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    Search “Uttar Prodesh Covid Cases” on google on your cell phone. 240 million and less than 20 cases a day. This is all contrived…


    The natural selection process we’ve done the opposite recently. We’ve chosen females who tend to have “male” dominating traits. Selection won’t do it, though it should.

    There is our idea of the society we would like to see. Quite another actually getting it.

    Doc Robinson

    Veracious Poet: “Does anyone know how tweakers & opium addicts may be adversely effected by the mRNA cocktails? Wouldn’t they have an elevated risk?”

    I don’t know about the effects of the mRNA injections on addicts, but a large study from 2020 found that people with an Opiod Use Disorder during the past year had more than 10 times the risk for a Covid infection. And Covid patients with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) had “significantly worse outcomes.”

    Bucking the trend were people with a past history (not in the most recent year) of “Cannabis Use Disorder”, “Cannabis dependence (disorder)” or “Cannabis abuse (disorder)”; they had less chance of Covid infection (85% as likely), compared to the general population.

    Patients with a recent diagnosis of [Substance Use Disorder] SUD (within past year) were at significantly increased risk for COVID-19 (adjusted odds ratio or AOR = 8.699…, an effect that was strongest for individuals with [Opioid Use Disorder] OUD (AOR = 10.244…), followed by individuals with tobacco use disorder (TUD) (AOR = 8.222…). Compared to patients without SUD, patients with SUD had significantly higher prevalence of chronic kidney, liver, lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer… COVID-19 patients with SUD had significantly worse outcomes (death: 9.6%, hospitalization: 41.0%) than general COVID-19 patients (death: 6.6%, hospitalization: 30.1%)

    COVID-19 risk and outcomes in patients with substance use disorders: analyses from electronic health records in the United States


    On May 7, 2021, during the peak of India’s Delta Surge, The World Health Organization reported, “Uttar Pradesh (is) going the last mile to stop COVID-19.”

    The WHO noted, “Government teams are moving across 97,941 villages in 75 districts over five days in this activity which began May 5 in India’s most populous state with a population of 230 million.” 

    The activity involved an aggressive house-to-house test and treat program with medicine kits.

    The WHO explained, “Each monitoring team has two members who visit homes in villages and remote hamlets to test everyone with symptoms of COVID-19 using Rapid Antigen Test kits. Those who test positive are quickly isolated and given a medicine kit with advice on disease management.”

    The medicines comprising the kit were not identified as part of the Western media blackout at the time. As a result, the contents were as secret as the sauce at McDonald’s.—part-v-the-secret-revealed/article_9a37d9a8-1fb2-11ec-a94b-47343582647b.html


    Figmund- what was that was said about habits? It only takes six months to ingrain them? So the alerts went off and the people know how to respond.
    People use memes (“let’s go Brandon”) to try to ingrain habits. That one has delightfully remarkable legs….
    Scared? Hide!!! Wear a mask!!!!! It makes perfect sense.
    The world has been running on how easy it is to get the herd to run this a-way or that a-way.
    The good guys keep using logic and facts, when they should be capturing ideas (clot shot!) and actions (mask? hell no!) to show the cool people do THIS, not that.
    I was kind of a strange child when I was growing up, but I knew how to do “cool”. I considered advertising as an occupation but then I had a teacher who exhibited what that might mean…
    Those who stand their ground are cool. Kids know that. This is a prime ground for unity. If we can’t win the kids, we’re lost.

    Figmund Sreud

    Bit of a twist: … interesting article on vaccines suppliers:


    1. A forward-looking market will evaluate the vaccine manufacturers based upon available information on Omicron in a changed covid vaccine landscape.
    2. Three key issues arise from the arrival of the Omicron variant. The current Wuhan based formulations will most likely be made redundant by an escape variant Omicron. Omicron will most likely become the dominant variant and all information so far indicate that it will be a milder version than Delta.
    3. Each of the three key issues has consequences for a changed vaccine environment which carries a high risk of negative disruption to vaccine manufacturers and a significant reboot of the covid vaccine market.
    4. The size of the post-Omicron covid vaccine market cannot be established without more certainty as to the consequences of the changed marketing requirements and the characteristics of 2nd generation vaccine candidates. We’ll have to return to this aspect once we have suitable information.
    5. Attempts to sell the now redundant Wuhan based vaccines to the public as still their best option could backfire very badly with more vaccine hesitancy and an attitude of, what’s the purpose, when protection is fleeting.
    Investors in vaccine stocks should clinically evaluate the risks introduced by the Omicron variant to the revenue and income expectations for each vaccine manufacturer and its implications for the share price of each.
    6. Investors in vaccine stocks should clinically evaluate the risks introduced by the Omicron variant to the revenue and income expectations for each vaccine manufacturer and its implications for the share price of each.

    COVID-19 Vaccines: The Big Omicron Reboot For BioNTech, Moderna And Novavax

    … fwiw


    those darned kids

    defibrillators are the next big investment.


