction of defensive lines in the Kyiv region is only 5% completed
    The construction of defense lines in the Kyiv region near the border with the Republic of Belarus was actually disrupted due to the outright theft of funds allocated for this. This was reported by the specialized information resource UA War Infographics.
    A few days earlier, the Kiev OVA reported that 10 thousand concrete gouges, known as “dragon teeth,” had been installed on the border with Belarus. However, analysts calculated that if these products are correctly arranged in three rows at a distance of at least 3 meters from each other, the length of the line is only 6,9 km, or 4,6% of the length of the border of the Kyiv region and the Republic of Belarus.

    Sergey Poletaev: Here’s Russia’s plan for Ukraine for this summer, The cost to the West of supporting Kiev continues to rise, meaning Moscow’s best option is to wait
    People ask why Russia is not acting more decisively in Ukraine, and why it appears to be dragging its feet. Some say it’s out of weakness, others suspect some secret agreements with the West, and it seems there are theories to suit all tastes.
    In reality, the answer is clear and transparent. This year and the next, Russia has budgeted about 5-6% of GDP on the Ukraine conflict, and the Kremlin’s task is to use these comparatively small resources as efficiently as possible. Their intention is to achieve the goals of the military operation without a new mobilization, and to preserve not only a calm and functioning economy but also stability inside the country.
    Although the front line has remained largely static since autumn 2022, the political situation and the circumstances in which the conflict will likely end are changing radically – in Russia’s favor.

    Poland is preparing its military personnel for entry into Ukraine, with some already arriving in the operation zone in small groups under the guise of mercenaries, Vladimir Rogov, a senior official of the Zaporozhye regional administration, told Sputnik on Friday.—zaporozhye-region-official-1117888558.html

    John Day

    The first units of the French Foreign Legion were transferred to Slavyansk. On April 54, military personnel from the 11rd Infantry Regiment of the French Foreign Legion arrived at the location of the 3th Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Military Chronicle reports.

    NATO country prepares population for war , All civilians in Lithuania may join military reserve units, the country’s Defense Ministry has announced

    Ukraine and the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant: The Samson Solution
    Dr. Chris Busby, a physical chemist and scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, shares his opinion about what the non-stop Ukrainian attacks on the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant could result in with Sputnik.
    We all know the Biblical story of the end of Samson. Having been betrayed and captured by the Philistines, Samson ends his life, and all the others around him, by exerting his great strength and pulling down the pillar he was chained to. The building falls down, killing him and all his captors. This has always been my worry about what I will call the Ukrainian conflict…
    ..For individuals in Ukraine, motivated by hatred and spite, the site is a tempting target. Do these people know what it is they are doing, or may do? I think they don’t. Or maybe, like Samson, they don’t care. They want to pull the house down. In this case, Europe, Russia, the world.
    Of course, they have no idea what could happen if one of the reactors went up. Or a spent fuel pond. And let’s be clear, if one goes up, like the domino effect at Fukushima, probably they all go up. That is because nuclear fuel is hot. Even spent nuclear fuel is hot. The fuel in the reactor in shutdown, or in the spent fuel ponds, has to be cooled. If it is not cooled (by pumping water round it, or cooling the water in the ponds by spraying) then it gets hotter and hotter. Then it melts…
    ..When nuclear fuel melts together it forms a critical mass. The neutron flux increases and increases. It turns into a kind of nuclear bomb. That explodes and sends radioactive material up in the air, as with Chernobyl, as with Fukushima.
    The winds carry this Pandoras box contents for hundreds, even thousands of kilometres. The Chernobyl radiation went west, after contamination of an enormous tract of land and water courses, sending the contamination through Kiev, down the Dnepr to Zaporozhye and beyond. Studies of cancer and infant mortality, congenital malformations along the water route found significant effects, children died, from cancer, from heart attacks, the population of Belarus, the entire country showed a sharp increase in adult deaths, at the same time a sharp reduction in births.
    As far away as Wales and Scotland children died from leukemia; I know this, I studied the numbers which were released to me when I was part of the UK Committee examining Radiation Risk from Internal Emitters, CERRIE. Babies developed leukemia in Germany and Greece. And the explosion of one reactor at Zaporozhye is a much bigger deal than Chernobyl…
    ..The substances released by such an explosion include Caesium-137 with a half life of about 30 years. That means it’s around for 100 years or more. This causes cancer but also affects muscles, as in children’s heart muscles. They get arrythmias and die of heart attacks. The rate of arrythmias in children in Belarus is 15 %. In the rest of the world the background rate is 2%.
    The contamination includes Strontium-90, which binds to DNA, causes cancer and kills children in the womb, or causes malformations. There are (of course) enormous amounts of Uranium particles. Uranium has a half life of billions of years. There is Plutonium. I can go on and on. And on. The radiation, focused inside the body, or the people, the animals, the plants, will destroy everything slowly.
    But what about Chernobyl, you say, that hasn’t destroyed Europe. Well, just look at the cancer rates in Europe from 1986 onwards. In England, in the 1990s, about one in 6 developed cancer. In 2022 it was closer to one in 3. It is predicted (by WHO) to be soon 1 in 2. And this is adjusted for age. No one is asking why this epidemic has developed (except me)…
    ..The Samson option, will destroy the health of the population of Ukraine, Europe, Russia, and further afield. It would poison the productive land, crops would fail or else be poisonous.
    The Samson option, it seems to me, is a possibility which I put in the same box in my head as Global Nuclear War. Ukraine has no nuclear weapons. But this can be done.

