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    Giovanni Bellini Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist and Female Saint 1500-04   • Crimes against Our Country (Jim Kunstler) • Vaccinated
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    Dr. D

    Lots of camera obscura in that painting.

    We can’t vaccinate the planet every six months,” says Covid-19 vaccine creator” –CNN

    I hadn’t thought about it that way, but you’re right in so many ways. 14 Billion doses per year, 7B x twice.

    Not picking on her, but AOC partying at crowded nightclub, no mask in Florida. Point being rules are for other people, of course, but also, she doesn’t believe a word of the rules or the danger. There’s no law AGAINST masking, she can if she wants. If she thought it was real – and Florida is a dangerous place – she’s welcome to wear one, no one will stop her. I won’t even make fun of her or anything, that would be in agreement with her stated beliefs. I respect that.

    But it’s the #Opposite of all those things. Like Nancy Pelosi, having ruined CA, Whitmer needing a break from her prison colony, they all just go since they were getting in trouble for ignoring their own rules in nightclubs at home, like Lightfoot. P.S. she was probably down there with her mother, who fled NY and her NYC district to escape high taxes.

    Again, AOC: doesn’t believe a thing about Covid. By her actions. Loves Florida and their policies. Good for her, who doesn’t? It’s the safest state in the Union. Has been for months. NY is the worst, fighting bitterly for worst worldwide with MI, NJ, etc. aka the “Mask States”.

    Thanks Dr. Malone for highlighting again the boring, well-worn technology they use to cause these purges, wars, and manias. Like 1999, 2006, tens of thousands of people publicly identified these problems in detail, said they would come to no good, and every billionaire, representative, and regulatory agency seemed to be actively encouraging the violent collapse and mass-death that would ensue. Every time, the authorities and experts denied it, belittled it, were publicly paid by it, and the critics were entirely, completely right. Right as loudly as “That giant sucking sound.”

    Nothing happened to the stock and penny fraud in ‘99, to the MERS and property fraud in ‘08, nor any other fraud in 100 years.

    Yet everyone dies, and their money magically ends up in their pockets.

    Just another coincidence no one saw coming, I guess.

    So anyway, if you missed it, here’s the method. The three-card monty with the hidden cameras catching them roughing up Joey and his expecting wife in the back. You know, I’d respect this con and violent abuse a lot more if everyone didn’t just say yes to it with open mouths. Like tiny, baby birds, hungrily, savagely eating anything you put out there before them.

    They really should just say, “Go home tonight, pick up your kids from school, and drown them in the bathtub.”

    The people would say, “Why yes! We’ve spend so much effort killing only our neighbors, why did we never think of killing our children before? To be a truly great, exemplary fellow, I simply MUST do this today!”

    And they say IVM is dangerous. Pica is much more so. A disease where you’ll swallow anything, the weirder the better.

    The reason they buy into the narrative is because it leads to this new social bond,”

    Yes. I can see that. The problem is THE BOND IS ALSO FALSE. Not just dangerous, not just thoughtless. The trinket you sold yourself for was also s—t. I just don’t understand. I can tell it by who is susceptible though. Your ONLINE friends? You’ve never met? TikTok influencers? Of makeup unboxing videos? And you chose them over your live family of 25 years?

    And you wonder why I talk earnestly of mental illness.

    CNN, paid by Pfizer, gives CEO award to Pfizer…who can pay them. What’s the award? A cash prize, provided by Pfizer, and a small child.

    “CDC Is Set to Update Its Guidance”

    And other stories, Blue States now ignoring the CDC guidelines. Anti-Science. Since Red states don’t either, does that mean EVERYONE, ALL States are ignoring guidelines, and everyone claims they’re following the Science and are not? (A: yes. Called “devolution”)

    “Macron No Longer Views Unvaxxed as French: ‘Piss Them Off’ and ‘Reduce’ Them (NF)”

    What do we call it when the State declares open war on their citizens? Bonus: AND sets up concentration camps that have no due process? AND put children in them and call out the police if children escape?

