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    Harris&Ewing Happy News Cafe, “restaurant for the unemployed”, Washington, DC 1937   • China Virus Death Toll Rises To 41, More Than 1,300 In
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    V. Arnold

    Numbers growing by the hour…

    Are you sure this is the thing you want to communicate?
    Seems a bit like MSM bullshit; slightly alarmist…and it’s a byline.
    I would find it extremely difficult to think this was your intension…



    V. Arnold


    My comment wasn’t meant as slight, just more a question about your wording…
    …and, given a few minutes to consider…never mind…


    I’ve been trying all week to not be alarmist. But overnight the official death toll went from 26 to 41 (1 per hour?!). I also liked reading that official papers kept the news at page 4-5, because Xi’s New Year message had preference. Moreover, all the graphs I see are hockeysticks. And I like the Fibonacci sequence. 250,000 in 10 days? We’ll see. But imagine if that turns out true. 1.3 billion people under lockdown?

    V. Arnold

    I’ve been trying all week to not be alarmist. But overnight the official death toll went from 26 to 41 (1 per hour?!).

    Yes, I know. I realised actual reporting was vital, regardless of big moves or small.
    That’s why I cut myself short.
    Thanks for the information.

    Dr. D

    Here’s something useful from The Guardian:

    Just as well to go to low-tech now and beat the rush, since high-tech is spiral of both increasing failures and higher costs. What is is Tainter said about “Collapse”? That it was a result of outsized infrastructure that then saps too much daily support? Our answer: more centralization, more infrastructure, more GDP=more costs.

    So the article can indicate scores of solutions, but we cannot use them – yet – because we cannot let go of centralization and power concentration, and the mind that makes the problem cannot be the mind that sees the solution.

    A lot of hype and alarmism about my Corona. Let’s see what happens and what the real numbers are. People may “have it” but if if only gives you the common cold, then that happens already with all the existing flus. Kung-flu, as they’re saying. It’s probably worse, but how MUCH worse? I’m not getting good info, because without a test, no one knows how many have it. Could be the whole world has already been infected, and the hundred deaths are the cap. Not looking too hard, 3,000 deaths a year in Australia for the common cold, population 25M = 1:8300, or 0.0001% That would be 700k deaths worldwide. See what I mean? Does it go up by fibonocci? It’s cool numbers to put on a page, but can you back it?

    “was holding Republican senators rapt”

    That’s not what Kunstler and other leftists said. They thought if only someone should throw a brick and end it all, like a Vogon Poetry reading. The comment itself is pretty standard these days: IF anything I said/wrote/implied was true, THEN that would be quite a story! Yes, and IF aliens landed and made Fluffy the Shibu king of all earth, that would be a story too. But it didn’t happen, you didn’t have evidence, nobody said it was, and there was no reason to think it ever will. “You can’t make this stuff up!” –CNN reporter, on making all the stuff up.

    Example 5 minutes ago, MSNBC: “Gay teen’s family says his homicide may have been a hate crime” …Or it may not have been. Because I’m a journalist, I didn’t call anybody, collect evidence, or check. Even if there were evidence, that would have to be proven somewhere, presented by the D.A., confirmed by a jury, and might even then be wrong…but at least there would BE a story. The story here is, “If I invent and presume things, there might be a story.”

    Back to the point, yes, IF anything Adam Schiff said was true, that WOULD be interesting and incriminating. However, it’s Mr. Adam’s job to PRESENT EVIDENCE of…anything, frankly…but hopefully something relevant to the non-crimes and non-charges in the impeachment, and after 3 days has failed or forgotten to do so. I can’t help him in that case. Trump could be totally guilty, but you wouldn’t know it through Adam Schiff because he presented nothing to the jury.

    Not exactly sure who the speech was for. It’s a grand-slam to the Twitterati who already agree with him. Okay, great, but a) you need to convince people who do NOT agree with you, and b) the only practical audience is the Senate, because if you convince some voters but not the Senate, he’s going to walk free and undermine your gains with the voters.

    And yes, his whole premise is to bomb Russia, who is the size of Italy and hasn’t been Soviet for 30 years. Even if they were, Schiff’s party is literally the “Democratic Socialist” party, so maybe that’s what they’re mad about: that Russia is NOT communist, but vaguely authoritarian mixed-capitalist like we are. I guess Carlson is right? According to Schiff the impeachment is about nuking Russia, not any action by Trump? That’s what’s on trial here?
    Do we all want to die? Will we vote for WWIII?

