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    Esther Bubley Passengers on Memphis-Chattanooga Greyhound bus 1943   • Trump Claims ‘Breakthrough’ In Trade Talks With China (RT) • Xi Jinping Se
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    V. Arnold

    Esther Bubley Passengers on Memphis-Chattanooga Greyhound bus 1943

    Nice picture; I like it.
    The guy, the sailor, at the back, in the seat on the left; could be straight out of a John Ford WWII movie…

    Dr. D


    The NEJM editor has come out about it. 300 word-soup articles were published without a single notice. Yeah, we know.


    Oh, the photo makes me think Steinbeck, especially the woman and man second and fifth from the left, It’s wonderfully framed without a frame. She could leave out the guy on the right’s head and nobody would have complained about it.

    V. Arnold

    Oh, the photo makes me think Steinbeck, especially the woman and man second and fifth from the left, It’s wonderfully framed without a frame.

    Oh sure; absolutely…
    I didn’t even think of Steinbeck…

    Doc Robinson

    The Spanish newspaper El Pais had the scoop about the spying on Assange, and they currently have more thorough coverage about Assange than most news sources.

    Asked by the prosecutor Carlos Bautista and his lawyer in Spain Aitor Martínez, Assange said that the security cameras at the embassy were changed in late 2017. He said he suspected that he was being spied on by the staff of UC Global SL, and that he asked whether the cameras could capture audio, which he was told they could not.

    The 48-year-old Australian activist denied having given the Spanish company permission to pass on to third parties all the information that was being recorded without his consent.

    “We’re going to sell everything in the hotel [the embassy] to the American client,” reads an email sent by David Morales, the owner of the security company, to his employees. Morales and his company are being investigated in Spain for violation of client-attorney privilege, among other charges.

    “Did you give your consent to having your visitors’ passports photographed, their cellphones opened up and their private correspondence read?” asked Martínez. “Under no circumstances,” replied Assange.

    Judge De la Mata questioned Assange after sending a European Investigation Order (EIO) on September 25 requesting assistance from British authorities. As part of the request, the judge said that David Morales, owner of UC Global SL, “invaded the privacy of Assange and his lawyers by placing microphones inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London without consent from the affected parties.” The request also stated that the information thus collected was distributed to other people and institutions, including “authorities from Ecuador and agents from the United States.”

    Documents and videos revealed by EL PAÍS in July, months before Assange took legal action against Morales, show that UC Global SL spied on the cyber-activist’s conversations with his lawyers, at meetings where they were designing his defense strategy to avoid extradition to the US. Morales allegedly delivered these and other conversations to US intelligence services, this newspaper revealed. Morales was arrested and released pending trial to face charges of violation of client-attorney privilege and illegal arms possession.

    The EIO used by the Spanish judge is a new tool for judicial cooperation introduced in 2018 meant to facilitate transnational investigations, and it represents a step up from the old letters rogatory, which took longer. With an EIO, a legal authority from a EU member state can ask a legal authority from another EU country for assistance in obtaining evidence or means of evidence, including witness statements.

    It is an automatic procedure, and requests can only be rejected in exceptional cases. In this particular case, the Spanish judge ran into objections from the United Kingdom Central Authority (UKCA), the body in charge of processing and responding to EIOs. Rashid Begun, who signed the response from the UKCA, demanded more details and, in his first response, questioned the jurisdiction under which Spain claims to be investigating the case.

    Assange was questioned for an hour. His defense had asked the judge to keep the questions as short and concise as possible due to his client’s health. The UN special rapporteur on torture has issued a report stating that the WikiLeaks founder is being subjected to “cruel and inhumane” conditions. At the London prison where he is being kept, he is allowed out of his cell for one hour a day, and he is being kept isolated from the other inmates.

