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    Leonardo da Vinci Ginevra de’ Benci 1474-78   • The Global Covid Vaccination Campaign Is Courting Catastrophe (Kohlmayer) • New Research Points T
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    State of CA is officially planning to silence all MDs by taking away their licenses for good for ANY speech they believe to be “covid misinformation” — would make it impossible for any doc to say anything that’s not 100% in agreement with the state!

    V. Arnold

    @ Germ

    The capture is complete; trust nothing.

    Get out while you can; but, where to go is not clear…
    …the reach of the galoots is global…but…not 100%…

    This is likely the end game…but, this one cannot be certain of much of anything at this juncture; so, every man for themselves…………….


    So now at least I know I don’t have to go into hiding.

    My views, actions, opinions and expression are just being hidden with the full support of my global country-men.

    I feel like I can start to relax and get back to fiddling while Rome burns.

    Might change my handle from Oxy to Nero

    V. Arnold

    Leonardo da Vinci Ginevra de’ Benci 1474-78

    That painting is exquisite; a godess captured on a canvas…


    Everything we can think of can and will be used against you.

    Canada Says ‘Freedom Convoy’ Seeks Regime Change

    A senior Canadian security official has said the anti-vaccine-mandate ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest is driven by a desire to overthrow the government, disputing demonstrators who insist they are fed up with the country’s pandemic restrictions. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino questioned the protesters’ motives, suggesting that outrage over ongoing vaccine mandates is merely cover for a more sinister agenda. “There have been those who have tried to characterize these illegal blockades about vaccines and mandates and fatigue with the pandemic,” he said. “That is not what is driving this movement right now.”

    What is driving this movement is a very small, organized group that is driven by an ideology to overthrow the government. While thousands of protesters have descended on the capital city of Ottawa and elsewhere to peacefully demand an end to the mandates, Mendicino cited a group of 11 demonstrators at a border crossing in Coutts, Alberta who were found to be carrying firearms and ammunition, calling the incident a “cautionary tale.” “The seizure of a significant number of illegal firearms by a group that is very committed to the cause is something that we need to be very sober about,” said Mendicino, an ex-federal prosecutor. The 11 individuals were reportedly taken into custody and charged with weapons offenses on Monday.



    Bill7, that was clever.


    @TDK re yesterday’s #101520

    Yes, I still maintain that masks work, and I think the analysis in that link is some of the worst I have ever seen.

    Following the principle of Occam’s Razor, masks are the best explanation for why Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Singapore have done much, much, much much much better over the last two years than the West. No, it’s not the kimchee. No, it’s not the sweet and sour pork. No, it is not the sushi. No, it’s not even the chili crab. It’s the masks.

    Yes, cases have finally taken off in Japan and Korea. More than 90,000 cases in Korea today. Proof positive that masked never worked, right? Not so fast. This is all Omicron, which we all know is much more contagious. The masks were never expected to be a perfect shield to keep cases at zero. They were only intended to produce better overall outcome than what we would see if there had been no masks. Even though cases are way up, they are still much much lower per capita than we saw in the US, even though population density is much higher. Yes, the masks work. No, they are not perfect. But they the reason the numbers are better, obviously better, and why the numbers will very likely continue to better on a per capita basis in Korea and Japan than in Western countries.

    I look at the overall picture, the biggest clinical trial on the effectiveness of masking that has ever been conducted, and I declare victory! I know this will not sit well with many here, but just look at the data!


    Get out while you can; but, where to go is not clear…

    I think the best bet is a non-Western country, where you don’t speak the language, and where most human interaction is with people you know personally. V. Arnold, I might join you down in Thailand. The Korean countryside would be OK, but city living here in Seoul is becoming too expensive, and living with 25 million neighbors is not good for the nerves. My first choice would be Nong Khai on the Laos border. Great memories of that hamlet . . .


    Germany –

    Digital iD, Vaxx status, banking, sign documents, payments etc. etc.

