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    Cave of swimmers, Gilf Kebir plateau, Sahara c6000 BCE   • Serbian President Sees “Major Escalation” In Ukraine Over Next 6 Months (RT) • Serbia
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    Young people are more likely to die of heart attacks post-COVID, study finds. But why?

    It’s all a mystery to them.

    And they ascribe the myocarditis to Covid infection – which we now know NOT to be a cause of myocarditis. The gaslighting goes on.

    Extensive confirmatory autopsy data SARS-COV-2 infection does NOT cause myocarditis: Review of 50 studies, incl 548 hearts,median age of deceased 69 yrs, “The median reported prevalence of extensive, focal active, & multifocal myocarditis were ALL 0.0%

    ZERO. NADA. ZILCH.!po=60.8974


    Veracious Poet


    The Gift the Keeps Giving:


    The punchline at the 8:37 min mark:

    ” It’s blowing my mind. How come no one is saying anything about it? I don’t understand. The silence is deafening”

    How come indeed.

    And she knows what she’s talking about.




    America is a pussyfied lunatic asylum.
    Covid is now an American mental disorder.
    Science has officially died in the US.

    Are there places you should still mask in, forever? Three experts weigh in

    And here’s the actual science:

    I’m pro-science. That’s why I’m anti-mask
    The landmark Cochrane study shows that the mask skeptics were right



    In the US, Dems just love Lula.
    They are now the Party of Fascism.


    Dr. D

    96% Booster fail. I’m sure this is for no reason at all, nobody is against it or suspects nothing.

    Actually, my major argument would be: it doesn’t work. At has Alpha and Delta which are long gone, and the people know it. And? The Doctors don’t? The NHS don’t? The Ministers don’t? GTFO. Yeah, I don’t need a bubonic plague booster either.

    Wish they also had before shot of the olive grove. Amazing new rocks below the earth will turn into flowers in no time.

    Serbian President Sees “Major Escalation” in Ukraine over Next 6 Months (RT) “

    I like this guy, it’s not really a “Sanction” if he tells the people he can’t help it and doesn’t mean it. Russia will also understand completely with honesty like this, and not hold it against them too much. Obviously, when they get cracking everyone will be appalled, as “War is hell.” We’ll be all pearl-clutchy about it after starting it. Later we’ll have tried to save all the Slavs instead of murdering them all, when Winston gets done re-writing history and all the Google news articles.

    “Powers: You watch—they always do the same thing.”

    Yes, because it works. With the long-term time and terrain. When it stops working they’ll stop doing it. What gets me is why people believe it. Even here, a corner of the jaded: No! the Iran womens’ resistance was totally organic and not helped with billions from secret services and corporations on the outside! What — and I can cannot emphasize this enough — da fuq?

    “European cultural venues have canceled the staging of artworks which have Russian origins and have also barred some Russian performers”

    Yes, they are the worst racists on the planet. Never seen anything like it. They fly their blue flags of racial hate.

    Just don’t listen to what Putin’s saying,” Biden added.”

    Classic cult behavior. If Putin isn’t saying anything true, then we have no fear of you listening to utter nonsense. There’s no harm: it’s obvious. In fact, please do so you know all about it. Only Cults tell you to NOT listen to the opposition view. Fox says listen to MSNBC and refers to their chatter – perhaps too much. CNN says “Never, ever listen to anyone but us, ever.” Get no info. Don’t check us. Don’t find out. Don’t you dare go see for yourself or we’ll chuck you into the fire of purge/banning. Again, so the Right knows what the Left thinks and believes, but not vice-versa.

    “10. A ruling-class population that has lost touch with people who cannot live on their computers,”

    Yes, there are people who can’t afford a bed, much less a smartphone. The system is like: who? So go get an iPhone11 for $1000 and only then can you do your banking or sign up for food stamps. Wtf? The worst of these are the techs, etc themselves, although they of all people should know this tech never works right, is always broken, and has no backup (like adequate humans staffing the call center). Then they put on their surprised face which is the same as their stupid face. Tech? Didn’t work? No one can get anything done inside the organization anymore? Bankrupted the services? All passwords were stolen and every child in the National Health exposed? Duuuuuuuuuuuh.

