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    Odilon Redon Peyrelebade landscape 1880   • Russia Explains Why It Won’t Use Nukes In Ukraine (RT) • The Decline and Fall of the Western Empire (
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    V. Arnold I frequent the Greenville post from time to time.

    V. Arnold

    V. Arnold
    I frequent the Greenville post from time to time.

    Interesting, thanks for the reply…


    Many Americans appear to think that oil can be found anywhere. All an oil company has to do is drill a hole deep enough and oil will come out. Although that sounds appealing, the problem is that specific geologic circumstances are required to create and trap oil. That is why oil is found in specific locations. Because many Americans, including politicians, don’t want to accept that fact there are political debates about opening areas in the U.S. that at best contain trivial amounts of oil.

    Interestingly, I have not seen nor heard any news stories from the mainstream media, or non-mainstream media for that matter, that have suggested that depletion may be a factor for high oil prices.

    The Status of Global Oil Production (Part 1)


    Farmers in the Netherlands are protesting against emission cuts, like a drug-addict avoiding rehab. America is desperately fracking its veins, and even going to Venezuela to score. Germany is hitting that black rock again, they’re reverting to coal. Fossil fuels are a hell of a drug, and the world just can’t quit. In fact, we’re going into violent withdrawal.
    I too once thought that we could ‘just stop’ fossil fuels and honestly, I was wrong. People are protesting for fossil fuels, not against them, and it’s totally understandable. If any government actually tries to make the emissions cuts they should be making, people will cut their heads off. Elites have certainly gotten us into this situation, but we can’t just quit cold turkey now. We’re fucking addicted.


    We still don’t seem to fathom the idea that complex problems — predicaments really — have no solutions, only stopgaps and workarounds, or that system collapse, which is more in evidence now than ever before, is a gradually unfolding phenomenon, not a sudden Mad Max one-time Hollywood cataclysmic event.
    When’s it going to end, and get properly fixed so it doesn’t happen again? Never. This is a system in terminal collapse. Like all civilizations before us, and their complex systems, this one too will end in chaos, except this time it will be global, with no frontiers left and no replays available. This civilization has used up all of its lives. What will be left of human societies when this civilization’s collapse reaches its conclusion decades from now, we cannot know, though it almost surely will be low-tech, utterly local, and include a lot fewer people than are alive today. There’s a serious chance no humans at all will survive it, though our demise may be a long thin tail that hangs on with a few remaining societies in decline for centuries. The Roman philosopher Seneca wrote of societies: “Fortune is of sluggish growth, but ruin is rapid.” Energy researcher Ugo Bardi has coined this observation the Seneca Cliff, and it is increasingly likely that the collapse curve we are now starting to slide down will be such a cliff.

    Addicted to Crude


    Even more serious than in the first analysis:

    “The obligation of the generalized wearing of the mask is emblematic of the management of the “pandemic”. This constraint is not of a sanitary nature and testifies to a nonsense; it is a commandment presenting itself, at the same time, as a law and its destruction. It is the passage to the act of an exit from the Political.

    The reasons for the obligation can be summarized in the fact that, without it, there would be no manifest sign of the supposed “extreme seriousness” of the covid. The centrality of wearing a mask lies in the fact that, by constantly reminding us of the “pandemic”, the constraint places us in the gaze of the power confiscating our intimacy“[3].

    “Obligation then becomes a supreme law conditioning our “freedom” and instituting a negative relationship with oneself and with the other. It enjoins us to renounce our human life. The reality of death being no longer channeled by culture, it covers the totality of existence.

    Thus, the corona mask is not the articulation of the symbolic and the real. It is therefore not a mask, because it is not veiling.”[4]

    “Something of the Real is captured: the desire for relationship. From then on, the people who put on the mask do not carry the word, but the cry of the one who has become a person. They exhibit both the rejection of the other and what results from it, their own annihilation.

    “The wearing of the corona mask produces a loss of “symbolic appetence”, of this desire of relation manifesting itself outside the satisfaction of the elementary needs of the survival. The “primordial meeting with the other” is an impulsive push, that of the drive of life, essential in the installation of a bond with the outside.”

    This natural desire, this drive of life, is today attacked by the wearing of the mask and its perpetuation after the suppression of the emergency law and any danger of this small virus clearly testifies to its instrumentalization by the globalist, eugenicist and transhumanist power. The normal man must disappear in their eyes and they use their means.