    Per Kunstler, is it instead a plan to discredit democracy, government, elections, and therefore incite a civil war? Probably, that’s been the plan since Limbaugh in the 90s, but I don’t know if they can get that far from here. Even Antifa doesn’t seem to be getting lift-off, and it requires one side in government, and the outside faction to be armed and orderly, like Virginia. However, Virginia was so orderly they had no news and even picked up all their garbage before returning home.

    “Ukrainian officials had actually opened a new probe into Burisma months before President Trump’s July 2019 phone call”

    Hey no kidding. So how was he going to rig an election to open a case they already had opened, twice? Three, four times? Doesn’t matter. ‘Cause I want it to be true and thought it in my mind. That’s beyond whether IF we were eventually able to prove wrongdoing – and to do that someone would have to look – then it would STILL be appropriate. In fact, it’s legally required, both at home and via the Clinton-era treaty. Nevermind: facts, logic. We can’t look, so we can’t know, because looking at my side is a crime. We’re as pure as the driven snow.

    And since there’s more targets than gunsights in a field this dirty, remind that Ukraine has already legally established that they DID rig the ‘16 election, and that has also been established here, with the release of documents on Manafort. But the Ukrainians are Slavs and therefore not real human beings. What they say doesn’t matter and nobody pays attention to them anymore than pigs or untermench snorting. Ask the tolerant, diverse, inclusive left. Nope! Slavs aren’t people, their countries aren’t countries, their laws, opinions, or self-determination don’t count! We don’t even ignore them: they literally don’t exist as humans anymore than flies or bugs.

    no one has suggested my son did anything wrong.

    I have no idea what he’s doing any more then Sanders who tried to say Biden was “not corrupt in any way.” In any way? He’s a politician, no American or other person on earth is going to believe that. Who are you talking to and why did you say it? Jut say, “Your guy’s more corrupt, why are you singling out po’ Joe and picking on his kids?” See how easy that was? Btw, and speaking of the GAO, the ethics rules don’t just say you can’t take bribes(duh), they delineate in detail that IF you are in charge of an area, you CANNOT have family members there, and, covering all, cannot have even the appearance of corruption. Even if he’s completely innocent, which he is, since nothing’s been proven yet, we’re only asking to look. So there’s a real and defined breach of ethics, rejection of rules, and ignoring of oversight. …But we knew that, since the State Department said there was, was covering and responding to it, and briefing the Ambassador for the expected accusations and fallout.

    …Except none of all that happened, though widely reported by the NYT, Politico, in public government records, because if the things that happened, did, it would be legal, logical, and required to ask questions about it. But asking questions about public record and widely-reported stories is treason and impeachable.

    “Professors Donate To Democrats Over Republicans By A 95:1 Ratio (Turley)”

    I think this makes them the least diverse, least tolerant group on the planet. Also reminds me of “If everybody’s thinking the same thing, nobody’s thinking.” And that’s even if you don’t credit throwing all Republicans into re-education camps, which I’ve been hearing from them for decades, and not just from a few young kids in Bernie’s campaign. Where do you think the kids GOT the idea? From trusted professors, who are going to run away like little girls and deny everything like milk-sops, leaving Antifa and the Bernie Bros to swing for what they incited like little weasels. Don’t know what to do with that. It’s what happens when you’re allowed to speak, but no one thinks or expects words to be backed by actions, ever. Since they have no actions but evasion, they’re just chickenhawks. I can’t respect that.


    I wear ear protection with a radio as I labor, and normally listen to classical music. But I have listened to 95% of the presentation thus far, and will again when I get back from the feed mill this morning.

    In my mind Shiff & Co. have done an admirable job in making a case against the president and his abuse of power. Prior to listening I thought the charges were all made up and partisan.

    But I voted against Trump because of his character, and I voted against Hillary because of her neo-conservative foreign policy (thinking she’d quickly lead us to war against Russia).

    Sadly, I think we are now witnessing “prosecutorial over-reach” as Congressman Shiff reaches to connect all this to a “bad, bad” Putin. Conveniently left out are our walking away from treaties, including the promise not to expand NATO.

