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    Vincent van Gogh Snowy landscape with Arles in the background 1888   • How Ball Got Rolling With Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview Proposal (Sp.)
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 12 2024]

    Dr D Rich

    Here’s a test of your medical knowledge and your courage wrapped into one brief question.

    Who do you think wanted the midazolam?
    A. the doctors
    B. the patients
    C. the nurses


    The return on investment for Israel re the body count seems like it’s worth it to them. They get to murder nearly 25 thousand people for 130 captives. Sales and marketing at work in the MIC!

    go stupid people who love to get lied to!


    For the free world:
    For the western world:

    Recognising that western diplomats and their people are basically retarded and only speak in simpleton. It must be great fun releasing these press releases in Russia, the MSM doesn’t know what it is missing, what with its lips firmly locked to the owner’s cock.


    I don’t know if it was entirely necessary to play a sad arpeggio in a minor key under Joe Biden. It just said America in decline. When the chief leadership position looks like that – the predatory forces hungry to pick at the carcass, before it lays in the desert, MUST be waiting to bite off chunks. Must be.

    There will be America for dinner and the banks are hungry.

    Joe Biden will reincarnate as an intestinal worm. Hillary Clinton a persistent migraine.


    For the free world:
    For the western world:

    Looks like the British strap-on has run out of batteries.


    @ Dr D Rich:

    (D) All of the above

    Another question:

    How do pharmaceutical companies promote their products?

    (A) ‘Savvy’ marketing
    (B) Control of research agendas and journals
    (C) Incentivize the medical professionals, and institutions that more-and-more control said professionals
    (D) All of the above


    Re: Russia’s pivot to Asia.

    I fail to understand the benefit of trade with Europe and running pipelines there or energy hubs(Turkey). Maybe a few years ago it mattered. What’s Europe have to offer Russia, or anyone else now? Euros, backed by trillions in debt? What else? Limited natural resources. No industrialization. A spoiled, infantile population. A ethnic map that reminds me of Bosnia 1991.

    Europe will be a giant charity case for the rest of the world. Short term it will be total chaos which must be contained.

    Dr. D

    Biden Pic:

    THIS is what I talk about when there are “No Consequences.” That’s not actually “mercy” is it? That’s not actually love or caring. What about the caring for all the people he will go on to hurt later if he gets away with this?

    A: It’s easier to be a weakling; let’s do that.

    Superbowl: Well, I’m glad all my money’s being put to good use and not feeding the homeless or something.

    Esper: Is that a threat? Don’t tease me. What do you think Republicans hear when you make rosy promises like that?

    Biden takes out a Superbowl ad highlighting his raging inflation. So, who do you think is running things? Also: why do they do this? So the packages stay the same size, but the prices all rise? That’s back where we started.

    Btw, they already did this: 30 years of raging inflation leaking out from the Stock Bubble into food and housing means they ALREADY shinkflationed through one rotation, and it went like this. Shrink, shrink, shrink, shrink. Now an Ice cream is 2/3rds the size and is really obvious! Cereal is half the size! Want a discount? Buy our SUPER size Corn Flakes! In the “Family Size” box! Okay, we did. …Shrink, shrink, shrink, shrink. Now the “Family” is the “Normal” size, the word “Family” was removed about halfway through the shrink, and we’re back to baseline, only with prices doubled. Biden = Shrink, shrink, shrink, shrink…


    So that’s roughly two zeros, times 100. Gas should be $8-10/gal, that’s interesting, Houses $400k, that’s correct, but INCOMES SHOULD BE $150,000/year. Which is EXACTLY what studies show the “Middle Class” requirement is, that is, to do savings, college, own a car, and take a 1 week vacation a year. But don’t worry: “Progress” their weirdo religion, every single minute of history before ME was inferior.

    …That is also basically the Gold/Dollar purchasing power chart.


    Problem being, it’s not a log chart so you can’t tell it being cut in half 4 more times in the 2000’s, but just looks flat.

    Anyway, btw, “Ice Cream” is still a code word they use with Biden. Ask WikiLeaks and the FBI. Why Pelosi or somebody was looking up for the camera in front of her $5000 fridge the other year. “We’re not gonna stop”. And inflation when a fridge that lasts a mere 10 years costs five grand? A 1949 GE Fridge is still running fine.