    The United States Should Avoid Waging a Two-Front Cold War”

    Hadn’t thought of it specifically in these terms but yes, very clever of them, and too late for us.

    US Launches Preemptive Strike on “Rocket Sites” Near Occupied Syrian Oil Fields”

    Good thing we’re not going around the world with our 300 military bases and bombing everything in acts of aggression lacking any premise or Congressional Act of War, or we might get our eye off the ball and lose #1 above.

    We have a general DNC majority. So open 5 new wars, maintain Gitmo, and see if we can start a couple more slave markets, will ya? I’m not picking on them ‘cause they do it – both sides do it – I’m picking on them until they admit murdering brown people for Exxon is a core Democratic value.

    “State of Emergency Declared in Kazakhstan’s Largest City After Fuel Price Riots, Internet Cut”
    Sounds like San Francisco, but “Coming to a city near you.”

    Shutting down the internet? “Google Manipulates Results As “Mass Formation Psychosis’ Searches Explode”

    That’s one way to make sure people think the news is honest and not propaganda fabricated to create psychosis: change the data when they go looking, right in front of their eyes. So what, 5M? 11M? people saw Rogan? And Forbes, Intercept, usual suspects lie about what was said? Who are they fooling? Not those 11M people and their friends. CNN can change the minds of all 30 kids they have in day care. The other 330M Americans NOT in airports? Not so much. They’re podcasting Rogan on earbuds. SO THEIR LIES ARE THE CONFIRMATION of what his guests are saying, not an opposition to it.

    Watching markets, too much going on, Turkey invented $10B in profits on the last hour of the last day of the quarter. Uh-huh. It’s possible since they can front run their own market, but…

    Bitcoin/crypto looks primed to crack and breakdown. Weakness everywhere for some weeks/months and we’ve been in this limbo unless you’re a dollar-cost-averager. So look for a spike drop rebound to buy in if you missed it at $20k. Maybe only $40k right now, but that’s a 60% gain back to $70k.

    It also is timing/telling something. Generally speaking, there’s always another chance.

    Jimmy Dore asks “You want things to go back to normal, don’t you?”

    No. I definitively do not. Please never go back to “normal” if normal is 1971-2021.

    Dr. D

    “CNN Boasts They Haven’t Had an Employee Sex Scandal All Year” -BBee


    Love it!

    Watching CNN and listening to Judy on NPR as “Emotional Day Care”. Used to see the same behavior in my parents as they worshipped Bill O’Reilly, ‘cuz, “He’s got my back!”
    Yep! As long as the check clears, the private jet is fully fueled, he’s surely got your back!

    When the subject of the ‘vaccines’ arises, which it undoubtedly does, and one attempts to have a logical, adult conversation (you know, data, facts, etc), people figuratively put their fingers in their ears and start making loud, childish playground noises, followed by an equally loud, “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!”

    I’ve often heard, “Well, I choose to believe in the vaccines” as the terminal statement. “Okay, fine. But you do realize that this belief is, according to you, faith-based, not science, right?” (Usually, I say to myself, as, they’re frustrated enough…)

    Mister Roboto

    Veracious Poet

    I find it interesting that mass formation psychosis, something many of us noticed a long, LONG time ago, is suddenly topic du jour…

    Will those suffering from the malady actually stop pointing at others & perhaps become introspective to the possibility that they may suffer from the condition as well?

    Let’s see, off the top of my head you’ve got:

    1> Large numbers of people willing to mindlessly follow whatever da Scienz tells them as the gospel.
    2> A significant portion of people that believe that COVID is a hoax, no virus was ever released, that no PPE should be ever deployed, ever.
    3> Once you’ve chosen a partisan ideology, or world view, anyone who disagrees with it is the enemy.

    There are a number of other mass formation psychosis scenarios I could run, but the REAL question should be What is the solution?