    I went into this believing that neither side wore the proverbial “white hat”, and Congressman Shiff proved me correct. The whole “Russia-gate” is an unsettled affair and it should have been left alone in this case, IMHO.

    A strategy I would have preferred would have been an open discussion of the hyper-partisanship, a search to mend that at the highest level. This same “use of presidential power” would be used to attack members of the president’s own party who “stepped out of line”, and the clearer minds of the world’s greatest deliberative body needed to stitch this country back together through compromise. Real leadership.

    But no…

    Instead, Shiff & Company opened up a huge, huge ‘nother, unsettled, partisan can of worms. It’s like listening to a person discuss a theory, and you slowly find yourself agreeing…and then next thing you know this seemingly rational person is talking about the “lizard people at the earth’s core in power” and NOW you need to dismiss their entire previous argument.

    So close, representative Shiff, so close…



    to pull the wool over someone’s eyes.
    If you say that someone is pulling the wool over your eyes, you mean that they are trying to deceive you, in order to have an advantage over you.

    If someone leads you up the garden path, they deceive you by making you believe something which is not true.

    the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc.

    Ask yourself very important questions.

    Do you think that your ethics are the same as a politician?
    What are your rules of conducts compared to the rulers of your society?
    Do you think that the enablers, ( bankers, accountants, lawyers), have the same ethics as you?

    Do you believe/accept what you read/see/hear?

    Top Five Critical Thinking Skills
    Analytical. Part of critical thinking is the ability to carefully examine something, whether it is a problem, a set of data, or a text. …
    Communication. Often, you will need to share your conclusions with your employers or with a group of colleagues. …
    Creativity. …
    Open-Minded. …
    Problem Solving.

    An illusion is an act of deception. Some optical illusions are pretty cool to watch, but an illusion can also point to an erroneous belief or false perception of reality, which is where you start getting into hallucination territory — seeing things that aren’t there.

    to think that something is true, correct, or real

    Definition of photoshop

    : to alter (a digital image) with Photoshop software or other image-editing software especially in a way that distorts reality (as for deliberately deceptive purposes)



    As we move into Saturday evening on the ground in Wuhan, it’s becoming increasingly obvious to the broader global community that China’s authoritarian government has failed to contain this viral outbreak.

    Chinese authorities expanded the travel restrictions on Saturday to cover 56 million Chinese, Al Jazeera reports. At least 18 cities in central Hubei are now dealing with at least some level of travel restrictions.

    China’s authoritarian government has failed to contain this viral outbreak.
    If you think that your own gov. would be able to manage this viral epidemic better than China then I think that you are living in la-la-land. (The USA)


    “and then next thing you know this seemingly rational person is talking about the “lizard people at the earth’s core in power”

    Well, after all, soneone has to be pulling Putin’s strings. It’s puppets, puppets, puppets all the way down.

    I mostly stopped watching the show when Bernie folded in ’16. I knew the odds were on his being a loyal sheepdog when push came to shove, but I also knew that dogs go rogue and Bernie really seemed to be doing that back then, so I banged the gong for him pretty hard until he folded after the DNC predictably gave him the official shaft.

    I didn’t expect Bernie to save the country but I saw how indies gathered around him, and indies are the only relic of moral sanity left in the USA’s pathetic plebescite. I didn’t grieve his political demise as much as one, including myself, might suspect, for the Russophobic reasons cited by Daniel Lazare above. Bernie’s weakest attribute as a candidate, for me, was his milquetoast acceptance of USA foreign policy, and Trump alone, iirc, was the only candidate who didn’t make the canard that Russia/Putin are evil incorporated the cornerstone of their foreign policy outside the usual, no longer sexy, who gives a fuck? War on Terror drivel except for Ron/Rand Paul, who are generally noninterventionist in their foreign policy, period.

    By fall of 2016, I was living alone in the woods of Pend O’Reille County, WA for several months per a colossal implosion of my marriage (now wonderfully restored and renewed to a very happy place). A man with daily, often severe nosebleeds living alone in a tent in the woods should be worried about things like bears but this area is also where the Air Force conducts survival school training and bears stay away. Too much disruption including fake bombs and lots of chopper traffic.