    1. • The Decline and Fall of the Western Empire (Batiushka)

    WeOur leaders believe that wethey are so great that nobody can do without us ….

    Don’t be shy, say the words …. racist, elite, snob, chosen
    Another correction
    2. • NATO Chief: Russia Must Not Win Its War In Ukraine (OP)

    Why are there no challenges, (fact check), to the following documentated fabrications. by our racist leaders?

    …. to keep Russia from succeeding after it launched its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

    “This is not just an attack on Ukraine, an independent democratic nation with more than 40 million people, it’s also an attack on our values and the world order we want,” the NATO chief said of the war.

    Accepting such lies/statements as being only propaganda and ignoring them, is destroying our social/economic systems.
    Not correcting such lies and shaming our leaders, is empowering their lies.
    Don’t take my word ….. Consider the truth might be from Lavrov
    Read more …

    • Lavrov Speaks Out On US Effort To Dominate World (RT)

    Dr. D

    Dowd but really running story after story, links.

    Pilots, 300% increase in disability, 911: “People found dead in homes”, undertaker stocks soaring, American Heart Association: Vaccine can cause innate immune system damage to the heart, Insurance like Globe Life, and major investors like Credit Suisse are asking about increased all-cause mortality.

    And classics like this:

    Pelosi was nothing, as advertised. This is part of some idiot narrative they’re building. It now makes me think what are they distracting me from? What are we NOT seeing?

    Bloggers all covering the same old thing right now. Tune in, they’re saying what you think they will, what they said last time. So nothing’s changing? Possibly! Big question was always are we going to “crash” (fast)? Or rotate (evolve slowly)? So far the slow, under “control” impossibly continues to win. If so, there’s a huge ad campaign for panic, crisis and out of control when it’s really, really, really not: for 25 years???

    As I’ve said before, nobody’s “panicking”. Panic is by definition a very short-term event. It’s not out of control. The game clock is moving faster but it’s under control, they are playing moves they saw, what moves they have. On that note, Odysee Luongo: Warning: if you’re not a native English speaker, Tom himself talks very fast.

    There are slack points but there are gems involved. Loosely transcribed, best at 10:00

    “They are raising interest rates by 75 basis points, and this is a big increase. People don’t understand financial architecture: this is a big increase…as the United States hovers in front of a recession.”

    Tom: “Shut up: Maybe they’re not incompetent. Maybe you’re wrong. Maybe they’re doing this for a DIFFERENT REASON. Banging my shoe like Khrushchev: they’re not raising rates to tame inflation. …The world doesn’t end at the East harbor…they’re not asking the right questions.”

    Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan are not fools. …They’re going to keep raising rates. This is the beginning of a long rate-raising cycle. The very fact they did this shows they are committed to whatever reason they have.

    Tom: “Even the Bank of Canada raised 100bp the other day…The Canadian Banks are as off the reservation with Davos as the American banks are. And that tracks with why Trudeau backed off the Emergencies Act and going after peoples’ bank accounts. So it’s happening. To me, everything points to late September. Italian Elections, FOMC, Russian referendum in Ukraine, Russia reentering bond market. MI6 says they’re assassinate Putin in September. Russians starting new winter offensive, and what’s after September? The U.S. Midterms.” …And the usual Wall St crash then the Hamptons come back from holiday.

    “…So WHY is the Fed doing this? The answer is clear: The Fed works for the U.S. Commercial Banks. Davos wants to destroy all commercial banking and roll it all up to the Central Banks, and eventually to the IMF and up. It’s not that tough. To either the American Banks get sacrificed on the altar of French Communism, Picketty’s “Capitalism in the 21st Century” which is their Bible, or…

    Do you expect some of the most powerful men in the world, who believe, even if they are terrible corporatism, even if they want to keep their thumb on the scale of the economy and how much money they get to rake off the economy, they still believe that wealth is created through capital formation. And they will hold the line against this nonsense.

    And that’s why the Fed is doing this. The Fed works for the U.S. Commercial Banks, specifically they work for the New York money center banks, most of whom are now off the reservation.”

    BlackRock is 51.3 years for reversal and everyone’s been bailing on ESG and DEI…the Family Offices are like ‘Get me out of this ESG stuff, I want MONEY. That’s what I pay you for, or I’ll do it.’ BlackRock has $36B in shareholder equity, that’s it. Lehman was larger. They may have trillions under management, but those numbers have been shrinking for two quarters.

