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    Johannes Vermeer The astronomer c1668   • End Of Pandemic In Europe ‘Plausible’ After Omicron, Says WHO (ToI) • Covid, The Strange Death of Medic
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    V. Arnold

    Johannes Vermeer The astronomer c1668

    …of course it’s wonderful; atmospheric even…many thanks to Ilargi for his daily art adventures…

    The covid boogy man has shrunk to a midget…not long from now it will go poof! and be gone…at least from the daily grind…
    The question then becomes, what’s next? Oh; there will be a next; the covid boogyman worked so damn well after all…
    • Covid, The Strange Death of Medicine (TCP)
    This is nothing new for me; I learned decades ago not to trust doctors; or, at least to question them at every turn…

    Mister Roboto

    Yesterday chooch told us of someone on Twitter who claims “that’s not how vaccines really work” in response to those who point out that a great many serious Covid cases are vaccinated people. I can’t help but wonder, if that’s the case, then why is so much hay on the Internet being made out of these supposed situations where Joe Schmoe from Antigo made a choice not to get the vaccine and now he’s dead because of it? The implication of all these anecdotes is that an individual choice to get vaccinated affords one a degree of protection that these “anti-vaxxers” wouldn’t avail themselves of. Yet this alleged protection remains elusive in so many people.

    V. Arnold

    The picture above titled 2nd Grade is horrific!
    If a picture is worth a thousand words; this picture speaks volumes to our present.
    It’s Orwell’s 1984 projected into our present, 2022…


    Julian Assange has been granted permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

    V. Arnold

    Julian Assange has been granted permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

    That’s very good news; but the fact remains that he shouldn’t be in prison for his reporting…


    This feels very thin to me:

    “Assange has been granted the right to submit an appeal to the Supreme Court, but only on one limited ground: the lateness of the US government’s provision of diplomatic assurances, which meant the assurances weren’t properly scrutinised during the evidentiary stage of proceedings.”


    Re: Ugo Bardi. The pandemic forced me to rethink my own teaching. Now I begin every class with Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and an introduction to basic logical fallacies. Everything else is fashion.

    Dr. D

    “Newsom Likens Railcar Thefts to “Third World Country” as Liberal ‘Law & Order’ Agenda Implodes”

    And I thought the BBee was kidding: “Gavin Newsom Demands Answers from Whoever’s in Charge of California” –BBee

    Newsom, why IS your whole state, once the most prosperous on earth, now a “Third World, third-rate” country? And why is everyone else successful with the same Federal policies? I dunno, but I bet it’s the fault of some rednecks in Kentucky. The combined States of California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey are simply helpless against the combined power of … Joe Manchin and Harlan County. Yup. That’s the truth. But once they own the House, Senate, and Presidency, THEN they’ll really show those Rednecks what success is! Then they’ll stop holding back Westchester Greenwich, and Malibu! Damn you South Dakota!

    Mayor Eric Adams Begs for Federal Help as NYC’s Crime Problem Spirals out of Control”

    Manhattan just HAS to have those tax dollars from Arkansas and Missouri to save themselves. I mean, isn’t this really Missouri’s fault in the first place? Doesn’t Rand Paul feel personally responsible for NYC crime, out there in the Kentucky hills? He should pay! Not poor apartment dwellers overlooking Central Park! What have they ever done?

    Anyway, SO: Evergrande is defaulted. …But all the Anglo rating agencies won’t REPORT that Evergrande has defaulted. So pretend is your friend! We just pretend. We make s—t up! That’ll pay the bills! Here we are 30 days past the 30 days they should have reported. Guess what? China ain’t paying!

    Not paying? Oohhhhhh, as if. CHINA HAS STOPPED ALTOGETHER. China has ended payments, ended shipments, ended cooperation, ENDED GLOBALISM. They are withdrawing to the Middle Kingdom to retain themselves, as they often do in history. They just haven’t told YOU yet.

    Why would they? Why would they tell you they’re going to default on stupido Americano when there’s a chance you’ll buy them time to send a little more money first? But it’s winding down, shipments and parts are going to taper out slowly, leaving the U.S. and world in complete military embargo. Which every Harlan County drunkard TOLD YOU was going to happen, you Harvard nitwits, or worse, Generals Millie.

    So if that happens, how’s your velocity of money? How’s your car sales? Why do you think they’re yanking levers on vaccines in Canada for instance? Because if you think they’re stupid and have your eye off the ball, you won’t realize it’s this, get gravely serious and calm, with a grim determination to survive the day, and take action ahead of Justin and the S&P futures.

