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    Michael Reid

    @ WES

    I would risk it. It is best to die happy in my opinion



    No “yellow kitchen with day bed” memories during my childhood!

    I guess I was deprived of such memories!

    Maybe I just didn’t chose my parents carefully enought!

    Michael Reid

    @ WES,

    Everyone had a daybed in this land. I even built a daybed using cedar at one point


    I readily admit that I am speculating. But since the Caribbean Plantation Capitalists re-seized power in the USA starting in the 1980s; all that matters is money. In other words, it is everyone for themselves. “There’s no such thing as society”. The West is an Empire ruled by global Oligarchs using ethnic divide and conquer tactics to make more money and to stay in power.

    Corporate media were never were paragons of the truth but at least Walter Cronkite said the Vietnam War was unwinnable and for that he was retired at age 65. We are all “Green Zone” watchers speculating who is still in power and who has been photoshopped out, silenced. Matt Taibbi, 51, who first reported in Moscow on the shock treatment of Russia that led to the rise of Vladimir Putin, depends on the kindness of internet clickers.

    The coronavirus pandemic is real and has killed half a million Americans. But it is clearly being exploited to make big money for the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Connected. Jeff Bezos has never been richer than today. We are the targets of a public/private PR campaign to sell coronavirus gene therapy.

    mRMA vaccines work but the long term affects are unknown and they are almost guaranteed not to eradicate coronavirus due to the virus being endemic, mutation and vaccine reluctance/expense. AstraZeneca’s has blood clotting issues in young women. Semi-annual jabs will be needed for variants and to boost immunity.

    It is possible to isolate in suburbia in the USA and not be exposed to coronavirus. Except this life is nerve racking. It is like being in a war zone with an invisible enemy but without the explosions. It damn sure is not sustainable. This is why national public health programs to eradicate coronavirus are needed in the Americas and Europe. Plus they will prepare the nations for future pandemics. It can be done. Public Health Systems are working right now in the virus free nations across the globe.

    V. Arnold

    V. Arnold:

    You need to take more Viagra! It is supposed to be good for you!

    I wouldn’t touch the stuff…
    Laugh out loud………… 🙂

    Michael Reid

    @ VietnamVet

    The way that I see it is, truly live your life without fear and embrace death when it comes. All this worrying prevents full engagement with life

    Michael Reid

    @ V. Arnold

    Along those lines my thinking is never say never . You never know what may happen

    V. Arnold

    Along those lines my thinking is never say never . You never know what may happen

    If it ain’t broke; don’t fix it… 😉


    Michael Reid:

    You will probably get a chuckle out of this story!

    In his younger days, my brother was working as a shovel maintenance supervisor for IOC in Labrador City. He had a dedicated shovel work crew. Electrican, mechanics, welders, etc. Well as you probably know, the electrician was the smartest of the bunch. (Must be some required to understand electrons or something!)

    Well to spice things up a bit, the electrician would, from time to time, after the crew had forgotten the last rumor, would innocently start a new rumor.

    Newfies are big Toronto Maple Leafs fans. This story happened sometime after Harold Ballard had traded Daryl Sittler(?) to Buffalo. Anyway, to be sure Harold Ballard was hated with a passion in Newfie land!

    During a heated crew discussion about the Leafs, the electrician casually let it slip that my brother was Harold Ballard’s nephew! That day my brother immediately felt the wraugh of his crew. They all became cold and distanced toward him!

    This cold shoulder treatment went on for several weeks! My brother knew something was up but he did not know exactly what was the trouble!

    Then one day, when a shovel was down, my brother boarded the shovel, while the entire crew were eating their lunch in the operator’s cab. One crew member finally got brave enough and asked my brother if he really was Harold Ballard’s nephew?

    My brother is extremely quick on his feet! He put 2 + 2 together = electrician!

    Without missing a beat, h9e replied why, yes he was Harold Ballard’s newphew!