    Russia urges international community to condemn Ukrainian attacks on ZNPP — envoy
    Maxim Buyakevich noted that the International Atomic Energy Agency experts stationed at the ZNPP had recorded Ukraine’s shelling attacks on the site

    Zaporozhye NPP’s 4th Power Unit to Switch to Cold Shutdown
    Currently, the plant’s 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th units are all under cold shutdown. Unit 3 is in “repair stop”, and unit 4 is in “hot shutdown” to produce steam.–official-1117891865.html

    John Day

    UK Trained Ukrainian Commandos for Raid on Black Sea Drilling Rig – Russia’s FSB
    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – A captured Ukrainian soldier has said that the UK prepared Ukrainian military for a sabotage targeting the marine station platform 17 drilling rig in the Black Sea, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said on Thursday.
    Earlier in the day, the FSB said that together with the Defense Ministry, thwarted the landing of the UK-trained Ukrainian sabotage groups on the Tendrovskaya Kosa in the Kherson Region.—russias-fsb-1117866068.html

    US authorities share responsibility for financing acts of terror against Russia — diplomat
    “They only advance their narratives, which are useless and have nothing to do with the current situation,” Sergey Ryabkov added

    A group of 16 Republican state attorneys general are pushing back against U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s comments made in March at a church in Selma, Alabama, where he discussed using the Department of Justice (DOJ) to interfere in state voting laws.
    Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, in a letter supported by 15 other GOP prosecutors, including Ken Paxton in Texas and Liz Murrill in Louisiana, stated that Mr. Garland’s comments are “concerning.”
    “In your speech, you claimed that democracy is under attack by ‘discriminatory, burdensome, and unnecessary restrictions on access to the ballot,’” Mr. Rokita wrote. “In response to these allegations, you announced that you ‘double[d] the number of lawyers in the civil rights division’ and ‘launched the Justice Department’s Election Threats Task Force,’ signaling your intent to intrude on our states’ authority.”
    Mr. Rokita called this a “weaponization of the DOJ” fueled by Mr. Garland’s personal views, which he called a “serious threat to the principles of federalism and separation of powers, but also to democracy and the rule of law.”
    In the letter, Mr. Rokita said the U.S. Constitution is clear in its direction to leave state elections up to the elected representatives of those states.
    “Any subversion of these clear mandates would be undermining our Constitution and law and order,” he wrote. “And we think your remarks undermine these principles in a few ways.”