    So thus the Ukraine? Understand now? And to disrupt what the Anglos, especially Britain, made inevitable (again. I can’t think of a world war Britain wasn’t responsible for). As China and Russia finalize the military union against and overweight vs the combined Europe and U.S. AND since “Not-agreement-capable” putting nukes in Mexico City and/or Tasmania if it amuses them to do so.

    Anyway, here’s your markets, insiders out at the top, selling BTFD to Robin Hood – again, drives me crazy! – listening ahead a few weeks. Bonds, inflation, US$ all disconnecting. Crypto slammed as US$ safety, knowing that that will be the next wave and need to drive it down first.

    That’s war: central prints endless war money with shortages and low velocity. Then it pops up like mortar fire, inflation in gas, tires, etc is 10x at the end of the year and can’t remember why. So it’s WAR, people. But 5thGW, information and influence war. A LYING war.

    What does Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy overvalued mean for buying? A: DON’T BUY. No stocks, no bonds, no houses, no businesses, no commercial. What’s undervalued in comparison? How are you going to run “high” into “higher”?

    BUY LOW. Wait for it to at least not be MORE OVERVALUED THAN IN ALL RECORDED HISTORY. Meaning more than before these Renaissance paintings by Vermeer. More than 1929, more than South Seas, more than Tulips. More than even Australian real estate.

    They’re pining for Bitcoin? What the? Do you have any idea how much easier it is to double $30k than $70k? I can double my money in a minute now. Last month, it was limp and too high and I was just waiting to cash out of the final run. Anyway, all those things go together. After infiltrating us and buying our system, then attacking us with a military bioweapon to colonize us as a depopulated food colony, now China is continuing the international embargo, blockade, on everything with months lead time and plausible deniability. Also not paying anything to stupid outsiders ever again: orders of the CCP Party. Evergrande bondpayers: more scared of Xi who made Jack Ma disappear for months? Or Charlie the writer at Standard and Poors?

    Our markets are telegraphing this to us, but Wall Street isn’t going to tell you either. They need a bagholder and hopefully, like the Tech Crash of ‘99, a war and fascism.

    “”Take Only What You Need:” DC Asks People to Limit Supermarket Purchases as Empty Shelves Persist”

    It’s a WAR. This is RATIONING. Which having screwed everyone within an inch of their lives, they know you’re not going to cooperate with like a good citizen/minion. So they must have “other reasons”. The problem is the poor and powerless workers, of course! Or HALF of them (unvaxxed) vs the other Half (PMCs). The real reason is THEM. Pfizer, ADM, Monsanto, Exxon, Morgan, Amazon, GE….

    Oh, also it’s a LONG war. Like 10-20 years minimum.

    I trust everybody saw Bill Maher and Bari Wiess finally snap out of it. And let’s get this straight: same audience as the last two years, saying anything and everything the #Opposite of last night. And they cheer. So wait, you ALWAYS were against this? Or you just cheer and believe #anything #anybody #any where at #any time, tell you to?

    “I believe everything I see on T.V. It makes me much more selective.” — Spinal Tap

    V. Arnold

    Now I begin every class with Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and an introduction to basic logical fallacies. Everything else is fashion.

    What a wonderful comment/statement;
    Hear hear!

    Mister Roboto

    From yesterday:

    Interesting if the ‘narrative’ finally flips and the vaxed are the ones to avoid out of fear of them contaminating the unvaxxed.

    I reject the notion that the answer to the dehumanizing and othering of the noncovaxxed based on dubious premises is the dehumanizing and othering of the covaxxed based on dubious premises.

    those darned kids

    the children, like their lives, have been redacted.

    those darned kids

    in other words, julian assange will remain longer in one prison before being moved to another.


    Excellent summary of our predicament

    Two of the most articulate observers of the Grand Clusterfuck

    Brett Weinstein and Chris Martenson Simulcast


    ” I feel that the nightmare of Nineteen Eighty-Four is destined to modulate into the nightmare of a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World…. My own belief is that the ruling oligarchy will find less arduous and wasteful ways of governing and of satisfying its lust for power, and these ways will resemble those which I described in Brave New World.”

    ~ Aldous Huxley’s letter to George Orwell dated October 21, 1949.


    “Russia plans to engage its nuclear weapons not against those countries where it was launched against Russia, but against the mastermind cities where the decisions were made. To be exact, it is Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other American cities.

    Please fully understand, in case American nuclear weapons are launched from, eg. Taiwan, or Poland, the response will hit New York or Washington.”

    ~Russian Duma deputy, Yevgeny Fyodorov.

