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    Vasily Polenov Christ among the teachers (doctors) 1896   • 67% Of UK Covid-19 Deaths Since February 2021 Were Vaccinated (DE) • McCullough: ‘The
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    V. Arnold

    May you live in interesting times…
    (an ancient Chinese curse)

    And indeed, we do live in interesting times…
    But, it seems we have failed to see that these times are also a time for learning…
    Thus, we are after all, in a learning opportunity, not to be missed.
    Missing this opportunity, the time of lies, will condemn us to a time of slavery.
    We are in the presence of the masters of deceit; so why not see this as an opportunity as a masters education in this very dark art form…
    In 2003 I left imagining it couldn’t get worse…
    It’s 2021 and it surpassed even my wildest expectations…
    So, stop! Look and understand, so a formulation can be brought forth to save ourselves from, literally, a fate far worse than death…

    those darned kids

    my government sells me alcohol – safe and effective!
    my government sells me tobacco – safe and effective!
    my government sells me reefer – safe and effective!
    my government sells me caffeine – safe and effective!
    my government won’t sell me ivermectin – not safe¡ not effective¡

    hey, that’s the ticket! we need to make ivermectin more psychoactive. let’s add some methamphetamine and/or peyote to it. then it will be safe and effective enough for government distribution.

    those darned kids
    Mr. House

    The essence of my article yesterday, in Dr. Malone’s words. What he doesn’t get right, I think, is that there will ever be a Comirnaty available without a liability shield. The lawyers are still working on getting that done, but the pressure to publish the full approval had gotten too much.


    Sick and Twisted.

    “BBC presenter Lisa Shaw, 44, died due to complications caused by AstraZeneca Covid vaccine three weeks after she had first jab, coroner rules”


    Doc Robinson

    “The latest Public Health England report on Covid-19 infections, hospitalisations, and deaths show that the Covid-19 injections do not work, and quite possibly make the recipient worse if exposed to the alleged Covid-19 virus…”

    This is clearly a problem. The obvious “solution” is to stop counting the cases and publishing the data.

    At least the data for the number of breakthrough infections is still being compiled and published by Public Health England, unlike in the US where the CDC stopped counting them.


    those darned kids

    Waiting for Comirnaty

    Tragicomedy in 2 Very Long Acts

    a boy

    ACT 1

    a pharmacy. a shopping plaza.


    Estragon, sitting on a recycled plastic bench, is trying to make his mask fit. He pulls at it with
    both hands, panting. He gives up, exhausted, rests, tries again. As before.

    Enter Vladimir.

    (giving up again). Nothing to be done.

    (advancing with short, laboured breaths, eyes barely open). I’m beginning to come round
    to that opinion. All my life I’ve tried to put it from me, saying Vladimir, be
    reasonable, the curve will flatten soon. And I resumed the struggle. (He
    broods, musing on the struggle. Turning to Estragon.) So there you are again.



    “Russian authorities have declared an interregional state of emergency as tough-to-contain forest fires threaten the country’s top-secret nuclear weapons research center …”


    You do know that Dr. Robert Malone is vaccinated, right?

    those darned kids

    dr. malone had a vasectomy?! wow, i sure hope he doesn’t show us the scar :•(

    absolute galore

    Hopeful signs:

    Dr. Park’s testimony in Michigan posted yesterday.

    Nebraska recruiting nurses by prominently featuring Vaccinations Not Required.

    The Sam Fender song posted today. Never heard of him (no surprise) but as Raul says, having
    a voice speak clearly to that generation is critical.

    Tucker Carlson. I saw that video a couple days ago. Takes a while to get into the nitty gritty, but good job. Of course it is overlaid with his political slant, and his snide trust fund humor, but he is one of the few in the mainstream bringing info about Ivermectin, highlighting the hypocrisy of those dictating rules, talking about the insanity of where all these policies are leading us.