    “So the Fed has all the reason in the world and they are trying to destroy the European Union and the European Central Bank, and Davos. It’s very very clear the way you destroy Davos, and their ability to buy countries and armies and everything else, is through the transmission system off the offshore dollar system. And the offshore shadow banking system. And if you destroy the European Banks, which are the primary mechanism by which offshore dollars are created, you create turmoil in those markets, and you can do so in a way that you do not blowback most of the stress on the American banks – then you can BREAK the Euro dolalr system. You can BREAK it and destroy it, and you can actually BANKRUPT the Rothschilds.

    You can bankrupt all that old Amsterdam money.

    That old City of London money.

    Every bit of it can actually go. These people in Europe, they want their colonies back, and the Colonies are saying ‘You know what? No!’ “

    …Note that all the places Lavrov stops are former British colonies…the colonies thing is very important.

    They don’t mention the Europeans who are beneath contempt right now, Who have the Russians reserved their most obnoxious language for? Who’s been threatened to be nuked? They sent Lavov out to poach all the former British colonies, they’re just thumbing their nose. “These people have enormous wealth…but they’re not in control.”

    Tom: “Something that never happens to me, people saying dude, you’re right…the price and market of oil doesn’t make any sense, so CLEARLY someone is trying to manufacture consent in the price of oil.

    …but the REAL players will understand what [Powell] meant by this which is, “we’re going to kill the Europeans…and you better get your money out of Europe.” Slowly, letting pressure off, so there’s liquidity for them to move their money without moving markets too far too fast.

    “Somebody said if they want to do this, why don’t they just raise 125 basis points [Ha! Or 1500bp] and crush everybody? I said because in warfare you don’t always want to destroy your enemy.” We want and need Europe to exist, like in WWII occupation, we just don’t want them to be WEF Nazis destroying the United States and killing billions with food shortages and edited viruses. If we can remove them, survive ourselves, it’s a signal we’d like to go back to trade, capitalism and prosperity. “Destroying your enemy is usually a bad policy.” as Russia shows in Ukraine.

    The Fed is de-Nazifying Europe. While Russia is as well. Pincer action, just like WWII. Davos doesn’t stand a chance, and all the exposure of their plans, making them go too far, too fast, to kill a billion-odd people with food, has turned the whole planet off to them. NWO? No, the “Same Old S–t.” Same Nazis, different decade.

    Note that roughly, the Biden Administration… and since Biden isn’t a person…the Derp State is generally Davos. Media is 100% Davos. Wall Street, Trump, the Nationalists, and burns me to say this: Corporatists, are the Fed and national sovereignty, as is presently necessary and convenient for them. China are their own thing, but they are in agree with Davos’ goals and non-humanity. Like I said, we can deal with Dimon after we stop Davos and don’t kill 1-5 Billion people in the present world (financial) war. “Eat ze bugs!”

    Subject change: Violence is rising in the U.S. Hard to tell how absolutely high or now as thanks to population increase per capital it’s been dropping for years. But that may be reporting and with polarization the non-rich parts have gotten extremely bad although for S.F. FOMC chairs, they don’t see inflation and don’t feel crime and violence in gated communities. It’s social stress after 50 years of engineering acute social atomization, loss of family, church, clubs, in favor of Government. All things are Party, Comrade Lenin will take care of you. Obey the Party Line. Or else.

    Here’s the thing though: That s—t don’t fly in the ‘States. We ain’t Antwerp. Since BLM and Antifa have set the tone, the Soros D.A.s won’t hold violent criminals, police won’t show, won’t act, are afraid of touching anyone and are defunded, and criminals roam unfearful and unchecked, the people are dealing with it themselves.

    Like I said: The police aren’t there to protect US, the police are there to protect YOU from ME. The Police, the courts, they’re the criminal’s best friend. And not just now, since the 70s when “I hads the bad childhood: it’s not my fault!”, they always have been. So we see the people, cashiers, now scoping their daily reality, hearing about the guy down the street stabbed on the street in broad daylight, when the guy comes over the counter in a ski mask, he doesn’t hesitate. Nor should he. He has a knife ready and stabs the attacker, the armed robber, quickly and with great violence until dead, dead, dead. A guy comes in with an AK, and the 80 year old cashier shoots back immediately. In the face. No hesitation, no mercy.

