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    those darned kids

    remember, tylenol delivers.

    V. Arnold

    remember, tylenol delivers.

    …liver damage at recommended dosages…
    Aspirin is far, far superior, IMO, and safe when taken with food or a coated tablet…


    “Very early, very early. We didn’t wait for results to come.” Dr. Lenny DacCosta

    Of course not. They knew ivermectin under typical dosing is very safe. So they used it early against Covid, because that is the logical thing for a clinician to do. Only the idiots in the west who can’t do squat without an authority giving the go ahead spout off inanities about not using a safe, proven drug that might work.


    Only some bloggers know the truth. Readers of TAE
    “The country is more illiterate than I thought if they’ve never made it to Dr. Seuss.”
    the rule in Afghanistan was more a power-sharing
    Taliban Says 28 Of Its Members Killed In Blasts, Blames US For “Chaotic Evacuation”

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)
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