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    Dorothea Lange Play street for children. Sixth Street and Avenue C, NYC June 1936   • Authorities Order Foxconn To Keep Chinese Facilities Closed
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 9 2020]

    V. Arnold

    Dorothea Lange Play street for children. Sixth Street and Avenue C, NYC June 1936

    Play street closed.
    Photographic irony?

    Dr. D

    They’re still at it — they claim to have shut down half a billion people for the deaths of just 800.

    Please tell me if this makes the slightest sense to anyone.

    (Was going to edit this out of yesterday, but ‘edit’ is missing.)

    Btw, the idea of re-defining it as some sort of pneumonia is great. That’s what lawyers and bureaucrats (and weasels, but I repeat myself) do: if you have a problem, re-name and re-define it. Everyone dies all the harder, but you’ve directed the blame! #Winning. …Oh you mean we were supposed to CARE if anyone died or the underlying issue? Does not compute. What was the question again? Hold on, I’m busy renaming BlackWater to Academie, and Mansanto to Bayer to dodge our previous felonies and war crimes.

    as shares slumped and investors switched into safe-havens”

    Slumped where? The Dow can’t stop rising. More epidemics the better! If only we had started one earlier and all got rich! …Really, there is a “safe haven” and “core currency” effect that I said would happen before the end.

    Yesterday’s Gone: Iowa Was Waterloo for Democrats (Taibbi)”

    Ouch, that’s rough. And from another life-long Democrat, as per Kunstler. But what can you say?

    The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President (Atl.)

    He’s really describing the two data sets and two realities. The only way to pick one, to support one, is to compare what what happens after. Which was more accurate. Which predicted better. Which had results. Unfortunately for supporting his case, the Atlantic has been dead wrong for 4 years. Time for a re-think, then? Never: double-down. I told you all these things would happen beforehand, and they did, and I’m still the clueless idiot. Bannon is politely going on national TV, telling the Democrats exactly how to win: they say he’s a evil, stupid, wrong, then lose again.

    What did he say his first day? They are going to do more than anyone to help blacks and steal that vote from the DNC for a generation? And black support has doubled, doing exactly that? But because they can’t get past their own echochamber of RacistRacistRacist, they never saw it coming, don’t see it now, and don’t know what to do. AND HE’S TELLING YOU ON NATIONAL TV, WITH HIS MOUTH. How indoctrinated do you need to be that direct communication that “I am going to run the Quarterback sneak play” then running it, is met with, “No you’re not, you’re a liar. I know you’re running.” Then repeat 1,000 game-days in a row. “We are doing this.” “No you’re not.” “We are doing that.” “No you’re not.” “Your problem is this to win voters.” “No it isn’t.” “The people are not behind you, not going to turn out.” “Yes they are.” Sigh. Okay, I mean the side that has the #Logos, the accurate view, will strategically prevail, but I don’t like it. #ComeBack.

    That’s what I think of The Atlantic. Which side has had accurate predictions and descriptions? Which model was useful, supported, and therefore, more ‘right’?

    another stock market boom. If history is any guide, it may well end in a bust.

    I’d feel better about this if they had provided the same warning under Clinton and Obama. (As thousands of us bloggers did, furiously, saying stop printing money, audit the fed, and housing bust) But at this point, they don’t have any credibility. Will it crash? Sure, who doesn’t know that? Certainly the base-right still talks about financial bubbles, mismanagement and misallocation every day. They just think it’s an end-game play BECAUSE it’s all going down, before we swap into a new model and new currency. I mean, if Post-Keynesian Palley wants to become an Austrian now, he should already know “”There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion.” So? Then clearly there is no longer any point in stopping the boom, just directing the boom back into local manufacturing and such to help with the inevitable collapse YOU, Keynes, created. Like we don’t know this? I wouldn’t say all the Right does, but at least half, practically the only half that ever cared, tried to stop it, told everyone, and was told they were crazy, “shut up with your stupid “budget deficits”, “income disparity” and “sound money” I’m trying to mainline financial heroin here”? Okay, man, we’re the dummies. We’re the guys who didn’t see it coming as far back as the 90’s when you were playing Super Mario in Berkeley. Yeah, no kidding there’s going to be a bust. Mises told you in 1949, Rand in 1951. They said everything that was going to happen the whole time, unlike “Permanent plateau”, Subprime is contained”, “No recession”, “Bear Sterns is fine”, “BuyBuyBuy.”

    But they’re the ones who don’t understand it. Gotcha.