    When I came out of the woods in December, I stayed with a friend who was very ill and slept mostly around the clock with MSNBC or CNN on 24/7. I stayed away from that hypnosis but learned via the internet that Trump had actually maintained word-to-action consistency regarding Russia, something he has done consistently since, with some mild military farces to make it appear he isn’t retreating from Russian military influence (which we of course are, thank Allah).

    For all his saying this and doing that, Trump has done a fine job of reassuring Russia they won’t have to use those hypersonic missiles on us, and I find that alone reason to keep him in office under the circumstances. It’s not like the government will be able to avoid the main consequences of its Century of Folly (beginning, I say, with McKinley and the Spanish-American War, in which we showed the world we weren’t content to be a post-chattel slavery apartheid state willing to slaughter native populations if they don’t properly please us but were now determined to carry it abroad, although the policy-makers behind Commodore Perry’s trip to Japan deserve honorable mention). But we might, just might, avoid demanding the rest of the world nuke us into oblivion.

    If a certified lunatic can keep us out of nuclear conflict for awhile, I’ll vote for that. Not at the polls. I’m done with that quaint exercise in ritual magic. But I could stomach another 4 years of Herr Donald if it forestalls nuclear conflict until Skynet takes over.

    Lord help us when the videotapes from Pedophile Island get loose and make the rounds, which seems almost inevitable with so much chain-letter blackmail going on.

    Now, that said, if an actual Lizard Person should run for office, I will of course have to vote for that candidate. The only way to defeat the Lizard People is to subject them to the paralyzing petty apathetic hysteria of the American plebiscite.

    Vote for Gorn


    This intrigues me. The history itself I have no quarrel with, although I feel that attempts to define in B&W terms attitudes about the Negro Problem/Slave Issue fail. A people blowing smokes up their single and collective arse-holes are ambiguous at best.

    But it’s funny how both parties that wish to claim themselves as advocates of freedom have been anything but going back to when Jesus first learned to masturbate.

    As if there was ever a ruler who sincerely advocated freedom. Leaders? Yes. But rulers aren’t leaders. Big diff. Rulers make rules. It’s in their definition. Leaders are beings that other beings follow because they believe in them and their cause.


    Tried to watch at least some of the “defense” lawyers in the Senate. They went for just 2 hours vs Schiff’s 23 or so, bless them. They seemed to be doing okay, I got my first glance of both Philbin and Purpura; the latter was strong, but both are in desperate need of advice on clothing, hairdo and glasses.

    The CNN afterward mainly pointed out that Joe Biden had not been mentioned at all, something they’d had their panties in a know for apparently. The only other topic they could come up with was that all 4 lawyers were white males. A key issue of course. Remind me to check for the number of transgenders among my local supermarket cashiers next week.


    One last thing about coronavirus: the official number for patients is 1400 right now. Jonathan Reed appears to be ahead of that, the Fibonacci sequence says 2097. But what does that mean if anything? The time difference between China and EU/US alone could be a factor. When we woke up today the death number had been adjusted, when China woke up, from 26 to 41.

    There are many stories about people with complaints or even pneumonia being sent away from hospitals. The numbers are mere guesses and/or attempts to hide severity. Xi launched his first serious warning today, but it’s party time in China.

    More significant perhaps: with 1,400 acknowledged cases, Wuhan plans to build a new hospital in a week for 1,000 patients.

    Jonathan Reed predicts another 250,000 cases by Feb 4. Even if Reed is off by 50%, and only half of new cases are in Wuhan, what are they going to do? If they can’t lodge 1,000 patients, how about 60,000-odd in 10 days? Or what if Reed is right, and not off by 50%?


    next virus problem
    In Canada, the snow storm put Newfoundland in a week of siege.
    There were food, and gas shortages

    How many days can China be in lock down before there are serious delivery and accessibility problems of all kind of necessary resources.
    Where in “the rule of three” does it explain living in waste or surrounded by virus?