    You’ll love using it.

    It will make life so much easier. 🤣🤣🤣

    Until they “turn you off” for not getting your 5th booster when told to. 🤡🤣🤡


    “The Russian Foreign Ministry has called on Western media outlets to publish a full list of dates on which Russia will invade Ukraine for the year ahead, so Russian diplomats can schedule their vacations accordingly.

    This is not satire. They did this”


    @Boog – as much as I love Thailand, it’s been a very repressive state.

    And, as you may know – in Thailand: A Farang always remains a Farang!


    “Pay attention – not a single western leader has spoken out against Trudeau”



    Are you based in Thailand now? As repressive as it may be, does it still seem repressive if you do not read the news?


    I shall not waste my time arguing about masks. It’s a sucker play. The facts on their uselessness were established decades ago. Plus it’s just plain common sense. It’s like arguing with people who believe the moon is made of cheese – a waste of time and energy.

    PS it’s not my fault so many people are big cheese lovers. Especially government bureaucrats.

    PPS Mask mandates have one single purpose: to humiliate people. No one can show their face in public without the government’s permission.


    Bill7, I enjoyed your sharing portraits of your past even if you used it as a means to fling poo. (Everybody needs a hobby,) I enjoyed the sense of self you expressed and the images of of your life. I still weary of your obsession with the paid shill label you so easily dispense when comments sit wrong with him, but a hobby is a hobby..


    I read the Kunstler article yesterday(and a big thank you to TAE for sharing his & Denninger’s articles). I thought it quality writing as usual. So what if he doesn’t believe it’s a globalist coup. Maybe Martin Armstrong has personal knowledge about these people. Personally, I do not know a single globalist. What I believe can only be speculation. Basically believing what I want to believe. I will not allow that to spoil my reading Kunstler’s writing.

    I must ask: must be pick fights with people who are basically on our side? Who needs the government & media to divide and control when some of us are willing to do their dirty work for them?

    Dr. D

    They did it! It finally happened! A neuron went off!

    “the NYT’s Matthew Rosenberg – have started asking themselves and their (few remaining) readers the much more difficult question of why is public trust of media so low. Saying “Joe Rogan is what he is. We in the media might want to spend more time thinking about why so many people trust him and not us.”

    Again, for the 40th time: Joe Rogan gets high and talks about tripping b—s on DMT with the machine elves and finding trans-dimensional Bigfoot among aliens. WHO do you think, that ever heard him, would get their direct medical advice from a drug-smoking talk show host? And he didn’t either: he got a prescription from a doctor but had the temerity to admit it — that is to say his ‘lived experience’ and actual, physical, objective reality — in public. Nuclear. Thou-shalt-not-allow-doctors-to-speak-or-discuss-that-which-shall-not-be-named.

    So…ahem. NY Times finally noticed that someone with the credibility of the Weekly World News plugging “Batboy Marries Elvis” is 1,000 times more credible than they are. …After 25 years of this crap, straight-line non-stop, all-war, Kong slappin’ the nuke out the back door all the way down, faster faster, arriba arriba!

    And Rogan is. Asking a single honest question to a single good-faith actor and listening to the honest answer is more than all media combined has done in the last 21 years.

    Asking interesting questions to interesting people and writing down what they say for you is the very definition of “Journalism.” But that would not know that, as they are unintelligent, illiterate people who cannot spell words with crayons.

    “Now the US & Russia Are Holding Massive Rival Military Drills in Middle East”

    So they let them in on the Syria landing, and removed from Ukraine? We’re reacting to them, sounds like Russia is running the show, leading us around by the nose. Why not just run back and forth until we get tired and stupid? Sure, now RE-attract them to Syria, then take Ossetia? Or suddenly pretend to take Ossetia and land in Tartius. Or start in Syria then take Ossetia, then take Idlib? When they’re leading the dance, they’re in control. When they’re in control, you lose. But when you can’t play checkers, it’s no wonder they steal your candy.

