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    “The Federation of State Medical Boards warned July 29 that physicians and other healthcare professionals could be at risk of losing their medical licenses if they spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation on social media, online and in the media. ”

    The noose is tightening.


    “People who are unvaccinated and not immune to COVID-19 have been demonized, “and it’s unfounded,” according to Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health”

    Dr. Makary – please turn in your medical license on the way out.


    @John Day,

    Agreed about the rapid antigen tests. From what I got, they aren‘t any more reliable, though, especially as most are not done by medical personal (e.g. still no taking into account symptoms and context).

    But: At least in my country, the official „case numbers“ are still the ones determined by PCR tests. When you have a positive rapid antigen test result, you are supposed to get a PCR test done asap. (Which really is another way to skew the numbers, since you now preselect whom to PCR-test and whom not – makes current numbers uncomparable to numbers from pre-antigen test months.)

    So I think my point still stands (also for the other reasons I mentioned, in particular skewed testing regimes): Comparing anything based on „number of infected“ is not a solid basis. We might get some indications from case numbers, but they are just not reliable for any comparison, methinks.


    The “Noble Lie” was :

    1) we need to get to herd immunity to get back to normal.
    2) Universal (or at least 70% uptake) is how we get to herd immunity.
    3) The vaccines are prefectly safe.

    All three are false

    John Day

    @Dr.D, regarding the antebellum south argument about taking-care-of-the-simple-darkies being a variant of what limousine-liberals are promulgating as an excuse for underprivileged-minorities being under-vaccinated.
    1) Uh, we don’t put it that way because it is harmful.
    2) Of course they TRUST US!

    John Day

    Having to get a “confirmatory” PCR on a “breakthrough” case post-vaccination is another way to lower the count of “breakthrough” cases, because you don’t have to count them if the extra step is not done, it might be a false-negative, and it at-least delays reporting a little bit.


    Imagine claiming if you throw a couple virgins in the volcano,
    it will stop the volcano.
    Then when the volcano still erupts, they claim “yes but it would have been worse without those sacrifices”.
    We must make more sacrifices because – this is the delta volcano!

    D Benton Smith

    Suggested sign at all points of entry to places of manadtory masking, testing, vaccination, censorship and general holliganism :


    Mr. House

    @mister: agreed. “I hope not, I really hope not.”

    I wrote a [rational, no less] comment about why I agree with you, but deleted it before submitting. Que sera sera.


    Interesting they’ve been able to identify 4000 variants, but 18 months into this mess they have yet to develop an accurate means to test whether a person has the disease. (as evidenced by the CDC ditching the PCR test by year’s end because it can’t differentiate between covid and the flu)

    John Day

    You’ve seen the brief-smattering of links here already this morning, but not the picture of Jenny with the Fairy Squash 🙂

    Mister Roboto

    @Starfish: Yes, exactly. When I look at the “Our World In Data” graphs for prevalence of “cases”, I suspect many of those are just dodgy positive test-results. While this gives us a shadowy idea of just how much the virus is in circulation in a given location, it nonetheless generates more heat than light, IMHO.


    About germ’s link to losing medical licenses …

    … responsibility to practice medicine in the best interests of their patients and must share information that is factual, scientifically grounded and consensus-driven … ”

    FSMB has not yet formally defined “misinformation” or “disinformation” in its policy, but … we currently view misinformation as sharing or distributing verifiably false information …”

    Consensus-driven? (like the effectiveness of lockdowns, masking and mass vaccination of everyone, including pregnant women and children?) Verifiably false? (like all those autopsies that prove post-vaccine death isn’t related to the vaccine?)

    How can anyone in their right mind think this is acceptable and will contribute to the good of any society? Mass psychosis indeed. Wow. Thank you, Germ, for the links you provide.


    Are the bloggers the only ones with an eye in the land of the blind (the USA)?

    has nothing to do with trump

    • Covid is a Global Propaganda Operation (APT)

    • Cholesterol Drug Cuts Coronavirus Infection By 70% (Fox)

    • The Unvaccinated: The New COVID Scapegoats (TF)

    (Ask yourself; True or false -“trying to preserve their while male Christian “privilege” while making minorities pay the price.”)

    COVID is a disease of hyperinflammation and hypercoagulation. Now finally Dr. Malone is trying to drive that home after 18 months. We can treat this early. Many doctors were saying this in March 2020.

