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    V. Arnold: I hear you, man; and those entities would say that, now wouldn’t they ?

    funny old world.

    Farmer McGregor

    “Ilargi’s comment section has devolved into personal bull horns for those with many words and nothing to say or add to this blog…
    It is one reason I rarely comment any longer…”
    –@v. arnold

    Gotta chime in on this: I have come to greatly value the commentariat on this site for various reasons. They are informed, inciteful, and often highly entertaining. My little homestead suffers a certain amount of neglect due to the time I waste (?) keeping up on TAE. I know of no other forum as valuable as this.

    My deepest thanks to Raul for all he does. Secondly to the various folks here: Dr. D., Dr. John Day, the other doctor, bosco, Germ (who’s offerings are priceless), TDK, VP, etc. (failure to mention any others is not intended as a snub in any way). I wish many of you were my neighbors where I could pursue actual personal relationships with you.

    Of course, there’s that ‘deflate’ thing that happens here; I quickly scroll past its/his/her/their posts. Not. Interested.

    p.s. to Dr. John Day: I cannot convey the sense of respect I have for you. I would love to talk homesteading with you since I have a fair amount of experience and some ideas I think you would find valuable.


    Bosco: TPTB haven’t figured out how to take/tax our funny bone yet. Emphasis on yet, all though I’m sure they are working feverishly day and night to either monetize or abolish it.


    Zero tolerance

    Mister Roboto

    Yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious that we’ve crossed the “whatever-is-going-to-happen-will-just-happen” event horizon. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the other shoe to drop. It would appear that the printed-money tsunami is putting off the shoe-dropping date for just a tiny bit while longer.


    I wanna join Farmer McGregor (awesome handle) in applauding Dr. Day, whose Injun name must surely be Walks His Talk.


    “Bosco: TPTB haven’t figured out how to take/tax our funny bone yet. Emphasis on yet, all though I’m sure they are working feverishly day and night to either monetize or abolish it.”

    I believe that the most powerful opposition to TPTB is to ignore them and do whatever you want with whatever it takes.

    Of course, you’ll expose yourself to increased risk of danger, but war is war, last I heard.

    So, fuck TPTB. I wouldn’t pick any of them for my side in a baseball game.


    DB Smith,

    You pointed me in the direction of the Corona investigation committee. It it appears they did a model (mock proceeding) of what they would bring forward in an actual crimes against humanity trial. Do I have that correct?


    This is not a peaceful protest,”
    Really? Where’s the violence? Can you show me?

    Here it is Dr. D, straight from the BBC:

    Critics say protesters have been allowed to throw what at times resembled a party in the streets of Ottawa with minimal repercussion, complete with bouncy castles, barbeques and even a hot tub.

    The violent “terrorists” have deployed that most feared of terrorist weapons, the bouncy castle.


    Russia Withdraws Some Troops From Ukraine Border After Media Said Invasion Was Imminent

    Thought this was the Babylon Bee

    There goes Putin dope slapping old White Joe again.

    Last time the Russian’s ‘assisted’ Donbass and Luhansk they used an amazing amount of long range artillery to cut the Uki-nazis to ribbons. Russian artillery goes 60 to 250 miles, Russian doesn’t need to send in troops with firepower like that. That massive Russian artillery barrage from their side of the border forced the Uki-nazis in Kiev to go for the Minsk Agreement.


    The Ass Clowns of NATO think a war with Russia is a Fun House Ride



    This is a really nice compilation.

    [..] My objective here is to provide a framework that allows for the average person to understand one of the key Covid hypotheses: that SARS-CoV-2 was created in a lab PRIOR to 2019.


    Tragic, same thing happened to a friend of mine grandson (13) a week ago. Fortunately, did not die but flatlined for five minutes. Still in ICU, doing better. Healthily athletic (playing basketball in the moment). Jabbed 1 month earlier.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Canada Invokes Emergency Powers To Deal With Trucker Protest (RT)”

    It’s just for two weeks to flatten the protest. Trust me.


    Russians love their artillery rockets and they have a lot pointed at the contact line between the Donbass and Luhansk.

    During WWII the Russian Katyusha rocket barrage was a devastating weapon against the Nazis.

    The new version of the Katyusha is a magnitude more effective.

    They have a bi-zillion of them now.