    By the way, as Cait said today, it’s just an amazing coincidence that all the fighting in Syria is underneath the path for a billion dollar gas pipeline. And that all the guys on top of the oil happen to be evil. It’s simple geology!

    …Ukraine being the OTHER billion dollar pipeline, and Russia being the supply.

    The other supply, that of obedient, war-wanting tax donkeys is being shut off. Apparently Trudeau is now outlawing Canadian flags as a symbol of hate? (Specifically at “Canadian” Tire) You’d think that has to be hyperbole except we’re on year 5 or more of doing it here and year 20 in the EU.

    Emergency Powers Act? Obviously, like ALL such powers, they cannot be permitted to government, ever. The legal requirement is obviously that there is violence (there isn’t) urgency (there isn’t) and law (there isn’t). They did however, lose a couple of bucks to a couple of billionaires in auto assembly, the cardinal sin. There are also a series of steps required, with local, provincial government, where all alternatives are exhausted, and the emergency is approved – presumably by Parliament, either soon or later.

    But as yesterday “We tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas!” They haven’t even TALKED. PM certainly hasn’t made a case to Parliament, he keeps walking out on them like a baby when they’re mean. …If you haven’t followed Canada, Parliament can often look and sound like a hockey match, which is a great thing. But Trudeau plays with his binkie and loud noises make him cry. Now I know why the Que separatists had to kidnap people back when to get their attention. So ANY time there is ANY safety valve governments ALWAYS call all things, a falling leaf, a flying sparrow, a “National Emergency” requiring indefinite unending martial law.

    …That’s because the real emergency and urgency is for the mentally ill to see somebody not DOING WHAT THEY’RE TOLD. Imagine an OCD person, and every time they go outside, they see people parking their cars crooked, not washing their hands, and eating burritos from the wrong end. It is a matter of personal survival for you to make people stop doing that. They find and install similarly mentally ill people into government. If there is ever any exception, at any time, for any reason, they will immediately use it. 15 days to stop the spread. Mushroom clouds.

    The only real threat is the will of Canadian people. They’re the only ones that aren’t allowed. Otherwise how are we going to drop depleted uranium on children and run Abu Ghraib? We are broke so we’re shutting off and stealing 100% of their bank money immediately for naughty posts. Or owning a Canadian flag. Or THINKING about naughty posts. Since there is no rule, no process, no adjudication, no review, and no evidence for any of it, who cares?

    “Biden Administration hawks to claim they tried every diplomatic approach,”

    Everything but listening. “We’ve tried nothing, and we’re out of ideas.”

    I didn’t see the byline on the pic article: the UK “Sun”? Anyway, does Russia even HAVE 200,000 troops? Probably, but that would mean every province, border, and area in 5 time zones was now unguarded, so China could invade and take all the West, and all the “Stans” could do what they please? Yeah, apparently the lie of 100,000 wasn’t invoking the correct obedience, so they say 200,000. If this keeps up it’ll be a million by next Thursday.

    Remember, the Supreme Court said a million children are on ventilators. Or was it 600 million?

    15 February 2022 will go down in history as the day Western war propaganda failed..”
    • ‘West Has Been Destroyed Without A Shot Fired’ – Russia (RT)”

    This appears to be true. As Biden says “Russia is retreating”, that means the West has surrendered on this particular attack and is calling a victory. That is to say in the language of Nuremberg “Starting an unnecessary war of aggression, in which all the other war crimes are contained”. But murder is their soul purpose. Killing Slavs is what racists do. They’ll be back.