    What? Is he supposed to think if you come in the store with a ski mask and an AK you’re there to bring him flowers and candy? This is the reason you can’t draw and can’t ‘brandish’; if you draw your weapon, the other guy HAS TO think that you’re planning on KILLING HIM. Why else would you pull it in the front of a liquor store? To disassemble and clean it?

    The armed robber then cries “You shot my d—n arm off!” Hey no kidding! What did you think would happen when YOU showed up to rob a store with a GUN?

    Next point: Police can’t, won’t do anything. They can’t be there in time, and they know the D.A.s won’t act, are political, and the city is a war zone run by Fentanyl pushers funded from China. So: It’s a literal war. Like Vietnam or Nicaragua. They deal with these same jokers all day leaving a wake of beaten girlfriends, dead acquaintances and missing TVs and who try to kill police too. So what do they do?

    Fail to refer charges, usually, and at the least don’t harass the defender. Which is notable since they bully and harass everyone they meet all day: notable by its absence. Maybe they are considered strong people and bullies don’t bully strong men. So they don’t get piled on from them. Besides, they’re blue-collar from down-low areas.

    Second: go to a Jury in the similar area, what are they going to say? Much of the city is also getting up to speed on how crazed it is. Crime is up in their area too, and not just crime: unhinged, pointless crime, violent, and psychotic, not I-was-poor-so-I-broke-your-car-window crime. The Jury won’t convict. So why bring the charges? If this goes on even a short time, crime will fall sharply and people will get real polite again. WE are now the police. Or worse. Hope the police can protect you from us.

    So if you’re a criminal in America, pray for the police. Pray the police will stop you and not another citizen. And the U.S. is rapidly being open-carry armed, something like 25 States. THAT’S why they needed to get rid of the guns. When they release the Brown Shirts who are NOT official but MS13-like street gangs, they need you to be fearful and helpless and not shoot back. To cower before thugs and not like Solzhenitsyn says, to hit the Checka the with a lamp when they come in so they never know if they’ll survive that night.

    Not only will Americans SHOOT back without hesitation, they’ll STAB back as well. This ain’t Notting Hill. Some may protest, but generally you’re going to to get street applause.

    “It was then that Wray conceded that the “border presents significant security issues” that feed the violence”

    No border = no nation. Duh.

    “Russia Explains Why It Won’t Use Nukes In Ukraine (RT)”

    Because they’re going to own it. However, they did say they will not hesitate to nuke the real source of the problem: London. Sorry London if you live there. If you have leaders that bad, depose them. Certainly we’re trying here, and D.C. is arresting us for going to school board meetings and NOT entering the Capitol. The American flag itself is now an official FBI symbol of violent extremism. No joke.

    “…it’s also an attack on our values and the world order we want..”

    You can say this is just accidental but it’s such a hot phrase that causes so much trouble and misunderstanding it’s IMPOSSIBLE for it to be inserted by accident. There are dozens of phrases that would communicate and not set people off. So it’s intentional, a message, and from whom, to whom?

    “ NATO Chief: Russia Must Not Win Its War in Ukraine (OP)”

    That’s nice, now what are you going to do about it? And why? They have never explained a second why this matters to Americans, our people or our interests. Eat ze bugs!

    “Zelenskyy Lashes Out at EU Aid Delay (”

    Good luck: the whole reason the EU was doing this is because they’re broke and needed to steal Russia. Using your army, since they don’t have one.

    “Russia Connects USAID’s Bat Capture Program To Emergence Of Covid-19 (Tass)”

    And they said CONGRESS isn’t allowed to ask questions about Gain of Function research. Says who? Congress is paying for it, now open your books. I say great! Glad to hear it. Guess we defund you then from coast to coast, worldwide. Bye.

    “Democrats are telling their senators not to get tested for covid to ensure they can pass their $800 billion spending bill”

    Well that’s nothing new: the NEVER followed any Covid rules. Like Birx in her All-family Thanksgiving dinner fly-in. Tedros not taking the vax.

    This notion that global warming will cause corals to die is frankly a big whopping fib.”

    What? Science was wrong again??? Like last week Seratonin was shown to not be the cause of depression? Follow the Science that follows the money.

    I dunno Red, looks like if you drill 30,000 feet under the sea into the magma, you can find proto-oil enough to poison three states with just one rig. What does that mean? How does it fit your theory? Stalin found the same thing.

