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    Ivan Aivazovsky Moonlight c1850   • May Faces Crushing Brexit Defeat Despite Last-Minute Plea To MPs (G.) • 100 Of May’s Own MPs Set To Vote Agai
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    V. Arnold

    Ivan Aivazovsky Moonlight c1850
    He’s fast becoming my favorite painter; next to van Gogh.

    Pull the US from NATO? That’s hilarious; NATO IS the US.
    It’s pretty crazy “out there”; hang on a best you can…


    Russia is so powerful that it can outperform and influence every human social activity on the planet.

    Haven’t you heard about where the latest RUSEXIT has been meddling and changing the will of democracy?


    Windshield made in Russia are killing all the insects.


    There wasn’t enough wealth/resources to keep a standing army for U.S.S.R.

    The USA does not have enough wealth/resource to keep NATO alive.


    Who will be the first to take out their frustration on the dog?
    Will the queen kick the dog?

    Dr. D

    If you mean the people they treat like dogs, too late. They’ve been pretty well kicked already.


    The queen doesn’t have her dogs anymore.

    The British one, that is.


    Superb rendering of moon reflection on the not too still water, however the painting in all is tethering to be dangerously close of being a mere illustration (albeit the exceptional one). Now…what defines that one painting is an art and the other just an illustration? That is the good question.
    After insects are gone, then all other “creatures” and plants we will be soon to follow. One day all kinds of creation, and the record of, by the best among us in entire human history will be left to the planet to devour and turn into dust.


    • Antarctic Losing 500% More Ice A Year Than In 80s – NASA (Ind.)

    “Between 2009 and 2017 it lost an average 252 gigatonnes a year. This has added 3.6mm per decade to sea levels, or around 14mm since 1979, the study shows.”

    Hmmm… let’s do the math. At 3.6mm/decade that’s 36mm per century or about 1 1/2 inches per century. At 252 gigatonnes per year we will see an ice free Antarctica around the year 3100.

    Don’t we have bigger issues to worry about?

    V. Arnold

    Now…what defines that one painting is an art and the other just an illustration? That is the good question.

    Is it a good question? Or an obfuscation of what art is?
    Just an illustration?
    I see no reason an illustration should be excluded from being art; IME there is often no difference…
    Not looking for a fight…just reason…


    “..the wall “may very well lead to the extinction of the jaguar, ocelot … and other species”..”

    What a stinking pile of twisted thinking. Who wrote it, Rachel Maddow? Nothing gets published unless there’s an angle to bash you know who, and tho’ I agree that he is a catastrophe you gotta understand that any of the alternatives would have been catastophes too. All of that wildlife is on the fast track to extinction (yes, all of it) whether you build another wall or not. There are already tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of other walls of varying diffuculty in crossing already built that guarantee it: fence lines, country roads, interstate highways, agricultural fields, irrigation canals & aqueducts, subdivisions, golf courses, shopping malls, cell phone towers… We erect more of them every day, and we won’t be stopped. Not until the moment when we finally finish sawing through the branch on the tree of life that is our perch. We’re even closing in on wiping out the insects according to reports from around the globe.

    If that wall gets built we’re talking a handful of years at most before the last ocelot & jaguar, etc. go the way of the dodo. Using Trump’s wall as a political crowbar is just a lie we tell ouselves, i.e. that we’re “doing something” about it.

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