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    It helps that the tranny weight-lifter pushing the autistic gunslinger looks like Hunter Biden wearing a beefcake suit.


    phoenixvoice said

    These electric car tax credits are designed for individuals making more than $70k/year, or families with children making more than $125k /year. More giveaways to those who already have much.

    The individuals who buy these cars are not being given anything of value. The cars cannot sell without these subsidies, the reason being that they are not worth the cost of manufacture plus margin and cannot compete with the ICE equivalent. The people getting these subsidies could gain the same value by buying an ICE vehicle without the subsidy. What these subsidies do is to give people the opportunity to support the elites’ forced conversion to green energy. This enables you to show the elites that you are a good puppy and will poo where you are told. Of course, this is ultimately a subsidy for auto makers and they will now have more government financial support, something that will aid their credit ratings and BlackRock and co will be raising their ESG scores as they are now further embedded into green energy cabal. One big scam, like Tesla.

    The big steal is on and all the corporates are showing us just how unable they are to compete, they all need government money because they are useless, like the 35 year old son still living off and with his parents, they are ultimately waste that needs to be swept aside. The same applies to the Gates, Soros and other leeches that rely on government money and the corruption of the system, they add nothing other that their self interest, they benefit no one but themselves.


    As for the abundant doom’n’gloom:

    Bye Bye


    So I just commented on Iain Davis’s excellent 3 part video: “Iain: Open Society?” (See opening credits.)
    I’ll wait to see what he says.
    I recall seeing a commenter on Consortium News a long time back called “O Society” and the comments sounded like they were written by an ad team. That’s when I learned about Soros (other than a NYT Mag article (1994) where he sounded like a man with a broken brain, trying desperately to make up for his sins without having to admit to them. Or, trying to create the chaos of his youth so others can “see what it’s like”).


    Now you know the end of the current way of life is coming soon; shortages of beer forecasted. So you may well have difficulty getting drunk while you slowly starve to death.

    ‘what could come next are water restrictions that would limit production and could create a beer shortage in the US’



    Here in Canacda the health care death panel is actively peddling medically assisted death to those seeking medical treatment because it is cheaper than providing medical treatment.

    I wonder how much of a bounty the government is paying the doctors for each successful medically assisted death? Some doctors have been very aggressively promoting medically assisted death.

    This just adds another program layer for government sponsored deaths, besides the on-going covid vaccine death program. They are now offering the 5th covid dose to anyone who wants it.

    Death is something governments are very good at.


    Monbiot, from the linked article: “..Arable crops, some of which are fed to farm animals, occupy 12% of the planet’s land surface. But far more land (28%) is used for grazing: in other words, for pasture-fed meat and milk. Yet, across this vast area, farm animals that are entirely pasture-fed produce just 1% of the world’s protein.”

    Mr. Monbiot did a trivially clever but dishonest switcheroo above, I think. I see what he is arguing against; but what is he arguing for- and for whose benefit?


    Deploration on the Death of Ockeghem, by Josquin Desprez:


    Many truth bombs from straight-talking Greg Mannarino

    John Day

    @Boscohorowitz: People have the same feelings , the hard wired feelings, like feeling sexy, whatever body they may have. Those are injury devices, though. I fear she might break an ankle.


    Afewknowthetruth said

    what could come next are water restrictions that would limit production and could create a beer shortage in the US

    You would think that the government is playing with fire: stop a man from getting pissed and he will take his stresses out on targets like the government. Except that I have no hope remaining that the people will do anything. At the moment Putin is fighting our fight, he is the one who will make things right, the people of the world are still watching TV and Tiktok, they are, after all, useless eaters.


    As of August 16, Antarctic sea ice extent was tracking below all previous years. At the start of August, it was tracking at second lowest. Ice retreated in the Bellingshausen Sea and parts of the Indian Ocean the first two weeks of August, whereas the ice edge expanded in the Weddell and Ross Seas. In the Bellingshausen Sea, air temperatures at the 925 millibar level have been as much as 7 degrees Celsius (13 degrees Fahrenheit) above average the first two weeks of August, as winds from the north have pushed warmer air and the ice edge towards the Antarctic coast.

    I know it’s rather pointless supplying evidence of Planetary Meltdown in the face of denial because denial is always founded on

    1. emotional arguments

    2. political arguments

    3. economic arguments

    4 financial arguments

    5. gross ignorance

    6. refusal to look at evidence.

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