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    If people want less free speech, they will ask government to pass laws to that effect. Therefore, going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people.

    Yeah, right, like the people have any say.



    You aren’t much better. Go to the bottle store get a pack of stubbies or a 40 and go down to the seawall and reminisce with the boys like the derro you are.


    Read the description of this book – written BEFORE the pandemic!

    THE EPIDEMIC OF 2024.In the years before the epidemic, western civilisation had been coping with divided societies, and uncontrolled migrations of displaced people. A collapsing financial system was bankrupting countries and destroying economies. The fear of sliding into chaos was the trigger for politically unthinkable measures.Government institutions and big business took the joint decision to introduce Global Identification. It was a new national register to identify and protect citizens on their streets and professionals within their organizations. It became mandatory for civil servants and the executive class to accept a subdermal implant to access places of work. Further turmoil saw colleges, schools and hospitals adopting the new standard. An adaptation of mobile phone technology, called a GLiD – the Global Identification account – linked the user and their implants to a permanent and watchful internet. Those who did not readily join were gradually seen as an underclass, increasingly excluded from many of the benefits of the new society. …. ”

    Read the full description below.


    Not sure if anyone has mentioned the legal show case currently taking place in NZ. Parents of a young baby who needs a life-saving operation involving a blood transfusion have stipulated they want the baby to receive blood from an unvaxxed donor. They say they know of 20 unvaxxed persons willing to donate blood for the procedure. The “health” officials are refusing, arguing that there is no threat from the vaxxed blood (no evidence offered). They will take the baby into custody pretty soon in order to operate if the court finds in their favour today. We figure it will, even though Sue Grey, Kiwi freedom fighter and lawyer extraordinaire, has put up a brilliant case for the parents. It’s too sad, what this country has come to. There clearly needs to be some sort of alternative health service available for people who choose to opt out of the public system.

    Watch: Lawyer Sue Grey’s Statement After Judge Reserves Decision on Baby Will


    Ukraine is usingThe Scorched Earth Policy (refers to the burning of land in war so the land becomes worthless and to prevent the advancing armies of food, shelter, natural resources, manufacturing, communications, or anything else that may be of use), to Russia.

    ,Ukrainian forces again shelled Enerhodr and the industrial zone of the power plant.

    The enemy once again shelled the Donetsk agglomeration: in Donetsk,

    Right now in Donetsk – the hit of Ukrainian MLRS on the central market. Another Ukrainian war crime – military facilities are nowhere near.

    At 16-45 in Donetsk, as a result of shelling of residential areas of the city by Ukrainian terrorists, 8 civilians were killed. More than 20 were injured of varying severity. More than 20 houses sustained various damages.

    Figmund Sreud

    Greta’s newest water transportation sled: “A RACE WE MUST WIN” – being still tested

    Level of technology applied to this sailboat is absolutely supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!



    Musk is out of the closet, he is now part of the MIC … … but keep believing that Neuralink, Twitter and all the rest is going to be for the benefit of humanity.

    And he ended up paying 6.5 million USD to Amber Heard … there are loony dikes everywhere who would give him a root for much much less, what was he thinking? Calls himself a financial genius? More like a deep state actor.


    Keep ’em coming, Redneck; your comments are hilarious!!!

    ‘stop hoping for a total disaster to befall the Western world’

    I don’t need to ‘hope for a total disaster to befall the Western World’ because the orchestrators of the various scams and disconnected-from-reality narratives that have been promoted and operated over many decades have already generated a total disaster for the Western World.

    Unfortunately, there is no cure for the kind of blindness that you suffer from.

    I rather pity people who cannot see what is right in front of them.

    Like Wile E Coyote, we ]NATOstan nations] are already off the cliff and looking into the abys.

    The only questions yet to be answered are:

    1. How quickly will the fall accelerate? (Be accelerated)

    2. How hard will the hard landing at the point of impact be?

    We can only make an estimation on those matters, bearing in mind that we cannot predict increases in the level of sabotage [of Western nations] engaged in by Western ‘governments’.

    On that matter, we see that The Scorpion has opted (been told?) to pour hundreds of millions (billions?) more money and other precious resources into failing/already failed ventures that have no future:

    ‘Govt giving millions to Ruapehu Alpine Lifts to ‘support development of alternative commercial solution’

    Ruapehu Alpine Lifts (RAL) will receive $6 million from the Government “to support the development of an alternative commercial solution” for the embattled skifield operator, it’s been announced.

    RAL went into voluntary administration earlier in 2022 after three tough years of COVID-19 and minimal snowfall – which left it with $45 million in debt.

    But another $6m of Government funding was announced by Economic Development Minister Stuart Nash in a statement on Wednesday’


    @Figmund Sreud

    Greta’s newest water transportation sled: “A RACE WE MUST WIN” – being still tested

    That boat looks like fossil fuel made all of it?

    Shouldn’t Greta be sailing along on some Kon Tiki 2? What a wonderful adventure that was. When the Nat Geo was still the Nat Geo. And we didn’t have 16 year olds as our oracles?


    Re: NZ blood transfusion: I say that there will be unvaxxed blood transfusions or there will be blood. If not these parents, another pair of parents.