    Rule of three
    You can survive for 3 Minutes without air (oxygen) or in icy water
    You can survive for 3 Hours without shelter in a harsh environment (unless in icy water)
    You can survive for 3 Days without water (if sheltered from a harsh environment)
    You can survive for 3 Weeks without food (if you have water and shelter)

    John Day

    “No one has suggested my son di anything wrong.” Joe Biden

    “That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pin-ball!” Pete Townsend

    John Day
    Belmarsh Prison inmates repeatedly protest solitary confinement torture of Julian Assange, resulting in his transfer to a regular cell-block with other dangerous criminals.
    (Something of a victory for Julian. As an Australian, he’ll have no freedom of speech or press in USA, USA, USA.)
    ​ ​Belmarsh is a notoriously harsh maximum-security prison full of violent offenders and prisoners convicted under anti-terrorism laws, one of many reasons that Assange supporters have so vigorously opposed his confinement there. What does it tell you about the society you are living in that this population has a superior moral compass to the people who are actually running things?

    Belmarsh Prison Inmates Prove More Ethical Than Entire Western Empire

    Thanks Eleni. How could such a terrible oversight have happened? What an embarrassment!
    A French publisher has apologised after a history textbook that appeared in bookshops in recent weeks suggested the 11 September 2001 attacks were probably “orchestrated by the CIA”…
    ​ ​The textbook is described as a complete course on the last century in French, European and world history. It was written by Jean-Pierre Rocher, a teacher of history and geography and a graduate of the Sciences Po university in Paris, and aimed at Sciences Po undergraduates as well as students preparing for France’s elite “grandes écoles”.
    ​ ​Although the book came out in November, it was not until the daughter of one of the secondary school teachers bought a copy that one of them spotted the reference to the CIA.
    ​ ​On page 204 the author explains the context of the creation of the jihadist group, al-Qaeda and the “quadruple terrorist attack of 11/9 2001 on New York and Washington”. He then makes the following statement.
    ​ ​”This global event – no doubt orchestrated by the CIA (secret services) to impose American influence on the Middle East? – hit the symbols of American power on its own territory.”

    They Killed King For The Same Reason They Killed Kennedy (“National Security” can’t afford peace breaking out.)
    ​ ​There is no doubt what both John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. would have thought about a type of totalitarian-like governmental structure that has led our nation in the direction of state-sponsored assassinations, torture, invasions, occupations, wars of aggression, coups, alliances with dictatorial regimes, sanctions, embargoes, regime-change operations, and massive death, suffering, and destruction, not to mention the loss of liberty and privacy here at home.

    Bernie Sanders has 7 point lead in latest Iowa poll of Democratic voters.
    “The Horror, The Horror”
    No wonder it’s become open season on The Bern. He is presenting a credible threat to the Democratic party power machine, which is banking on a brokered convention, where they will choose a champion, as they did with Hillary Clinton in 2016. All those “superdelegates” know where their bread is buttered, and it ain’t by Bernie.
    Sanders could win on the first ballot, and all the bread and butter would immediately vanish.

    Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) on Tuesday criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for saying “no one likes” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), with Gabbard seeking to defend her fellow Democratic presidential hopeful.
    “It’s time to grow up. This isn’t high school,” Gabbard said in an interview with WMUR News 9. “We’re talking about real challenges that our country needs to address and the need for real leadership to focus on them​.​

    What about the Wuhan coronavirus, the uncommonly bad cold? It seems to have jumped species, ​perhaps from bats, in a market selling live animals of various provenance to cook as delicacies.
    The current fatality rate is around 4%, weighted heavily towards older, and sicker hosts. It seems to reach peak infectivity around day #10. It attacks the lungs more deeply, with less upper airway irritation, which might make it fly under the radar until it is bad, a viral pneumonia. Antibiotics don’t work. There could be a vaccine by the end of the year, but…
    It has spread in Chinese hospitals, and some are now turning people away with those symptoms. It’s on the US east and west coasts, and I assume it’s in Houston, too.


    Yes, yes, we all know that that “paragon of circumspection,” the Trumpster, would never lower himself to base threats and inflammatory language. Nor would Senators feign outrage at what is so clearly just another baseless attack on their fearless leader in his time of personal and professional crisis. I do so hope the burden of such an outrageous maligning of the Stable Genius doesn’t drive them to a rash reaction and not consider the merits as duly sworn to….you know, God, and everybody.


    CNN and MSNBC talking experts have already decided the truth.
    FOX talking experts have already decided the truth
    Both parties are on the side of truth and God.
    Nobody is going to change their mind and move to the side of the devil.
    Election by majority vote is yesterday.
    Impeachment is the new way of getting any one you want into or out of power
    Welcome to the new world order. (Unless the virus upsets the apple cart.)