    It’s a plan to fire every employee, triple corporate fragility, create a dozen single-points-of-failure, then take the money and transform it into stock options in Silicon Valley for pin-headed billionaires we’ll never meet. It doesn’t even have the elegance of being bribed. It’s just shooting your neighbor in the paycheck and mailing his car to ‘Frisco. Having done this for 30 years and backfiring for 30 years, tomorrow they’ll get up and get a promotion for doing it again.

    “had the MI6 completely vanish from the narrative..”

    I say we fire them all and replace them with MI7, because they missed it. Greatest intelligence failure in 30 years. Right? You didn’t know? Okay then, I’m sorry about that and totally believe you, so: You’re Fired. All of you. Whole building: empty, i have a book of matches right here. Since your whole budget was a failure, we can give that back to the people as well.

    Speaking of Norway, why involve them at all? There was no need whatsoever, to the contrary it’s a risk and for exposure, which happened. Why? To implicate them. Point at THEM. Not somebody else really responsible. The U.S. “You can’t stop them”, so minds just pass over, whachagonnado? But if you’re mad and need to express, now you can go after Norway and not MI6 and WEF, whoever is the mafia in Ukraine.

    “Russia Ready For Talks With Ukraine, With No Preconditions – Deputy FM (TASS)

    They always were, they always see diplomacy and war as simultaneous, the same action: a way to get things done.

    China’s Mao Ning: “The Nord Stream gas pipelines are vital transnational infrastructure.”

    It’s part of “Consensus reality”. Now that “we” can “admit” what everyone always knew, countries suddenly “pretend” and use it as leverage. Since I don’t traffic in two realities, I don’t really follow this.

    Zakharova Urges to Legally Seal West’s Deceit on Minsk Agreements (TASS) “

    Consensus reality again, and voluntarily offered up to us. But also again, WHO? The puppets or the puppetmasters? “Germany” had deceit? Or the United States and London?

    “IMF to Meet Ukraine Officials in Warsaw Next Week (R.) “

    Yes but if they lose Ukraine, the IMF collapses and with it the World Bank and Europe?

    “children aged 16 and 17. A fierce mother tries to defend her children.”

    THIS is why you have the freeze dry, which otherwise is not good enough or enough nutrition. You hide them in the wall and tell the government they ran away. For a year or two if necessary. Getting twice the food for yourself will draw attention in that environment, and otherwise a years’ food is too bulky.

    “British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak”

    Who? I thought Boris was still PM. Just like Clinton, who feels she can go negotiate with foreign nations outside of the Biden Admin. Sunak was last seen mouth-kissing Ze for money. Perfect man for the job.

    Map: critically, note this is only electric, which is not the important part. In general, we can get electric and conservation would instantly work; what we can’t get is transportation fuels. Huh. Maybe we shouldn’t transport everything worldwide 4x times.

    the circumference of a circle the size of the visible universe”

    Yes except it wouldn’t work since space is bent and not uniform. Theory is a great place to live since everything works there.

    The change(from yesterday) is what the Indians here call the “Great Purification”, 10 years of the rivers running with poison until things get back to normal. Note: the idea is probably old, but the modern seems to be trans-tribal and New-Agey. Similar to the 80’s when New Agey would ask “Do you believe in ‘The Shift’?” Weird thing was, nobody knew what ‘The Shift’ was, what it referred to, or when, but knew if they believed in it or not. Something like life missions? Different times. Often “Polar Shift” which means even less, although it is quite literally happening right now.

    Rivers running as all the chemical plants, parking lots abandoned, no one to clean them, but later no pollution left to flow? See how this is a matchup to the 7 years of Tribulation: 3.5 where they succeed, then it all goes to s—t and fail-fails for 3.5. Their digital currency and ID collapses, and THEY collapse, and naturally that’s a war. But note this is a Israeli-European prophesy where we are barely mentioned. Some Maori in NZ has probably had visions.

