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    Mister Roboto

    This may not be appreciated, especially since American lives were lost in an apparent bomb-blast in Kabul after this was made, but the coverage of the evacuation of Americans from Afghanistan at least deserves the airing of another side of the story:


    Dr Lenny Da Costa – The True Story of Ivermectin in India


    Some Interesting Figures:

    • Population of Afghanistan: 40 million
    • Amount spent by the US on the Afghan war: $2 trillion
    • Amount spent per Afghani: $50,000
    • Average yearly income in Afghanistan: $18,000
    • Most typical yearly income in Afghanistan: $1,000
    • Yearly GDP of Afghanistan: $20 billion
    • Number of years of Afghan GDP the US spent on the war: 100 years
    • Years of Afghani GDP spent by the US per year of the war: 5 years per year
    those darned kids

    darkmatter: yep, that’s about right. i mentioned at the beginning of this adventure that it would be much cheaper and far, far easier to give every afghan a job, a house and a big screen t.v.


    @ those darned kids
    ” …. it would be much cheaper and far, far easier….”

    Instead …. endless gravy train
    A few people will take the time to read the 11th report, Nothing will change.


    Several Taliban guards were also killed in addition to the four US marines.

    Sounds like other Middle East groups seeing an opportunity to give the US a black eye and not caring if some Taliban were killed too.

    The Lies Lies Lies of the the US so called ‘leadership are a cancer on the body politic, stage four cancer.

    The Bugout already looked like the Keystone Cops, this latest incident is just icing on the corpse cake of US impotence.


    The ‘Rescue’ at Kabul


    Thank you to V Arnold for the words opening todays comments. “We are in the presence of the masters of deceit; so why not see this as an opportunity as a masters education in this very dark art form…”
    I am not sure how or where to start this learning but I am sure that is the task before us today.
    I struggle to understand how my friends and classmates were so easily betrayed by their experts.
    Somehow good people lost confidence in their own ability to reason.


    CDC just reported that overdoses of Ivermectin are rising.


    @deflationista Time for you to get your booster shot, it won’t hurt a bit. Mommy will hold your hand.

    Did you know Hitler was vegetarian?

    You had your x2 vaccines right? What are you worried about? That you have been lied to and that your vaccine does not work as advertised?

    You do realize that being vaccinated means you can still get cvd from another vaxd person, you can still transmit cvd to another vaxd person, you can still die from cvd and your own stupidity? So wtf are you going on about?

    Hey I have a riddle for you- What is the difference between Ignorance and Delusion?


    CDC just reported that overdoses of Ivermectin are rising.

    Yeah, people dying in scores from taking a drug that never killed anyone of the 3 billion who took it. Of course, Please don’t provide a source, it would spoil the fun.


    TAE is the best. Where else would we learn that a goat should receive a pea-sized portion of apple flavoured ivermectin and just orientate your dosage accordingly?

    those darned kids

    goats have beautiful eyes. it reflects their rebellious nature.

    we have too many sheep, and far too few goats.


    Some humor:

    </i>You are not a dog.

    Seriously. Stop taking aspirin, y’all. </i>

    TAE Summary

    * The Daily Covid
    – The unvaccinated are the new lepers
    – Extremely rare is the new well done
    – Ivermectin deemed not safe, not effective and not profitable
    – Ivermectin found to cause stroke, bell’s palsy and myocarditis in Fauci’s dreams
    – High risk after infection; Low risk after vaccination; Lower risk with Ivermectin, zinc and vitamin D; But there’s still a risk
    – One size must fit all
    – Delta to raise insurance premiums on employees who drink Big Gulps
    – Mr. Ed to star in anti-Ivermectin commercial; He’s got something to say
    – Japanese may try Ivermectin
    – India: Treat early to save lives; USA: Treat late to make money
    – 2023: Be sure and get your vaccine booster booster booster booster
    – Apple flavored Ivermectin is the new forbidden fruit; Taste it and you’ll be naked and ashamed, get thrown out of the garden and be chased away by Cherubim with a flaming sword

    * Dr. Malone was vaccinated; Paul was circumcised; Winston worked at Mini-Truth; Reagan was a Democrat; Anakin was a Jedi Knight

    * Fossil fuels may have destroyed the earth’s beauty, but boy that new Corvette’s a beaut