    Maybe I have been in Asia too long, but I just don’t get the opposition to masks.

    The opposition to “vaccine only” strategies – I get it
    The opposition to vaccine mandates — I get it.
    The opposition to vaccinating children — I get it.
    The opposition to spike protein vaccines — I get it.
    The opposition to boosters every three months – I get it.
    The opposition to media scaremongering — I get it.
    The opposition to lockdowns — I get it.
    The opposition to the corrupt Fauci — I get it.
    The opposition to the corrupt FDA, WHO, NIH — I get it
    The need to embrace early treatment with repurposed drugs — I get it.

    But on masks, I just don’t understand the opposition. This strikes me as common sense. Don’t tell me they don’t work. Look at the overall experience in Asia, where widespread mask use has been common from the beginning, and compare that to the overall experience in mask-averse countries. There’s no comparison. It’s like night and day. But as I said, maybe my experience of being here so long colors my idea of what I think of as common sense.

    Korea did some things right, like contact tracing and testing, but they have been abysmal at other things, like treating people who actually come down with the disease. The current overall case fatality rate here is 0.83% across all age groups — and that counts every single positive PCR test. Basically, if you get the virus your odds here are much worse than just about anywhere else. Why is that? I think a big part of it is that more than 80% of the population is seriously deficient in Vitamin D, and they have been for years.

    Current daily cases are in the 7000 range, in a country to 53 million people, and the healthcare system is stretched to capacity with ICU beds full. So they are tightening the social distancing measures again because 7000 cases per day is all the system can handle. At that rate the country will not be able to reopen for another 20 years — by that time, at 7000 cases per day, all 53 million people will have had the virus once. Yet they apparently can’t do the math. And they won’t experiment with early treatment. No discussion of trying fluvoxamine, ivermectine, nitazoxanide, dutasteride, chloroquine. Nope, they are instead adopting a “vaccine only” and then “wait at home until your lips turn blue” approach. They have 92% of the adult population “fully vaccinated” and have said they will move to boosters every three months. As if that it going to work.

    The whole point of shutting down the economy was to buy time to learn about thsi disease and how to treat it. The authorities here have learned nothing. There is no Plan B.

    The only thing that has saved us is that at least the people have the common sense to wear masks. Haha!

    Figmund Sreud

    @ my pedants said know: Those who stand their ground are cool. Kids know that.

    Yes, … but will those who know will actually stand their ground? My son and his pals and palets – 18 to 30 years sample – understand the game very well. We talk about it around the table extensively. They are mostly in full agreement – their talks and opinions would fit quite well on this forum, … yet, yet pretty well all already went and got their jabs! You know, … explanation goers: … cant go to the hockey game without an official QR code on their iPhone, can’t go skiing without one either. Bars require jab status, Tim Horton’s, restaurants, et. al., too. Going across the boarder to the U.S, is restricted to those without QR code, …

    … so much for understanding of the situation! Kids, …



    Veracious Poet

    Doc Robinson, thanks for the info. Addiction is absolutely ubiquitous in the USofA, not sure about elsewhere, but it clearly is MeriKa’s Achilles’s tendon…

    The fallout also leads to a plethora of other problems, I assumed COVID would compound that disaster.

    Interesting about “former” cannabis abusers, wonder how the data stacks up for current recreational use?

    Been seeing a lot of articles the last couple of days popping up regarding the DEA going after fentanyl manufacture & distribution, with claims made that the CCP is working with U$ authorities to shut it down, which I find totally ridiculous & suspect…

    Perhaps another one of the plans is getting ready to drop? Perhaps fentanyl is about to get more lethal than it already is?

    So sad that I now reflexively read in such evil intent, but it’s crystal clear that THEY want to CULL a lot of “problem” people ~ Long, LONG gone are the days We could blindly trust any of these institutions, now filled with malicious fiends.

    Of course plenty of people are volunteering as Darwin Award candidates, unfortunately a LOT of innocents are irreparably damaged in the process.

    I do what I can to help, unlike many that are focused on their next cruise ship vacation et al., but what used to require an infrequent effort is now so voluminous I can’t keep up 😐

    Figmund Sreud


    Only two countries vote against UN resolution condemning Nazism!



    yet, yet pretty well all already went and got their jabs! You know, … explanation goers: … cant go to the hockey game without an official QR code

    Up until today, the rule in Korea has been that not everyone needs to be vaccinated to eat at a restaurant. Originally the maximum group was four, and at least two needed the pass. Then at least three needed the pass. Then it was a group of only two, and at least one needed the pass.

    Under the new rule, effective tomorrow, unvaccinated people can go to a restaurant, but they must eat alone. No exceptions for families. My wife got the vaccine, and she has the pass. So we can eat together at the dinner table at home, but now if we go to a restaurant, we would need to sit at separate tables. Does that make any sense? The purpose is to cajole the remaining holdouts to get the clot shot.