    Cablegate: Assange suspected a Spanish security firm was spying on him in London


    reality check
    Do a search – “sexy” now compare that to what you see every day

    Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas is you

    Voted Best Christmas Song Ever

    We are, all of us, living in a fiction. A fiction authored by those in power to serve the interests of those in power…

    $3 Billion, 300-Acre MegaCity Envisioned For California’s Record Homeless…
    Favorable opinions of socialism are rising in the U.S., but capitalism is still preferred…
    Russia & Syria Signal West With Joint Naval Drills, “Hundreds” Of Airstrikes On Idlib
    From Vietnam To Afghanistan, All US Governments Lie
    Is This Kim’s “Christmas Gift”? Satellite Images Suggest North Korea Readying ICBM Tests

    Shopping Holidays: The Best Days to Shop in 2019
    Fourth of July.
    Amazon Prime Day.
    Tax-free weekends.
    Labor Day.
    Columbus Day.
    Black Friday.
    Cyber Monday.
    New Year’s Eve.

    “I Find It Very Troubling” – Most Americans Lack Savings

    Dr. D

    Photo to me says: Diversity in America. Always was. Standing all together without comment you can see with your eyes, the opposite of what is reported about that time now. But who you gonna believe? Them or your lyin’ eyes?

    “praising it as “a big deal”, “an amazing deal”, and “a historic deal”

    Yeah, but he says that all the time about everything. So much political backslapping and empty gladhanding all day, it’s boring. They only report the negative things he says. Remember the Markel thing? “I’m sure she’s a great American gal, she’s gonna be a great for the Royal family…” blah blah. “Did you know she hates your guts and vowed to leave the country if you were elected?” “No, I didn’t know.” …And which of the two quotes was published? Not that that’s incorrect media-wise, but this happens 20 times a day. Just like his ‘dear friend Xi,” “who he has so much respect for.” Blah blah boring political platitudes. Just have to make up some stuff instead like The Guardian, OPCW, or research scientists do.

    What are they really up to? I doubt there’s much of an agreement, since our positions are intractable. However, they’re about to pull the plug on the economy as shown by the near-trillion U.S. Fed bailout, so neither of them want to be anywhere near that. And it’s more telling that Cheeto is completely willing to put Xi on board in safety, rather than setting him up as the fall guy for the oncoming train derailment. That means they have a plan together. Maybe not the one about trade published in the papers, but there is some plan they’re trying to work through.

    I think this trial is going to be the trial of the century, and the mainstream media is going to be all over it,” Bannon said. “That’s why I think it’s so important…”

    Which is why Pelosi cannot let that happen. Still not sure of what they’re up to, just as I didn’t see the pocket-impeachment, but it’s suggested they’re actually out to destroy Bernie and the other Senators, (seems unlikely) or to add impeachment of Pence first (and install herself. It would reveal the level of the coup too clearly.) but certainly regardless of what Cheeto does in Schrodinger’s impeachment/ nonimpeachment, they will instantly call it obstruction of his non-impeachment, despite the fact that he WANTS the impeachment, just as his preferred weak candidate would be slurring, white male insider Biden. ‘Tis only to dream he could be nominated, be the candidate to alienate the Left and to NOT be removed from the race. Anyway, so regardless of if he prevents or promotes the impeachment, or whether he promotes or accuses the CIA and House, he will be obstructing the impeachment-we-don’t-have. Got it? …Which is just like Mueller and every day since 2016. Whatever he does, they might be actual crimes, unlike the present ones, and they’ll just add the new articles and vote a real, non-fake impeachment. How else do they stop him from arresting Hunter, Feinstein’s spy, Wasserman’s Awan Brothers, and the now hundred-millions almost-provably recycled back from Ukraine to the DNC to win elections? Gotta have something.

    …Still seems like a crummy idea though. If you want to know how mind-numbingly crummy it is, look no further than the farthest far-left Jacobin. Yes, they literally have a magazine proudly published in honor of the world’s most famous mass-murderers, the Super McCarthy death squad that caused the rise of Napoleon, and the real 1st world war that leveled Europe for a decade. Proud, I tells ye! Anyway, what does this say?