    * Invest your energy in surviving; Be the fittest

    * We should have just hired all the Afghans as telephone sanitizers

    * Bush’s Biden’s big mistake was believing the CIA’s intelligence

    * It was a slow day
    And the sun was beating
    On the soldiers by the side of the road
    There was a bright light
    A shattering of shop windows
    The bomb in the baby carriage
    Was wired to the radio

    These are the days of miracle and wonder
    This is the long distance call
    The way the camera follows us in slo-mo
    The way we look to us all
    The way we look to a distant constellation
    That’s dying in a corner of the sky
    These are the days of miracle and wonder
    And don’t cry baby, don’t cry

    Mister Roboto

    @Dora: My reply:


    Interesting sub-reddit for Ivermectin. Mostly pro but plenty of detractors.


    Robert Kennedy Jr interview breakdown of the legal terrain surrounding the faux ‘approval’ of the Pfizer Kill Shot.

    Kennedy is a lawyer at the higher levels of the profession.

    Kennedy said that if the Pfizer Kill Shot had actually been approved in this country the other day, he and other lawyers would have instantly sued the FDA and won.

    Karl Denninger is flat out wrong that the Pfizer shot in this country is approved.

    BS, the Comorbidity Kill Shot from the German company was approved but is ONLY available in EUROPE.

    It’s approval was bait and switch so that the Presstitutes could convince more Sheeple to ‘use up’ the couple hundred million doses Pfizer is stick with and that are no longer legal, because there is an approved vaccine in Europe.


    > Invest your energy in surviving <


    I wonder if the dead US troops were- ?
    a) vaccinated
    b) test positve for cvd via PCR
    c) died from covid or an ISI/CIA/Al Queda bomb attack on their certificates

    Now the same Politicians(scum), Military(sturmbanfuhers) and Media (propagandists) who sent them to War for Profit and Pleasure are offering their ‘sincere condolences’…

    Mission Accomplished


    Dr Da Costa’s testimony has the ring of truth and aligns with much of what I have seen and read and heard elsewhere. Thanks Germ for bringing this to our attention.

    I am at a total loss in what to think of the Australian medical establishment who continue to reject ivermectin saying that it doesn’t work and now is becoming dangerous.

    Are they genuinely concerned and protective of public health?
    Are their standards of evidence too high?
    Are they wilfully blind?
    Are they deceived?
    Are they ignorant?
    Are they frightened?
    Are they lazy?
    Are they proud?
    Are they … ?


    You definitely have legal grounds to reject the mandatory injection of Pfizer’s vaccine Emergency Approved Product. The problem is that as individuals alone, the powerful will play whack a mole with you. Mandates will be issued. Insurance rates for the un-vaxxed doubled or tripled and medical care denied. It will be weeks or even months before the BioNTech’s Comirnaty vaccine labeled vials (just starting to come off the production line) will be ready for injection. It will take lawyers familiar with the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act to challenge the Biden Administrations actions. The federal law that I was familiar with made it illegal to substitute a registered product with an unregistered one. But then it was also impossible to get a full registration for food use without mutagenicity, teratology, reproductive, and chronic toxicity/oncogenicity studies.

    It is mind bloggling that over half of all Americans have been injected with substances without these studies and then US government grants full approval not even requiring them to be conducted and submitted at a later date. American people’s health and safety is of no concern today only global corporate profits.

    After this, coronavirus running wild, and the Kabul FUBAR, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris couldn’t be elected dog catchers. Democracy and the rule of law are done for. The next US Presidential election will be decided by violence.

    those darned kids

    leper colonies have arrived!

    australia moves one step closer to gaza..


    “Hunker down” is my approach for now. I have a tiny garden- close to bearing a few gifts- and a small but satisfactory library. If and when there’s a substantive *off-line* movement I’ll consider it.


    I the Vaxx don’t kill ‘ya then the high fructose corn syrup will.

    ” Too young to die, too fat to live”

    USA, USA, USA !


    As the third Kovid Kill Shot booster gets propagandized, the Sheeple with three shots will turn and ‘pull rank’ on the Sheeple with only two Clot Shots, “You’re a Bad Person, you only have two while I, Comrade Citizen have Trois!!!”

    It is also now a competition for Victim-hood.

    So in addition to the Legion of Karens, we welcome the Needle Nazis to the Covid Pantheon.



