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    Ivan Aivazovsky The Galata tower by moonlight 1845   • Long-Lasting Covid-19 Symptoms Rare In Children (BBC) • Let’s Talk Delta (Denninger) • Cov
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 8 2021]

    V. Arnold

    Ivan Aivazovsky The Galata tower by moonlight 1845

    …that leaves me breathless…

    Mister Roboto

    Fires, some big, some small, some extinguished and then rekindled, were raging nationwide, the country’s civil protection chief, Nikos Hardalias, told reporters. Conditions were not only ‘extremely dangerous’ but unprecedented, he said, estimating that firefighters trying to protect populated areas, electricity installations and historic sites had battled 154 wildfires over the space of the week. More than 60 conflagrations were still raging on Saturday.

    The good netizen in me wants to inquire if everything is okay over there, but clearly, it isn’t. As we continue saying to one another incessantly here in the “blue” big cities here in the USA, “Stay safe.”


    One question that has been knocking about in my head concerns blood transfusions. If you’re in an accident or have to undergo a required surgery where blood has to be given, are the donated bags by the vaxxed going to introduce these mRNA’s into your sustem? If so does this mean you’re now at increased risk of “x”.

    a kullervo

    If the main driver of any living species is to replicate itself, who is smarter: the inventor or the fornicator?
    (One thing is certain: the latter is way more eco-friendly than the former and – if statistics is a thing with real-world implications – someone with an overall better sex life.)

    Is the peace of mind of the simple-minded the common good?

    a kullervo

    Not enough firemen, not enough equipment. All been budgetted away by the EU. But still an overdose of policemen and policecars.


    Jason Christoff on Australia

    Greece (and Australia) is a democracy and Greeks (and Aussies) seem very happy with the current state of affairs.
    Policemen and servicemen have parents too – will they turn against their own?


    Safe and effective. Sure.

    “Dr Stephen Wright died of sinus cerebral venous thrombosis and thrombotic thrombocytopenia on January 26th 2021 aged just 32”


    New peer-reviewed paper shows that aerosols play a major role in Covid transmission: “fine aerosols constituted 85% of the viral load detected.”

    Masks can block droplets, not aerosols. Time to abolish all non-scientific mask mandates.


    Thanks so much for your threads and links Raul and Germ – particularly yesterday. Also Bill7 and one or two others have been quietly reminding people of the CARES act and similar. Seeing the property rights theft on top of the SME’s getting smashed is part of the process of the Great Reset. Staggering to watch the speed of change.


    “Health Canada says 311 patients in Canada reported a case of Bell’s Palsy after getting a COVID-19 shot”


    All passengers and crew were vaxxed and tested before departure.


    “Officials tell FOX 26 ‘a small number of positive cases’ have been reported onboard the Carnival Vista, which departed from Galveston on Saturday, July 31. ”

    V. Arnold

    @ Germ
    What do you think of the Sinovac & Sinopharm vaccine? They appear to be the real deal…


    @ V.Arnold – you asked previously about the Sinovac and Sinopharm “vaccines”.

    Seems as if these are innactivated whole virus vaccines (see {a} in the link below).
    This would imply that they would produce a much broader immune response – not just to the spike, but also to the viral nucleocapsid and perhaps even many other epitopes.


    No idea about efficacy or safety – but you would still be injecting spikes that are present on the innactivated virus’ surface into the body. Can’t be good.

    Mister Roboto

    Though the Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines could still conceivably cause ADE down the road. The question is, to what extent? I have a suspicion that the spike-protein based vaccines could possibly turn out to be an epic ADE-disaster per JMG’s post last week.


    The large (n=3,532), prospective, controlled, Indian study of Ivermectin as a pre-exposure prophylaxis of healthcare workers is now peer-reviewed and published.

    Two doses of oral ivermectin (300 μg/kg/dose given 72 hours apart) as chemoprophylaxis among HCWs reduced the risk of COVID-19 infection by 83% in the following month. Safe, effective, and low-cost chemoprophylaxis has relevance in the containment of pandemic alongside vaccine.”

    Dr. D

    Actually I realize here’s a copy of the Constitution: do you see anything in there related to health?

    No? Then Article 10, “All powers not expressly written here are owned by the states or the people.” CDC: no possible power at all. Because: Congress: no possible power at all. Now that doesn’t stop them from using it if people want it and play along, as Congress has from Session 1. And you should see the Adams administration! Wouldn’t we accept that in times of … whatever… Congress could, would, should, do … something? Well Psaki’s statement yesterday they would do nothing (except the things they are doing) no lockdowns, and follow Trump, to let it devolve to State prerogative. Okay.

