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    Doc Robinson

    @ phoenixvoice

    Below is my comment from two days ago about that CDC report you linked:

    The CDC published a study today which is being used to push vaccinations onto those who already recovered from a Covid infection. A typical headline from the resulting news stories:
    “Unvaccinated more than twice as likely to get Covid-19 reinfection.”

    I looked at the report to understand what the study actually shows. What it doesn’t show is what the risks of reinfection actually are for the unvaccinated or the vaccinated. (What if the risk of reinfection is low enough that it clearly doesn’t outweigh the risks of vaccination? We’re not given the data to make such an assessment.)

    the study looked at two matched groups of people testing positive for Covid during 2020. For one group (the control), this was their first and only Covid infection. For the other group (the reinfected), they had a second Covid infection during May or June 2021. In the control group, 58% of the cases were unvaccinated (vs. 34% fully vaccinated). In the reinfected group, 73% of the cases were unvaccinated (vs. 20.3% fully vaccinated). The statistical analysis somehow works out to an Odds Ratio of greater than 2.

    At a basic level, the study shows that in the reinfected group, a bigger proportion of the group were unvaccinated than in the control group (first infection). The reasons for this are actually not clear, though, and the report says “these findings cannot be used to infer causation.”

    The CDC report mentions some limitations of the study, including the fact that some of the reinfected group might not have actually been reinfected, since “the repeat positive test could be indicative of prolonged viral shedding or failure to clear the initial viral infection.”

    Another limitation was that “persons who have been vaccinated are possibly less likely to get tested. Therefore, the association of reinfection and lack of vaccination might be overestimated.”

    Reduced Risk of Reinfection with SARS-CoV-2 After COVID-19 Vaccination — Kentucky, May–June 2021


    Thank you, veracious, for sharing your mother’s story. Uplifting. Enjoy her time with you. 🙂


    @germ, I watched the video of Ryan Cole, MD, AFLDS, etc., etc. (lots of credentials) speaking about what the spike protein does in the body. It was alarming, and his statements were supported with evidence from pathology slides, etc. His question – why are we injecting mRNA into our bodies that instruct it to make spike proteins that cause this kind of damage? (there is clear evidence the injection does not remain in the deltoid so this is a legitimate question)

    However, I’m working on keeping an open mind so I did some research using google. My searches included various ways of asking the following:

    1) Is Dr Ryan Cole a quack who has been thoroughly discredited? Not that I could find. This means he is a credentialed medical professional. Why has he not been interviewed on CNN, abc, cbs, nbc, etc.?

    2) How many autopsies have been performed to date in the US on people who died following a covid vaccine? In scrolling through pages of results I found several stories (oft repeated) regarding an autopsy performed on one person in a specific state, but there was no data on the total number of autopsies performed to investigate the cause of the 12,000 deaths that have taken place following vaccination.

    3) How much funding has the US federal gov’t allocated to perform autopsies on people who died following the vaccine? (autopsies aren’t cheap and states should not have to pick up all the cost since the federal gov’t is pushing for mass vaccination). I could find no evidence of ANY federal funding allocated to performing autopsies on potential vaccine-related deaths. In addition, I could find no evidence the federal gov’t is requiring pharma companies to allocate funding to this despite the fact these companies are earning billions during this phase III trial in humans.

    If a commenter on here has links that answer these questions, please share. I’d like to believe the people I care about who are vaccinated (at this point it’s most of them) are safe from harmful vaccine side effects. Also, if you could post links to studies showing there are no long-term (3-5 year) adverse effects from the vaccines, it would greatly ease my mind.

    Many thanks!

    D Benton Smith

    @ Absolute Galore

    re : Fauci warns more severe COVID-19 variant could emerge as cases rise: US ‘could really be in trouble’

    I have a line to an individual in charge of a hospital Covid Ward on the Northwest Coast and early indications are that the predicted pathogen has already arrived, about 2-3 weeks ago in their neck of the woods. Serious cases increased from single digits per week during the last few months and is now all-beds-filled over the course of the 3 weeks. This applied firstly to the approx 60 beds , all told, in the smaller/rural surrounding facilities that the Regional hospital was using to hide the problem, but over the weekend Regional filled up too.
    Patients are vaxxed and unvaxxed in equal proportion, tending to be younger and much healthier than previous norms, but the most alarming trend is that many do not to treatment with antibodies. There have been several rapid onsets and deaths of otherwise very healthy patients. Staff at that unit have over a year on the ‘Front Lines’ , so to speak , and are seeing it as a significant and serious change from what they were dealing with compared to last year.


    When you contact says in equal proportion, would you know if that is 50:50, or in equal to the proportion of vaxed vs unvaxed?

    Mister Roboto

    DBS: If more young and healthy people are being sickened by the Delta Variant, that could be just because it’s a lot more contagious. Immunological diversity is what prevents populations from being ravaged by a small handful diseases the way Native Americans, who all descended from a very small band that made it to North America from Asia, were by smallpox and the bubonic plague. But immunological diversity means that a significant handful of otherwise healthy people will have immune systems from the immunological lottery that are poorly suited to fend off coronavirus infections. So a more infectious strain of coronavirus would infect more of these unfortunate people.

    And If I were forced to place a bet, I would blame the Delta Variant rather than ADE from the vaccines for the effects showing up in these hospitals. It seems a little early for ADE to be showing up in such a major way. But anyway, this all speculation based on what I’ve learned about immunology very recently here on TAE and other places since the pandemic started.


    Hey! Fauci! Leave those kids alone!

    Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

    absolute galore

    Mr. Roboto wrote: I would blame the Delta Variant rather than ADE from the vaccines for the effects showing up in these hospitals.

    Yes, but Fauci knows about Delta–he is talking about a new, as yet unknown (or supposedly as yet unknown–I imagine he is getting reports, such as they are, from various on the ground sources). If what DBS says is happening–serious, sudden disease and death among healthy young people–that is not Delta, no matter how you multiply it.

    So it is either this ADE phenomenon which Fauci is setting up to be a deadly variant (though since unvaxxed are supposedly suffering in equal measure, that is probably not the case) or it actually is some hyper killing variant that has gone against the natural inclination of viruses, which is to become less virulent as they mutate. Which would not necessarily be surprising, since all bets are off now that we’ve added some weird half-assed leaky vaccine into the mix.


    Raul said: No and no. We do not delete. And if we ever do, please leave us the pleasure of loudly announcing why. Not this silent stuff.

    This response has been curious to me since you posted it… If We do not delete who are the supersecret moderators?

    There are spamfilters.

    Veracious Poet

    There are spamfilters.

    Well, in the last 7 months or so I’d say that I’m perhaps one of the last of TAE’s community to engage in spam fest, so I’m not sure how that could be the issue.

    Mister Roboto

    it actually is some hyper killing variant that has gone against the natural inclination of viruses

    My understanding is that while there is the natural inclination of which you speak, it’s not impossible for a more harmful variant to emerge out of the mutational mix. And since the original virus is certainly a frankenvirus that engineered in a laboratory, I suspect that this virus may have an enhanced capability of such mutations. I’m not saying I’m totally committed to any such narrative. Since we don’t really know what’s going on yet, I’m just trying to keep an open mind about that and consider the possibility of a number of different causal scenarios.


    Veracious, I’ve gone through spells where my comments won’t post – get sent to a spam page to prove myself human. Nothing I did got me past that page. The problem resolves on its own after a day or so, until it reappears again. Have no idea why it happens, isn’t associated with a day I post more often?, but you aren’t the only commenter experiencing it. Others here have mentioned it, too.

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