    Farewell to Bourgeois Kings

    Farewell to Bourgeois Kings

    “…I find it very likely that most future historians will put the date of the real beginning of the collapse of the current political and geopolitical order right here, right now, at the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    Still, it is quite obvious that the epoch of the liberal technocrat is now over. The bell has well and truly tolled for mankind’s belief in their ability to do anything else than enrich themselves and ruin things for everyone else….”

    Bourgeois King

    It’s all gone to hell in bourgeois city
    Buy a ticket for some fun
    Take a seat, and lord take pity
    It’s the mulching of America

    Holographic talking people
    Coming from your tv screen
    See the church and see the steeple
    Praise to the bourgeois king

    Parasites and politicians
    Intertwined and holding hands
    Feed us fiction and fabrication
    Make this country great again

    Newspaper, headline story
    Who will stand for us and lead
    Cast your vote and do your duty
    Hail to the bourgeois king

    We’ll build a wall to block the enemy
    Build a wall to keep us free
    Build a wall to block the enemy
    Build a wall to keep us free


    Search: isis-k afghanistan

    NOVEMBER 5, 2019, 12:46 PM

    The Islamic State Will Outlive Baghdadi. Afghanistan Shows How.

    Michael Kugelman
    An expert’s point of view on a current event.
    The Islamic State Will Outlive Baghdadi. Afghanistan Shows How.


    In NZ we dutifully await the emergence of St Jacinda this afternoon and her pronouncement upon the land vis a vis the future of lockdown.

    The CovidPlanB team have savvily reemerged from a long silence in advance of the official prognostication to offer their alternate strategy in a well-worded post here:


    The death of the smug neo-liberal managerial meritocracy mindset in the dust of Afghanistan is a sublime perfectly pull demitasse of schadenfreude.

    Farewell to Bourgeois Kings

    “..It is not just that the elite class is incompetent – even kings could be incompetent without undermining belief in monarchy as a system – it is that they are so grossly, spectacularly incompetent that they walk around among us as living rebuttals of meritocracy itself.

    It is that their application of managerial logic to whatever field they get their grubby mitts on – from homelessness in California to industrial policy to running a war – makes that thing ten times more expensive and a hundred times more dysfunctional.

    To make the situation worse, the current elites seem almost serene in their willful destruction of the very fields they rely on for legitimacy.

    When the ”experts” go out of their way to write public letters about how covid supposedly only infects people who hold demonstrations in support of ”structural white supremacy”, while saying that Black Lives Matter demonstrations pose no risk of spreading the virus further, this amounts to the farmer gleefully salting his own fields to make sure nothing can grow there in the future.

    How can anyone expect the putative peasants of our social order to ”trust the science”, when the elites themselves are going out of their way, against all reason and the tenets of basic self-preservation, to make such a belief completely impossible even for those who really, genuinely, still want to believe?”

    those darned kids

    if the u.s. has been using daesh as its proxy force in syria for years now (eg. the city of deir ez-zor) ¿what just happened in kabul?



    The worm has turned

    Just makes the US look positively impotent and emasculated on the world stage.

    Several Taliban guards were also killed in addition to the 4 marines. Both groups were very close together separated by a cement barrier.


    Former American Sock Puppet Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after fleeing the country as the Taliban took control of Kabul on Sunday.

    Ghani fled from Afghanistan with 169 million US dollars in cash (stuffed into airplanes)



    US Abandoned $850 million dollar Embassy Compound in Kabul.

    I wonder how far $850 million dollars would go towards providing shelter for homeless in the US.

    Half of all the homeless in the country are in Californicate.

    those darned kids

    dear, jeff:

    2. The number of homeless in the US is estimated at 552,830.

    #1 Jeff Bezos REAL TIME NET WORTH $191.8B

    $191,800,000,000/552,830humans = $346,942.10/human

    so, jeff, buddy, whaddaya say? if you give $200,000 to each homeless person you’d still have $81,234,000,000 left. that’s enough to buy fiji, and still have enough left over to go to mars each august.

    do the right thing, jeff. it’s time. do you want history to remember you as the biggest jerk ever? like evil, we got hitler, cheney, that dude in cambodia..

    but, jerk? we got you.



    CDC just reported that overdoses of Ivermectin are rising.

    Every year there are more than 50,000 emergency room visits from Tylenol overdose. If 50,000 people per year cannot read the simple instructions on the Tylenol bottle, I would not be surprised if a few people go overboard with a product that requires math to get the dosage right.

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