    Imagine a barrage of these things going for hour on your position, the noise alone is terrifying

    Here’s the older one from WWII

    and another

    Formerly T-Bear

    V. Arnold at # 101339

    Would observe that old time condition of ‘first impression’ still works its magic. Few of the ‘commentariat’ here at TAE have ever improved their starting marks, quite a few have succeeded in lowering theirs, almost as hard as raising them but like plumbers can tell you, gravity has its ways. For most having neutral starting marks, they will be looked at, most likely given a full reading and then forgotten. Those having either a low or negative starting mark usually end in the world of flyover, not worth the candle. One, a Dr. D (uh), began there and after all these years is still flyover world material although once they did a fair reproduction of the essay form and I did give favourable comment, but was likely not noticed. My input here is of little note anyroad. Thank you for voicing your observations, of the art and now of the quality of presentation in the commentariat. Not often will an image through a clear mirror be given that we might see our selves as others see us. Again Thanks.


    Ugo Bardi’s recent articles have seemed odd to me: a promising beginning, a middle third veering into a wordy just-so story; and the last couple of paras sounding like they were written by some different friend- maybe from the WEF. Last one I read had some ending w/ Google possibly bringing us a better world..

    I guess it depends on who “us” is.


    My impression is Trudeau’s inflammatory language toward the Truckers has not been an accident,
    and that this careful ratcheting-up by the Authorities in North America has been planned for some time.

    NZ > AUS > CAN > ..

    the narrative is crumbling™


    “It’s just for two weeks to flatten the protest. Trust me.”



    So many carefully-chosen images (amongst other things), and what a lot of work!



    I’m intrigued by the judgment committee that has appointed itself to judge the merits of others’ posts among themselves while rarely, if ever, directly addressing those they criticize. I think there’s a word for that?


    Re: Katyusha rockets. One sees the weapons we’ve made to harm each other and has difficulty imagining that they won’t be used. Is velly velly sad this makes me… then I remember there’s nothing I can do about it, and resume practicing my super-duper smile.


    Re: judgment committees and related phenomena: a forum like this is like junior high in a goldfish bowl. At 66 years old, I should be used to human behavior. But it amazes me more than ever, which is a blessing: keeps things interesting, at least.


    It’s also like a lunatic asylum in a goldfish bowl. Cliques form in asylums too. One clique is all about data. They’re the 20% who do the hardest work while the remaining 80% do what we do. Another clique is all Spy vs Spy, trust nobody, my roommate is a cyborg, I just know it. Another clique is all You Kids Get Offa My Lawn! Another clique writes smorgasbords at length cuz they’re more or less graphomaniacs who nonetheless often have very valuable insights to share.

    Those who can, do. Those who can’t, judge.

    D Benton Smith


    We were made an offer, but I got suspicious when I found out that the road was an unpaved two-track over in New Jersey that dead ended at an abandoned landfill.


    That song Dr. D shared said, Let’s keep talking…. the implication was clearly TO each other not ABOUT each other, but we can take the 20th Century Euromerican hominid out of junior high but you can’t take the junior high out of the 20th Century Euromerican hominid.

    So yes, pls, let’s keep talking nonproductive smack about each other. Indeed.

    The Torture Never Stops


    DBS/Red: we’d clearly specified we required a FULL landfill.


    btw, it’s fun to blow your horn. We all want to be acknowledged, understood, respected and loved. (I stole that from a Yogi herbal tea bag string tag aphorism.I encourage everyone here to blow their horn. Just don’t ask me to do it for you.

    A Penny for Your Toots


    Does the Canadian Emergency Powers Act stipulate a maximum period of time that it may be invoked, or may it remain invoked indefinitely? It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s can be permanent or at least indefinite. How convenient. Yep, this is what TPTB wanted: choose not to deal with a situation, let it grow, declare it a threat, and bring out the big guns to “fix” it. Forever.

    I don’t know if Australia has similar legislation. Wouldn’t surprise me that it has but so far nationally we’ve been unproblematic for TPTB.

    Rationing can be useful, especially now that we seem to be hitting limits to growth. (Look up Doughnut Economics.) Otherwise the market will drive up the price of a resource and trade in it until it’s utterly exhausted, or until hoarding and black-marketeering make it unavailable anyway. The caviar sturgeon is a good example: because caviar is always a valuable and lucrative commodity, overfishing has taken place. Not enough replacement. The result is that the very last sturgeon will be caught and cheerfully slaughtered for the last bit of caviar and the last bit of income for the fisherman, and then what? The market mechanism acts more quickly than natural replenishment cycles.