    • Joe Rogan Blames Jabs For Virus Mutations & Blasts Mandatory Vaccination (RT)

    “the very sort of environment that we’re creating by having so many people vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn’t kill off the virus, it actually can lead to a more potent virus. Try finding that story anywhere.”


    The of oral ivermectin (300 μg/kg/dose at a gap of 72 hours) was considered as exposure.
    Conclusionuptake of two doses
    Two doses of oral ivermectin (300 μg/kg/dose given 72 hours apart) as chemoprophylaxis among HCWs reduced the risk of COVID-19 infection by 83% in the following month. Safe, effective, and low-cost chemoprophylaxis has relevance in the containment of pandemic alongside vaccine.

    This article was previously posted on the Research Square preprint platform on February 15, 2021.

    I hope that TAE is making a positive difference for someone


    Must read and evaluate your beliefs
    A precise paintbrush.
    The Burning Platform Merch

    August 7, 2021

    “Fauci, Walensky, Biden, Pasaki and the rest of the Biden apparatchiks are liars, frauds, and fear mongering whores for Big Pharma. Fauci is the father of covid. He created it with his illegal gain of function funding, partnering with the communist government of China and is responsible for all the death and economic destruction wrought over the last eighteen months. He should be tried, convicted and executed for crimes against humanity. History should lump him with the likes of Josef Mengele and other mass murders.

    The current fear narrative being peddled by Fauci and Biden is the dreaded Delta variant, previously known as the Indian variant. Did you ever wonder why they had to rename the Indian variant? The chart below is why.

    That’s because cases crashed by 90% in the two months from the peak in May. And guess what? It happened with no vaccine rollout. They did send tens of millions of doses of ivermectin out to the population. These FACTS do not support the approved narrative being spun by our contemptible corrupt leaders. “


    Roboto, yes, prev. thread, I should have stated, these news articles, about vax passes and the like in different countries, denouncing the unvaxxed, and the like, are projections, not a done deal!

    For ex. here in CH I yest. read a MSM article “Life will get VERY difficult for the non vaxxed” but the content was very slim, extensions of the “Pass” will be coming… I guess that will be so – for now the few clusters of infections that have been detected in the city I live in originated in nightclubs, where to enter one needs the “Pass” ..hmm… …

    The MSM’s role is scare-mongering and preparing the public for the ‘new measures.’

    Your remark reminded me, Macron made his mega speech about the super-stiff Covid measures on TV with the Eiffel Tower as background, unusual – normally he is sitting in the Elysée with a bunch of symbols casually scattered about – : on 12 July. (link 1 France 24 eng)

    Before Parliament voted on the measures. It endorsed the “Pass” on 26 July. (link 2 F 24 eng)

    Subsequently the proposed legislation went to the Constitutional Council for examination, 5 August. (link 3 Bloomberg eng)

    The Constitutional Council scotched a few of the proposals (imho they were included there to be tossed, say, re. firing ppl..) while the “Pass” was given full approval. Which was the sole and primary aim, the rest is fakery and distraction for the gallery.

    Both Parliament and the Constitutional Court fulfilled their orders of rubber-stamping approval of the “Pass.”

    The democratic and ‘law’ safe-guarding institutions in France are not only dysfunctional, but controlled, subservient to dictates from above. (As persons, hanging on to their privileges, status, incomes..) These instituitions are empty shells, a theatre, a mockery.


    Sure must be some smart folks on this blog!

    “The largest decrease in hesitancy between January and May by education group was in those with a high school education or less. Hesitancy held constant in the most educated group (those with a Ph.D.); by May Ph.D.’s were the most hesitant group.”


    “If you were wondering why Ivermectin was suppressed, it is because the agreement that countries had with Pfizer does not allow them to escape their contract, which states that even if a drug will be found to treat COVID-19, the contract cannot be voided.”

    Information security expert on revealed Pfizer agreements: ‘There’s good reason Pfizer fought to hide the details of these contracts’


    A scientific clarification of what these injections do in the head and other organs of the vaccinated people.

    17 mins.

    those darned kids

    Chicago’s violent night: CPD officer killed, another wounded; 2 mass shootings; multiple triple shootings

    happy birthday, barack.

    now that you are retired, perhaps a little community organizing is in fashion. bring that big tent. bring erykah badu, too – she’s great. the rest of your guests, well, cheesy comes to mind. stephen colbert?! i get it, you gotta pay back favours. anyhoo, bring the tent, and the caterers, too.

    and then ¡organize! they really, really need it, buddy. you got the dough, you got the face, you got the microphone.

    or do you find these people “deplorable”? naw, that couldn’t be..

    what say thee?!