    Ah, never mind I know that isn’t possible, just another foible of western civ I guess, like young adults having their faces buried in “smart” phones every waking moment…

    But there was once this thing called Natural Law that seemed to have promise, back in 1776?

    What a despondent, depressing time to be alive 😐


    Doc Robinson

    Scales fell from his eyes.

    Confessions of a ‘human guinea pig’: Why I’m resigning from Moderna vaccine trials

    I felt then that being a test subject was a valuable way to contribute to public health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    That initial feeling has receded in recent months as I have come to understand that the noble enterprise of science-making I had imagined I was a part of is actually, first and foremost, an exercise in ruthless corporate profit-making

    While the process of science and the products it yields are noble, science for outrageous profit that costs people their lives is not noble. That is why I can no longer in good conscience be part of Moderna’s trials, and I urge other Moderna trial participants to resign as well. We allowed Moderna to test its experimental vaccine and booster on us in order to help end this pandemic, not to make more pharma billionaires.

    (Jeremy Menchik is an associate professor of international relations and religion at Boston University.)


    No random controlled trials have proven that chicken soup is good for you. The CDC and The WHO caution that without RCTs, chicken soup must be avoided when you are feeling ill. Chicken soup is for horses only.

    John Day

    @Oroboros, from last night. I agree with the litany of crimes against humanity which you list as the work of the cabal which considers us to be their property
    I don’t have a mechanism to suggest other than paying attention to the truth, sharing it, doing our best and continuing to do our best as the corrupt system degrades.
    Breaking their narrative (“noble lie”), the way it broke during Vietnam, is what seems like our near-term objective.
    COVID-fear-totalitarianism-through-mass-formation is the basket containing their eggs right now.

    Formerly T-Bear

    There are Lies, Damned Lies, and Fauci’s Science.

    Fixed – No Charge

    Doc Robinson

    “It is physically impossible to jab everyone every four, five or six months. It can’t be done. Not here, not anywhere. Period. Therefore with what we now know what we did was stupid. It does not matter if you think it works or not — it’s still stupid because even if the jabs are completely harmless, and they’re not, you can’t deliver many billions of them into arms every four, five or six months globally.”

    those darned kids

    le voilà! mystery solved!

    our intriguing partner, deflationista, is actually none other than His Excellency, Emmanuel Macron, le Président de la République Française, Coprince d’Andorre, Grand FouFou au Palais de l’Élysée, Tête de Bite Suprême de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, et Le Grand Jerk de L’internet.

    quel honneur! on doit être très spéciaux!!!

    Doc Robinson

    Ambulance services in Australia are overloaded with “extreme demand.”

    Hundreds of Victorians have been left waiting for ambulances and the delays are expected to continue as the emergency response system struggles with “extreme demand”.
    A “code red” for ambulance services in Greater Melbourne was triggered by “extreme demand” overnight, marking the third time the code has ever been declared.

    Hundreds of Victorians left waiting after Ambulance Victoria suffered ‘code red’


    Only in the USA
    • Chilling Pandemic Data from the Insurance Industry (Rescue)
    This article is part of a publishing collaboration between Rescue and Trial Site News. The outstanding reporting by Mary Beth Pfeiffer …..
    The black line represents 2021 deaths in this age group and peaks in Q3 (with the most recently available data through the end of Q3). Using actual CDC reported death totals, 2019 (pre-pandemic) recorded 172,000 deaths during that three-month period. CDC data from Q3 2021 shows 250,000 actual deaths (or a 45% increase over the baseline expectation) for this age group, typically the working age population. Of that total, 50,600 were attributed by the CDC to COVID.
    Mary Beth Pfeiffer ( Meet a “Freedom fighter”)
    I am an investigative journalist who is outraged by the government’s abject failure to stop COVID-19 by treating it early. Censorship and greed have fueled this pandemic. My articles:
    ( Meet more “Freedom fighter”)
    • Unprecedented: Deaths In Indiana For Ages 18-64 Are Up 40% (Kirsch)

    This is huge. Something is killing healthy people at an unprecedented rate.
    ( If it not vaccines then investigate something else, like opioids)
    This is huge. My closest friends all noticed this article too and wrote about it.
    I only found out about these articles after I wrote my initial draft last night. I wanted to sleep on it before I published.