    We’ll be alright. More people than ever, of course. They will go back to the land because, what else is there? It’s the only way it will work. It will be more modern because we have material sciences, but also a step back in…complexity, I guess? Not going so far, using so much?

    We’re probably in a long-term chaotic or even cooler weather. The window we were just in was unprecedented in being moderate, which is probably why no one could cross the Atlantic for a few centuries after Rome fell. This is easily offset by seed choice and permaculture, but will require rather deep changes. That’s my thought anyway. Surely I won’t have to deal with any of it, I just need to get through the narrow window of now.




    Very sad. In Ukraine, calls for the army are being handed out to children aged 16 and 17. A fierce mother tries to defend her children.

    Is this “winning the war” that EU leaders and Biden love to talk about?

    You are an irresponsible parent who is still in Ukraine, you only have yourself to blame that your children are now likely to die. Did you really think that the thugs led by Zelensky, half of whom resigned due to corruption just a week ago, stealing from the soldiers fighting the war, were going to care about whether your children die?

    Why are you so stupid as to trust your government. You have had a year in which to run away from these people and you are still there. Why? Now your government is going to get a loan from the IMF, the Zelensky thugs will steal most of that money and the people of Ukraine will end up straddled with the debt for decades. And you obviously still want to stay in Ukraine? Then stop complaining.

    If people like you had left then there would be no war, the Russians would not have to worry about civilians and could massacre the Ukraine army, you civilians would all be in Germany, or wherever. But obviously being in Ukraine is more important than your children. Or maybe you just couldn’t be arsed to move, but I bet you are vaxxed. I have no time for people who trust their government and keep on finding that they are not worthy of your trust, but you keep on trusting them.


    Thank you for all the animal clips. A positive way to start any day.


    @Germ I know four men here in Hong Kong who have had eye problems, their approximate ages are 40, 45, 55, 55. I am not sure of all the details but they have all had operations in the last few months, one person who had the operation four weeks ago is still not fully recovered, time will tell what is happening there, and another lost a considerable portion of his sight about six months ago. The others seems to have fully recovered.


    @Germ A friend in Taiwan went into surgery a week ago for breast cancer. The number of people who have been sick is huge compared to the years prior to Covid. My cousin had a stroke, my aunt has had mini-strokes in the last two months, a windsurfing friend has had ringing in his ears, not able to sleep, another friend had a heart problem and had to have keyhole surgery. Add to that the four guys who have had eye problems. It is way above what was happening before the pandemic scam, a wave of illness.


    @ aspnaz Yup, it’s happening.

    I personally know 3 “died suddenly” – all death vaxxed and in previous good health.

    My brother’s 24 yo death vaxxed daughter has had “long covid” for a year. Sure, long Covid. Fools.
    I have an aunt who was vaxxed after getting Covid – now has blood pressure issues and eye issues.
    An aunt who lost the use of her legs for a month. Her doc said he’d seen a few cases like her.

    The sickness and disease is all around us, in plain sight, and yet as Dr. Nanda above says:

    “How come no one is saying anything about it? I don’t understand. The silence is deafening”

    And to think, we’re only just getting started – the longer term diseases such as cancers, amyloidosis, auto-immune diseases etc. etc. are going to arrive like a tidal wave washing over and swallowing society.



    BRAZIL – Lula states all citizens must be vaccinated to receive State benefits.

    “children have to be vaccinated. Suppose they don’t have a vaccination certificate. In that case, the mother will lose the benefit”

    Did the people really choose this?

    Looks like Lula is the South American Biden, a thug/bully who has been given way too much power and will destroy the country unless the Brazilian army can find their balls.


    aspnaz: #128830

    Seriously? Awfully harsh.


    Col. Macgregor: Ukraine is About to be ANNIHILATED

    Nice current interview, concise and to the point.

    As he gives more interviews he becomes more polished in his message.

    Hard to imagine there is still someone left with this much common sense.

    Common sense isn’t that common


    Dr D said

    Yes, there are people who can’t afford a bed, much less a smartphone. The system is like: who? So go get an iPhone11 for $1000 and only then can you do your banking or sign up for food stamps. Wtf?