    In my own neck of the woods, my only colleague who like me remains unvaccinated, reported a large protest along a main road where she lives on Tuesday. Mostly hospital workers about to lose their jobs, but they were joined by construction workers, moms worried about mandatory shots for kid, and others.

    Still a looooong way to go. I commented on an earlier link demonizing Ivm by focusing on its role in keeping livestock healthy. DarkMatter posted yet another example in Raul’s essay yesterday. It’s actually stunning in the way it handles the obvious contradictions, worth it just to see a bold example of the media manipulation.

    From the subhead: The jail, along with a local doctor, is being questioned about using Ivermectin, a livestock deworming medication, to treat COVID-19 symptoms.
    It’s right out of the playbook of HyQ.

    The problem is (aside from the fact that if you take the vet stuff that does not contain additional added meds, and you properly figure the dose, the most that could happen is upset stomach) the story itself is COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO VET-GRADE IVM. It’s about a doctor who has treated hundreds successfully with IvM.

    “I’ve given it to my mom before she got vaccinated; she was on it preventatively. My stepmom, my in-laws, my sister, my sister’s kids, thousands of patients we’ve treated with it. I have not experienced any, and we have not seen any bad side effects from it,” said Dr. Karas.

    Dr. Karas says of those more than 500 cases of COVID-19 at the jail, there have been no deaths and only one hospitalization, with the inmate who was hospitalized did not take the medication. Dr. Karas says he understands Ivermectin is not FDA approved to treat COVID and says nothing is FDA approved for treating COVID. He says early outpatient treatment for the virus is important.

    “My thoughts are, do you want to try and fight like we’re at the beaches of Normandy, or do you want to tell what a lot of people do and say go home and ride it out and go to the ER when your lips turn blue. So, we fight hard for our patients,” said Dr. Karas.

    The heat got turned up on Dr. Karas for actually trying to HEAL his patients when:

    a county employee, who opted to stay anonymous to the public, told her that he was sent to the jail’s clinic to get a COVID-19 test. He said after testing negative, he was given a $76 prescription for Ivermectin.

    According to CBS News, he was concerned about the medication and asked his primary care physician about it, who told him to throw it in the trash.

    While this individual “had the good fortune to have a physician that he could go to and ask for a second opinion,” Madison said at the meeting, “our inmates do not have that choice.”

    Washington County Jail gaining national attention after inmates receive anti-parasite drug to treat COVID-19

    Of course it’s gaining national attention. Great fodder for another Ivm hit piece. The Killer Drug, Ivermectin. Never mind the Nobel Prize, never mind the gold standard safety record, never mind the reports of effectiveness by hundreds of doctors around the world not bowing to Big Pharma. The desperation to discredit the drug is truly mind-boggling. Even if it is not particularly effective, it’s certainly not dangerous. And to conflate a doctor treating people with a formula made for humans with the unrelated fact that it also works in animals is beyond the pale. Fucked Up.


    deflationista – “You do know that Dr. Robert Malone is vaccinated, right?”

    And did you know that he was still pretty ill after catching Covid.
    He’s still experiencing long Covid symptoms – but claims that Ivermectin was a godsend!

    Vaxx don’t work!


    This is Figure 4 from the big Israel study that Raul posted as some sort of smoking gun:

    absolute galore

    You do know that Dr. Robert Malone is vaccinated, right?

    Lots of people sounding warnings about the vaccinations are vaxxed. The majority of people who are choosing not to take this vaccination are now being labeled “anti-vaxxers” outright. But the reasons for not wanting to take this vaccine are different.

    You need to access the risks of the disease to you vs. the risks of the vaccine. We know the vax does not promote herd immunity, so any of that nonsense is a lie. Therefore, it is a personal medical decision based on your own adult reasoning. Otherwise, it’s more or less a case of fuck off. Go move to Australia.