    ‘Liberal elites are laughing at us!’ Obama’s ‘scaled back’ 60th birthday party draws celeb guests & ire from conservatives’:

    “Do as you’re told, proles!”


    Somebody lights a small candle:

    “This week, the Italian restaurant issued another decree: Proof of being unvaccinated is required for entry.”

    D Benton Smith

    Just took one for the team by suffering through the entire Sam Harris / Eric Topol podcast of shame. Oh my gaawd ! It was SO bad, so thinly veiled insult and malice that this no time to be inappropriately polite it. No one should buy the hype that either of these smarmy jerks is actually smart. I mean , seriously. They are so transparently FAKE .

    The only way Topol could have published anything legitimately scientific is if he coercively stole it AND (and I hope Tony isn’t offended by the comparison) he is like Fauci’s dim-witted evil twin, complete with mafioso dialect. Harris’ touted “genius” (despite purchased praise to the contrary ) is simply divorced from reality. He is an actor playing the role of smart and humble, reading a juvenile bullshit script to wax eloquently about complete fantasy as though abstract nonsense is equal to fact. Totally mistaking the map for the terrain, and about as conscious as the SciFi superdupercomputer he wants to plug us into.

    I’m serious. They’re both as phoney as a whoopie cushion, just not as funny.

    those darned kids

    ’tis the will of landru



    “Herd immunity must be achieved by transmitting the virus”

    “The epidemiologist believes that it is now necessary to try to achieve herd immunity to the coronary virus by letting it continue, but to try to prevent serious illness by protecting vulnerable groups. He says the goal at this point cannot be to eradicate the virus from society.

    One and a half months after the abolition of all domestic operations, a record number of people have been diagnosed infected in recent weeks, despite the fact that the majority of the population has been vaccinated.”



    “News of the extreme heat engulfing Greece had spread beyond its borders all week, packaged in increasingly desperate language. Temperatures were breaking records few had ever imagined…By Wednesday, we were hearing that entire tracts of suburban forest on the Greek capital’s northern fringes had gone up in flames. Infernos seemingly redolent of Dante’s hell had incinerated everything in their path…”

    This is what I have been lamenting (and posting) over in recent months. Feeling untethered and asking the larger questions of life here in Northern CA – and beyond. Watching everything die under the relentless heat (months of high temperatures, weeks over 100 degrees). Knowing that we would be so venerable once official fire season arrived. A mild winter (no snow pack), no spring (no rain) and then summer with a vengeance. My daily walks are impossible now as the smoke is so thick you can barely see beyond 1/8 mile, a gentle ash falls, headlights flick on upon starting the car – it’s dark and eerie.

    The Monument fire is 13 miles away (as the crow flies), still lots of forested, mountainous terrain between us, perhaps a week before it arrives and the potential announcement of evacuations.

    Grateful that our small town has become a fire camp for the firefighters who are arriving from all over the state. Yesterday I saw engines from Burbank, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. The one grocery store in town was packed with young men stocking up; “thank you for being here” with a smile and a wave was my greeting. All the while feeling humbled and fighting back tears in recognition that others would come here to help. Unlike Greece, we have resources but they are limited. Many firefighters, water tankers, and supplies are deployed on the older, larger fires over in the Sierras. Trinity County is over 80% USFS managed land, so the Forest Service takes a lead in strategy, “managing” the fire is their aim. We also have an ass-kicking, fire fighting force like no other – CAL FIRE who is also on the job here. Reports from the professionals on the fire lines is that they have never seen fires behave quite like this….Despite these awesome protections, Mother Nature will be herself and in the end there may be no defense against this fire.

    Staying positive, I do what I can. Small things matter. Am providing fresh, clean watering stations and food for the various critters who wander through. Saw the twin fawns yesterday, they made me happy. The art gallery (where I work) went ahead with the Art Walk event last night. Almost no one showed up (ha). About a dozen folks came through the gallery and were delighted with the new exhibit – Works on Canvas, Paper and Boards. Members turned in good pieces for this show and it was fun to curate/hang. We had several great CA wines and hors d’oeuvres to share (finished the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc myself!). The Trinity County Fair is this week. Will be running the Logging Show, judging the beer and wine entries, and facilitating the talent show. Looking forward to my annual dose of funnel cake whipped cream and berries)!

    Just heard that Junction City (the very small town on the other side of the mountain pass to the west) has moved from prepare to evacuate to evacuate. They are being very cautious and that’s a good thing. My go bags are being packed – Clover (dog), Violet (cat) and I will head out if it comes this way.