    More helpfully, since they know, have known, plan, have planned, then where do you think they’re going from here? “On the Road to the Golden Age” Giving banks no interest, thus no purpose. Arranging the Fed to be discredited then rolled into Treasury. Putting a sound-money, gold-thinker into the Fed. Turning gold from Tier 2 to Tier 1 assets. Thoughts, anyone? Nope, although they wrote about it in 1979, was published on The Economist in 1987, we predicted it for decades, when it all happens it will be another strange accident indicating nothing that nobody saw coming and nobody planned, nobody pushed and nobody capitalized on.


    The play street is not closed. The street is closed so children can play there. Robbing children of the space close to their homes to play in is borderline criminal, but not even something we think about anymore. Cars are more important than kids.

    V. Arnold

    The play street is not closed. The street is closed so children can play there. Robbing children of the space close to their homes to play in is borderline criminal, but not even something we think about anymore.

    Yep, I thought of that also; looked at a number of corners…
    Went with what I posted.

    Robbing children of the space close to their homes to play in is borderline criminal, but not even something we think about anymore.

    True that…
    I have no solution for our twisted reality; except, possibly, leaving…
    I did and it turned out just fine…
    Children play in our streets all the time; and a welcome sight they are…


    While out with friends enjoying some music last evening, someone said, “We shouldn’t be worried about Coronavirus because the flu kills many, many more!”

    I didn’t have a good response, so I didn’t reply. In hindsight – and I’m asking here – is “guess” that the 2019nCoV has both a higher mortality rate and possibly affects the body differently. ? Thoughts??

    (But if we were to name it the Blue Sky & Clean Water Virus and create a derivative the financial markets could trade, all would be good)

    With regard to “children playing”. Living in Racine, WI years ago I remember a nearby church playground, wonderful “jungle gyms” and manicured lawns. Fenced. And a sign prominently posted saying, “In honor of the Lord’s day, please refrain from using this playground on Sundays”.

    A twisted, sick mentality in my opinion. Wish I had a picture of that sign…


    Frogman, it doesn’t look particularly smart to compare them as though all viruses are the same. It’s like comparing all mammals, or, to narrow it down, all mammals on four legs.

    The core of the seasonal flu obviously goes back forever, and though it mutates every year, the flu shot for a given year takes mere weeks to develop (they do get it wrong at times, because for the shot to be effective, it must work as the first patients are there, so there’s guesswork, anticipation, involved).

    This is a whole new virus. It will take a year+ to develop a vaccine. Big difference. Maybe a good example is that the Chinese whistleblower doctor would never have died from “normal” flu, but nobody thinks it’s strange he died from the coronavirus.

    Dave Note

    Chris Martenson mentioned days ago how it struck him as very odd the world map had zero nCov cases in South America and most of Africa.

    Well, zerohedge has a headline: Coronavirus – The African Connection

    Seems no one bothered getting test kits to Africa until quite recently. Oops, must have slipped WHO’s attention span.

    Bole International Airport in Ethiopia is the major entry point into Africa from various Chinese cities. Until very recently there was no travel ban from China into this Africa distribution destination.

    Approx 1500 per day on average (meaning in ‘normal times’ which these are not) through Bole international from China alone. With no screening and no test kits to test with.

    Do you really think Africa countries have the where-with-all to get a grip on this? The Chinese at least have an impressive totalitarian command and control centralized police state, and even they blew it in the initial stages, what possible chance do some of the barely functioning, semi-failed states of the African continent?

    As to South America, well, just wait until illegals crossing the Mexican border into the US test out positive for nCoV.

    We have not yet seen a REAL national debate on the merits of Borders/NO Borders.

    How you gonna get a grip on a disease vector in an invisible population that enters the country with delayed symptoms???

    The Sanctuary Cities hiding the infected can bare the full force of this?

    Your skin on your body is a border against the outside world entering your insides without permission.

    We will find out shortly if that metaphor resonates with the dumbed down US public and it’s disease political zeitgeist.


    Doc Robinson

    This video from the CDC is not confidence inspiring. A coughing woman at the airport. Minimal precautions taken by staff.

    Public Health Screenings at U.S. Airports for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
    January 23, 2020
    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – International Terminal – CDC Quarantine Station – CDC Enhanced Health Screening to identify sick travelers and limit the spread of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

    (No audio, video is in public domain and meant for TV news to overdub.)

    Doc Robinson

    At 1:55 in that video, the coughing woman answers Yes to the question “Have you been in Wuhan, China, in the past two (2) weeks?”