    “No-one with a positive antibody test should be vaccinated. Where are those tests?”

    We said this from the beginning but they conveniently forgot to make them, every day for 500 days. And have no look to make any now. For Why? That’s a test that might work and the only test that matters. A: That’s why.

    Anyway, repeat: You say Delta is wildly more contagious. Great! Then everybody’s got it already, everybody’s already been exposed. Problem solved. Wait, it’s NOT everywhere? People haven’t got it? Then you’re lying all along? Pick one. It’s also 1/1000th as dangerous, according to their numbers.

    “It’s not a booster because it’s not specific for some of the variants, which the booster ultimately will be,”

    That’s genius because by definition it can only be for one variant, and there’s always a new one, forever. Hey, did anybody demonstrate the test that can determine ANY variant? Because we’re still short on that info.

    “while male Christian “privilege” while making minorities pay the price.”

    See? When dese guyz don’t take it, they’re a-holes, but when minorities don’t take it, they’re but wee wittle wictims. …Because to the speaker here, and the DNC, they’re not really people, they’re just little children that don’t know any better. Awwwwwww. To me that is top pinnacle of racism, and if you read the old Civil War era papers, is EXACTLY Plantation racism, where the poor benevolent overlords have no CHOICE but to help, guide and protect their poor benighted jungle slaves. Honest. That’s why it irritates me so, so, so very much. It’s non-people. While they play moral superior and attack those who say they (and we) ARE people, equals, with free will and responsibilities.

    I mean unless they’re saying all minorities GOT the vaccine, and the vaccine has 0% efficacy, as Iceland just showed. I don’t think they’re saying that, just that their own racism has blinded them more perfectly than a white power flag wrapped around their head.

    “please, trust them at their word when they advocate restricting your rights and inflicting punishment”

    With the full authority that the CDC completely doesn’t have. At all. And the Supreme Court just SAID they don’t have. At all. But if everyone plays along… That’s why they were desperate to make it propaganda, but technically voluntary.

    “the membership of the JCVI has changed and Professor Robert Dingwall is no longer a member.”

    Wot a shock. I think this on spineless doctors not speaking up. How? As they have captured the AMA-side, you as a “doctor” can speak up for all of one minute. Then they pull you license and you’re not a “Doctor” ever again. They’ve done this for 100 years for people who say things like “Chiropractic isn’t a religious fantasy.” Boom, gone. “Peddling Pharmaceuticals might not be the best approach” Boom. Gone. “We have a literal cure for…” Boom. Gone.

    So yes, if 60% of doctors said so, then they’ve be toast. But they also captured the schools, the hospital admins, and 99-44/100ths of the research is funded by the pharmaceutical companies. All 4 of them, in the world’s tightest, most illegal market collusion and racketeering. How they Docktors gonna do this?

    And the argument, they want kids to get it. Okay, why? Vaxxed are contagious. If they want to drink beer and eat sausages and die, let them. It’s literally law that you have to allow adults to make these kind of choices, you cannot institutionalize them without ENORMOUS legal barriers, which is a constant thorn to the mentally ill who really DO need such measures. But whoops, we can do this anytime we like for anybody who’s NOT mentally ill? …But not for those who are? Yes, new home-care medical book: “Where There Is No Rule of Law” a guide for new doctors.

    Am I kidding? As Dr. Day. If I voluntarily check myself into a hospital, take up a bed, can I not then REFUSE ALL CARE, including vaccines, and they STILL have to see me, and they STILL can’t vaccinate me, legally, can’t even give me aspirin, without my consent? So the Hospital is the only place safe FROM medicine. How many levels of #OppositeLand is that?

    Sydney Military: my same assessment. They’ve gone too far. And certainly too fast. They lost, and this shows it. They always lose against the people, though its expression takes a while. I wonder what make them do this urgency. You can’t change the pace of a campaign in the middle of the river, it’s a disaster. Like prepping for D-Day. X soldiers and X supplies come off trains each day. That’s math. You can’t just quadruple it one Wednesday, then rush them into the beaches, it’s a certain loss. And that’s what they did. Lucky us. Why. Maybe some day we’ll know.


    Variants could be named after star constellations when Greek alphabet runs out, says WHO Covid chief


    TV news in the UK was thoroughly desolate until GB News came along. The BBC just recited government mantras like malfunctioning robots. It’s great to watch Neil Oliver’s opening speeches.