    “Republican Plans Once Again Foiled By Republicans” – Bbee

    “WASHINGTON, D.C. — Republicans managed to once again foil the plans of Republicans to accomplish anything whatsoever in Congress.
    Though the Republican party still holds a narrow majority in the House of Representatives, it has struggled to make progress on several aspects of its agenda due to the interference and obstacles placed in its way by the Republican party.
    “We really stopped us in our tracks this time,” said Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. “We have plans to accomplish some big things to help the American people and fix some of the glaring problems facing our nation, but we keep facing strong opposition from us at every turn. If we can’t find a way to overcome us, we’ll continue to keep us from getting things done. We’ve become a real problem for us.”
    The GOP’s latest embarrassing setbacks included failing to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas despite the ongoing migrant crisis at the southern border and a lopsided failure to pass Speaker Johnson’s Israel aid package. Republican lawmakers placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of Republican lawmakers. “It’s those darn Republicans blocking everything we do,” said Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. “The Republicans would get a lot more accomplished if it weren’t for the Republicans.”
    At publishing time, Republicans were making a renewed effort to emphasize the importance of voters electing Republicans to help the Republican party deal with the opposition of the Republican party.” — Bbee

    ““..if past is prologue, watch for the Israeli government to disregard the protests of its partners and benefactors — protests that may be offered primarily for domestic consumption..”

    Why would they? Whenever Israel sinks our ships, we give them more money to try again next time. Or sell our nuclear tech to Pakistan. ♩♩Friendship…just a perfect friendship ♩♩…

    “• Ukraine Should Be A ‘Buffer Zone’ – Orban (RT)

    Does this mean they’re floating a “Buffer Zone” (that is, “surrendering”) while they arm up for an invasion war 6 years from now? They tried a bunch of things, I have to say, pretending it’s their idea for Ukr to be a neutral Buffer Zone sounds best.

    “• EU Openly Threatened Orban For His Reluctance To Finance Kiev (TASS)

    Everyone points out that the EU has SOME animals more equal than others. That is, it’s the final German conquest of Europe that Hitler couldn’t get. Greece: already subjugated and liquidated. Portugal, etc, threatened. Italy, Spain, brought to heel. France, already owned, but next to the Kaiser in the inner sanctum. But to add people? Yeah, hahahahahaha! They hung Ireland out to dry because, ya know, Ireland ain’t European enough. Turkey? STILL hanging them out to dry, clawing their pockets for new “concessions” 20 years later. Etc. And Ukraine never noticed this? They of the EU, the “Garden People” just promise, take, and never sign on?

    We’ve all said this since 1999 and were completely right. The only thing we were wrong about is that their internal control and contradictions hasn’t caused their collapse…yet. “Closing the Collapse Gap”

    Anyway, speaking of Ukraine, what’s Idiot Radio up to?

    “Russia’s Crushing Defeat: The Collapse of the Russian Military” – Ben Hodges, Battlefront News.

    “But how are we going to negotiate if he forbade himself and everyone to do this?”

    Because “We Make S—t Up!!” Laws are for YOU, I have an “Exception” for me. That is, ALL LAWS ARE AN EXCEPTION.

    RFK: clearly he’s cray-cray. Except everything he’s saying has ALREADY HAPPENED. That’s why it’s so controversial: we’re still in the process of denying it.

    “• 10 Million More Refugees Could Flee To Germany If Ukraine Falls – Welt (RT)

    Disaster Capitalism. Remember all those NGOs getting Ten Bil/pop contracts to house migrants out in Greece? Where they were actually living in donated WalMart tents, not a bag of Cheetos in sight? Like that.

    The only way to “Fundamentally Change” the essence of a nation, as Obama says, is “Crisis”. Then we have the 3,000-page bill already pre-written by multinational corporations and passed without reading it, like a good merger of Corporation and State. Like yesterday’s Border Bill, or back long past the Patriot Act, or as we like to call it, “The Fascist Coming Out Party” their Quinceañera. I mean it IS a cut-paste of the Reichstag Fire law, no one noticed?

    (suspect won’t post with additional links)

    Dr. D

    “Zaluzhny with Ukrainian 67th Mechanized”

    “We have patches with SKULLS on them. [The flag] We’ve hung up a photo of mass-murdering Nazis [Bandera]. There’s an Iron Cross on my passport. Are WE the baddies?”