    Of course he mmediately got an earful! How could Harold Ballard do this to the Toronto Maple Leafs? Trade their captain and best player to Buffalo! My brother played his role perfectly! His crew were properly outraged!

    My brother eyed the electrician sitting quietly over in the corner, smiling to himself! This was turning out to be his very best rumor ever! Thanks to my brother’s help, he had once again, completely pulled the wool over the eyes of the rest of his coworkers!

    With a very satisfied grin, the electrician let the crew know. No, my brother wasn’t really Harold Ballard’s nephew! He had just made it up!

    My brother was immediately rehabilited by his crew who were besides themselves for yet falling for another one of the electrician’s rumors!


    V. Arnold:

    LOL! I knew you wouldn’t touch the stuff! Your Dad taught you well!

    My Father’s older brother was a doctor. Same story! He hated drug company sales reps wasting his time. Took their samples and gave the good ones to his patients or the free clinic. Threw the rest out!

    That brings up another childhood memory! Oh no, not another story! Yes!

    When I was 6 or 7 or so, I stumbled upon a cardboard box full of old school books my Dad had kept. I opened the box out of curiosity. I quickly determined that they were my Father’s old high school books! Further I discovered that neatly at the top of the first page of each book were the final grade marks for my Father, his older brother the doctor, and their younger twin sisters.

    The marks were all very high. But there seemed to be a slight problem with them! The first book i looked at, showed that my Father had gotten a higher mark than his older brother, the doctor! I said to myself this can’t be right, because everybody knows doctors are the smartest people in the world!

    So I opened a second book! Nope my Father still had a higher mark than his older brother! In disbelief, I opened every book in the box! Not once had my uncle, the doctor, beaten my Father! This was impossible for me to believe! It just couldn’t be!

    The twin sisters alway brought up the rear. I mean their marks were a tiny bit lower but still in the nineties! Nobody got anything in the high eighties!

    Greatly perplexed, I asked my Father, when he got home from work, how this could possibly be true? Why was my Father only an lowly engineer, not a doctor?

    A bit of background on my Father’s family. They lived in Saskatchewan during the depression. My Grandfather was studying to become an architect when the depression hit. Nobody was building anything, so to support his family he ended up working as a bank teller.

    Growing up poor, my Father’s parents strongly impressed onto their 4 children that the only way to escape living in Saskatchewan was to get good grades in school. My uncle was told he was to become a doctor, my Father an engineer, the twin sisters, nurse and teacher. This all happened!

    In answer to my questions about my Father’s having consistently higher marks, than his brother, the doctor, my Father told me about how this has all been decided for them by their parents, when they were growing up. They all knew what they were going to be when they grew up!

    Then my Father said to me, thank God his parents had choosen his older brother to be the doctor, not him! I was kind of stunned by this answer! Then my Father said, no, really his older brother was really the smarter one. It was just that he was too busy chasing the girls to study, while my Father spent his time studying! And besides the fact, his older brother was a people person, the right trait needed to be a doctor! Dad really preferred dealing with technical issues, not people problems! His parents had really made the correct choice!

    I think that was when I first figured out that there were different kinds of smart!

    Later in my life I realized that extroverted people gain energy while around other people! These people, after dealing with people all day, are charged up and ready to party all night!
    Interverted people, like me, tend to lose energy if we have to deal with people all day long. We just want to go home, rest, and recharge our batteries for tomorrow. Going to a party, full of people, is the last thing we want to do!

    V. Arnold

    V. Arnold:

    LOL! I knew you wouldn’t touch the stuff! Your Dad taught you well!

    Indeed, he did…
    But, more importantly he and my mother supplied me with an endless library of books; all kinds of books and 2 sets of encyclopedias…one very old (1920’s) and one new…
    My learning continues to this day; learning to grow old gracefully, and speaking better Thai…
    Languages are windows to their respective cultures…an invaluable view to things otherwise not seen or known…

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