    Edward Snowden believes Speaker Johnson is showing textbook signs of “Congressional Capture”…
    Speaker Johnson now believes that halting warrantless spying against innocent Americans would somehow spell disaster for the country. He recently shifted his stance, stating the change is from all the classified briefings he’s been getting…
    ..So, what exactly is “Congressional capture” that Snowden speaks of, and how does it work? Well, it’s simple in theory but can be quite complex in practice, shaping itself around each politician.
    In short, “Congressional capture” is when lawmakers or legislative bodies fall under the heavy influence of outside interests, like big corporations, special interest groups, or US intel. These influences ensure that their agendas take precedence over the public’s needs. In simple terms, this means certain policies or laws that favor these groups are advanced, while criticism or resistance is quietly suppressed. Suddenly, their most ferocious critics become their biggest cheerleaders.

    FISA Reform Failed Because The Whole Point Of Section 702 Is To Spy On Americans
    Specifically, they want to require that the FBI obtain a warrant before searching Section 702 data for information about Americans — a reasonable reform. The intelligence community, and the members of the House Intelligence Committee over whom they have influence, oppose this.

    John Day

    The Deep State did it again, they, with Republicans & Democrats, got the FISA reauthorization to pass

    National Guard to Testify Pentagon Held Them Back on J6
    At least three DC National Guard whistleblowers say they were ready to be deployed on January 6 on Trump’s orders for hours but were held back by the Pentagon in bombshell testimony contradicting the Capitol riot committee’s story.
    Whistleblowers from the Washington D.C. National Guard will tell Congress that Donald Trump did want them deployed during the Capitol riot, and the Army delayed telling them to mobilize.

    ‘Do The Right Thing’: Assange Supporters Urge As Biden Mulls Dropping Case
    Asked by reporters at the White House about requests from Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and members of the country’s Parliament for the U.S. and United Kingdom to drop the extradition effort and charges against Assange – an Australian citizen – Biden said that “we’re considering it.”
    Stella Assange, Julian’s wife, responded to Biden’s remarks on social media. “Do the right thing,” she wrote. “Drop the charges. #FreeAssangeNOW.”

    Biden Used Democratic Campaign Funds to Pay Special Counsel Probe Legal Bills
    The DNC paid more than $1.5 million in legal fees for Biden during the special counsel probe, the report said, citing campaign finance records and two people familiar with the matter.—reports-1117892728.html

    Swing-State Poll Shows Black Voters Abandoning Biden In Huge Numbers
    Blacks constitute only 14 percent of the voting age population, but the swings toward Trump are so huge they could decide the election


    Israeli Fireworks Show:

    So that is it?
    It is all over?
    Just 7 missiles hit some piece of desert?
    Are you saying all 7 missiles missed their targets by a meter?
    So no damage was done to the desert then?
    No drones?
    All shot down?
    No cruise missiles arrived?
    All shot down too?

    So 300 out of 200 drones were shot down.
    And 200 out of 100 cruise missiles were also shot down.
    Israeli PR subcontracted to experienced Ukrainian PR?

    Since nothing happened, then bitcoin and gold will fall on Monday!
    Guess that is why gold fell nearly $100 on Friday!
    You mean my pet doorstop rock is now worthless?

    This is totally unacceptable!
    I demand that Israel retaliate to restore the value of my pet doorstop rock!
    Afterall my pet doorstop rock serves as collateral for the mortgage on my outhouse!
    You do realize the world’s entire banking system is dependent on restoring the fake collateral value of my pet doorstop rock, don’t you?