    John Day

    Dr McCullough explains the viral load measurements performed the same way, comparing viral load in the nasopharyngeal space between unvaccinated people infected with alpha-COVID and vaccinated people infected with delta-COVID. It is a fair and valid comparison: McCullouhg has to keep speaking while he can. He is being sued by his medical school employer. Heroic.
    “This group had actually calculated viral load from oral and nasal secretions in the past. The viral load was 251 times that of the previous unvaccinated era where they had used the same methodology. So, they had previous workers and patients who had COVID-19 before any exposure to the vaccines. And now the vaccinated were carrying a massive viral load and passing it to one another.”

    Doc Robinson

    Denninger’s article today says “The FDA did grant a biologics license to the Pfizer jab,” but technically it was the BioNTech jab called COMIRNATY that was approved (the German company BioNTech owns the COMIRNATY trademark in the US and EU).

    The FDA approval letter that Denninger cited was actually addressed to the BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH (apparently sent to someone from BioNTech at the Pfizer address in New York City, which could be intentionally confusing?), and the FDA press release clarified at some point that “The approval was granted to BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH.

    The FDA’s letter to Pfizer, on the other hand, makes it clear that “the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses.

    Again, COMIRNATY is not Pfizer’s trademark, it’s owned by the German company BioNTech.


    For UK readers.

    I just found out that IgG/IgM Covid Antibody tests are available from here:


    The test they sell is this one – “Ecotest”:

    Matrix charge £7 per test – they come 20 in a box. Plus shipping.


    This Doctor has a pretty balanced view on most things I think – perhaps not as alarmist as this ‘chicken little’ Oxymoron can at times be.

    He is pro vax for most of his patients but pokes holes at many of the issues around data, monitoring, and FDA CDC etc. He doesn’t subscribe to the ‘death shot’ concept at all. He does however acknowledge risks – particularly in the young and understands the rights of parents to make their choices.

    For me – I am still on the side of nature and natural systems. The world was a very beautiful place until Foolsil Fuels and hi tek. It looks crummy now. We earned this virus.



    Sounds so logical!

    My mom’s friend had cancer 13 years ago. She had 36 days of radiation treatment on one tumor, and 18 days of radiation on the other. She correlates the following 13 years of life without cancer not to the radiation treatments, but to the fact that she prayed to Saint Padre Pio everyday.

    Dr. D

    “Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned.” — Los Angeles Times
    Yup, logic and irony are dead.

    What this tells you is, it’s not about color, ever: it’s about power. If you give them power, you’re good, if you limit their power, you’re bad. Color be d—-d. Sadly, their “good” and “bad” are color coded: “bad” = “white.” They’re not shy about it.

    “Get the F*ck Out!”: Antifa Attacks Female Reporter in Portland”

    Well, that’s because if she’s not giving them power, she becomes male. White male. …You know, because if they say so, gender exists again. Then poof! It disappears. Gender is a voluntary mental construction and not real. Race is totally scientific, not-optional, and real.

    White House Slams ‘Soulless’ Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Charging $6,500 For Kabul Evac Flight”

    But Joe: there isn’t anybody trapped there. Who is he charging? ““I think it’s irresponsible to say Americans are stranded. They are not.” –Psaki

    “dollars spent equated to things being constructed and effective counterinsurgency [against the Taliban]…But the Taliban themselves were taking the money! The Taliban guys were doing the construction work. It was absolutely nuts!”

    But this just proves that malnourished illiterate shepherds are smarter than all the graduates of Yale. If you didn’t already know.

    “Leftie” is now a slur in working-class towns – what happened there?”

    Yes, what indeed? Maybe he should ask instead of hate. I’m not making that up; he said he hated a group of people, by name, on sight, regardless of who they are or what they might ever do in the future. Very thoughtful guy.

    NS Wales order is serious, mister! . Unless you’re Chris Hemsworth and want to go surfing all day. Then go do whatever you want! You’re rich: we won’t arrest you, nor any of our friends. In any case, you have a palatial 50-acre estate and 5,000 sq ft house. No need to go to work, shopping, you have that done for you by the rubes, the invisible Avox, those-who-may-not-speak.