    Why Delinger though? He doubts “preventing severe disease and death.”, but rather than look at death statistics he says “The majority of their admissions into the hospitals are now vaccinated”. What does that tell you? Anything at all? Math is never wrong. But whose math?

    If you want to proceed scientifically, you start with your theory, and then look for something which *disproves* it.


    CDC director, Walensky, gives two diametrically-opposite statements 4 months apart

    Hasn’t a clue what she’s talking about.
    Idiot bureaucrat.
    “I’m just following orders.”



    According to the MHRA’s 27th update on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines, released on the 5th August 2021, there have been 1,120,009 adverse reactions and 1,536 deaths reported to the Yellow Card scheme up to the 28th July 2021.

    Leave our Kids alone – 27th update on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccines released

    Mister Roboto

    From my Twitter feed this morning, along with my reply:

    those darned kids

    Dr. D. [from yesterday] “Cats get Covid”: indeed they do. our beloved phydeaux (pbuh) had always had a heart murmur. my wife had covid 6 gruelling weeks last march/april, and i suspected phy caught it for a while, too. phy passed away this st. pat’s day of congestive heart failure, and we do believe he was severely impacted by the disease. he was 11. he played a mean guitar. he was a great goalkeeper.
    for what it’s worth: tdk’s not much money, not much info ’cause it’s march 2020, protocol developed for wife preservation:
    a) sunshine. sit in sunshine. sleep in sunshine. feel like crap in sunshine.
    b) vitamin d. lotsa. march/april is cloudy
    c) vitamin c. the big ones that are weird to swallow
    d) zinc. there’s so many different ones. i used zinc hopesitworks and zinc lucktide
    e) vegetable soup with lotsa ginger, turmeric, chile y limón
    f) n-acetyl-cysteine and holy basil for the lungs
    g) curcumin. i got the good ones
    h) cbd. for sleep, for loosening today’s weird joint pain, for energy, for stress relief
    i) essential oils. you gotta keep the sniffer going. i had about nine different oils for sniff preserve
    j) lotsa sleep. in the cold sunshine.
    k) nighttime walks to the corner and back. at night so as to limit contact with others. nasty bug.


    Dr D, what do you mean there is no test for a variant? They have identified 4000 of them here:

    John Day

    This is a powerful rebuke of the narrative and a public revocation of consent.

    This video looks specifically at how elites use repetitive waves of crisis & confusion to create cognitive dissonance, to which they offer relief with a mass delusion, like Life will be normal…

    (After The Donald is gone, after everybody gets the v-word, insert next mass-hypnotic-command)

    It is a Jungian how-to video on “Totalitarianism”, which is not yet an AI-Censorship word.

    John Day

    Oops, this vaccine passport burning is a rebuke of the narrative and revocation of consent.


    Raul, thank you very much for the link to the Dr Piers Robinson interview. Intelligent, interesting, sobering. Now I want to read his books.

    I remember decades ago, when I was in my early 20s, a very successful real estate broker said to me, “Tell people you’re the best enough times and after awhile they believe you, whether it’s true or not.”

    My new choice for replacement of the currently-in-vogue word, “elite


    Describes what these people already are. Describes what the ultimate outcome will be of this madness they’ve unleashed upon much of the globe. Propaganda works. Might as well use it.

    madamski cafone

    “The Monastiraki kitchen has been feeding 1000s every day this week, including firemen whom the government doesn’t take care of.”

    My Dad was a fireman. That remark squeezed a bit more money out of me.


    Democritus – thanks so much for the variant link – it is very interesting. Glad you are here – we need information from many angles fed back into this loop. It all comes out in the wash as they say and we got a lot of washing to do.
    John Day – watched that video recently and gave me much to think about but the end is marvellous and what works

    madamski cafone

    Strange how Australians still have a Chip on Their Collective Shoulders (COTCS) for having their ‘origin story’ be snidely referred to as penal colony populated by the dregs and riff-raff of English society.


    The ‘P’ word for Australians is like the ‘N’ word for others.

    Australians always love it when their football or cricket clubs give the English teams a thorough thrashing in international venues.

    So it must be Extra Painful for the Aussies to have their country turned back into a Penal Colony ~abracadabra~ right under their noses with the faux plague knee jerk hysteria reactions.

    Reasoning with your Jailers – no balls


    Hello everybody – first time commenter here. First, a big thanks to everybody for the insightful comments and the great discussions here. 🙂

    Yesterday‘s ADE discussion… I‘m not quite convinced that the numbers from Israel and the UK are a sure sign for ADE. I am convinced that they show quite clearly that the injections are useless, at least after a few months.