    Received an email from telling me to upgrade my mobile because their application will no longer work on my mobile, because they have developed their application without back porting it, which makes me question why I am paying for such a crap email and VPN service and now I have to buy a new mobile to get the service?

    The same happened last year with HSBC, my iphone was too old and their banking app doesn’t work on it, in fact I always have to go into a branch because all their internet banking revolves around your mobile phone to provide codes etc. Why would I upgrade my phone to have internet banking when I can walk into their branch and get some idiot behind a desk to do what I need there and then? When I go in they always tell me that I should do this on internet banking, when I tell them I don’t have a compatible phone, even the droids in the bank tell me to upgrade my mobile. I am not spending 1000 USD on a new mobile when a walk to the bank gives me exercise, making me live a better life.




    The Russian have finally concluded that the only way to achieve any sense of security with the Empire of Lies to to Annihilate all their proxies, as a demostration prelude to Annihilating them if they continue.

    The Empire of Lies Sheeple, who collectively have their communal heads so far up their communal asses that they observing world looking through their communal belly button.

    The West’s Sheeple are facing the same choice the Russians are facing from the Satanic Blood Drinking Monsters that ‘govern’ the West.

    If you don’t kill them, they will kill you.

    It’s very simple.

    The Russians are taking care of Russia

    Kill or be killed time, ding, ding, ding goes the wakeup bell.

    The Collective West is proceeding with it’s own updated version of:

    Wisconsin Death Trip

    “Wisconsin Death Trip charts a myriad of numerous grim and bizarre occurrences that took place in and around Jackson County, Wisconsin—in particular, the city of Black River Falls—between 1885 and 1910. In addition to a disintegration of the local economy after the closure of several industrial mines, the populace is plagued by a diphtheria epidemic that claims the lives of numerous children, as well as a series of violent crimes, murders, suicides, arsons, religious delusions, mental illness, and superstitions.”

    Hey, there’s even a film of it for the illiterate



    upstateNYer said

    aspnaz: #128830

    Seriously? Awfully harsh.

    Since Covid started, I have moved house to get away from restrictions and then, when that wasn’t enough, escaped to Taiwan. The regulations have mostly ended so I am back in Hong Kong. Many people here in Hong Kong left for their home countries during the pandemic, not because of fear of Covid but because the regulations were overwhelming, also resulting in many companies and their empolyees leaving Hong Kong. I am willing to do that because of the Covid regulations and sacrifice my job in the process.

    If you have children in a war zone and have the opportunity to leave – like walking over the border – then why would you not put your children’s lives first? Your first duty as a parent is to care and protect the children you decide to have, if you choose not to do that then why are you not condemned? Surely a war zone is more serious than suffering from Covid regulations, so if I can get off my arse and fix things as best I can for myself and my wife, why was this woman not able to walk her kids over the border to save their lives? Maybe you suggesting that she could not see what was happening around her?

    My comment is nowhere near as harsh as the reality her kids are going to experience. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help her or her children, lets hope there are not too many like her around, more cannon fodder for Zelensky.


    Kill or Be Killed Time

    Buckle up little dogies




    RFK Jr: The Pentagon and the National Security Agency Ran the Entire Pandemic Response



    Ritter discussing UKE chemical weapons :


    TAE and Germ are doing a fantastic job of making the health leader dance around the truth
    transnational infrastructure
    global security – Share – not yours, not mine, its ours, its peace, its not war
    What is real sham and a global-scale fraud, deceit and lies.
    Place your bets
    International Monetary Fund …. unsecured debts …. existing IMF constraints on lending to a country at war.
    Why do people believe in Covid19. Alpha and Delta are long gone.

    Omicron and variations rule the world with a sniffle.


    Red — Hear Hear! Yours is a voice of calm reason and understanding. Always look forward to your posts in the Comments section of TAE. I am referring to something you wrote on 2/10/23.

    My husband first came to TAE via his following of the Peak Oil awareness in the early 2000’s. He first became aware of Ilargi on The Oil Drum back then.