    • Russia Must Permanently Abandon Europe And Turn Fully To Asia (Karaganov)

    I forget who, I think Larry Johnson who said, they lost the big thing in Russia. Russia from 1917 to 1994 was all Stockholm Syndrome, feeling small and weak, inferior in every way to the West, but always looking to them for direction. Since Peter the Great. That’s the key element of running London’s colonial psy-op on them, just like Africa, or the U.S. actually – all our “Schmarty-peoples” look entirely to Europe as the height of civilization instead of mass-murdering tribes who lose their g-d d—d minds and have a war every 50 years that industrially murders everyone they can find in BETWEEN industrially murdering all their colonies in India, Africa, and the Middle East. They actually want to EMULATE Europe. Because no one is more utterly drooling retarded as “Smart People”, especially in University. Let’s Go Eugenics!!! Check your brains at the door.

    Now just like the US Dollar System, Russia said “We were using it” the NSA/Fed could look at it, Morgan and HSBC could PROFIT on it, you MADE them stop using it, putting out both your eyes and emptying your pockets, geniuses. Like Turkey, NATO could have kept Russia going in Stockholm for ANOTHER 100 years, like they just had the last 100. NATO is the one who stopped all that with their war. THEY MADE Russia wake up and feel utter disgust and revulsion for not just NATO, but all limp-wristed, uncaring, transgender, Soviet-impoverished Western Europe. They’re not exactly pooping in the streets of Paris, but close enough as makes no difference. Poland is probably richer than England, outside a few Postal Codes of London now.

    NATO is who broke the spell and made Russia THEIR OWN COUNTRY. For real. Permanently. You can’t reverse that and them obeying, imitating you was priceless. I mean, really, truly of a value infinite. $40 Trillion theft if only you kept it slow. Also the only way you were ever gong to get in there and get their resources out on the cheap with them being a “Commodity Producer” like selling African Uranium for $10 when the price in Paris is $200. But nooooooo, that WASN’T ENOUGH. Infinity profit wasn’t enough.

    Well now Russia’s not a “Commodity Producer” at all. Like the U.S. when we made this turn, they are a fully industrial nation making everything for themselves, and their own independent enjoyment.


    “Farmers Bring Poland To Standstill (RT)

    Poland is also not up for limp-wristed transgender suicide. Their cultural arc doesn’t have them at that 4th turning yet.

    ““The problem is Hur, not a President who not only appeared confused in the press conference but openly lied about various established facts…”

    So…who’s running Biden? We know it’s not Biden. Who let him out of stage in this condition at a minimum? Looks like they’re getting the last juice out of his Pro-Trump puppet show before he’s bounced out the door. There’s no greater ally of the White Hats than the Modern Biden. No one has flipped more Democrats than Biden has.

    “the press is supposed to toe the line, as it has for three years.”

    Hahahaha! Yeah, a day after the Patriot Act, a still-existent press started in on Der Fuhrer “W.” “What do you think you’re doing???” the Press Corp said. Boom! Secret Service grabbed the guy, lifted him up by his arms, and chucked him out the press room door. Everyone watched. “Any More Questions?” Cheney asked. Oh that wasn’t reported back then in 2001? I wonder why.

    “What is notable is that Biden works almost entirely off teleprompters, reading statements clearly crafted by his staff.”

    Suuuuure, Turley, one of you Schmartz-fellowz, that is not suspicious at all. Lord give me patience and bless his heart.

    ““Trump has a curious fortune in critics who seem over time to combust in rather spectacular fashion..”

    Likewise. Just lucky I guess. Lucky in the way that the Admiral of the NSA met with him the day after the election and slid a dossier with everything in it across the table to him. Something like, “Boy, for a public servant that Fani sure owns a lot of houses and takes a lot of vacations, don’t she boy-howdy. Well, enough random chit-chat…”

    Please, by brain hurts that you can’t see this. HOW many hundred times does Trump have to get lucky? Slip on a banana peel, do a perfect backflip and land on his feet like Willy Wonka before you realize it can’t be an accident?

    “• Soaring Debt Pushing Wealthy Nations To ‘Fiscal Death’ – Economist (RT)

    Michael Pento had a comment on this as a fund trader. A) No one expected the Fed to drop $400B in TWO WEEKS on the market when he was predicting recession. And then no report on it since that’s “Normal”, that’s “Capitalism” now. B) when we get this Recession, you know it all goes in reverse, right? Tax revenue falls, and Payments like Unemployment go UP. We built the system and that’s normal, average. Okay, so then the $1 TRILLION deficit / year becomes $ FOUR TRILLION? A Trillion a Quarter? Yup. Who’s going to buy our bonds? Powell is going to lower rates while no one’s buying? No, you’re going to get intractable Brazilian stagflation.