    I’ve never understood the point of impeachment from the first, even when it was a cause being pushed by the Squad, whom I otherwise admire a lot. Whatever its origins, Pelosi, a highly skilled politician in the short-term tactical sense, turned it into a defense of the old order. There’s no chance the Senate will convict Trump, as Mitch McConnell has made clear. So the House passing this narrow, legalistic indictment looks more like performance, and a weak one at that, than politics. It’s about taking a stand, making a gesture, and not changing the world.

    What is the endgame for impeachment? Max swears they’re not looking for “a restoration of the Obama-Clinton order, much less the elevation of President Michael Pence.” But should Trump be convicted and removed from office, as fanciful as that seems, the result would be the elevation of Pence. As for the restoration angle, there’s a species of mainstream Democrat who seems to think that everything was pretty much okay in the United States before January 20, 2017, and if we just get back to the status quo ante we’ll be well on the road to recovery. That’s Biden’s main selling point, and a core belief of the Democratic establishment.

    While impeachment seems like another iteration of the desire to exorcise Trump, the impeaching mindset obsesses over his offenses with a dark, almost pornographic, enjoyment. As Jodi Dean has said, liberals are in love with their hatred of Trump. Functionaries and spies catalog his crimes, stoking outrage among connoisseurs. Liberals stage readings of reports written by cops and prosecutors. Russian hands are always present. “All roads lead to Putin,” Nancy Pelosi said in October and again a week ago, as if the United States had never produced an authoritarian, xenophobic huckster before. You have to wonder if the near-certain failure of impeachment is part of its charm. It gives them the best of both worlds: a chance to indulge their hatred at a higher level of intensity without removing him from the scene, allowing their festering obsession to endure.

    …Getting rid of Trump would be great, but Congress isn’t going to do it — we actually have to vote him out. And impeachment, a therapeutic ritual for MSNBC hosts and an act of score-settling by the national security state, isn’t helping.” –Doug Henwood

    Could be written by myself or anyone from the Right. So excuse me, but if the most guillotine-waving Trotskyite Left and the Right from the center all the way to the upper bleachers all agree with identical talking points against impeachment and the Neo-lib Democrats, then WTF???

    But for Bannon, much lambasted, but practical. And he said his and Trump’s first act would be to grab the black and minority vote from the Democrats by, you know, giving them jobs like the proud, real citizens with free agency that they are, not poor little children who need help from their white, liberal betters…and so steal them from the DNC for a generation. Black approval for Trump may have doubled to 40%. …Some racist. …And this coming from a guy who’s an anti-semite because he worked for Jews, funded by Israel, back with Breitbart, both the person and the News Agency. …Cause you know, that’s what real Nazis and White Supremacists do, work side by side with Jews without a word, the tricky buggers. …But it all makes sense now, since Bernie is ALSO an anti-semite, and he’s HIMSELF Jewish. …You know, like Ben Shapiro and many others. Hopkins lays it all out here, for people who are keeping score: “2019 – The Year of Manufactured Hysteria (OffG)” (Must read cover to cover) THAT is what you have to believe, with a straight face, to buy any of this now. …And they do. No problem, not choking at all, give me more. This is where #AntiLogos, the fundamental rejection of logic gets you. But I FEEEEEEEL 2 + 2 must be 9, you hateful bigot. No, I’m trying to help you, because if you start believing facts are optional and math is a suggestion, and buy off anyone who challenges you, you might engineer a Boeing 737 that crashes and kills 300 people because of your lack of math, objective reality, and feelings.

    I’m still surprised at the lack of assertiveness of the Swedish people. So much so that sometimes I think perhaps they deserve what’s happening to them. That this may be the only way to wake them from their mental slumber.”

    I feel the same about my country. Perhaps worse, because we do name and talk about what’s going on, and THEN do nothing.

    Ah well,

    “Prudence indeed will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

    It ain’t not true. As we now have actual militias mobilizing against actual armies, you can understand the gravity of trying to oust even a little corruption. This is why you can never allow corruption to go unchallenged, or governments to grow large, and we have failed on both counts.

    Dr D Rich

    Who reads the New England Journal of Medicine?

    When Hemingway a long long time ago insisted he was being spied on, his friends labeled him paranoid and abandoned him. Of course as it turns out, </They> were spying on him.