    The Ikea table is funny, but if you missed it, this is the new war, way beyond the old war. They expect Macron was sent perhaps rolled in a very high-tech bioweapon, a disease, which is so plausible it’s like last century’s technology. But “Putin” – if he’s not one of a dozen body doubles, like Saddam officially had now 30 years ago – still had to meet him, so this is what they did. Possibly also why Trump refused to shake Pelosi’s hand that one time. He already knew he wasn’t going to before he stood up, and she would never, ever shake his hand before or since. Immediately after being foiled she tore up the Bible, I mean Constitution, I mean State of the Union address. So you’re happy and complacent enough to shake his hand, but two seconds later are so mad at him you look like a pouting, hapless ninny to the American People on national TV? Why the sudden change, ma’am?

    …And these guys are still worried about and thinking about guns, a 400 year old technology. Guns are rapidly becoming the slowest way to kill people. It’s way faster as a Doctor or pharmacy, and the stats support me on this.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, Bond rates are rising with volatility. Perhaps more importantly, liquidity is vanishing. “Liquidity” in this sense, is like an auction. If you have a busy Amish auction on a nice fall day, you have hundreds of possible buyers watching the prices and possibly buying. People are out there, so if prices fall, someone will pick up the bargains. LACK of liquidity is the end of the auction, in the cold rain as darkness falls. Doesn’t matter what you sell, what price, or how low. There are only five guys left in the muddy grass, and not only do they only have the money in their pockets and no more, not only do prices fall, but you’re one or two bodies from having no auction at all. That is, closing the market, force majeure.

    You’d think that’s crazy, but A) prices are rigged and have been for decades, possibly always B) because rigging markets and faking prices is universal, a force majeure and failed market is in fact inevitable. This happened for example in the 1976 potato market. There was a disruption, prices spiked, so naturally people didn’t like it – that is the exactly one half of people who were BUYERS and had to transfer their money to the SELLERS. So in order to keep the Buyers from taking losses and make the sellers take them instead – which I’m guessing requires that they be banks, brokers, and billionaires like Kraft – they closed the market. 50 years later the potato market is still closed because “Nothing lasts longer than the temporary”. The wrong people got rich, so “Backsies!” Like always when playing “Monopoly” with rich, stupid, entitled brats. …And then we go back in the markets and let them. Lord give me patience.

    Note if the bond market goes – and it must – the currency market will go and all markets will go. There isn’t a safe haven even in crypto or gold, sort of. First a crack will close markets. People will rush to “exits” but what is an “exit” from the market but to convert to your local currency, i.e. the dollar? So everything can fall, but fall in relation to what? In relation to the measuring stick, but also in relation to closing your debt exposure. In this environment, you sell what you can to get whole, and that’s your gold and crypto which as money proxies actually have liquidity. As those fall, someone is down at the bottom buying them. Probably they will freeze them as Coinbase usually does for a little well-timed “Server maintenance” to lock in the rubes and muppets with helpless losses. (Note: this is only because those supposed freedom loving libertarians and distributed ledger types demand and support hyper-concentration by billionaires and confiscation of governments by keeping 99% of their coins on the exchanges. Lord give be patience.)

    Only after will the US$ begin to lose faith and “gold” rise in contrast. Why? What’s a $30 Trillion indebted government that can’t sell bonds to buy gas for their aircraft carriers? A: Not a going concern. People leave the US$ and close debts, but what is that in a fiat currency? Deflation. You see the tsunami forces here? Deflation = no money = no transactions. Actual economy locks up, you know like the 30/60 day credit, corporate money-markets savings accounts like happened in ‘08? You know, the savings accounts companies pay wages from?

    This is what the tepid words “low liquidity” mean. What I am describing is your “high volatility”. Since the whole U.S. rests on the infinitely-compounding bond market, that failing means you lose every war you’re in, and instantly can’t prosecute trucker convoys — or indeed anything else — at home. At the same time all the homeowners, newly evicted by BlackRock, want your Congressional head on a stick.

    But “things that can’t go on, don’t.” Sorry.


    They need to keep forward motion but still cannot be the cause of the U.S. and therefore catastrophic worldwide economic collapse. So it’s going slow. AFTER that event happens – whatever it may be, and they may not know, just know an avalanche is inevitable – THEN they can up the pace and reveal or even remove Biden and all the fraud.