    John Day

    Buying Votes: Biden Cancels Student Debt For 277,000 Borrowers Ahead Of Presidential Elections (Not a contract. Don’t stay “bought” 🙂
    This would bring the total of what is considered classical vote buying ahead of the November presidential elections to more than $153 billion, or forgiving the debt of 4.3 million people.

    Let’s Be Honest: The Economy Is NOT Doing Well
    For the third month in a row, the American economy added significantly more jobs than most economists had been expecting—a total of 303,000 for March. On its face, that’s a good number.
    But as Ryan McMaken laid out over the weekend, things don’t look as strong when you dig into the data. For instance, virtually all the jobs added are part-time jobs. Full-time jobs have actually been disappearing since December of last year. In fact, as McMaken highlighted, “The year-over-year measure of full-time jobs has fallen into recession territory.”
    Also, most of these new part-time jobs are going to immigrants, many of whom are in the country illegally. There has been zero job creation for native-born Americans since mid-2018. While immigrants are not harming the economy by working, the scale of new foreign-born workers has papered over the employment struggles of the native-born population.

    Paul Craig Roberts, The Great Dispossession, Part 1
    Please do understand that the dispossession of which I write is your dispossession.
    You might remember that during the last financial crisis we were told that there would be no more bail-outs, that in the future there would be bail-ins. A bail-out is when central bank money creation rescues the favored troubled financial institutions. A bail-in is when the depositors’ assets are used for the rescues.
    David Rogers Webb, an experienced financial market participant, explains it in The Great Taking in 72 readable pages plus a 25 page prologue explaining who he is and a 20 page reply of the New York Fed to the European Commission Legal Certainty Group’s questions. The Great Taking is available from Lulu for $10 and is free online:
    The loss of property rights in financial assets is the case throughout the Western world. The rewrite of financial property rights appears to be the work of regulatory bodies, not legislatures which seem to be unaware of it.
    No, it is not a conspiracy theory. Regulatory authorities have made legal changes of which financial market participants are unaware. Webb’s purpose is to bring awareness, which is why he has made his book freely available.
    As a result of these changes, which appear to have been made by financial regulatory authorities rather than by elected legislatures, individuals no longer have property rights in “their” securities. “Owners” now have “entitlement rights,” which means that they have pro-rata rights to whatever securities remain in the depository institution after secured creditors’ claims are met. In actual fact, “your” securities and your bank deposits are no longer recognized in law as your personal property if the depository institution–the bank or, for example, Merrill Lynch–becomes financially troubled…
    ..National central depositories of securities (all are now pooled, none held under the “owner’s” name or segregated) are now established and are linked to the international depository so that securities can instantly be delivered world wide to meet secured creditors’ claims. Essentially, the mega-banks are “privileged creditors.”

    The Great Dispossession Part 1

    US Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore’s Salvage Plan | MV Dali & Francis Scott Key Bridge (18 minutes) They hope to have a shallow one-way channel by May.

    John Day

    More than 30m Americans could face drinking water crisis as officials find major flaws in US dam
    Pipe damage has been found in the Glen Canyon Dam that feeds Lake Mead
    Officials said there will not be a spring release of water downstream
    A fall release has neither been scheduled nor canceled yet, leaving residents of California, Nevada, and Utah who depend on water from Lake Mead without answers for now.
    After a high flow experiment last year, when a huge amount of water was released to feed Lake Mead, inspectors found significant damage to the pipes involved.
    This April, therefore, there will be no such water release.​