    I ask myself: “Will there be pushback now that they are moving to a ‘booster every three months’ program”? Surely people will see the madness for what it is? Especially since the vaccine does not stop Omicron? Alas, the madness has already gone on longer than I expected, and Korea is just finally getting to the “hit the panic button” stage.

    There are no vaccine mandates here. It’s a softer form of pressure. My company has no vaccine mandate, but now I cannot go out to lunch or dinner with any members of my team, even one on one, because I would have to sit alone. This is a problem because I am the team head. How long can this go on? Maybe I get lucky, we go into lockdown, and everyone works from home. Is that what I should be hoping for?

    So anyway, I understand the logic of ultimately biting the bullet and getting the shot. But I am hoping to put that off as long as possible.

    Veracious Poet

    Surely people will see the madness for what it is?

    I started expecting sheeple to wake the hell up since THEY incinerated 80+ men, women & children in the Waco compound…

    I quit expecting it (only a lingering foolish hope) after witnessing the fools & morons not realize that the actions/inactions of Meri’Ka’s Banking/Military Industrial Complex brought about 9-11-01 😐

    And now THEY’ve added MEDICAL to the BMIC…

    BMMIC ~ Rape, pillage, plunder & murder since 2020!




    I noticed that. I also noticed how most of the west abstained. The same countries who are all in for vaccine passports.

    those darned kids




    I suppose their are two different kinds of sheep. Silent sheep led to the slaughter in one category. Loud, annoying, bleating sheep in one category. The former probably scored high marks in math class.


    @ boogaloo
    Yes, Asia has done well with Covid (as compared with, say, the US,) and yes, Asia already used masks prior to Covid. But correlation isn’t causation, and there are a lot of studies suggesting masks are useless for stopping airborne respiratory diseases. Personally, if I were to bet on the reason why Asia has faired better, my guess would be because of the SARS and MERS in the last decade — better cross immunity. However…we really don’t know exactly why.


    I do not think that cross immunity can be the reason. SARS and MERS never really got a foothold here. Both were major scares, but they were snuffed out pretty quickly, and they never circulated widely.

    I recall in the early days of the pandemic Chris Martenson did a video on masks. Someone found a way to photograph (and video) all of the droplets that come out of our mouths when we talk. Somehow that was all colored in the video so it could be easily visualized on the film. Without masks people were spewing stuff everywhere, but with masks, all of that was held in. I remember watching that video and thinking: “Yes, seeing is believing. With this camera/filming trick, I can now see this with my own eyes.” That was around the time when there were a series of super-spreader events involving choirs and singing. Some of the early super-spreader events in Korea involved call centers where people were sitting right next to each other blathering into the phone all day long. So it was really no surprise after seeing that video how these became super-spreader events.

    After that it became known that the virus is spread not only by droplets, but by airborne transmission. So yes, you can spread this and pass it even if you are wearing a mask, but in my head I still visualize that video and thinking that we’d all be better off keeping all of those droplets to ourselves, even if some people will pick it up by airborne transfer.

    All of this reminds me of the old debate about passing out condoms in schools. Some people raise an objection that condoms are not 100%. They are right. They object that condoms might give a false sense of security. Right again. But in spite of those objections, the risk is lower when people use condoms. The mindset in Asia is that the risk of catching this virus is lower if everyone wears a mask. How much lower may be a subject of debate, but the consensus here is that it is lower.

    And conceding your point that correlation isn’t causation, the correlation is pretty striking and otherwise hard to explain . . .


    Thank you so much for introducing me to CJ Hopkins! What a wonderful Christmas gift.


    A stocking stuffer for Leibowitz:

    Holy Noise


    Today Ontario reported 3,100 covid cases. Yesterday 2,800. The day before 2,400. The day before 2,100. The day before 1,800. Follows the push for more vaccinations. Now boosters open for anyone who wants one. Einstein’s definition of insanity hard at work!

    The sheep are rushing the vaccination clinics! Panic everybody! Panic! Hey, this panic thing is working out really well! Don’t just sit there! Panic! Then panic some more!

    Fearless leader Sparkle Socks says we must starve omicron! He means the people, not him! As for planting billions of trees he means sometime in 2030s! The existing trees are expected to plant his billions of new trees by then!

    Today my 21 year old daughter, forced to take the Pfizer vaccine by her university, is finally up out of bed, after 2 days. Better but still not feeling quite right.

    However, I have suddenly developed a cold, the first in about 2 years. It hit without the usual sore throat which is unusual. No cough or fever. I am wondering if it could be from exposure of shedding from my daughter’s recent 2nd Pfizer shot? I vaguely remember someone on TAE (upstateNYer?) mentioning something similar happening after visiting their recently vaxxed grandkids. We shall see.

    I did sneak down to Florida for about an hour, today, without any papers!

    I see Newfoundland has mandatory vaccinations for all government employees as of today. Does that affect you Michael Reid?

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