    Two true stories. First is related to our Afghanistan trillion dollar debacle. Congressman John Murtha was deadened a few days after he wrote me a personal letter in support of my quest to halt the double dipping by military physicians who received remuneration for performing disability exams on behalf of the Lockheed subsidiary QTC. As many recognize, Murtha’s deadening occurred a few days after laparoscopic surgery gone awry. The surgery was performed at a military hospital in Bethesda. He succumbed to the injury a few days later at GWU hospital. Active duty physicians were compensated by DoD and Lockheed. Lockkheed was compensated by DoD for weapons systems and reimbursed for disability exams on personnel injured where those Lockheed weapons systems were deployed.

    2nd saga: DoD sends me a laser to laser people. I say “this laser has problems and will fail” I am labeled “disgruntled”. Laser fails intraoperatively. DoD subcontractor fixes the laser, but I insist that the problem still exists and additionally the fluorine is still leaking. They label me a “disruptive physician” and I step aside to let the QTC compensated surgeon assume control. Laser fails intraoperatively. Again. However, I am the boss of Lockheed/QTC compensated surgeon, but I don’t know yet that he/she is receiving compensation from LH/QTC. So I insist to be present when company engineers “dissect” the laser. The company balks at my presence in my department in my military service’s hospital. I win that battle only to bare witness to loose nuts, bolts and washers spill out as the engineers removed the cover panel to the circuit board housing 4 large heat sink transistors. These large transistors control the XYZ offset motor system. Two of the 4 transistors were loose on their mounts.

    In the end, the commander nurse relieved me for failing to meet production goals and being mean to little people. Unbeknownst to me and “beknownst” to the commander nurse, $300,000 had been diverted from the $1.2 million dollar annual operating budget for laser treatments. A colleague opined about the predicament, “the money wouldn’t have been diverted if you maintained better relations with colleagues and superiors.” I responded “True that, but how would improving my personal appeal have fixed the laser’s XYZ motor circuit board manufactured by a vendor to the excimer laser company or prevent the facilities engineer from removing the plastic packaging seals as the final installation step of the 3 HF detectors two years ago?”
    Dave replied “this is why people don’t like you”.
    And the human nose detects HF at much lower concentrations than Industry manufactured detectors.

    Dr. D

    Ah, speaking of Feeeeeelings that kill people. Operations fail midstream. Because they feeeeel that anyone making them fixing the equipment is mean. Awwwwwww.

    You’re next on the operating table, banjo, wanna have a go? P.S. ALL our equipment is built by the same sort of people with the same sort of feelings are are inspected only by people who feel they don’t want to rock the boat. I feel like sharp scalpels and working anesthesia are an extra level of quality I’m not feeling like providing since I feel I can’t be fired and I feel if I pay the governor of Kentucky he’ll feel all kinds of generous towards me too.

    …But I’m sure everything will be just fine. Right? Lay right down on this (table) (car) (airplane seat) and relax. We’re experts here. We know best.

    And we think Putin is after us? No need. We’re far more dangerous without him. That’s why in the pictures he’s eating popcorn and watching.


    Frank Kilgore, a SW Virginia lawyer by vocation, and historian by avocation, wrote a recent Roanoke Times editorial that seems to speak (in my mind) to the photograph and Dr. D’s comment.

    In a nutshell, an integrated Little League team from the coalfields of Appalachia kicked the snot out of a segregated Little League team from oh-so-pc-proper Charlottesville back in 1951.

    He goes on to talk about other examples of not-sexism and not-racism of the working class, possibly ahead of the curve, folks in Appalachia.