    ​ Autism from childhood vaccinations is causing confused children and teenagers to choose transgender identity as an appealing supported-option.
    Landmark Study Reveals ‘Transgender’ Kids Actually Have Other Mental Health Diagnoses
    ​ The new study from British pediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass confirms what we’ve always known: Children presenting with sudden onset gender dysphoria are actually suffering from other mental health diagnoses—not true gender dysphoria. Her research debunks the gender ideologues’ frequent talking point: that the imposition of medical “gender-affirming care” on mentally ill children is not only necessary, but life-saving.
    ​ Cass’ research instead reveals that children who think they are transgender disproportionately have mental health issues stemming from a difficult family situation or domestic abuse. They are also more likely to be neurodiverse and have a co-morbid autism spectrum disorder.
    ​ Cass reveals that “gender affirming” medical interventions would not remedy any of these psychological issues. Effectively using such interventions would mean turning a blind eye to the real underlying psychological distress with which gender-confused children often struggle.
    ​ Cass’ groundbreaking report reveals that mental health therapy is the best approach for gender-dysphoric children, rather than rushing to put them on hormones or puberty blockers or performing mutilating and irreversible surgeries.
    ​ Her report also warns that if children are permitted to make choices to physically and socially conform with their gender of choice, rather than receiving the necessary treatment for their underlying mental health issues, they will experience significant negative psychological repercussions.​..
    ​ A Dutch study of 2,700 children revealed that a significant majority of gender-confused children grow out of that feeling by the time they are full grown adults. This newly published research tracked adolescents for over 15 years and found that gender confusion in children drastically decreased over time, supporting the argument that when children believe they are transgender, it is often nothing more than a passing sensation—and not indisputable fact.
    ​ Both Cass’ study and the recent Dutch study argue against transitioning kids who report gender dysphoria. Together, they advise for holistic treatment of these adolescents, treatment which addresses the complex psychological reasons a child may think he or she was born in the wrong body.​

    ​Meryl Nass MD points out that the new Bird Flu emergency is just in time for the WHO Pandemic Treaty planning meeting.
    Luciana Borio can be relied on to provide the globalist bird flu narrative: Be Very Afraid
    Get behind the H5N1 bird flu fear train dammit if we are to get these treaties passed. I decode her “call to action”– and admission they don’t actually have a reliable test

    John Day

    Wigged-out 33 seconds of video if ya wanna look at it…
    Woman Who Went Viral For Hugging Trump At Chick-Fil-A Explains Why Black Voters Support Him


    Dr. John Day :

    Thanks for the Michael Hudson article on the US’s policy of attacking human life support systems and killing real journalists and replacing them with propaganda.

    This confirms Noirette’s reply to my comment about hope for Gaza.
    The outlook for Gaza Palestinians is basically zero chance to live.
    This coming summer’s heat will greatly increase the rate of killing as thirstl kills much faster than starvation.


    From the link: ‘The foundations for our civilization and system are built on sand. Living standards are going to decline.’

    Yes. Of course. Some people have known for decades that civilisation is unsustainable and that living standards would have to fall -infinite growth of consumption of resources on planet of finite resources, infinite production of waste on a finite planet*, and other such nonsense that mainstream economists promote are what is causing the collapse.

    What has been astonishing is that the system has been held together as long as it has via creation of phony money and looting and polluting the planet.

    I believe we are still looking at collapse around 2030 if wars continue to be localised, and well before 2030 if most countries get dragged into WW3 over the next year or so.

    *As George Carlin noted, the planet will be fine; it’s the people who are fucked. (Also most of the wildlife.)



    AFKTT said

    What has been astonishing is that the system has been held together as long as it has via creation of phony money and looting and polluting the planet.

    Your anti-establishment schtick reminds me of the Nazi who hates the Eva Braun with Hitler union, but still loves Hitler. Sometimes you can’t have everything you want in life, but at least you are backed by the establishment and the people trying to murder the rest of us. Yeah, go on, tell us how bad your friends in the deep state are, how bad your friends in the banks are. Do you believe we are so stupid as to believe your bullshit, really? You need to have more respect for your fellow commenters; as for me, I just imagine I am using a small twig to move your turd off the comment path.


    about ” West Gets ‘Fantastic Value’ out of Ukraine – Boris Johnson (RT)

    Boris has become little more than a walk-on part in an Oscar Wilde comedy play.
    The importance of being Boris.

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