    TAE Summary

    * The Covid Daily
    – Is donated vaxxed blood safe?
    – How will boosters shots affect ADE?
    – How will Ivermectin affect ADE?
    – Aerosols spread Covid 19 and masks don’t block aerosols
    – 311 Canadians contract Bell’s Palsy after vaccination
    – Despite all being vaxxed cruise ship reports Covid cases
    – Sinovac and Sinopharm are inactivated viruses but still have spikes and might cause ADE
    – Two doses of Ivermectin reduces infection rates by 83% in the following month
    – Those with antibodies shouldn’t be vaxxed
    – Supplemental doses aren’t exactly boosters according to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital; Nuff said
    – Variants might be named after constellations; This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
    – The mRNA vaccines are gene therapy; Trust the Science; One can refuse treatment in a hospital; Much or our discussion is guesswork
    – Physicians who cause Covid 19 vaccine distrust could lose their license because they are not consensus driven and are hence verifiably false
    – PhD’s least likely to change their mind and get vaxxed
    – Pfizer agreement is a deal with the devil; You can take Ivermectin but you still won’t get your soul back
    – Vaccination is like throwing a virgin into a volcano; Or maybe like throwing a slut into a tar pit; Hard to say
    – Many so called cases are just dodgy positive test results; It’s easier to identify 1000 variants than accurately test one person
    – Vaxx death pathology: If you’re not looking you won’t find it
    – Stop fighting the curve; At this point everyone is either vaxxed or had the opportunity to get vaxxed; Everyone must face Covid; You’ve got to walk that lonesome valley
    – The unvaxxed are demonized; Life to get very difficult for the unvaxxed but at least they will still be alive

    * The Three Noble Syllogisms and the One Grand Conclusion
    If we reach herd immunity then things will go back to normal
    If we can all get vaccinated then we will reach herd immunity
    If the vaccines are safe and effective then we can all get vaccinated
    It follows that since vaccines are safe and effective, therefore things will go back to normal

    * Bits and Pieces
    – Barack is now a sexagenarian
    – Crisis and confusion creates cognitive dissonance
    – As Australians become impotent they hate that they aren’t native but are just penal implants
    – The Scientific method: Disprove all things, holdfast to whatever is left

    * Democracy
    – The Great Reset will smash property rights
    – The CDC has no constitutional authority
    – The elites are losers
    – Democracies by definition are happy with their states of affairs
    – The demos may oppose a thing but the kratos will have its way

    * We don’t need no vaccination
    We don’t need no jabbed control
    No dark mask mandates in the classroom
    Hey! Fauci! Leave those kids alone!

    those darned kids

    by requiring all children to mask, we will:

    a) help them develop immunity to the higher levels of CO2 to be found in tomorrow’s challenging atmosphere;


    b) develop a generation of climate change warriors who will absorb tons of excess CO2 with the simple act of breathing.

    absolute galore

    Love the Pink Flyodd^^^^

    Fauci warns more severe COVID-19 variant could emerge as cases rise: US ‘could really be in trouble’

    The article refers to “sub-variants.” That sounds…scientific. Sure it does.

    It’s Fauci’s fear that the variant could mutate even further into a deadlier strain as the virus continues to spread. ,,,

    “If we don’t crush the outbreak to the point of getting the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated, then what will happen is the virus will continue to smolder through the fall into the winter, giving it ample chance to get a variant which, quite frankly, we’re very lucky that the vaccines that we have now do very well against the variants – particularly against severe illness,” he said. “We’re very fortunate that that’s the case. There could be a variant that’s lingering out there that can push aside delta.”…

    I smell a back story set-up here–as more and more vaccinated get the covid and get seriously ill and die (not even counting any unknown ADE type scenario) he is setting up the unvaxxed to take full blame. I like that he doesn’t talk jargon to us non-scientific folk –“overwhelming proportion of the population.” Sure doc.

    The scary thing to me is, we here at TAE get the sense that all the lies are about to come tumbling down. But outside of a few pockets, I do not see any change in people’s understanding of the situation. The hook of fear is in so deep their instincts will not let them pull it out, afraid more of that damage than anything else.