    Three of the people I talk to most frequently about vaccine-related issues are Jessica Rose, Mathew Crawford, and Robert Malone.

    Reaction from the mainstream press was predictable: they ignored it
    The mainstream media didn’t pick up on this at all. It is 7am PST on January 3 and I just did this Google query and found the ONLY story was the original story. Nothing else. Nobody else thought it was important. Just me and my friends.
    833 more comments…
    ( Meet more “Freedom fighter”)
    • Taking Back Our Liberty in 2022 (Ron Paul)

    As my son Rand said on a recent Liberty Report, thousands of people died because Fauci refused to consider the proven effectiveness of natural immunity against Covid. He and his colleagues were determined to deny any outpatient treatments and insisted on vaccines as the only way out. Now, as we see the vaccines performing so poorly versus natural immunity, their whole strategy lies in tatters. Will anyone apologize to the relatives of all those who died?

    When we look back at these two years, hopefully one thing that will be remembered is how the institutions of state power have all lost their credibility. They have been exposed as frauds and worse.
    What is to be done to defeat tyranny in 2022? We must continue to tell the truth. The truth is winning and the liars are losing. One by one their lies are being exposed. But it is not an easy task. Each of us in 2022 can do a little something to promote truth. Do what you can. The rewards are great!
    ( Meet more “Freedom fighter”)
    Read the comments



    • The ‘Find Your Balls’ Challenge (Denninger)

    The complete failure by the men in many western countries to defend their families, especially their children, from the Coff monsters leads me to believe that they will ‘find their balls’ hiding in a little pink sack at the bottom of their wife’s purse.

    Dr. Robert Malone: “it’s all documented… then you see it being deployed… It is a full on globalist totalitarian vision.”

    All that ‘crazy talk’ about One World Government for all those decades from ‘conspiracy theorists’ was true.

    All that denial from ‘coincidence theorists’ was false.

    What’s for dinner mom, crow!

    “Nurses turned so cynical about the remdesivir protocol that they nicknamed it “run-death-is-near.”

    • Crimes against Our Country (Jim Kunstler)

    Combined they make an awesome stadium chant!


    “Let’s Go Brandon”


    I finally managed to carve out 3 hours yesterday afternoon and watched the Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Malone. If I could get any of my blue-pilled friends and relatives to watch JUST ONE THING, this would be that thing.

    Just the other day I realized something that should have been obvious some time ago. There are two statements from Biden that have been sticking in my mind because they were so jarring. One was the “we’re losing our patience with you” blurb, and the other was the more recent one about “the winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated.” To me they are virtually unprecedented–no one in high political office in a functioning democracy would dare to speak to voters in such a way.

    What they are, I realized, are the kind of tone-deaf and imperious statements that an unelected administrator would make. They lack a sense of “what sells” in the same way as many of those obscene tweets from the World Economic Forum (remember “lockdowns are quietly making cities better”–I’m sure we can all think of others).

    This makes it clear that Biden is just reading what some administrator is writing for him.


    WES you asked in yesterday’s post whether or not garlic compounds could survive the stomach acids. The best evidence I have found to support the ability of garlic to tolerate stomach acids is garlic’s long history of use as a pathogen destroyer. As garlic is not a money-maker, you can be sure that very little research money is being spent on it. Here is a link from Mercola describing the known benefits of garlic and the studies that have been done.

    I made another batch of garlic (fire cider) tincture. This is how I make it:
    5 or 6 heads of garlic
    2 or 3 jalapeños
    1 inch of horse radish root
    1 or 2 inches of ginger
    2 cups of apple cider vinegar
    (Note: if you don’t have all ingredients, not the end of the world. However garlic is key.$
    Throw it all in the blender and purée for about 5 minutes. Let the puréed mixture just sit and steep for about 30 minutes if you have time.
    Strain the mixture through several layers of cheese cloth, retaining the vinegar that now tastes very much like garlic, ginger, horse radish and hot pepper!

