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    Even MIT is shouting about the dangerous vaccines …


    Regarding my previous post linked to the tweet, read the comments under that tweet, lots of people pissed off with what he says and trying to deny that the vaccines are dangerous. They are screaming for evidence and peer reviewed science yet not one of those screamers have ever seen evidence from trials that the vaccines are safe. That is how stupid these people are, they are fighting to defend Pfizer and the state even though they do not know whether the vaccines are safe or not. What happened to peoples’ critical thinking skills?

    V. Arnold


    What happened to peoples’ critical thinking skills?

    You must be kiding, no?
    I thought it had been made very clear that critical thinking skills were too dangerous to be taught or allowed by the general populations…
    I’ve railed about this for years and………..crickets…………
    You’re very late to the party……..

    V. Arnold

    As an addendum: I posit that most do not understand what critical thinking even is………….
    I’ve had one student “get it”; and it was an amazing experience…

    Dr. D

    WES, yes, that’s why I call them the Engineers. They know, which is no secret as it’s just average Madison Avenue PR and Advertising, written down 100 years ago by Bernays. That’s why everything had to turn to the internet where at least they could listen in and get a handle on it. Since no Tech company makes a nickel and they’re all muti-trillion combined, imagine how much money was lost or spent installing this. Yes, that’s why the masks, why the censorship, and why they couldn’t attempt it until we were net based.

    All well planned out, which tells you something very important. Event 201 was based almost entirely on media and narrative control with almost no interest in medicine. Why? Because the pandemic was fabricated on false tests to begin with and a 99.96% survival rate. There was very little pandemic to stop. It was all media control.

    And it worked extremely well, don’t you think?

    Not that there is much difference between the various Airstrips.”

    A little. America is nothing like on the news. Consider that like “Friends” we don’t actually have barristas renting Central Park apartments in Manhattan. Outside of 12 cities, the media hasn’t a clue what goes on here. And also it’s quite desperate all over, way past 3rd world. However, that means they have no idea, and no control, almost no power on the ground. It’s like the Outback, but with people. Are they the “Airstrip”? Yes and no. Let’s say for every Fascist state there’s a red-light district of gay-leather cathouses, doling drugs, making deals like Rick in Casablanca. If you’re in 1984, you can get jam, TV stoppers, girls, guns, dynamite, rocket launchers, anything you want there. So what is a “1984” if there are safety valves out of oppressive control everywhere? That blows the very concept of control out of the water. It needs a new language, I guess.

    “WROL (Without Rule Of Law) versus EROL (Excessive Rule Of Law).”

    Worth reading old FerFal stuff, from Argentina. He points out there is Never WROL. Whatever happens, the local muscle becomes much worse. Always. So previously you had to worry about someone stealing and crashing your car, hijacking you. Now you have to worry about that AND when the police show up, THEY will shake you down the 2nd time that day. Maybe they won’t file a report correctly without cash. Maybe being on the property they’ll steal your stuff. Maybe they WERE the hijackers. ALWAYS. So it’s like a Clint Eastwood western. Or as I would say: Government is always the enemy. Always a mafia.

    Sadly we are losing this battle and it looks like NZ will become a barren land in short order.”

    I know we sound stupid but “First they come for the guns.” If they hadn’t disarmed you, they wouldn’t dare overreach like this. Now newsflash: you don’t need guns to take them out; Guns might actually be a liability. However, they give courage to the masses as well as fear to the leaders, so the masses are incapable of realizing they are way more powerful in every way without having Dumbo’s magic feather to hold. The irony is, this isn’t for “us”, but that the leaders, being one-dimensional power-worshippers, fear the guns because they know what “they” would do to “us” with them if they ever found out. But it’s far easier to take them out without them, because that’s a thing they understand.

    Put it this way: they’re all committing felonies. Go find the felonies and expose them. Hire a private eye, won’t take long. Can’t afford a private eye? You be the private eye. Or do you want to just lose the $12M dollars? Who would you tell? Photocopy and print evidence of his affairs and embezzlement on a copier and staple it to lightposts countywide. Jeez, do I have to do everything? Later, maybe his Tesla catches on fire, who knows? Could be his 3rd mistress got mad. No imagination.

    Or put it this way: you need a Color Revolution. We watch it every day in the news, so what do they do, need, arrange, to kick out the governments? See, like Ireland it’s about the WILL to do it, not the specific actions.

Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)
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