    2152 recovered

    Everyone here has read about the locked down numbers, the sick numbers, the intensive care numbers, the hospitalized numbers, and the social and economic costs.

    Did you also note that the coronavirus can survive where other previous virus could not.
    On surfaces.
    That’s why you seen pictures of machines “fogging” the empty streets. That’s why you seen pictures of people getting “sprayed”. That’s why you have seen people cleaning surfaces with disinfectants.

    Did you note that the origin of coronavirus was suppose to be from a food source.
    Did you note that the coronavirus has the capability of “mutating”/changing/multiplying/infecting as it moves from one source to an other.
    Did you note that the coronavirus can invade a new host, multiply and not be detected for days maybe weeks before the new host shows symptoms of distress, (fever, coughing, fluids on the lungs).
    Did you note that there are reports that the coronavirus is present in fecal matter.

    Did you note that the coronavirus has no cure and no immunity from getting it multiple times.

    I want to know more about 2152 recovered patients.

    Are those 2152 recovered patients/survivors only from intensive care?
    Can those 2152 recovered patients transmit the coronavirus or immunity to others?

    Bole International Airport in Ethiopia is the major entry point into Africa from various Chinese cities.

    Therefore, is Canada in trouble

    Trudeau arrived in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa on Friday night, where he will attend a weekend session of the African Union. It’s a chance for Trudeau to meet directly with several of the 54 African leaders, whose votes at the June vote at the UN will be critical to Canada’s success.
    He is travelling with three of his cabinet ministers but the celebrity element goes to Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri, who Trudeau invited to join the delegation.

    Dave Note

    If “Have you been in Wuhan, China, in the past two (2) weeks?” was asked of a Democrat, chances are they would shriek, “how dare you ask such a racist thing!!!”

    If “Have you been in Wuhan, China, in the past two (2) weeks?” was asked by a white man to any Democrat woman, “how dare you ask such a misogynist, patronizing privileged question!!! ”

    I wonder about the survival odds are for the Blue Demos vs the Red RePugs in the coming pandemic?


    edit: Who will be spreading the coronavirus?
    Trudeau is spending three days in Ethiopia, and will travel to Senegal and Munich, Germany before returning to Canada next week.

    Dave Note

    So is nCoV going to crush highly dense urban globalist enclaves or decimate the sparsely settled rural countryside?

    The political divide in the US at least is ‘country vs city’, sort of like the Yugoslav war, the country rednecks against the city cosmopolitan culture.

    Clinton archipeligo vs Trumpistan

    The Demo islands of support vs the Repug vast landscape

    I can’t even conceive of the US cities implementing any kind of lock downs like the CCP has put on the Chinese population.

    US cities can’t even get a grip on crime and murder, poverty and homelessness.

    70 percent of US counties, accounting for 20 percent of the U.S. population,
    had no more than one murder in 2014, with 54 percent of counties experiencing zero murders.

    The CITIES:
    5 percent of the counties, which made up nearly 50% of the US population, accounted for more than two-thirds of murders in the country, with the highest numbers concentrated in areas around major cities like Chicago and Baltimore

    Hmm, looks like the Clinton/Demo Archipelago accounts for a wildly higher crime rate, at least murders, than the vast majority of the Trumpland countryside.

    Dave Note

    What happens when you run out of masks and googles

    Necessity is the Mother of Invention

    Necessity is the Mother of Invention

    People will make do come Hell or high water


    Who needs bunkers when a vaccine will do-
    When given to the chosen, but not to you?

    It probably won’t be a vaccine as we know it, because this virus seems to be as slippery as the common cold, and much more rugged. If there were a little gene insertion, though, that conveyed immunity, then this tiny monster could be with us until the last susceptible person expired.

    I’m new to posting here, though I have been a reader (and contributor) for quite a while.


    What happens when you run out of masks and googles and test kits

    Send everyone home to die.


    I am not quite sure I understand the almost joy in trying to show the virus is far worse than reported. Even if the figures are false it does not change reality. How bad can it be to need to hide the true figures. If you take the ‘deaths’ versus ‘recovered’ shown then the mortality rate would be about 27%. Over 2 billion deaths globally.

    Hopefully it is not that bad – no more than 10%, which the world could survive, especially if it mainly affected the sick and the elderly. One article did suggest it would be a good thing if all the baby boomers were wiped out! [Helps reduce the pensions problem and healthcare costs, etc.]