    We are living a freaking real-life Simpsons episode. I could not stop laughing. If I did I probably would have cried. The scene where Homer tosses the cat in a plastic ziplock. Genius. Watch For These Symptoms: Mild thirst or hunger, tiredness in the evening.

    absolute galore

    @galore, “… we here at TAE get the sense that all the lies are about to come tumbling down. But outside of a few pockets, I do not see any change in people’s understanding of the situation. The hook of fear is in so deep their instincts will not let them pull it out …”

    Agreed. Just got off the phone with a relative who is a dr, first time talked to in months. I feel like crying, would rather be laughing but can’t right now. omg. What is going on???

    Dr. D

    Congress had the CDC under oath and was asking them basic questions this week, one of which was “how do we know there are variants, what tests are you using?” Answer from experts was: “Duh…I dunno.” “You don’t know anything about the tests you’re using to end all human rights?” “Nope, not a thing. Why?” As you say, that doesn’t mean there ISN’T a test, it just means the experts are morons who don’t know or understand the source material, and therefore can’t be trusted to set policy.

    Same thing with Alberta case, THAT court couldn’t produce CV-19 genome and prove it, but doesn’t mean nobody can, and they probably have. Maybe that prosecutor and judge didn’t WANT to produce it and let the guy off. But it is super-duper embarrassing, undermining all credibility, as indeed it’s doing.

    Next problem: not a single thing said so far has been true. Except, I guess, that there IS such a disease, of some sort, sorta. Except we lied about where it came from, and when, and how deadly, and how widespread, and the containment, and the contagion, and the restaurants, (and the elections) and all the treatments, and the 60k grandmas we killed so… So we trust NextStrain? Cuz they got a cool site? And who are they? Fed by ChinaLab, CDC Director “We all gonna die” Walensky, Dr. Fauci, or The Donald and Guilani? Oh sure! They were all trustworthy fellows! Nothing’s gone wrong trusting experts so far!

    I believe they have real variant tests. Local hospitals here refused the PCR test and used their own from the start so they DID know…but only in the hospital, not in the area, where PUBLIC policy was set to kill us and enrich Bezos. And I totally believe there are the expected strains in expert labs, however that doesn’t mean the street tests distinguish variants, just as the PCR test distinguished…nothing at all, according to the CDC. Thus the CDC totally didn’t know what test, because…suspect they’re making it up right now for “The Narrative” and the new, expensive, required tests are scattershot and not widespread in the streets. They don’t want to say, “Boston’s Mass General saw Delta 14x in the actual hospital tests, so we’re just computer back-modeling it’s mostly Delta, but honestly have no idea.” Thus no brand names they knew. I’m just guessing. After being right for 18 months in a row by using mere BaU, cynicism, and the raw common sense of a sea sponge.

    Starfish has great question not yet resolved, “70% of hospitalized are vaccinated” but are they presenting for Covid? Or Chemo and heart surgery? Because if the latter, it would track the overall population and no surprise. …Except for one thing: shouldn’t the unvaxxed be noticeably unsafe, but aren’t? Since everything they’ve told me or promised for 18 months or 18 years has been a bold, extractive, punishing lie, why would I believe them even IF they told me? And they, the CDC, journalists, 18 months later STILL don’t ask this simple question and write it in their articles? Really? Everyone is super-dumb but only exclusively in one direction. …Dumb about having no definitive virus and antibody tests, for example. Or knowing what “threshold” for “contagion” is. Only things that pump the numbers. And the sales. And unending unlimited dictatorial powers ending all human rights forever. Journos cream themselves for that. Clearly they’ve already planned 26 variants and many more.

    Speaking of constant, unending lies: “ the vaccines that we have now do very well against the variants.” That’s not what I read (from you). But if it is, you have nothing to worry about! You’re safe and the idiots will win the Darwin Awards. So yes. His mouth moved, so it’s both a lie and a set up for mass murder, his specialty. (Thinking of his HIV days here, not to pick a side on CV).

    Fauci: “More severe variants.” More severe for whom? You just said ten minutes ago the vaccinated are totally, totally safe. Somehow unlike Iceland, Israel and UK but whatever. Anyone not vaccinated already doesn’t want to be. Problem solved, war over: you won. …I mean unless you’re L Y I N G, again.

    Day: I know or I would check into a hospital for my own protection. If I’m not sick enough, they will discharge me perforce. So I need to be chronically sick. And get free cable. Any disease I can get or drug I can drink to do that for me? Get my human rights back? Whiskey and shrooms maybe? I can take one for the team.

    Well, Sam Harris is from Stanford/UCLA, so… “One of the Four Horsemen of Atheism” (therefore zealotry religious), a noted Islamophobe, wasn’t he one of the guys who decided they’d all cure religion with brain drugs since it’s a clear disease? Maybe I’m mixing him up.