    Dr. D

    Editor in Chief of World’s Best Known Medical Journal: Half of All the Literature Is False:
    Science has taken a turn towards Darkness”

    “Dr. Marcia Angell, a physician and longtime Editor in Chief of the New England Medical Journal (NEMJ), which is considered to another one of the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the world, makes her view of the subject quite plain:

    It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine”

    Editor In Chief Of World’s Best Known Medical Journal: Half Of All The Literature Is False

    But a little white lie never hurt anybody, right? Why ya gotta be so mad? It’s always Facts this, Logic that: blah blah blah. You’re like a slave driver with that rule stuff, just so “nobody gets killed,” harshing my vibe. And don’t get me started with the math. What does it matter if something is 1 in 100 or 1 in 1,000,000? That single person shouldn’t die, so we should sacrifice a million billion zillion dollars on the one guy instead of saving the million. I mean, doesn’t the one guy count? That’s my math feelings. Just like this guy:

    I mean, that’s what happens when we don’t care about doing a good job or not, promote everyone, and just follow orders, right?

    V. Arnold

    We all slid out of the womb an itty bitty helpless information sponge into a world full of mentally ill giants who couldn’t wait to fill our tiny skulls with all of their inner demons. And now everything, understandably, is fucked. Caitlin Johnstone

    Nothing I can add except;


    A great picture of the year I was born. I took Greyhound across country in 1982. There were seats for all but the buses were full. The thousand-yard stare never changes. My generation ditched the ties and vests. The Volker/Reagan counter revolt was already having an effect. Talked to several other middle-aged men who were traveling to find new jobs. The fedora and jacket were symbols of the working middle class till until the Tech Entrepreneurs ditched them for baseball caps and Southwest Airlines replaced Greyhound. Now, only the 10% can afford status displays. Democrats, except for Tulsi Gabbard, are blissfully unaware they are stoking a class conflict on the way to another civil war.


    Dr. D:. What is the endgame for impeachment?

    Simple: Destroy Donald Trump!

    The impeachment’s immediate endgame is to support the Dems 3 court cases before Fed courts.

    As for the two reasons given for impeaching, the legal reason is to provide support for the three Fed court cases to obtain (1) Trump’s tax records before he became President (fishing for evidence), (2) forcing the President’s White House lawyer to testify, and (3) obtaining Mueller’s grand jury documents (Dems already have this evidence via Mueller’ Lawfare gang but need to re-acquire it legally to use).

    The Dems have convicted the President on 2nd or 3rd hand hearsay, but now need to find/make up new evidence.

    Case (1) is now before SCOTUS
    Case (2) is currently before Fed appeal court (Obama judge). 90% chance goes to SCOTUS.
    Case (3) is currently before Fed court (Obama judge). 90% chance goes to SCOTUS

    These three cases are Lawfare’s attempts to bypass the US Constitution and create new laws.

    The two articles put forth in the impeachment, are designed to reinforce the legal arguments being put before the courts for the three cases. Note all the other articles of impeach were dropped but these two!

    All three cases are legally very weak. Lawfare has been winning these cases in DC Fed/Fed Appeal courts under biased Obama judges using judge shopping.

    Per a retired Harvard lawyer, the President’s chances of winning at SCOTUS are very high due to Lawfare lawyers trying to back date these weak legal cases. Each case has at least one fatal flaw in its construct.

    The requests for (1) Trump’s tax returns before he was President and (3) Mueller’s grand jury information are particularly weak.

    The impeachment article claiming Obstruction of Congress is very weak because the house alone is not Congress. Second the wrong house committee was used not the house Justice committee (i.e. fatal).

    If the President wins any two of these three cases likely the impeachment articles get the legal rug pulled out from under them.

    Note that the Mueller grand jury information focuses on Russian collusion not the Ukraine which the Impeachment focuses on. The reason the Dems want this information is so they can leak it during 2020 election to try and hurt the President.

    Typical communist activity to destroy your opponents by any means possible. Just like communist taking over a village. First thing they do is kill everyone in a position of authority, like majors, police, judge’s, City officials, etc. so there is no structure left in place.

    Also Need to know the Dem Party has been hijacked by its extreme left wing enabling Lawfare to take over. That is why many moderate Dems are walking away. This is not their parent’s Dem party anymore.

    Hope this helps.


    Go Tulsi Gabbard.

    The democrat’s are fools the republicans are worse — the war mongers are winning and have been for quite some time. Just for 2 seconds consider the opportunity cost on $5,000,000,000.000.

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