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    “how come all the russian officials seem really good at what they do, yet america, regardless of administration, is represented by bumbling twitfarts?”

    Putin was smart enough to put his country’s version of Bill Gates in prison. The west has had it out for him ever since.

    D Benton Smith

    @John Day
    ” There is a good picture of the attic-room taking shape with a nice strong, screwed-in plywood ceiling.”

    Good tidy work. Gives one a great feeling just to look at it.


    I liked today’s Sun Tzu. Superb! I got a good laugh out of that. But the snowfall comparison was even better.


    D flat- someday you may regret some of your decisions.

    [ToWhomIMC] Consider writing your blog posts in poetry- or at least the appearance of poetry. Then it is art, not opinion. If it gets really bad, consider writing it into poster art or paint it in the writings of the book in the still art.
    Format transcriptions the same way.

    The future is pretty grim for all these masked kids:
    If your parents don’t love you but say that they do,
    By the time you start courting you won’t have a clue
    If the person you love loves your love, but not you.


    Paul Kingsnorth, from last November:

    “.. As ever, our tools have turned on us. Another revelation: they were never our tools to begin with. We were theirs.

    Amongst the vast flock of contested facts that wheel around this virus like a murmuration of starlings, darkening the skies and addling the mind, one stands out. It is the single fact that blows a cathedral-shaped hole in the strategy being pursued by governments at present, and which offers a glimpse into the crypt. It is the fact that these vaccines, whatever their efficacy in other areas, do not prevent transmission of the virus.

    This single fact – which has long been known but is barely ever mentioned – blows apart the case for vaccine passports, segregation, lockdowns of the ‘unvaxxed’ and all such similar measures. Even if you believe (or pretend to) that this virus is dangerous enough to justify the radical new forms of authoritarianism which have emerged around it – and I certainly don’t – those forms will fail anyway if both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can spread it; which we know they can.

    What, then, can be the justification for the system of technological control and monitoring which has arisen around us with curious speed and smoothness over the last year? And what could explain the strangely similar language in which the world’s governments explain and justify this system, which so many have adopted in similar ways with similar technologies in similar timeframes? ..”

    I think Kingsnorth’s writing on the Covid Phenomenon has been very good, and I appreciate his rare-these-days, non-inflammatory approach.

    Regarding logical fallacies, ‘Fallacy: the Counterfeit of Argument’, by Fearnside and Holther is good.
    Arthur Schopenhauer’s ‘The Art of Controversy’ is good if “winning” rather than searching for truth is the aim.


    And over at the formerly thoughtful Naked Cap site, they’ve got a ‘Narrative is Crumbling’ post up that they’re
    spinning in curious directions. Includes much commentary from the NC “Covid Brain Trust” (their term).

    See what you think here, if you wish:

    As far as the “Narrative Crumbling”, I’m not seeing it, or buying it at all based on stories of the moment. YMMV.


    Much power has been consolidated into the hands of the very, very few in the past twenty-three months; quite easily so (shockingly easily, to me; with the online “Left” doing the ruling class’s Dirty Work for them).

    “Oh, we changed our minds; forget all that stuff.”

    we’ll see.


    Dr. John Day:

    Your “screwed” in pre-painted plywood ceiling looks great! You will never regret using screws!
    If you had used nails, you would have been truly “screwed”!
    Now if you ever want to add say a ceiling fan, it will be a piece of cake to take down a panel to put in a 2″ x 4″ support and electrical box.


    Was talking to my Detroit Brother down in Florida working from home. I told him there was a truckers protest going on and he said “in Canada?”. I said yes you have to go to US media to see the truckers protest as Canadian media are not covering it at all. There are even people standing on bridges and beside the roadcheering the truckers on! I am not sure I convinced him! Canadians only obey their governments and never protest anything. Clearly because we are better educated and know better!


    > Canadians only obey their governments and never protest anything. Clearly because we are better educated and know better! <

    Reminds me of my Scandinavian friends, and I wonder how long that naive trust in gov’t will last.
    BTW, check out Sweden’s new PM, who has a similar ultra-friendly vibe to Canada’s Honourable Chrystia Freeland.


    those darned kids

    disHonourable Chrystia Freeland, vice serpent of ukraine.


    .. Nuland, Haspel..



    Identity Politics / Wokeness was quite a clever ruse by our tiny, tiny ruling class. How long will it / they last?

    das narrative ist Crumbling, Robert..


    good read The Devouring Mother etc.
    Arm good but very sore. Good recovery prospects. Surgery Success!
    Resting with Raul and y’all

    On Bullying

    Dr. D

    ““I wanted to protect myself and others. I think being vaccinated is one of the ways to stop the spread. …”

    Yes, I totally understand and laud your decisions. Look at how inexpressibly GOOD and moral, heartfelt, self-sacrificing the young are. Not just for themselves but for everybody. The problem: bad at math. And not suspicious and cynical, which is no credit to those with the bad experience to learn it. I understand and that’s why I’m so furious and ceaseless sniping, tireless, unending harassment and eventual jail and hangings for those who have so abused the innocent.

    …They’re the ones who taught them math.

    Why is the thought of adults taking vaccines funny? There is clapping and mockery if they don’t take vaccines, but also if they do. This is very confusing. Are all things equal to all other things in your logic? A = A but A ≠ A. Your argument has a pancake on its head. Therefore, #winning.

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