    Topol, what can I say? 1,200 articles (um…buffaloing people into sharing credit?) no in-crowd locations or credentials, was one of the first to whistleblow Vioxx, critical of Merck. Warned if they release vax before full FDA it would backfire on public trust. Does seem to be a top social-climber, grant recipient, TDS, etc, but.

    Rand Paul out there trying to test if they’ve got the people on their side and can take action yet. WE are they army. They can’t march until we march first. Perhaps France and Italy are braver than we, but otoh, most of us in 95% of counties live days without anyone enforcing the “rules” so why protest?


    Thanks for this perspective, Dr D, “Rand Paul out there trying to test if they’ve got the people on their side and can take action yet. WE are they army. They can’t march until we march first.”


    Ok. A friend sent a article referencing a study that states that unvaccinated, covid survivors are 2.53 times more likely to get disinfected with covid than covid vaccinated. I looked at the study, and am hoping that someone here with more experience than I can parse the study.

    Reduced risk of covid reinfection after vaccination


    Not disinfected
    Damn autocorrect

    Veracious Poet

    Raul said:

    No and no. We do not delete. And if we ever do, please leave us the pleasure of loudly announcing why. Not this silent stuff.

    This response has been curious to me since you posted it…

    If We do not delete who are the supersecret moderators?

    Is your ID used by several people, ala the Tylers on Zero Hedge?

    I’ve been following this blog since incept, but didn’t post until this year as I was active on TF, becoming inactive as a poster altogether for several years, until the insanity of 2020…

    Never the less, I really appreciate the effort over the past year + all the pertinent info proffered to date, it has been invaluable.

    All the best to TAE : )

    Veracious Poet

    Dr. D said:

    With the full authority that the CDC completely doesn’t have. At all. And the Supreme Court just SAID they don’t have. At all. But if everyone plays along… That’s why they were desperate to make it propaganda, but technically voluntary.

    Under the banking/.MIL empire all sorts of tyrannical contrivances have been accepted as legit by the ‘Merikan Sheeple, who continue until now to graze on pastures of ignorant bliss…

    Just like 28 years ago, when blood-lust thugs executed 82 INNOCENT men, women & CHILDREN for opposing their authority.

    I realize that many on TAE are not U$ entities, but even they should know that as long as the Declaration of Independence is extant that there is hope for ALL of humanity, if only enough AMERICANS care to claim it as their birthright…

    But if the global tyranny is successful in the dark RESET, all hope will be lost for generations.

    Dr. D said:

    Am I kidding? As Dr. Day. If I voluntarily check myself into a hospital, take up a bed, can I not then REFUSE ALL CARE, including vaccines, and they STILL have to see me, and they STILL can’t vaccinate me, legally, can’t even give me aspirin, without my consent? So the Hospital is the only place safe FROM medicine. How many levels of #OppositeLand is that?

    In FEB 2019 my mother’s right lung became collapsed due to pleural effusion casued by stage IV cancer, at which time we entered the Clown World of modern medicine:

    1) First hospital admission (Hoag Irvine) misdiagnosed her as suffering from congestive heart/lung disease, which she has never had, absolutely no edema present, ever ~ Sent to nursing home with instructions to see her pulmonologist in 6 weeks (previously scheduled) to discuss…

    2) Second hospital (St. Joseph Orange) drained the effusion after the lung fully collapsed in 4 weeks & diagnosed the cancer, assigned an oncologist that ordered no further action ~ Sent to nursing home…

    3) Third hospital was an emergency admittance after my wife suggested we take her to St. Jude Cancer Center, who treated her mother, which found my mother’s lung had collapsed again after 3 weeks ~ The doc was awesome, ordered minimally invasive surgery to remove scar tissue + do a proper biopsy, which showed she had a chance to survive do to a new wonder drug called Tagrisso…

    I took over all care with my mother (power-of-atty), dealing with the whole debacle, which daily involved monitoring the nurses that kept jacking my mother up on opiods + valium to keep her cooperative, against my express orders.

    Through much effort & care from my wife & I my mother has had two wonderful years, with hopefully several more to come.

    If you, are someone you love, are subjected to the U$ hospital system, don’t trust anyone & question everything!

    Infinite Father, Infinite Children, Infinite Journey.

    The Light always defeat the darkness, never lose faith in the Infinite, though there will be much groaning during this finite existence…


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