    We’ve also got to be careful about freedom, what it is and how we do it. No-one has utter freedom; we all live in communities and must make allowances for each other. It’s a balancing act. In relatively peaceful times we all along quite well; times of stress and trials reveal the weaknesses and gaps.

    I stumbled upon this excellent observation yesterday (emphasis mine):

    Why would roughly 4% to 12% of CEOs be psychopaths (I’ve seen as high as 20% claimed, implying psychopaths might be statistically around 25 times as likely to become CEOs)? What is it about the human condition, or this era of civilization, that pushes the most potentially destructive people to the top of decision-making hierarchies? Is there some process inherent in the machinations of life on Earth that allows for this, and that we can deconstruct in order to prosper in a new era of happier, healthier, and less existentially dangerous living? Is there a way to decentralize power so as to limit the damage psychopaths might do, or better encourage hierarchies of competence and wisdom?

    Is there a way? Sorry to be glum but under present circumstances, no. The lesson of history is that one lot of psychopaths is cleared away and another lot rise to the surface. Sigh.

    What if the invasion of Ukraine does not place as advertisied? Another triumph of Western diplomacy! Can’t lose.


    @ Bosco
    “ ‘If you don’t think that agriculture ISN’T taking, you don’t know much about agriculture.”

    That sounds like a linear, rather than cyclical, perspective.

    In the past few weeks my father, partner, and I shoveled away the rocks and cut away the ground cloth that was placed over a decade ago to prepare for a new garden bed. We loosened the soil. About a week ago I shoveled out about 6” of soil from a 3’ by 8’ area. Then I amended the bed with compost from the front yard compost pile and dug up some of the ground in the chicken yard (shit compounded with plants, stomped flat by hens, gradually turning to soil) and added that as well to the garden bed. Yesterday I placed corn, beans, squash, and melon seeds and connected the soaker hoses to the timed irrigation and covered it all with finely composted material from the backyard compost heap. Today I planted sunflower seeds, pulling them from the dead flower head that I saved from last year. I thoroughly soaked the new bed.

    Together the plants and I — and the hens, who get fed the weeds and other roughage from the garden — are participating in living cycles. The giving and receiving is perpetual, so that it is difficult to ascertain where one begins and the other ends.


    “You ever see the Austist Army working? They could find one flag on one pole, somewhere on earth, on someone’s private property, in 24 hours.”

    That cracked me up. I’ve had many friends on the scale (awesome people). Waldo is Found at Last!


    Why? People have empires to STEAL the periphery. They would never do that if peripheries COST you money: they MAKE you money. But here he says it reversed. Why? Empires can’t have “enormous costs” if they did, nations would go bankrupt with the first attempt at conquest, long before they reach the multi-state absorbtion of a whole “Empire.”

    Only well-run empires profit from their imperialism, Doc. The USSR was anything but a well-run empire.
    Our empire is not run well either, hence its current collapse.


    Anyone remember these guys?

    Silver Paper is not Fiat Currency


    On Information assymetry in this here darpaNet age (before you click: that site’s owned by Amazon, and so on and so forth):


    I like reading John Day’s blog posts, and Mr. House’s comments here, when he’s around.

    a kullervo

    And please note that neither Dr. Fauci nor Dr. Collins nor Dr. Lane have any formal training in epidemiology.
    Robert Malone

    I’ve always wondered where did the first university professors got their formal training from.
    Formal training is a lame explanation and a poor substitute for solid common sense.
    Robert Malone is just another actor, hired to keep the gullible in the anti-vaxx aisle on their toes.


    Hired by who?


    “That sounds like a linear, rather than cyclical, perspective.”

    When you factor in all the plants and animals whose lives and homes were taken or disrupted to mine this metal for your garden hoe and sprinkler hardware and chicken wire, etc., or to clear that field or grow the seeds you plant, etc. etc., you see taking. ALL life is taking. The corn doesn’t want to be cut. The gophers don’t want to lose their home, the cow doesn’t want to be slaughtered…

    Harvest is another word for slaughter. Planting is another name for usurpation.

    All that said, yes, it seems possible to live in reasonable balance with nature and (I guess I’ll call it) karma. It is possible to live in a locality and minimally take your share while also giving back to the cycle. But only on a very small local strict scale with all human players in agreement on this. Once you start trading with others for stuff obtained elsewhere, you have to trust that the sources of this stuff are not taking more than giving. Humans are not trustworthy unless closely monitored, as in a small tribe. Not monitored as in surveillance, but that small close tribal lifestyles make it hard to hide actions that go against the agreed tribal ethos, including those about the taking of life.