    Going pretty well. They are completely discrediting everything and every body, every authority, every organization. But they HAVE TO, or people won’t give up the centralized control and take the power back to themselves, the People. Totally in favor. You can’t leave the central government and regulators intact and hope to get anywhere. And they won’t GIVE it to you gladly: you have to TAKE it from them with your non-compliance. 800,000 soldiers just clogged the court-martial system. Go ahead and arrest them, wherever they go, they will run the court, the jail, the bases, because they are the majority. This is what civil disobedience is supposed to look like, not whining that you got banned or arrested. You’re SUPPOSED to be arrested: that’s the whole POINT.

    Wake me when it’s over.

    those darned kids

    deflationista: those are excellent findings shown in table 4. let’s hope things continue that way in the long term.

    i have seen similar graphs, tables and data for treatments such as ivermectin and hcq. let’s hope things continue that way in the long term.

    i have seen similar graphs, tables and data for the immunity the great squid in the sky gave us*. let’s hope things continue that way in the long term.

    why do we have to choose one method over the other? can’t we have all three? can’t we have none of the above? if one method works ¿would not the users of others have nothing to fear?

    why do we have no say in what method we would like for ourselves? why do we get to choose which bungee chord, paraglider or cigarette brand, but we cannot choose what is supposed to be good for us?

    how, on the great squid’s given earth ¿could any <echo>MERE MORTAL </echo> suddenly understand all the complexities of a superduper, itsybitsy little thingy that we were all politely informed was so novel, so hypnomystical, that there was no way to stop it but run and hide under our television sets?


    who can know so much?



    “Going pretty well. They are completely discrediting everything and every body, every authority, every organization. But they HAVE TO, or people won’t give up the centralized control and take the power back to themselves, the People. Totally in favor. You can’t leave the central government and regulators intact and hope to get anywhere. And they won’t GIVE it to you gladly: you have to TAKE it from them with your non-compliance.”

    Thank you, Dr D. 🙂


    In support of V Arnold’s suggestion this morning to “… stop! Look and understand, so a formulation can be brought forth to save ourselves from, literally, a fate far worse than death…”

    We are wasting energy debating the vaccines, which don’t stop anyone from getting OR transmitting infection and DO have serious side effects.

    We need to invest our energy in stopping this tyranny. What is going on is NOT about vaccination. The kid in the twitter link said it all – if they can break the law because of an emergency, then they can create an emergency to break the law. (wouldn’t be the first time, now would it?)

    Does anyone know of a website with a centralized list of companies mandating employee vaccination so we can boycott en masse? There’s a start. Archie also mentioned yesterday reaching out to any young people you know who can help spread the word. (they tend to be on social media more) Time to quit debating nonsensical stuff and begin doing the work.

    John Day

    I propose we invest our energy in surviving the tyranny, which is a response to the contracting economy, pearl-clutching by our current owners. Just survive, which is a lot of effort and learning curve, and adaptations not yet devised.
    Just survive it…

    Doc Robinson

    “those are excellent findings shown in table 4”

    …except that Table is just comparing the (underreported) adverse effects of the vaxx shots, to the adverse effects of a Covid infection. Unfortunately, a lot of people get the vaxx shots and still get a serious Covid infection.

    those darned kids

    well done, doc rob!



    endless gravy train

    Nothing is FDA approved for treating COVID, not even Ivermectin

    • “I Was Living Like Scarface” (MPN)

    A few people will take the time to read the 11th report, Nothing will change.

    What We Need to Learn: Lessons from Twenty Years of Afghanistan Reconstruction is
    the 11th lessons learned report issued by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction


    a kullervo

    There’s no Covid-19, only fear-laced flu, fear that has been ramped up by decades of indoctrination/brainwashing by the medical-pharmaceutical racket.