    The main issue, methinks, is that the PCR tests are somewhat meaningless for detecting real-life infections without taking clinical symptoms and the circumstances into account (which isn‘t done in any of the statistics).

    The combination of problems with the tests (false positives, nobody knows how many; not taking symptoms etc into account; …) and of problems with the testing regime (certain groups tested more frequently than others; who is being tested changes constantly; how many cycles are the tests run with – and for which groups?; etc) means that any discussion based on the „number of cases“ (between groups, between time ranges, …) is pretty much meaningless. Alas.

    No. of hospitalisations and deaths are a somewhat better indicator, but only to some extent: are people in hospital because of COVID, or do they just happen to have a positive test; did they catch it in hospital?; etc.

    So in the end, much of our discussion is guesswork at best. (Which shouldn‘t keep us from discussing things – but one needs to be aware of these issues.)


    And then I have a question… hoping the smart people around here have come across this information somewhere, because I haven‘t…

    Assuming we would see ADE at some point… how would booster shots affect this?

    My understanding ist that ADE can happen if the ratio of certain antibodies compared to other antibodies dips into a certain range – if there are not enough „beneficial“ antibodies left to counter the „ADE-inducing“ antibodies.

    So how would booster shots affect this mechanism?

    A very simplistic example:

    Let‘s assume (random numbers for illustration purposes!) as long as a person has at least half as many beneficial ab compared to ADE-inducing ADE, they wouldn‘t experience ADE when infected with a relevant virus.

    Let‘s say a person who got the shot initially built 100 ADE-inducing and 100 beneficial antibodies. The latter wane over time, with a half-life of 6 months. So after 6 months, this person enters into ADE territory (with a 100:50 ratio).

    If they got a booster shot after 6 months, they might build another 100 antibodies of each sort, and thus at this point have 200 vs. 150.

    Of course, the latter wane again with the same half-life, but this time the 2:1 ratio is reached a lot earlier, i.e. this person is firmly in ADE territory even less than 6 months after the booster shot. On comes booster 2, etc etc.

    Now, just to be clear: The numbers are arbitrary to illustrate my question. I‘m not even sure if it works that way – maybe the body doesn‘t build anymore ADE-inducing antibodies through a booster if it still has a sufficient number of them?

    I simply would love to know what happens when people get booster shots if ADE should occur. Will this make the problem worse? Better? Not have any influence at all?

    Any input would be highly appreciated – I haven‘t come very far in my search for answers…

    John Day

    @Dr. D : You can be admitted to a hospital and refuse treatments, but they have ways to make you hate being there, and you are already sick, and nurses come back to a room after a long time and find somebody dead, and so on…

    John Day

    Welcome Starfish:
    I think most tests done now are rapid tests, which detect antigen in the nose, not the self-answering-question high Ct PCR tests.

    Mister Roboto

    John Day: Thanks for reposting the “Mass Psychosis” video. It really speaks to why I found and continue to find myself unable to be tolerant of the likes of deflationista. (Though I do apologize for calling def. and democritus a “tag team”. That was just bitchy and uncalled for.)

    I saw the complex of attitudes and behaviors described by the video writ large in deflationista’s behavior on Thursday night, and I wanted to make that go away because I have become accustomed, rightly or wrongly, of thinking of TAE as a refuge from the surging tsunami of mass psychosis taking place out there right now. That’s probably why I had that dream about perceiving the brightly lit town that I stumbled upon walking down a Wisconsin county highway as refuge to which I instinctively gravitated towards.

    But if TAE has become a home of sorts on the Internet, Raul’s reprimand on Friday morning also made me realize that I wasn’t doing my share of taking care of “the town” by littering too much with treating the comments like Twitter or Facebook. So I decided to change my behavior, because if you want a forum on the Internet to be your home and your refuge, then you have to contribute towards taking care of it. After all, I’m sure the last thing we want is for TAE to become anything like the popular social media sites!

    Ultimately, it’s Raul’s call what TAE should and will be, and so if the comments were to get taken over by a bunch of (in my way of looking at things) mass-psychotic deflationista clones, that’s a risk that is run when a comments section is mostly free of pro-active curation and censorship. So all I can say to such a scenario is, “I hope not, I really hope not.” But I also realize that hoping don’t always make it so.


    If anybody denies that these vaxxines are a gene therapy, then show them this:

    “FDA generally considers human gene therapy products to include all products that mediate their effects by transcription or translation of transferred genetic material”
    Page 2 Sec II .

    Translation is the process by which these mRNA molecules are ‘read’ and thus the spike proteins assembled.

    Yup – these are new gene therapies. Period.

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