    ““This is ’60 Minutes.’ We can’t put on things we can’t verify.”

    Hahahahaahaha! I don’t remember the last time they put something on they DID verify! The 60 Minutes interview with Fauci and no masks is an internet classic! Like the NYT Pulitzer award for a RussiaRussiaRussia that never happened? Still at it? Now RussiaRussiaRussia Canadian citizens and RussiaRussiaRussia media, RussiaRussiaRussia crypto and RussiaRussiaRussia bank hacks.

    How long for “Assault Trucks”? Way past tense. Remember these are the people for whom WORDS – if the are spoken by anyone but them – are “assault” and “violence” that can – legally therefore – be met with deadly force. If I speak it’s love, but if you speak it’s hate and I’ll kill you. Totally, totally legal. Logically required, in fact. And therefore, the more people you kill, the more love you are displaying and more tolerance is spread.

    Two hundred and four responses.


    “sit wrong with him”
    You not him


    I really enjoyed your post today, Dr Disco. (Let me know if that nickname displeases you.) I love it when you put your full style into play. Much fun.


    Crimes against humanity


    There is talk on the net about new bio weapons unleashed during the Olympics

    Lassa fever etc


    Ere I go off in a Huffy (wasn’t that an old bicycle brand?) if only to fulfill my reputation, I’ll say something of a sad nature: one thing I learn again and again from the comments section here is that cooperation among humans is far more legend than fact. Why I feel compelled to learn this over and over is probably because I, like all of us, get lonely for company that shares some understanding of the darker things out there that I/we fear as it slouches our way.

    And yet, among such rare and privileged company, for which many of us so often express gratitude, it’s still: form camps and fling poo.

    Makes me sad:


    absolute galore

    re: Boogaloo and masks, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Singapore vs. Western countries: It seems like it is not a strict apples to apples. For instance, China, while highly vaxxed, does not use mRNA vaccines, not sure about the others. It has also been reported that Japan employed Ivermectin on a fairly large scale, don’t know if that has been verified. And I believe those countries do not have the same percentage of comorbidities found in the West, which might affect the level of asymptomatic or mild and unreported cases. Finally, even the CDC now admits that anything less than a professionally fitted N95 mask is ineffective against an aerosol virus like SARS.

    Regarding the Vagus nerve and long covid, a couple of interesting articles on Nature:

    absolute galore

    Oops, forgot my PS: @JohnDay, I left my info as instructed, but maybe too obscure? Let me know and I will try again. Thank you!


    For trudeau the rallies should start chanting “lock him up”!

    D Benton Smith


    Before things around here get back to their usual clamor I want to say, straight to you, Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, for the purity of what you just shared with us from the story of your life.


    Seeing abs galore offer to help Doc Day makes me smile, though.

    those darned kids

    boogaloo: “but just look at the data!”

    look at the kids.


    Regarding Ginevra-
    Around 1979, we went to the museum specifically to see her, only to find the entire Renaissance section closed off. I went over the cordon and found an elderly guard and explained that I was a student of art history and had come to see a real da Vinci. He not only gave us a personally guided tour of many of the highlights, he let me loupe Ginevra so I could see the brushstrokes of the master!


    Damn Huffys. They get a flat before you can even hit the street. While I’m fixing it, I’ll say that it seems strange for Bill7 to so persistently label me a shill or such for so long (it’s been over a year, I’m sure) when, like my posts or not, they always encourage people to think twice, look behind the curtain, expect The Man to lie, etc.etc.etc., doing so with a double-edged contrarian sword (possibly quite dull, but still…)

    If that is shilling for corporate fascism, then I apologize to defbot, for it is obviously doing a MUCH better job of promoting corp-fasc interests than I am.

    Huffy: Too Big to Fail?