    Hunter-gathering/agriculture aren’t inherently less takeful than each other. Hunters have wiped out lots of megafauna in the past 100K years or so, I understand. But agriculture can easily be turned into creating surplus. Any surplus more than that which is needed as a famine hedge, incites greed and from there it rolls steadily downhill to where we are today. It’s like what Ben Franklin said about standing armies being an invitation to mischief.

    All forms of living require the taking of life, period. That is axiomatic. First order linear logic.

    But humans can live symbiotically with nature, so that all creatures in the cycle take turns taking, while giving in different ways, especially by dying and letting some hungry soul eat the remains (which humans mostly don’t do, unless we count the souls of worms and bugs and microbes). Second order planar logic.

    Perhaps someday we can follow that second order logic to the third order tri-axial logic of the dream of the lion dying down with the lamb.

    I lived and worked on a farm for a few years when I was a youngblood. I’ve milked cows and goats and dug wells and planted gardens and all that. I’ve killed many animals personally. They did NOT appreciate having their bodies taken from their souls. First chicken I killed, I hyper-conscientiously chopped too high up the neck. This left its larynx intact so as it danced around, like the chicken with its head cut off that it was, it cussed me blue bloody murder.

    All life takes. “The great peril of our existence lies in the fact that our diet consists entirely of souls.” say the Inuit, a people whose men will sit by a seal’s breathing hole for hours waiting for one to rise to breathe whereupon it gets a barbed spear smack through its face. That man understands taking of life. Few if any of we modern Euromericans do, even those who do it for a living, because they kill/take so much/so constantly that they don’t even see the life they’re killing as life. Just a job.

    Like everything else these days. A job.


    I don’t necessarily agree that “Malone is just another actor..”, but the self-discrediting that the opposition to vaxx mandates and such does is a curiousity.

    An example from here today:

    “Cure” is quite a strong word- is it supportable?


    Cognitive dissonance, ambiguity, uncertainty are difficult to endure. We prefer things to be stable and still. Generally, this means in this case that people either become almost unconditionally trusting of TPTB, or almost unconditionally suspicious of the powers that be.

    Dang stuff just won’t sit still, and keeps walking dirty prints all over our nice clean kitchen floor.


    “I’ve always wondered where did the first university professors got their formal training from.”

    You are perhaps overlooking this aspect: the general public naturally believes that these men are certified experts in their field. The origins of certification as a practice is not unworthy of looking into, but probably not very relevant to how the likes of Fauci are perceived by the public.

    The public would not be as impressed by them if they knew they weren’t epidemiologists or virologists, etc., but professional bureaucrats.

    Veracious Poet

    Now how do the “Rich get richer” again? As a “Natural” thing? It ain’t natural. It’s fraud you won’t prosecute, protest, and not-participate, because the people themselves are aspiring fraudsters.

    So his entire worldview of shortages and prices is in major error, even as generally his conclusions are right. But for the wrong reasons. It’s a big difference if we don’t have resources, they’re depleted, or if we’ve got all everybody needs but some rich chump is stopping and hoarding it.

    The Robber Barons never went away, They (families) just engaged in a coup d’etat from 1913 > 1933 to infiltrate, invalidate, snatch & grab the system We the People should have employed to reign in their criminal organizations within the former Republic…

    FDR’s family was a minority shareholder in the Robber Barons’ Federal Reserve, with FDR receiving his monthly “allowance” from his mother, until he croaked.

    Of course, as you stated, the focus became external (international) once the “The Narrative” neutered the American serfs, with Nixon signing the coup de grâce into “Emergency Powers” law in 1971…

    Once “people themselves” became “aspiring fraudsters” the illusion came full circle, a cultural norm as they say.

    The propaganda of socialism for the wanton (Doletariat), institutionalized LEGAL fascism for captains of industry (TPTB/TBTF) ~ The proverbial carrot & the stick (Emergency Powers)…

    Who needs Natural Law?


    ““Cure” is quite a strong word- is it supportable?”

    You get real sick with something, use a treatment that helps your body heal, you heal, you’re cured. Yes, it is supportable. Ivermectin is a cure, for example.

    100% effective? What is? Some people are allergic to antibiotics. But for most of us, anti-bs cure infection.


    After all, no one is going to remove covid from the environment. It’s here to stay sans magical nanobot swarms that scour the planet, or similar sci-fantasy fever dream. Maybe Musk is already on it?

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