    That’s what they mean by “Nations to a Fiscal Death”.

    The Economist, being a Rothschild paper, is replacing Governments with Corporations, though, all tracked with panopticon and blockchain. No “voting” in sight, as “TINA”, the “Inevitable.”

    Sure, I guess. But 2/3rd of the world isn’t on that part of the Wheel of History. They’re in the Global South and not in the “Collapse” part of the arc. WE ARE. That tiny sliver of the Golden Billion. Only us. And we don’t matter. We’re nobodies. And what we say…who cares?

    When Men in high heels and lipstick show up with a paper gun and no bullets and shout “Jump!”, you giggle and point because you thought they were clowns. They’re NOT clowns? They actually are SERIOUS? God, that’s even funnier!

    ““If Putin and Xi and the Iranians think that they can sit out the conflict,”

    They do NOT think that. So no sense in suggesting it. You’re just 80 and are misreading everything a lot these days.

    “The protests that work are the violent ones by Black Lives Matter and Antifa.”

    Like that. Are we following their BLM agenda under Antifa leaders? No? Then I guess violent protest doesn’t work either, does it? But if the rest of us had, we would have 1) Been arrested, despite what Aspnaz says, 2) Be in an open Civil War. His mind cannot seem to extend to 4th or 5thG warfare. Let me ask it this way: what HAS been working?

    Well Trump and his memes are all laughing themselves silly every day, energized, having a great time, not worn out at all, can’t wait to get up and do it again 3am tomorrow. Harvard and the people with the intelligence of “The View” (but I repeat myself), Disney, Bud, MSNBC are all deflated and melting down, with even COLLEGE kids and Black folks hating them. Trump is polling highest even among DEMOCRAT groups now, and is flipping NYC. Kanye and 50 Cent are MAGA now. Huh. Sounds like NOT having a Civil War in 2020, the “Summer of Love” is going pretty well, isn’t it? If you just hold your horses and relish a scrap where you get a couple black eyes but no worse. It’s glorious. Makes you feel alive.

    He’s of a mindset of the 50’s where you’re either nuking them or you’re not. Either sending troops to Korea, or letting the Russkies do whatever they want. It actually wasn’t true then either, but it CERTAINLY isn’t true now. There are a couple options between hugging someone and shooting them on sight. Look into it.

    “• The Crime Of The Century: Midazolam Murders – Euthanizing The Elderly (Kelly)

    Like Covid are they ever going to look into this and prosecute it? It’s RIGHT THERE, in their own documents. They keep the docs accurate and thorough because like Nazi Germany they’re deeply PROUD of what they did. Thanks, I guess? That makes your trial so much easier.

    Cracks me up:

    Dr D Rich

    @Appalachian boilingfrog

    You asked: years, months ago “Wonder where Dr D Rich went…”

    Sincerely…near year 2 of my personal pandemic, THE Pandemic of my PPL.
    Ask Bruce Cameron MD, Pittsburgh and Appalachia are probably the worst.
    88 negative COVID tests for a disease that’s difficult to discern from MS, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, depression, etc.
    Settling on Tularemia (I thought from inception) and maybe Powassan?sp? virus


    “Here’s a test of your medical knowledge and your courage wrapped into one brief question.”

    None of the above.

    It was the pension fund managers.

    Dr. D

    Invigorated, tonne of funne:

    Dr. D

    I can keep this up all day. If it didn’t HAVE to do it, we would invent it.

    7 years ago now.

    John Day

    DBS ha a lot to say about psychopathic rules of engagement last evening, and Michael Reid said to “act accordingly”. Basically, psychopaths do what they want, take what they want, rape and kill who they want unless stopped.
    I disagree that they intend to “go down in a blaze of glory”. They are threatening to take everybody else down that way, but they have D.U.M.B.s, and private bunkers.
    They would be unhappy in those settings, but they would be temporarily safe.
    Again, I’ll point out that this also protects them from something like a recurring solar micronova and earth’s pole shifting (before 2050).