    P.S. (I just came out of a nice hot bath and they always trigger multiple ideas in me):

    perhaps the reason the Ottawa police haven’t tried kettling protestors is because the truckers have already kettled downtown Ottawa?

    absolute galore

    @bosco — Actually abs galore is hoping to bounce something off Dr. Day, so I guess I’m the potential taker in this exchange.

    Regarding the comments section, I don’t think my comment yesterday needs much clarification, but nevertheless–it was mainly expressing my current relationship with the comment section, with the YMMV disclaimer attached (Your Mileage May Vary), along with my opinion of the root cause of some of our behaviors, which is not exactly a theory I cooked up myself;^)

    I have definitely found TAE to be a port in this storm, and I have in the past expressed my gratitude to Raul and all those who participate here. I do so again now. There is not a single contributor here that I have not benefited from reading, even if it was to point me to my own vast array of compensating behaviors. If anyone is about to file this as a backhanded compliment, please resist the urge! I think in the end, if we can step out of ourselves enough, that can be one of the most powerful ways we grow toward understanding what it just might be all about.

    I hope I was just saying that, for me, right at the moment, the tenor of many of the comments is not particularly helpful. Nothing more. Nothing less. I also believe that for me, reading TAE has become almost an addiction. Of course, it is a high class one — Unlike, say Instagram, it is more of a long form social media addiction, suitable for the likes of many of the commenters here who may tend to ponder more deeply about the world than the average bear. Still, you are what you eat, and there is no denying we are not strolling down the sunny side of the street here. Peace.


    P.S.S. BDS is literally my best friend in real life, if separated by 2K miles, and I’m grateful that TAE brought him into my life. Yet that didn’t, not should it, stop me from attempting to tear him a new one when he made uber strong claims without hard confirming data.

    That’s part of Let’s keep talking.

    Having held him to my account, I want to also say that I understand the ferocity of his expression: the man truly CARES and his bile, perhaps, got the better of him? It wouldn’t hurt Kunstler to read such strong challenging language, imo.

    Which, btw, I believe is true of Bill7: I think he really really cares. It would be nice, however, if he could acknowledge that same concern in others. Like me, for example. cuz I really really do care, and fwiw, it’s hurtful to have people say such things. But it is also unjust insomuch as Bill7’s case against me obviously has no solid merit, and Bill7, being obviously a pretty bright chappie, should know better.

    In fact, seeing as how I DO care a lot and how it obviously shows, I could consider Bill7 a shill sowing discord among free-thinking skeptics. Well, it IS the effect of what he does, intentional or not: “Comrade X, Comrade Y is obviously a foreign spy. We must report him!”

    But I don’t think so. I think he just projects a kind of willful ignorance via paranoiac thinking towards those who, for whatever reason, distress him.

    And that’s the twoof

    Figmund Sreud

    Message from POTUS, … hear him out good!


    Figmund Sreud

    Happy ‘Russian Invasion’ Day!, … each and every day, for the next two (2) years!

    It seems reasonable to expect we will have this crisis with us – in its various forms – for at least the next two years

    Nord Stream: The Geo-politics of Keeping Germany ‘Down’, Russia ‘Out’, and Instability in Ukraine

    Macron in a remarkably frank interview with a French Journal put his finger on the main structural problems facing the EU: He lambasted the fact that the EU Council (and other EU states) had vetoed the earlier French-German proposal for a Russia-EU summit. The consequences to this omission, he said starkly, was that: ‘Others’ were talking to the Russians on the behalf of the EU. It’s not hard to surmise that he is implying that U.S. ‘interests’ (whether directly or via NATO ventriloquism) were the ones doing the talking. And that ‘Europe’ had lost its voice.

    Nord Stream: The Geo-politics of Keeping Germany ‘Down’, Russia ‘Out’, and Instability in Ukraine



    3 blind mice (Don t listen to the news)
    Ukrainians are running all the way …. to the bank
    Reading blogs will make you sad

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