    As for the in-fighting in the Comments section on TAE, I have had enough of it. Probably some others have as well. How about if people stop calling each other rude names and instead write about what they know, on politics, medicine and everyday life?

    If you want to insult people, why don’t you start your own blog instead of burdening TAE with your nonsense and name-calling? It is amazing to me that Ilargi allows you the luxury of attacking others instead of engaging in thoughtful comment and occasional debate. And to get so far afield of what Ilargi has shared with us on his blog.

    Oroboros — Something you once wrote led me to believe you may live in the Philadelphia area. If so, I would love to meet you. It is hard to find people nearby who share our general world view and with whom we can speak our minds freely.

    Very much appreciate Ilargi and TAE, but could do without the vitriol some feel compelled to include in their comments.

    These comments were first written on Friday, February 10, so I am referencing comments that were made on TAE that day.

    Dr D Rich


    You wrote: “Hey, there’s even a film of it for the illiterate”


    No, sincerely more seriously light-hearted some people learn mysteriously by not ever reading books while those making books and publishing research are busy translating their thoughts, original and likely vitally important, into written form. Then the rest of us are expected to read those books and articles then translate the information for our patients (in medicine) or write it down on a test. Pedantic I know.

    Yet a “type” exista that/who doesn’t or can’t learn by reading and yet is forced by society to learn to interpret text. The concept of the autodidact hardly touches on the form but comes close as anything to the description.

    Then there’s Tulsi with her migratory white ‘sidelock’ no longer legitimately a forelock. Her choice.
    Gabbard must be relieved psychiatry removed ‘migratory white forelock’ from Borderline Personality Disorder diagnostic criteria in transition from DSM-2.6.3 to DSM-4

    Diagnostics and Statistics Manual for Mental Disorders or DaSMfMD.

    I can’t resist closely with forme fruste Tulsi as the omnipresent queen of projection or is it projective identification;

    Tulsi: 1. ““Her desire to be commander-in-chief that she’s had for a very long time has nothing to do with ensuring the safety and security of the American people”
    2. “It has everything to do with the fact that if there’s a war to be fought, she wants to be the one with her finger on that proverbial trigger”

    Gabbard knows Hillary because she looked into the mirror. After all why should men like our nation’s current Curtis Lemay, General Mike Minihan, be the only leaders permitted to openly opine about killing others for “enhanced food tasting and love making” and also be promoted rather than bound, gagged, straightjacketed, and administered electroconvulsive therapy?


    Unidentified object floating are called “floaters” not balloons.


    aspnaz, who are we to judge anyone, much less “condemn” them?

    …. Well stated. Agree.

    D Benton Smith

    Looks like that Alaskan UFO shoot-down debris landed almost on top of where I used to live back in the day (see Colville Lodge, Alaska on Google maps). THAT’S a little spooky.


    Peace. Let’s move on.
    When you say, “I don’t like your opinion”, then that also says that I probably don’t like your opinion.


    On the Brownstone article in top post, link below, about censorship in the USA.

    It kind of misses the point, and erects a symptomatic effect, thus a kind of side issue, as vital, central.

    Naturally there is censorship, and more, like ‘cancelling’ dissident(s), their opinions, etc. Even arresting them, freezing their bank accounts, see, other 5-eyes like Canada and NZ, under Truedough and Fascinda.

    Completely normal in times of war and oligarchic / military / corporate / deranged dictatorship(s), which often masquerade as ‘democratic’ and ‘so good for you’ ..

    Camps are opened up, see Australia’s COV quarantine camps, or the Japanese in camps in the US in WW2 (ok..there are differences..)

    Censorship such as at Twitter is only ‘new’ because the internet has created a new comm. space – plus the instilled naive belief of many that ‘free expression’ exists and/or is upheld holds strong (USA.)

    The piece mentions censorship re. two topics, not where it has been used the most, but where it is is noticeable by the public – COV19 and Urk. war, re. which many ppl have past experience, knowledge, ideas, dearly held principles, etc.

    The similarities between the management of the two are striking.