    We can of course reduce, reuse, slow down, go local, use it up, wear it out. Make 500,000 mile cars. Not steal all farmland to pave whole nations. Give tax breaks exclusively for this and against savings and caution. But that’s against economics of waste, not against science. We can, and we would prefer it. What they’ve engineered is a choice between more corporate drilling and 5B deaths. That’s not a conservative value. Nor a liberal one, clearly. Conservative value would be like Vermont in 1920 or 1950. That would cut oil use by 2/3rds easily. So there’s your solution, left and right, all people, kids swinging in trees all agree on. Why is it outside Overton? How can that be if all us people agree on it?


    Excellent overview of China-Taiwan issue from Brian at the New Atlas


    Very good from C.H. Smith:

    Rather Than Focus on What You Don’t Control (“The News”), Focus on What You Do Control: What You Grow, Eat and Own:

    One could almost argue that the very function of present day “news” is to
    induce despair.. would that be too cynical ?


    Thanks for the Greanville Post link yesterday, V. Arnold.


    “..Pelosi was nothing, as advertised. This is part of some idiot narrative they’re building. It now makes me think what are they distracting me from? What are we NOT seeing?”

    Um, yup.



    Taiwan / Pelosi and “Biden” / Xi are *so* last week..

    Over and over..


    Show me the part that is not theater.


    Speaking of obituaries, here’s Bert Jansch’s:

    ‘Jack Orion’ still has about as big an effect as when I first heard it forty-five years ago.

    What a stud.


    “The wearing of the corona mask produces a loss of “symbolic appetence”, of this desire of relation manifesting itself outside the satisfaction of the elementary needs of the survival. The “primordial meeting with the other” is an impulsive push, that of the drive of life, essential in the installation of a bond with the outside.”

    I hope that dude was well-paid for writing such tripe.. round-file it, along w/ “mass formation psychosis™”
    and such.

    Try simpler, with a better fit.


    August 6 = “Little Boy”

    Figmund Sreud

    For the U.S., it is unthinkable that semiconductor behemoth TSMC could one day be in territory controlled by Beijing, writes Maria Ryan.

    One aspect of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan that has been largely overlooked is her meeting with Mark Lui, chairman of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC). Pelosi’s trip coincided with U.S. efforts to convince TSMC – the world’s largest chip manufacturer, on which the U.S. is heavily dependent – to establish a manufacturing base in the US and to stop making advanced chips for Chinese companies. […]

    Big Chip in US-China Crisis



    flora or Katniss or House- all good.


    Yeah, so Medlam’s ‘Orfeo’ is arriving in today’s mail I think, with Nigel Rogers in the lead role; Emma Kirkby’s on there, too.



    ‘A.I. is not sentient. Why do people say it is?” :


    The article would be more accurately titled “There is no A.I.”.


    “Germany Risks Facing “Winter of Anger”:

    Saxony’s interior minister, Armin Schuster, also told ARD that his ministry was preparing for “various” scenarios, adding that some “groups, activists or parties” might seek to “exploit” the current situation for their own narrow goals. Some of those who “mobilize and agitate” people had already drawn the attention of his ministry, he added.

    More word games. Does he mean “exploit” like Klaus Schwab “using the pandemic as an opportunity to reshape and reimagine our world”? Maybe not, since “exploit” implies opportunism, whereas the pandemic itself was likely an intentional manufacture.

    Still playing with vocabulary. Refining “recession” now. Or calling rich and corrupt people “oligarchs” when they are from countries we don’t like, but “philanthropists” if they are Western and have trusts set up to protect their wealth from taxation and scrutiny.

    D Benton Smith

    NATO has long stood as the enforcement arm of the Great Western Empire. As such it has always been owned and operated by the oligarchic elites of that empire, but with the actual fighting, bleeding and dying profitably contracted out to the various peasant armies managed by the figurehead vassal states which comprise its fake “Alliance”. It’s not an actual alliance of nation states of course, but just an exceedingly well orchestrated and costumed theatrical presentation produced by a sort of “criminal cartel of collaborative conmen”.

    The Ukraine War (which NATO had been prepping and stockpiling for decades) represented the strongest military effort that it could muster with 10 years of prep time. It has proven to be pathetically inadequate to the task.

    Russia whipped its ass resoundingly in mere weeks without breaking a sweat.