    Formerly T-Bear

    This morning (from RT)
    EU diplomats leaving Ukraine.
    UK diplomats leaving Ukraine.
    US diplomatic dependents leaving Ukraine.
    Wassup? Diplomatic consequences? Dumb politics?
    Is it either popcorn or bomb shelters?
    Are there refunds on the tickets to this showdown?
    So many questions unanswered.

    [email protected]

    Dr D:

    “I trust everybody saw Bill Maher and Bari Wiess finally snap out of it. And let’s get this straight: same audience as the last two years, saying anything and everything the #Opposite of last night. And they cheer. So wait, you ALWAYS were against this? Or you just cheer and believe #anything #anybody #any where at #any time, tell you to?”

    Your remark reminded me of something pertinent that Soren Kierkegaard said in Concluding Unscientific Postscript:

    “. . . for it is quite likely that everyone who shouts bravo also shouts pereat, item, ‘crucify,’ and does so without even becoming untrue to his character, since on the contrary, he remains true to himself — qua shouter. ”

    “pereat, item” Latin for “let him die, likewise”

    Mister Roboto

    And let’s get this straight: same audience as the last two years, saying anything and everything the #Opposite of last night. And they cheer. So wait, you ALWAYS were against this? Or you just cheer and believe #anything #anybody #any where at #any time, tell you to?

    I think that middle 33% that just “goes along to get along” with mass formations is simply starting to realize how exhausting and draining this particular mass formation is.


    The Second Grade Masked Yearbook photo might as well be a Yearbook for the year they all spent in a minimum security concentration camp.

    Fond memories.

    That generation when it comes of age and to it’s senses is going to vote to cut social security benefits so deeply to the Boomers that they will let them die in cardboard boxes eating cat food under a highway overpass.

    Bill Roope

    I have a question for Steve Kirsch.

    “I’m a Dad to three kids. Two of them are in school. They are being forced by their schools to take the booster. That booster is more likely to increase the chance they will die or be infected. It’s wrong. Their schools will not answer any of my questions. Why not? Why are they so afraid to be held accountable? Why do they refuse to accept liability for their mandates?”

    Why on earth have you let 2 of your kids be vaccinated and soon to take the booster shot to stay in a school? You know it’s useless and dangerous.
    You are not some poor single parent getting by on a single minimum wage income.
    If you can afford to offer a million dollars to have a question answered, you are surely in a position to make life hell on earth for those schools. Or send the kids to schools that do not require the vaccine. I have no idea if your kids are in grade school or a top level university like MIT or Stanford.
    But, to me the most evil part of this whole vaccine madness is vaccinating kids and young people that have basically 0 chance of getting seriously sick or dying from the vaccine.
    And, if you allow vaccination of your kids just so they can stay in a school no matter what school it is, you are not really fighting to end this atrocity. The word ‘dilettante’ comes to mind.


    @Bill Roope


    Well put.

    Formerly T-Bear

    @ 98900 Correction:

    EU diplomats NOT now withdrawing from Ukraine, but

    Israel is evacuating ALL Jewish from Ukraine.


    Israel also is planning on giving everyone a fifth Clotshot while their infection numbers go parabolic

    Figmund Sreud

    Wisdom of our young’uns:

    Young Adults Are Most Vaxed. Let Them Explain Why

    “I’m vaccinated because I just want to have the freedom to go out and be able to live my life normally. …

    “I wanted to protect myself and others. I think being vaccinated is one of the ways to stop the spread. …

    “I didn’t really have to think about getting vaccinated. It was more just an assumption that I would. I think the pandemic has been a source of a lot of anxiety for me. …

    “I’m vaccinated for many reasons. Most importantly, there’s a lot of really significant events that are just really important in the development of me as a person, …

    “I just felt morally obligated just to do my part to protect the vulnerable, mainly. …

    … continues at:



    NYT: NATO Steps Up Readiness in Eastern Europe to Reassure Allies

    Without Germany, this is no use, just noise.

    RT has details:


    Figmund Sreud, for just this once you could have signed that off with F.F.S.

    Informed consent my donkey.

    Doc Robinson

    • We MUST Start Treating Covid Like Flu (Dr Charles Levinson )
    • The Emergency Must Be Ended, Now (ET)

    A mainstream news article from earlier this month says this:

    “The world will have to learn to coexist with a virus that’s not going away.”

    “At some point, the World Health Organization will determine when enough countries have tamped down their COVID-19 cases sufficiently — or at least, hospitalizations and deaths — to declare the pandemic officially over.”