    Dr D Rich

    “Naturally, since the disease is most active in China which is notoriously opaque especially when it comes to matters that can cause a mass panic…”
    And this: “Furthermore, since all of this is happening in China which is not known for making the most socially-beneficial decisions under pressure”
    I was marched out of a UW hospital for correctly pointing out that an unlicensed high school grad inappropriately staffed in a management position should not be be telling concerned patients and staff made sick with respiratory illnesses during a hospital demolition/construction project to “suck it up”. Ya see since at least as long as I’ve been Dr. D even OSHA directives cite the risk for both infectious and non infectious pulmonary disease. The first medical center center I ever worked in as an MD although brand new was already colonized Aspergillus in 1988.
    Fast forward to late 2019 and look at the glacially paced response, coverup and foot dragging at Seattle Children’s to guess what, Aspergillus. I suppose the opacity of the Chinese government played a role with the families and attorneys of the injured children. Then you add the conceit of purposeful ignorance to the mix.
    From Seattle Times: “Aspergillus infections that happen while a patient is in the hospital aren’t widely reported or identified across the country and little is known about Aspergillus in hospital HVAC systems, according to Jeff Duchin, public health officer of Public Health – Seattle & King County.”

    So yeah China and Putin should be demonized


    China doesn’t quarantine 50 million people unless something big is happening. The only numbers that are important at this point is that they have quarantined huge population centers. Probably the largest quarantine in history.
    tens of thousands of people die of the flu every year in China but they don’t quarantine. I suspect that something else might be happening.

    V. Arnold

    Spooky this morning, 06:00; nothing about corona virus in any of the news sites.
    We’re +7:00 GMT

    V. Arnold

    One thing I’m thinking about, is how this CV is going to be used to manipulate the masses.
    A global scare is ripe for government chicanery…
    Keep your powder dry…


    Kung-Flu:. A Bad Dream. Imagine if you were put in charge of spreading the Kung-Flu virus as far and wide and in the shortest time possible.

    By picking China as your starting point you start with one great asset, communists. They come by the 3 monkeys naturally thus greatly helping to spread the Kung-Flu virus without any effort on your part.

    So far you have successfully spread the Kung-Flu virus to all corners of the world without doing anything!.

    Now you are presented with the greatest yearly migration of people in the world!

    During Chinese New Year, over 400 million people are expected to travel, an unbelievable gift toward helping you to spread the Kung-Flu virus beyond even your wildest dreams!

    So far you haven’t yet lifted a finger! You are still thinking about what you need to do to fulfill your job successfully! Well congratulations, you are going to get a gold star or something!

    P.S. At this point I would advise you not to do anything! Quit while you are ahead! Anything you ydo, mightI actually slow down the spread of Kung-Flu virus!

    Wake up! Wake up! You were just having a nightmare!


    Schiff had 3 plates of spaghetti.
    Not knowing what to do with them, natuarally being who he is, he threw them at the wall to see if any of the spaghetti would stick.
    Sadly all of the spaghetti slid down the wall onto the floor.
    Now the walls and floors of Schiff’s House are a steaming mess!
    Schiff now wants the Senate to clean up his mess!

    Warren has lately been playing with matches. She recently tried burning Bernie!
    Bernie has been burning red hot. Warren felt the Bern!
    Warren is now cooling off! It doesn’t pay to play with matches!

    Now that Bernie is red hot, Hillary is trying to cool down the Bern!
    Maybe Bernie doesn’t want to get burned like he got burned the first time!
    Once burnt, twice shy?
    Bernie was only meant to put on a good show to entertain the masses for Hillary in 2016.
    Nice cottage you got there, Bernie!
    Maybe Bernie is putting on too good a show in 2020?
    Where is old sleepy creepy Joe when you need him?
    But Hillary still owns all the super delegates!
    So, no worries, mate!
    Hillary to the rescue in round 2!

    V. Arnold

    Very interesting link below; which confirms everyone should be very skeptical of all foreign media reporting on the corona virus.
    Just as with the coups here in Thailand; the foreign media was mostly, just full of shit; especially the U.S. media.
    If one really wants to know what’s what; talk to the expats…

    Wuhan Expats Fed Up With Foreign Media Hype

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