    Up until 2019, nobody was afraid of catching a cold, of having the flu: for most it was only a mild inconvenience, a minor upset. Now, at the least flu symptom, almost everyone immediately believes to have caught the Covid and then, automatically, the fear kicks in, working its wonders through the psyche and – spiked by it – through the immune system of those who get sick.

    I’m sorry if I’ve made a dent in your shiny perception of reality (or in your favourite pastime.)

    Have a SIGAR
    (… ride the gravy train!)


    Americans have died in the Kabul explosion. Now let’s see what Biden does. The MSM can’t hide this anymore.

    a kullervo

    We all build castles in the air – some are more far-fetched than others; some remain ethereal, while some come down on us like a ton of bricks.

    Dr. D

    If the Docktor is an optimist, we’re in trouble indeed!

    However, think about it logically: if “everywhere” is corrupt, then “everywhere” is what needs to be abandoned. We will need to self-organize another system. Since the present one doesn’t work for anybody, they’re making it real easy for us. Oz? Blackmarket like gangsters immediately. Make a mint and save the Jews to boot. Definace!

    Deflationista: everyone else has been vaxxed too. All the “anti-vaxxers” are. Just like 800,000 in the military, most with all shots except this particular one they find untested and suspicious. If he got it first, trusting the liars and later the data comes in, is he not allowed? Nope: now data no longer matters, he is forbidden from changing his mind. In fact, why even look at data ever again? Of course not. And he IS the proof of the vax, since he got the vax, got the coof, just like everybody else has. So if he only started going “Hey! Wait a cotton-pickin’ minute here…” AFTER that, he would be allowed? But not before, and not middle. Only after? Or never? When?

    So I wonder what the argument was.

    Second Explosion Reported in Kabul; US Marines Injured, Americans Told to “Leave Immediately”

    But Joe says there are no Americans there! And gee, why haven’t they left already? Probably just hanging out at Starbucks, waiting to book that empty plane. Certainly the world’s most well-paid intel services had no idea, although WaPo said they did every day for 20 years and still do now.

    Anyway, on schedule, they are removing Joe 25. Media told us that month or more back. But it’s all an accident, nothing is planned. Not sending a Bil$ more hardware to F-Stan after talking to China, not closing Bagram first, THEN evacuating. Nothing. Nothing HAS ever been planned, nothing ever CAN be planned. In fact, there are no planners anywhere. Ever. Anyone who says so is an illogical fiend you should report to the FBI immediately.

    Speaking of: that Covid patient they put out a continent-wide concentration camp warrant for breaking quarantine in Oz? They got him! He was in quarantine. In a hotel. Just a DIFFERENT hotel than he was told to. I say Auschwitz for him, but I’m soft like that.


    @ Doc Robinson, @ Germ, @ absolute galore

    Thank you all for the great ivermectin info.

    To all of you that want to improve your health, let me share this an experience I’ve had for the last 5 years.

    I’ve had an annual gym membership for almost 30 years. I’m 74 years old – and health has always been my #1 priority.

    Everybody knows that gyms are germ factories, but the benefits of keeping your muscles strong clearly outweigh the risks.

    I use to get 1-2 colds per year – and the source was most likely the gym.

    In an attempt to combat colds, I’ve been taking 50 mg of zinc everyday for the last 5 years.

    The result?

    I have not had one single cold during the last 5 years.

    Maybe some of the medical experts on this discussion would like share their thoughts on this, but even though I am only a sample size of one, that has been my experience.


    Somebody made their wet dream come true

    Kabul Airport Explosions: Pentagon Confirms “US And Civilian Casualties” Amid Dozens Dead


    Re Tucker vid
    Um, yeah. Tucker makes some good points, but the effect of his words is muted in this vid as the unmasked are EATING and everyone is OUTDOORS.

    Israel study also found that previously Covid infected AND vaccinated were less likely to get Covid again than unvaccinated Covid survivors. This will be used to support the narrative that all must be vaxxed.

    those darned kids

    it’s going to take an awful lot to paint the tokyo doctor as a conspiracy Qanonimizer.

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