    “You need to get a grip , when I read your stuff you sound like someone who is a little deranged and obsessed.Your mind is not healthy , you are in a doom and gloom spiral , nothing you do or say will make a difference anyway.”

    Wow, you really are a fuckwad. Not just willfully ignorant, but ignorantly willful.

    The Black

    That’s a fascinating quote by Mr. Hayden up there at the top. Everything and nothing all in one sentence.



    Yeah that was real blood and it brings back very painful memories when I lived up in northern Quebec/Labrador as a boy.

    The very cold winter’s meant the cold air had no moisture in it causing the dry skin inside of my nose to crack and bleed for no reason. (The dry skin on my finger joints all cracked and bleed too.)

    The only way my Mother (a nurse) could stop the constant bleeding was to cut very long narrow strips of cotton bed sheeting and soak it in Vaseline before stuffing it t8ghtly up my nose nostrils, packing it in tightly enough to stop the flow of blood. (She couldn’t use short cotton strips in case one fell down my airways.)

    These cotton strips would often stay in my nose overnight or longer. If I was lucky the bleeding stopped after the cotton strips were removed. Often my Mother had to repack my nose again.

    When I moved down to Montreal the severity of my nose bleeds was reduced, due to the higher humidity, but not the frequency. I continued to frequently bleed for no reason and I often had to lie down for a while until the bleeding stopped. I still got my nose packed with cotton ever once in a while, especially during the winter.

    When I moved to Toronto to go to school, I finally saw a doctor who dealt with nose bleeding problems. He took a soldering gun with a longer and finer tip and burned the skin covering all the blood vessels on the inside of my nose. Smelling my own burning flesh was awful. I think he did this burning twice.

    The result was he created tough scar tissue over all my blood vessels in my nose.

    Thereafter, I would go see him every 5 years or so and he would do touch ups on the blood vessels in my nose using just a Q-tip and mild acid which only took a few seconds.

    That Doctor helped make one of the greatest changes to the quality of my life, I ever experienced.

    Today whenever I have a nose bleed, about all I need to do is tilt my head up while pressing my nostrils closed with a finger for a few minutes.

    Robin, I really don’t know how you continue to cope. I guess we cope because it is just part of our lives.


    The increasing unseriousness in the comments sections here on the Darpanet is one of the few things presently worthy of comment.

    I wonder what flora thinks (Katniss and Carolinian and zagonostra, too).

    Figmund Sreud

    @ oldandtired: That boat looks like fossil fuel made all of it?

    Of course! Everything is made of synthetic latest-development materials. Vid:

    What’s most intriguing for me about these type of sail boat is technology, … and the advancement in sailing! I’m an old sailor, but I never imagined that speeds of 50 knots were possible by sail alone.

    Anyway, … most information on construction of those boats are kept secret. Here is a bit of propaganda on one of them, one that will continue, I believe, to be taking Greta across the oceans:




    ‘we see that The Scorpion has opted (been told?) to pour hundreds of millions (billions?) more money and other precious resources into failing/already failed ventures that have no future’

    Shortly after I wrote that comment I realised I had made a mistake. So I am owning up.

    The Scorpion cannot pour money and other resources into failing/already failed ventures because money is a claim on resources, a means of exchange for resources.

    The fact that there are far more claims on resources than actual resources to set against those claims makes the predicament we in doubly bad.

    I should have written:

    we see that The Scorpion has opted (been told?) to pour hundreds of millions (billions?) of fake money that equates to the squandering of even more precious resources into failing/already failed ventures that have no future.


    Triple attack on Russia yesterday and the murder of a Russian government official

    How long before NATO reaps the whirlwind of Russian fury?


    The gang of totalitarian fascist of thugs that is in control of this land mass have used the full weight of their fake legal system to take the child from its parent and have the child infected with toxic blood!!!!

    ‘Blood donor battle: Court granted temporary guardianship of sick baby, urgent operation to go ahead
    Story by Alice Wilkins • 3h ago

    A judge has ruled in favour of Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand’s application to put guardianship of a sick four-month-old baby into the court to allow the child’s heart surgery to go ahead under the usual process.

    The child, who cannot be named because of an automatic court order, has the heart condition pulmonary valve stenosis and requires an operation to clear a severe valve obstruction.

    The baby’s parents said they want the surgical procedure to go ahead, but they didn’t want it to happen with blood donations from donors who’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19.

    The guardianship order comes into effect from the date of the order until the baby’s surgery and post-operation recovery has ended, lasting until January 31, 2023, at the latest.

    The court has appointed two doctors as agents of the Court to consent to the life saving surgery.

    “[Including] all medical issues related to that surgery including the administration of blood and blood products.”

    The child’s parents remain as general agents for other purposes.

    The doctors appointed have been ordered to keep the parents informed of the progress, condition and treatment of the child.

    The judge accepted the child’s parents’ “genuine concerns” about the risk of using vaccinated blood, but said their views are “very different” from the views of the child’s clinicians and the New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS).

    Would we expect anything other than this from a gang of totalitarian fascist thugs?

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