    Since the best the Empire could muster was so ludicrously insufficient given the best of times, how well will it fare in the far far worsened conditions of Round #2 ? The gap of relative strength between adversaries (by every metric known to Man) widens by the day. It has already gone from hubristically inadequate to maniacally suicidal. Will they take it all the way to dearly departed ? They’ll be lucky, in the very near future, if they’re still capable of even running away.

    They are defeated. Their only non self destructive course of action now is to do everything within their power to obtain the least-unacceptable peace settlement that they can, because NATO is right about at least one thing: If the Russian side wins in Ukraine (which they have) then they are NOT going to stop if the Empire doesn’t stop. They will end the war when they have ended the threat. . . . up to and including conquest if that’s what it takes. The Western Empire Club should remind themselves that negotiated peace yields better results than surrendered sovereignty. Ask any slave.

    It doesn’t end with Ukraine. The Ukraine War isn’t the end of anything except, of course, Western Imperial uni-polar hegemony.

    Russia will simply not permit (as it has said many times) so-called “NATO” (or whatever preferred woke pronoun the criminal gang self-identifies as at the moment) to prosecute an existential threat to Russia on its own borders. Hasn’t happened in a thousand years and it ain’t gonna happen now.

    The West’s position in the current crisis is equivalent to the position of Ukraine on the battlefields of Donbas. It made its play and it was defeated. Therefore it can dictate nothing, and should sue for peace immediately, while it still has the power to negotiate because continued disconnection from the realities of Reality will turn that simple defeat into total rout and then turn that total rout into a complete loss of sovereign nationhood under a whole new set of bosses.

    The longer “Ukraine” (i.e. the NATO gang) avoids peace negotiations the worse will be the terms of settlement. At this point I would estimate that unconditional surrender is not even out of the question. Like Japan and Germany experienced after WW2.

    Regardless of the hopes and dreams of yesterday’s psychopaths, just such an outcome is a lot more likely than it isn’t.

    And the Taiwan thing is the same feast for crows, with Asian seasoning and packaged for Take-Out.


    “..They are defeated. Their only non self destructive course of action now is to do everything within their power to obtain the least-unacceptable peace settlement that they can..”

    An interesting assertion. I don’t agree- so far- and think things are
    pretty much going according to the PTB’s plan. That grouping might be larger than is generally considered..

    We’ll see how it goes.


    Yeah, so the Orfeo recordings arrived.

    The sound is a little “too good”, really;
    bigger and prettier than music in a hall
    really sounds, though lacking the reverberation that gives life.
    I’ve only heard Kirkby on it, so far.. it’s a good intro, I think. Looking forward to hearing Nigel Rogers here.


    …and dynamics, dynamics, dynamics.

    Recorded dynamics don’t cut it. One near-exception is Boehm’s 70s VPO recordings of Beethoven symphonies: not perfect by a long shot, but quite believable in that way if you haven’t heard the real thing.


    This is a nice review of Boehm’s later VPO / LvB 9th recording- not part of the set mentioned above:

    “Definitely not where to start with the 9th: too rich, too slow, too mahlerian, etc. But if you already know your 9th through Karajan, Fricsay, Harnoncourt, or even Gardiner, then Bohm will show you a different dimension. The recording is glorious, Vienna sounds magnificent, and the soloists are impeccable. Nonetheless, some parts do sound a bit static. But there is an obvious logic in this approach, and the symphony does not collapse because of the stretched tempi. The adagio announces… Bruckner?! This is not the recording of an old maestro in “cruise control.” It is the testament of a venerable musician who still has something to add about Beethoven’s ultimate symphony. Highly recommended even if it does not suit everyone’s taste.”

    Markevitch/Orchestre Lamoureux is my first choice for the 9th, but the above is a great recording in its own way.


    The Fricsay (BPO?) 9th recording on DG mentioned is very good, too. Too bad he died.


    ARD’s Tagesschau news service reported that some groups have already sought to organize protests in Berlin under the slogans “Revolt,” “Uprising,” and “Civil War.”

    And those are just the “terrorists” employed by the government.


    > .. And those are just the “terrorists” employed by the government. <

    Most likely, no? False flags will abound, I think.


    The near vertiginous rise in the annual growth of coral at the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is continuing, with further major increases recorded across large areas.

    Don’t worry, the politicians still support central planning, it’s just that all their propaganda people are working on Australia’s chaotic adoption of unreliable green energy. The chaos requires more propaganda on why they are installing central planning for the energy industry and central planning for peoples’ use of energy. Soon they will get back to the propaganda on the GBR and establish the “facts” that we need to show how bad we are as humans and why we need GBR central planning.