    It does seem to be a global issue and not just China. The British holiday makers in France catching the virus from someone returning from Singapore! It shows that blockading China is not enough, all travel would need to be suspended to slow down the spread.

    It is interesting that the British were in a ski resort, which is cold. Most colds and flu are spread in Winter and I wondered if this virus could be affected by that. What happened with the Australians who were affected? Did they infect anyone else in Australia? Also, apparently no cases in Africa or South America. Travellers may not actually have been tested, but nor are there reports of secondary infections.

    As a Baby Boomer with health issues I have a keen interest in this topic!


    off topic New Hampshire Libertarians please take notice


    I’m tired of microbes. What about bugs?

    Leaping Locusts!

    Another Baltic Black Hole

    Wild Weather

    Shale Fail

    Maxwell Quest

    I am another one who is following the virus story closely and have noticed that the numbers don’t seem to match the extreme measures taken by the CCP. Neither do they correlate with the non-official reports escaping censorship here and there via social media. Don’t 800 people choke on their eggrolls each month? 400 Million quarantined, the world economy put at risk for a few hundred? I don’t believe it. What pikers those Chinese, we in the US lose 40,000 to opiates each year without batting an eye.

    What’s worse are the charts and graphs seen on so many sites using the official data from China. “Oh, notice how the graph is starting to flatten, this shows how the quarantine is taking effect.” “Everyone should be back to work soon.” Blah, blah, blah. It’s painful to watch all the wasted time and energy put into their analysis. All based on numbers having no reality content. Made up out of thin air, like the Iowa Caucus delegate counts.

    Dr D Rich

    UVc lamps explode viruses, spores, and bacteria. There’s a new version out called far UVc, which is 207 to 222 nm, that supposedly won’t give you skin cancer or cataracts.
    I see gloves coming back in style. Yea!


    Here is an other point of view
    the Chinese government has treated the epidemic as an act of war, deploying all the means at its disposal, including the military, in order to contain its spread, building several large new hospitals, putting entire huge cities under quarantine and extending the national holidays. The response as been far beyond what this virus seems to warrant, with its low mortality rate.
    Without saying so, the Chinese government has treated this epidemic as an act of biological warfare—perhaps as a dry run for a more lethal epidemic that may come in the future. At any rate, the Chinese government is seeing to it that nobody can blame it for not taking the problem sufficiently seriously, or not doing enough about it.

    Dr D Rich

    197 nm safely abates the cornea without causing cancer


    I see the quarantined ship in Japan as the only realistic window we have on the coronavirus. This situation provides the only creditable numbers we have.

    My guess is we will see secondary waves of infections soon.

    As for Africa count on the Chinese there to hide any outbreaks.

    Having lived and worked in Africa (4 countries) I can assure you there very few medical services available!

    The best medical personnel are non-African! And I don’t mean non-existant Europeans! Some of the best doctors are from India!

    I can tell you most native Africans do not trust their own native Africans doctors!

    Dave Note

    Wuhan SO2 levels

    Data from satellite shows a massive release of sulfur dioxide gas from the outskirts of Wuhan, commonly associated with the burning of organic matters. Levels are elevated, even compared with the rest of China.

    Wuhan Elevated SO2 from orbit

    Dave Note

    There’s no commercial or industrial activity to explain these levels,
    all factories and commercial entities and people are on lock down.

    Another view

    SO@ levels Wuhan area

    The big picture

    Wide shot SO2 asia map


    My Parents Said Know / Dr. D. Rich :.

    I suspect one probably should wear proper eye protection around UV C lights?

    I wear google’s for my UV B light treatments for 305 – 315 nm wavelengths which supposedly burn the least in the UV B wavelength 280 – 315 nm range.


    Dave Note:. This is just more growing circumstancial evidence that the CCP is lying about the impact of the coronavirus!

    This supports the 25,000 to 50,000 numbers of actual deaths.

    By lying the CCP is ensuring this spreads gobally!