    PCR doesn’t seem to realize no 1 lifts a finger to stop genocide and starvation for a reason. They all work for the same boss. Mr. Shecklel, from Murder Inc, who promises them godlike status, longevity and complete control over their populations in a NWO. All the world is a stage. Even Kennedy bends over for them after they murdered his dad and uncles. It’s a sad state of affairs with a guaranteed ugly ending. Where are the honorable men? Killed off in the wars…so the gutless and brainwashed could do the bidding of the jews.

    Dr. D

    Go Greta!

    “Doctor, I’m scared of the weather.”
    “Have you tried gluing yourself to a painting?”

    “Y’all should have thought of that before I never read a book.”


    Body Language Cues

    World Class Academy Award Winning Side Eye

    Busted Terrified Treacherous Psychopathic Side Eye



    So I have a mortgage on a $100 million dollar office building with 40% occupancy in an office park with similarly afflicted commercial properties all loosing tenant leases.


    What to do?

    I can hear a giant sucking sound approaching in the distance like the ocean noise in an empty sea shell but getting louder.

    (A) Drop the keys off at the bank and head for the hills

    (B) Sell it to a pension fund at a slight mark down and head for the hills

    (C) Get Pedo Joe to have the federal government buy it at a fabulous markup like an F-35 and head for the hills

    (D) Just get the horse and head for the hills




    A Final Solution to This Philanthropath


    D Benton Smith


    You’ll appreciate this one. Ya know that WSJ spy that Russia caught red handed in Moscow receiving secret Russian defense documents for CIA? You know, he’s the guy that Tucker Carlson suddenly brought up (out of nowhere for no explained reason) and pressured Putin to release to Tuckers “team” for return to America. Yeah, THAT Evan Gershkovich.

    Guess what religion his two Russian immigrant parents were when they fled to America in 1979.

    You get three guesses and the last two don’t count.

    D Benton Smith

    Just as a side note, but still worthy of note, re-listen to the relevant segment of Carlson-Putin interview and notice that by the end of that brief exchange Carlson drops all further pretense that Gershkovich was an innocent and unawares “journalist” and continues to negotiate for his possible release as a straight up spy swap.

    One can only conclude that the parents were CIA spies as well, which makes their son a MULTIGENERATIONAL CIA spook. Makes ya wonder how far back (and to exactly which country) that connection goes. Israel/Mossad wouldn’t surprise me very much.



    “Gates, Soros, Bloomberg and the Clintons represent the evil forces in this world, using their wealth, power, and control of the regime media to push their agenda of chaos, death, destruction, and depopulation.

    They all use their “Charitable” Foundations as a means to their evil ends, while being portrayed by the media they have bought off, as generous philanthropists improving the lives of the poor and downtrodden.

    It is all a ruse, easily revealed to anyone willing to dig just below the surface of these Potemkin foundations….”

    Bill Gates has openly articulated his belief the world needs billions less people.

    Everything he does, supports, and funds, actively promotes achieving his psychotic death wish for those he considers useless eaters.

    Gates funded Event 201 in October 2019, laying out the master plan for the Covid plandemic, while at the same time funding the vaccines for a disease that supposedly didn’t exist yet.

    This psychopath was front and center in pushing billions across the globe to be injected with this untested toxic DNA altering concoction…..”

    Why is Bill still able to fog a mirror?


    Would a been so easy to deal with at this point

    Not so much now


    D Benton Smith


    About that photo-meme you just posted of the guy in an orange hat holding up hand scribbled signs saying that oil is murder.

    Well ya might as well string that stupid bastard up to the nearest lamp post for first degree premediated homicide because pretty much every tangible item in the entire scene is either made with or from OIL. (hat, glasses, necklace, polyester shirt, paper, ink and those stupid fucking plastic sunglasses..


    Then there’s this other issue Duh’merica has yet to confront

    Not just routine Ritual Humiliation


    Ritual Sacrifice at the core of the Cabal


    Over at Danny Haiphong

    Scott Ritter & Larry Johnson: Russia Has Demilitarized NATO and Ukraine Will Be Annihilated

    No negotiations, Russia be done bro, any talk of talk is just ‘chin music’.




    D Benton Smith

    The tricky part about taking down psychopaths is in stopping them without becoming them.

    Power IS power, ya know?

    Dr. D

    Yes, the whole point of the 3 minute video: naming things made of oil.