    Security staff at Parliament House in Canberra seized copies of a book about Julian Assange from his family members as they entered the building to meet MPs on Thursday, deeming it “protest material”.

    There are still people who have love and affection for the scum who help the government to enforce its terror on the people. My number one wish is that when the shit hits the fan, their neighbours are brave enough to burn down their houses and run them out of town.


    People trust Mister Luongo?

    heh, all part of one Big thing.


    BTW, the Crypto Rich program Dr. D referenced (with Tom Luongo and Alexander Mercouris) is well worth the time. I like and follow both Tom and Alexander.


    Another exception on recorded dynamics:

    a few direct-to-disc LPs played through
    a Win Labs straingauge cartridge could sound quite live, even if the frequency response was substantially (ahem) off.

    Mr. Win was a hoot, too. One smart n’ weird dude..


    @Red said:


    Farmers in the Netherlands are protesting against emission cuts, like a drug-addict avoiding rehab. America is desperately fracking its veins, and even going to Venezuela to score. Germany is hitting that black rock again, they’re reverting to coal. Fossil fuels are a hell of a drug, and the world just can’t quit. In fact, we’re going into violent withdrawal.

    Why would we want to quit fossil fuels? You comparisons are like saying “a man avoids murdering his child like a drug-addict avoids rehab”. Without fossil fuels the majority of humans would not exist, so fossils fuels are a net benefit to humans regardless of the NIMBYs.

    A group of the rich are trying to take over the energy industry to enforce central planning and gift themselves control over your energy use. In the process they are destroying huge swathes of the planet. They are convincing suckers that CO2 is some kind of poison and that they care about the planet more than about their own wealth.

    The blievers are amazingly naive, many are schooled in science yet believe the CO2 fantasy because it aligns with their core beliefs that corporations and modern living are bad for the planet, so they “believe” the CO2 scam, ironically thus enabling the very people they internally blame for the destruction of the planet. These people are idiots, idiots because many have the mental capacity to understand what is going on yet choose not to.

    Many people who did not believe the Covid scam still believe in the CO2 scam and align themselves with the big corporations that are making trillions out of this energy transition, most of the money paid for by the tax payer.


    I should have definitely said “Doctor Win”, but I don’t think he would care at all.

    An almost frighteningly intelligent man.


    @aspnaz and @Red: The climate IS changing, but it always has and always will. I do not believe that human activity contributes significantly to these changes—they would be happening with or without us, and we must simply adapt. Neither do I believe in the CO2 thesis (it appears to lag rather than cause global temperature changes).

    That being said, I also believe the case is very strong for quickly weaning ourselves off (among other things) fossil fuels. This is not because the planet is running out of them. It is because EROEI, energy returned on energy invested, is dropping rapidly, and what we ARE running out of are fuels that can be extracted for less energy than what can be recovered from them. This is a clear and observable worldwide trend.

    A good example are the Canadian Tar Sands. I have seen the EROEI estimated at somewhere between 1.7:1 and 3:1. Compare this with 100:1 in the 1930s, which had already dropped to 10:1 as recently as the 1970s. Why would we use such an inefficient source if we could find something with a better return elsewhere?

    If fossil energy disappears before we make some radical changes, it will be the end of industrial civilization. Most people don’t realize and can’t be easily persuaded that the changes this would bring will make their world unrecognizable, perhaps even unsurvivable.

    One other big effect is on ammonia fertilizer. The Haber Process used to make most ammonia uses natural gas. It’s disappearance will take ammonia-based fertilizer along with it, leaving us only with nitrates we can dig out of the ground, like potash and saltpeter, or natural fertilizers like manure and guano. IF we have the energy needed to run the equipment that digs it up and transports it.

    This is the reason for the gaslighting on climate change, “carbon”, and now “nitrogen” (as in “fertilizer”). It is an attempt to scare people into believing that building renewables and eliminating the use of fossil fuels will save them. The irony is that it WON’T. Anyone that has done the math knows that the most optimistic estimates on what we can put in for renewable generation will provide only a small fraction of today’s energy. (My own guess is maybe 5-10%.) That just won’t run our modern industrial society. It’s probably just enough power for the elites that will survive after most of us proles have choked to death on the bugs.

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