    President Xi Jinping and his cadre of politburo elite have only one overriding priority: to maintain their grip on power. The China Communist Party is very unlikely to be brought down by a virus, despite having no mandate from the people to rule, because the military is firmly bonded with the CCP. That however does not guarantee the survival of President Xi as other factions within the CCP will use any opportunity to overthrow him.
    The apparently excessive response to the virus is not about saving lives – after all, the CCP killed millions just to get their grip on power – but is about Xi being seen to maintain control. Consider the case if Xi had simply allowed people to get ill then go to their local hospitals: the hospitals would soon be overflowing and the ill people would be protesting and demanding protection from the government. Such an outcome would be seen as weakness. Instead, President Xi is quanratining cities, extracting people from their houses and putting them in quarantine camps, not so that they can be given medical treatment, but so that they are under his control and cannot stir up social unrest.
    As for the figures coming out of the CCP: the CCP has a consistent track record of lying in situations such as this and there is absolutely no reason to believe that they have changed their ways and are now being honest. What the real numbers are is anybody’s guess.
    China is not the well oiled machine that people think it is, as we can all see they maintain their reputation by censoring their own citizens and by pressuring media abroad. The “no news is good news” idiom is used by many in the West to build an image of China as some sort of classical chinese cultural nirvana where Marxism has finally won the day and lives in some sort of symbiotic relationship with Chinas ancient civilisation: this despite Mao’s cultural revolution. That image is a long way from the truth and I suspect that chaos reigns in most of the handling of this emergency so accurate figures will be difficult to come by.
    All we know for sure is that Xi is sufficiently spooked to call out the big guns.

    Dave Note

    Who would have thought to check satellite gas feeds for signs of earthly trouble.

    In a slightly off topic side bar, the pictures from orbit for methane gas discharges shows astronomical levels coming from U.S. fracking sites. They have so much excess methane coming up from fracking drill sites and no pipelines or gas liquification equipment that the thousands of fracking sites are flaring the methane directly to the atmosphere.

    NASA methane from fracking

    NASA Methane from fracking leak

    Dave Note
    Dave Note

    We need some comic relief at this point in the program:

    A Joe Biden Moment

    What’s the first thing a Democratic presidential candidate should do after suffering a monumental defeat in the first caucus of the season?

    After a New Hampshire voter asks @JoeBiden why they should trust he can turn his campaign around, he asks if she’s ever been to a caucus before; when she says yes, Biden snaps:

    “No you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier.”


    Creepy Uncle Joe hits one out of the senile ball park!

    Your hair smells like hot dog water


    …. ism is a weapon
    taking side, even emotionally, is a loosing proposition, you are being used, you will be the loser and the sacrifice of the elites.
    sit back enjoy the show be glad that you do not need to make the decisions.


    More info
    More Than Pneumonia, The Potential Occurrence of Multiple Organ Failure in 2019 Novel Coronavirus Infection

    4 Pages Posted: 5 Feb 2020
    Ming Yang
    Department of Ophthalmology, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
    Jinming Zhao
    Department of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Medical University
    Zheng Zhang
    Department of Cardiology, PLA Rocket Force Characteristic Medical Center
    Date Written: February 5, 2020
    Angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) in the lung has been recognized as the key receptor of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) as people may get infected through the respiratory tract. However, the clinical features of other systems have not been addressed yet. More than the respiratory system, ACE2 also extensively expressed in the vascular endothelial cells of the heart, kidney, liver, intestine, and testis, etc. In other words, the new coronavirus may probably intrude on any tissues or organs as long as the needed number of ACE2 is available. Therefore, once exposed to the coronavirus (e.g. through the blood or other body fluid), these organs may also get affected especially for those the receptor has the direct-acting control. This paper aims to analyze the possibility of the association between 2019-nCoV infection and the multiple organ failure (MOF) other than pneumonia.

    V. Arnold

    …. ism is a weapon

    Indeed…and a belief system, short circuiting critical thinking…


    I already linked to his report. Good interview. Go read it.

    “The Death Rate Is Up To 5%”: The Harrowing Admission Of A Wuhan Doctor

    I just wrote a thesis. I drew on data from 138 cases that South Central Hospital had from Jan 7 to Jan 28 and attempted to summarise some patterns of the novel coronavirus.

    John Day

    I’ve been working on my vegetable garden defense perimeters, am looking at comments before bed, and they are a lot likethe stuff we all commonly found on the internet today.
    What will you do for 2-3 months of enforced home quarantine? We will all be in police-state world.
    What’s it like to be a US citizen quarantined at Lackland AFB in San Antonio? Nope, I don’t know, either…



    Novel coronavirus: Beijing officially declares lockdown

    Novel coronavirus: Beijing officially declares lockdown
    By GM35 -2020-02-09
    “closed management” by putting 80 cities under lockdown. Today, Beijing authorities also issued a “Strict Closed Management of Residential Communities” in an epidemic prevention and control announcement. It is an official declaration that Beijing, the country’s capital city of China, is now under lockdown.
    In addition, all public places in the Beijing community that are not essential for people’s living are closed.

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