    “I do think we will reach a point where SARS-CoV-2 is endemic much like flu is endemic”
    [said infectious disease expert Stephen Kissler of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health]

    “This virus will kind of max out… I don’t see this as kind of an endless cycle of new variants.”
    [said Dr. William Moss of Johns Hopkins]

    “One possible future many experts see: In the post-pandemic period, the virus causes colds for some and more serious illness for others, depending on their overall health, vaccine status and prior infections.”

    “[Immunologist Ali Ellebedy at Washington University] foresees a day when someone gets a coronavirus infection, stays home two to three days “and then you move on.”


    Evidence That US Government Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches of Vaccines

    An interesting dissection of the Clotshot Batch Numbers and linking them to not just to death and injury but to geographic location, i.e, were they mostly in Red States or Blue States


    Did you miss the change?
    The social/economic change that TAE/we have been forecasting, already happen.
    Tomorrow is here/now.
    (Also, the stock markets, have changed.)



    @ fatiggman
    I keep thinking that I would like to be more well versed in logical fallacies, but with life being what it is I make a shallow perusal and remember very little. I’m familiar with only a handful. Do you have any recommendations for obtaining a thorough understanding of logical fallacies?

    (BTW – anyone else welcome to chime in their two cents if you’ve a useful nugget to share.)


    TAE Summary


    President Biden: A winter of severe illness and death
    Anthony Fauci: A bit more pain and suffering

    President Bush, 2002: They are terrorists and they hate us for our freedoms
    President Biden, 2022: They are terrorists and we must hate them for their freedoms

    The flu disappeared because of Covid measures and will return if we stop the measures
    The flu disappeared because of Covid and has returned as Covid becomes endemic

    People are susceptible to propaganda although they are educated
    People are susceptible to propaganda because of the way they were educated

    deflationista: What the actual f–k is wrong with you? You f–king snob. You people are f–king nuts… you’re f–king crazy. Let me get real human for you: Go f–k yourself.
    Julius Ruechel (in his own comment section): @NJP, I invite you to participate in evidence based discussion, but going forward, I will remove any further posts from you in which you insult readers. If there is something specific you disagree with in my articles, please quote the part you disagree with and provide evidence to support your claim. Credentials and opinions are not a replacement for evidence.

    Doc Robinson

    Looks like yet another unforeseen and unintended consequence of the mRNA injections:

    Reactivation of BCG vaccination scars after vaccination with mRNA-Covid-vaccines: two case reports

    Reactivation of scars after neonatal BCG vaccination has recently been described in four women after Covid-19 mRNA vaccination. Two of our trial participants experienced reactivation of their novel BCG scars after receiving mRNA Covid-19 vaccination 6 to 8 months post-BCG.

    Case presentations
    Two female HCW participants that had been randomly allocated to BCG in the BCG-DENMARK-COVID trial, spontaneously reported itching and secretion at the BCG scar site after having received mRNA Covid-19 vaccination (Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech)…

    Figmund Sreud

    Mercator It’s a flat, flat world!

    Mercator’s map stands out from other typical cosmographic images of that time. Here the world is rectangular, not oval, round or even heart-shaped. It consists of 18 sheets, which can be bound to make an atlas or glued together into a wall version.

    … blame it on Gerardus Mercator that Russia is so, so big!



    Silly us, we should follow the $cience so deflatulence can get paid.

    those darned kids

    ctbarnum: that stretch of road has that many trucks on a normal day!

    just kidding, go truckers!!!

    Figmund Sreud

    Latest – just minutes ago – from Dr. John Campbell:

    Excellent natural immunity confirmed


    Maxwell Quest

    “Nobody dies on their protocol if they get treated early. Zero. And only a few people got hospitalized. Yet today, the NIH is saying nothing about this protocol. That is ridiculous criminal.”

    Fixed it!

    Now we enter the stage of the psychosis in which those friends and neighbors who were deeply hypnotized begin one-by-one to awaken from the spell. Not from anything you said, mind you, but from something counter-narrative they saw on TV, like the HBO Bill Maher Show. You see, the TV hypnotist snapped his fingers after counting backwards from five and voilà “you awaken alert and refreshed”. Refreshed and ready for the next TV-induced mass formation.

    That’s when they start coming up to you and saying things like, “Did you know that the vaccines have killed a lot of people?”, and you want to smack your forehead.

    I really hope that this is truly the beginning of a Great Awakening, but I’m doubtful. I’m not sure enough harm has been done yet to create the necessary backlash. Maybe by the end of the year when the lumpen are wondering why McDonalds doesn’t have any more hamburgers, they’ll consider the importance of ‘rule of law’ and ‘accountability’, finally realizing that, although they may get their entertainment from the virtual world, it’s the real world that provides food and shelter.

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