    The blatant voter of 2020 was never systemically addressed or corrected.

    The Rethuglican branch of the Uni=party couldn’t find their own asses looking for them with both hands.

    What a shock

    Gotta get them illegals positioned correctly in the right swing states to “vote”


    D Benton Smith

    Here’s the thing about that Cabal that’s trying to finish digesting the world before choking to death on that last bite. It’s not like it’s a spying enterprise, and it’s not like it’s a business enterprise. It’s a SPYING BUSINESS ENTERPRISE.

    And if you don’t want to fry your brain and scare yourself shitless then DO NOT even start to think about how that enterprise actually works. If you go down that rabbit hole of exactly who works for whom, and who knows something that someone else doesn’t know, then the sight of your butt going down that hole might be the last we ever see of you.

    I sure know that I never made it back, and thank God for that. It was a close call.


    Whoever fights monsters
    should see to it that in the
    process he does not become
    a monster
    Friedrich Nietzsche


    Word is finally spread in Duh’merica


    D Benton Smith

    Suppose that the Bad Guys finally managed to succeed in their quest to steal an entire country and make it their own private possession.

    What would they have won?

    Why, they would have a won a country made up entirely of people too dumb or scared to stop them.

    Doesn’t seem like much of a prize to me, but if that’s what they really want then I say fine, let them come and take it.


    The protests that work are the violent ones by Black Lives Matter and Antifa

    I’m not so sure. Protests that advance the interests of the elite tend to bring immediate results because the elites were looking for an excuse to administer the results.

    Violent protests that do not threaten the lives nor property of the elites in a large way have a tendency of back-firing, because the elites can easily spin-doctor public sentiment away from the desires of the protestors.

    Violent protests that actually threaten the elites might work, but are difficult to effectuate because the elites tend to be keep themselves protected.

    Peaceful protests are of two types: (1) welcomed by elites (probably funded by them), or (2) unwelcomed by elites.

    #1 are used to justify policies that the elites want to implement, as a means of garnering popular sympathy and support.

    #2 are brutally put down, participants punished, especially economically and by the courts.

    Regardless, the most important factor is actually public sentiment. That is why the elites have spent so much time and energy perfecting the tools of advertising and propaganda. The elites have been very self-congratulatory of late, believing that whatever they role-play in their table-top exercises can become reality-on-the-ground. But with Covid and the c-injection they overplayed their hand. “Pride goeth before the fall.” Hubris. Not fully making their mark with the pandemic did not deter them, they continue on. But reality is cracking their narrative.

    “White lies” often go unnoticed. And one can let a few whoppers slide without immediate repercussions. But the giant lies keep stacking up, and you “can’t fool all of the people, all of the time.” It doesn’t work. Even if you have ungodly sums of money and resources and AI in your pocket.


    From the end of Edward Curtin’s latest:

    Terra Incognito

    By D. H. Lawrence

    There are vast realms of consciousness still undreamed of
    vast ranges of experience, like the humming of unseen harps,
    we know nothing of, within us.
    Oh when man has escaped from the barbed-wire entanglement
    of his own ideas and his own mechanical devices
    there is a marvellous rich world of contact and sheer fluid beauty
    and fearless face-to-face awareness of now-naked life
    and me, and you, and other men and women
    and grapes, and ghouls, and ghosts and green moonlight
    and ruddy-orange limbs stirring the limbo
    of the unknown air, and eyes so soft
    softer than the space between the stars,
    and all things, and nothing, and being and not-being
    alternately palpitant,
    when at last we escape the barbed-wire enclosure
    of Know Thyself, knowing we can never know,
    we can but touch, and wonder, and ponder, and make our effort
    and dangle in a last fastidious fine delight
    as the fuchsia does, dangling her reckless drop
    of purple after so much putting forth
    and slow mounting marvel of a little tree.

    The Unexpected


    It would seem I have reflexes that a cat might envy:

    Error: Slow down; you move too fast.
    Error: Duplicate reply detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that.

    Me thinks the system is the slug not my extreme speed! Said the two finger typist.




    Tesla vehicles
    There is likely a place in the economy for electric vehicles…but replacing fossil fuel vehicles entirely isn’t it. Additionally, they need need to be safe, (not prone to explosion,) not promote human misery in open pit mines in the Congo, and at a price point that makes them competitive for their niche.


    I’m actually old enough to remember this scene on the subway


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