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    Xmas is No Man’s Land… because it’s every human’s land.



    Money shot:

    “The new Hippocratic Oath: Don’t know. Don’t care.”

    Of course, that has always been the corporate oath. They’ve merely taken the mask off now.


    Pray we never are:

    We Are Not Alone

    V. Arnold
    Michael Reid

    At some point, in my world, the only law is what I think is right. I will just die if others disagree in a forceful manner.

    So I have been thinking about what to do as we collapse. YouTube is something that I have been exploring via satellite internet and there are some very useful videos made by people that share their experiences.

    At this point first for me is to supercharge the growing experience. Next is to get a covered massive supply of firewood. Then I need to become good at producing my own lumber.

    So I have been engrossed in forestry research and converting those funny numbers in the computer into tools that will allow me to achieve my goals.

    What to do? Convert my cash into things that will allow me to sustain myself if everything else disappears. Reminds me of wishing I was Santa as a child.

    I have been busy recently acquiring items:
    * Granburg Chain Saw Mill
    Model #6777

    * XRKJ Rail Mill Guide System 9 Ft, 3 Crossbar Kits Work with Chainsaw Mill
    * Ask Dad to make rippling chain
    * 5.5 Inch Felling Wedge Chain Saw Logging Supplies Set of 4
    * Hand Tools Small Bark Spud and Weeder
    * Husqvarna Hookaroon
    * Husqvarna Technical 4000 Apron Wrap Chap Orange
    * 6 Pack 5.5” Felling Wedges Set for Chainsaw – ABS Plastic Wood Splitting Tree Cutting Wedge, Logging Supplies Tools
    * Big 1Pair 0 C/32 F Chainsaw Gloves, 12-Layer Chainsaw Protection, Safety Leather Workgloves, Mechanic Gloves(XL, Orange, GA8912FWCS)
    * Vgo Chainsaw Protection Gloves (Size XL, Orange, GA8912)
    * Men Utility Suspenders Adjustable Elastic- Strong Clip Suspender (Black)
    * File Cleaner
    * 4’ Bark Spud
    * Repl Blade 4’ Bark Spud
    * 4’ Cant Hook

    So the idea is to be able to produce my own lumber to build greenhouses, whatever, repair decks etc. I want to make a positive future.

    I am still not thinking clearly. Living in isolation, what is right is what is right for me in my world (or something). Feels like the rules for my life forward will not be the same as in the past.

    Veracious Poet

    Likely pointless to post, but this ain’t too shabby;

    Nice to see someone else living in the Infinite’s universe, which was clear when he said “multidimensional beings having a human experience”…

    I applaud his optimism, but he forgot that everyone has to choose The Path (ie individually), no one can force you to do it, nor can anyone else do it for you 😐

    We are in the darkness arising from an absence of light, created by the lack of spiritually active agents in the gen pop, due to the majority choosing to hide in self-centered trances, although that too is temporary…

    When, or IF, that changes is nothing more than a guess right now, it surely doesn’t seem to be happening yet ~ I sense that MUCH more death, destruction & pain will be experienced before the Infinite’s Love can be realized as an active Force in this dimension once again.

    At the moment the gen pop believes more in TPTB than they do in the Light. Humanity (at least those that have the power) have CHOSEN the darkness, this much is crystal clear to me after spending 28 years trying to reach thousands lost in the darkness…

    I truly wish it were different, it’s SUCKS living in this totalitarian fascist nightmare 😐


    Michael Reid- sounds like you have a small business there.
    When we were looking for a way to saw our ten foot long, 24 inch in diameter oak trunk in rough lumber, we couldn’t get a booking with any small mill owner.

    It’s not entirely my fault that the following may seem like gibberish:
    So I was looking into my aunt’s cancer which has something to do with HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, also called ErbB2).
    And I found this: “The role of growth factor receptors in viral infections: An opportunity for drug repurposing against emerging viral diseases such as COVID‐19?” (skim it if you dare, but it has this interesting line: “Evidently, such encouraging results should prompt further testing against emerging coronavirus species.”).
    I don’t know about you, but I am NOT comfortable with the current batch of “Scienz”tists making “vaccines” using the monoclonal antibodies that “irreversibly bind to such receptors”…

    Now, like senate speech- where one must keep track of the “+” (allow or do this) factors and the “-“ (prohibit or don’t do this) factors of any legislation, microbiological speech requires one to keep track of “+” (it’s a go) and “-“ (no-go).
    I’m beginning to think that if you can’t do double, triple, multiple- negatives, you may be hopelessly lost in today’s rhetoric- political or scientific.

    Veracious Poet

    “Real religious insight” = Multidimensional spirituality

    those darned kids
    V. Arnold

    Hmmmm…the road to perdition…
    We do seem to be well on our way…


    V. Arnold,

    Not pointless at all. More people are waking up and letting their light shine. Those that were unconscious slaves are starting to see it and step out of the darkness. The old normal is now being seen as abnormal and there is no desire to go back to that. A tipping point could be on the horizon. Malone shared some thoughts today along this idea.

    V. Arnold

    @ V. Arnold,

    Not pointless at all. More people are waking up and letting their light shine. Those that were unconscious slaves are starting to see it and step out of the darkness. The old normal is now being seen as abnormal and there is no desire to go back to that. A tipping point could be on the horizon. Malone

    Well, you’re more optimistic than I.
    Thanks for the Malone link.
    I’d be very pleased to be wrong on this, but 76 orbits and counting , lead me to believe things will in fact not change, but in the most superfluous of ways…


    I can’t believe that no one has commented on the fact that Camille appears to be wearing a face mask in the painting!


    The pandemic is over.
    When will the prophets have the courage to end the pandemic.

    those darned kids

    the problem’s the profits, not the prophets.




    Desiring A Better Country
    by Douglas Farrow (launched six days ago)

    “The Mask and the Face.” Powerfully spoken. Thanks for that Raul.

    Desiring something better and our struggle to actualize that desire is what connects us here at TAE. Truly appreciate this space and look forward to a new day.


    @Michael Reid #96127
    You will need gas.
    We’re on a small island out at the edge.
    Been operating this way for years.
    Biggest problem is fuel, and you can’t store gasoline for very long.
    We got snow.
    Merry Christmas to all……..

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