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    DPC Gillender Building, corner of Nassau and Wall Streets, built 1897, wrecked 1910 1900 • Japan Output, Retail Sales Slump, Dampen Recovery Prospects
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    Merry Christmas from the pacific northwest,…[the land of wind and rain these days]…I thought to close the year,and start a new one… on the right foot with a update on the real state of the world…..

    I have kept a low profile as of late.The world,as it is,is too prone to “hammer the nail that sticks up”as the japanese proverb goes.I spend my time adding logs to the liferaft,planting new perennial food plants,and trying to figure out a cost-efficient deep shelter I got a premonition that some time during my life, me and mine will need it.[will,not might].

    There are times I am annoyed at the financial difficulties I encounter…Then I get a reality check from Ilargi…who shows me where WE will be.Soon.The Greek are a terrible visible reminder that those whom govern will ensure they and theirs will eat,and get the best medical care available…but really,Really don’t care about yours.

    Case in point,to ensure we have decent insurance…Mrs snuffy is forgoing retirement another 16 months because she was outraged at the cost of my insurance.My wife is frugal to the max,and the thought of paying $1200 a month,just for me,with the 5 grand deductible,sent her into a small hot rage…

    Our plan ,and timing is simple.Pay the place off,grow what we eat,and medicinal herbs,and ..whatever for cashflow…and continue to make our 3 acres the well-tended garden one needs to live well….

    Bee good,or
    Bee careful



    Merry belated Xmas to you and the Mrs too, Snuffy. And a fruitful New Year.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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