    > No clear long term plans are made public, hey! day-to-day! management

    > An emphasis on moving ahead and acting fast ’n hard is made, willy-nilly, urgent, panic moves, are implemented

    > Many of the actions are not useful for the stated aim(s) e.g. COV: masks, lockdowns, etc. Ukr.: sending in X months some tanks, arms…

    > No evaluation of past actions, leading to a change of course, or moving to a Plan B, in any ‘reasoned’ way

    > Propaganda is blasted 24/24, but censorship is the TOPIC… 🙂 🙂

    Censorship Operations: Covid, War, and More


    D Benton Smith
    Therefore, I assume that your skin is hardened to blackflies and mosqitoes.


    Airline pilots that cannot see weather balloons do not need to worry, you will not lose you job.
    NORAD is there to help you by shooting them down


    Woke rap

    Who put it together?
    Well, there is JP Sears in the front row, and the teacher in a skirt with blue hair and excessive lipstick are some of the hallmarks he often uses.
    And it uses the term “communist”…a term so often used by the Right.
    Calling the “wokesters” communist completely misses the boat, since the woke leaders consider themselves capitalists, and the woke leaders have no familiarity with the philosophies of Karl Marx and have no affiliation with any communist parties. (Any affiliation with Chinese communists is due to envy of their economy and totalitarian controls over the Chinese people and not due to frustrations with the capitalist class.)
    I wish the Right would substitute “totalitarian” instead, because when totalitarianism is equated with communism it is easy to not catch all of the problems that are occurring because the lens being used to view them is not correct. What leads to totalitarianism is not the philosophy of Karl Marx, but rather when a small cabal gets obsessed with an ideology and then tries to remake the world according to that ideology. Most any idea can be taken too far, and turn into a warped ideology, because a single idea does not explain reality. So, sure, obsession with the philosophies of Karl Marx *can* be turned into an ideology professed by totalitarians, but so can Christian ideologies, and nationalism, and “climate change” and obsession over keeping “everyone safe.”

    I have heard many right-leaning folks (including my own father) express anger at Russia invading Ukraine because the Russians are “Communist.” No, the Russians have not been communist for a few decades now, and the Russians are trying to fend off totalitarianism. See how calling the wokesters communist causes confusion? The Woke folk are likely to be in collusion with the Chinese government (that is totalitarian and professes communism), but they love the Chinese for their totalitarianism, not their communism, and the woke are opposed to Russia (who, in the minds of many, is still seen as a “communist” threat, even though it is no longer communist, and probably less totalitarian atm than the US). Simultaneously, Russia is allied with the Chinese, not because they share communism, nor totalitarian aims, but due to practical (huge shared border, competition with the US,) and economic reasons. And, the woke are also in competition with the Chinese for world dominance. Calling what we detest in the woke movement “communism” seeds confusion. Call it what it is — totalitarianism. We don’t care whether it is the communist form or the fascist form or the woke form — we don’t want to be under totalitarian rule! We want rule of law and democratic means (Republican or direct, the exact form may differ here and there,) of making those laws.

    D Benton Smith

    About those convenient UFOs ( 3 in a day is pretty remarkable ) I have this to say : When someone points with alarm and warns to LOOK! , is a good time to carefully look everywhere else.


    TAE has been talking about this.
    12 Feb, 2023 17:39

    ChatGPT, the almighty AI, is a neoliberal college graduate
    The artificial intelligence chatbot’s learning abilities are being strictly curated to adhere to woke ideology
    Ian Miles Cheong


    Remember this when you hear the wonders of a UBI.
    And pay attention to who is promoting it.

    Once UBI is introduced globally, so will mandatory vaxx. It’s already here:

    Lula says that parents will be forced to vaccinate their children to keep government aid flowing



    Twenty major countries sitting at a current average of 20% all-cause EXCESS deaths.
    Remember – after a pandemic the excess deaths should be lower not higher, as the weaker, ‘dead wood’ would have already been cleared out leaving the healthier and stronger.

    This is alarming and should be properly investigated.
    Has anyone seen a mainstream journalist/outlet cover this?

    Of course not. And most folks think they have a “free press”
    What a hoot.

    Source: Our World in Data


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