    How to use: 1 teaspoon in half a cup of water. Frequency: if you can tolerate it, 3 or 4 times per day if you are sick. I try to take it once per day as a preventative. Sometimes it nauseates me if I take it in an empty stomach.


    @John Day

    I agree with your overview. I’m old enough to have witnessed the 1968 Chicago Demo Convention where the cops were savagely beating the snot out of the protestors and they were chanting over an over an over,

    “The whole world is watching, The whole world is watching, The whole world is watching….”

    so loud it came through into the sound booths of the network news casters and onto the air.

    I also have life long friends who are German citizens living in German now who refuse to be vaxxed and are truly frightened by how they are being treated, and intimidated and threaten by their follow Germans and the government and are flabbergasted that it feels to them like what they read as children was the case in Germany of the 1930’s. This is right now happening to them. One said they feel like the police will shortly breakdown the door down and drag them off in the night to ‘isolation accommodations”

    Europe is finished as a democratic experiment. There is no light at the end of the tunnel from what I hear in Germany.

    It only took 80 years to completely forget.

    The same old mass formation psychosis tied up in a new bright bow.

    A Fourth Turning

    The length of an average life.

    Hardly any first hand witnesses left from the 1930’s

    Time to pull the same stunt.

    So it goes.


    I should add that I store the tincture in a glass jar in the fridge. You can either remove or include the seeds in the jalopeno peppers depending on your tolerance for heat.

    John Day

    Blog is up with another recent homestead construction photo of the “mini-McMansion”

    Coronavirus accumulates about 1 RNA base-mutation every 1-2 weeks. This is a pretty steady time clock in the natural world.
    Most of these don’t make a difference in anything, because they lack “meaning”. They are either “nonsense mutations” or “non-structural”mutations.
    If a mutation makes the virus not work right, it is not carried forward because that virus does not reproduce or spread well.

    “Sense mutations” are different, and when they enhance viral “fitness” to replicate and spread, they create “variants of interest”.

    All of the “variants of interest” actually become family-clans of interest very soon, lineages, because each virus mutates every week or two..

    As large portions of a population began to be “vaccinated” against January 2020 spike-protein, some random viral mutations allowed viruses to compete better in this group.
    It is natural with non-sterilizing-vaccines that this evolutionary pressure is placed on viruses. In March and April 2021 in San Francisco, they already saw different “strains” specializing in “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” people.

    Delta COVID in India, with a low percentage of vaccinated people, and was stopped well by ivermectin, zinc, doxycycline and vitamin-D. It traveled after that, and became good at infecting vaccinated as well as unvaccinated, because it exploits some of the antibodies produced by spike-protein vaccines for “facilitation”.
    Omicron seems to do that even better.

    Omicron is almost certainly another military-lab-release, because it has so many functional mutations, mostly in the spike protein, and it has so very few random, “nonsense mutations”. The number of mutations from its closest known relative puts it’s divergence back to March 2018 at least, and that is if they were random.
    They are absolutely not random. They are functional mutations. They make the spike protein vaccines useless against its spike protein, but the facilitating antibodies work fine. It is also about 3 times as effective at spreading through a population as Delta.

    Omicron appears to be a nearly-ideal free-range vaccine at this point. It provides good immunity to Delta and prior variants. (Is it a “friendly” counter-attack?)

    Sun Tzu’s “Art Of War” book, the most studied book on war, though ancient, classifies “War By Fire” as the most dangerous kind of attack, because it cannot be predicted or controlled after it has begun. The spread of the SARS-CoV-2 lab virus clan throughout the world, since at least mid 2019 (as saved specimens have revealed) seems certain to have been started by a leak, and or releases of “gain-of-function” viruses, created in labs in the US, Canada and China, and shared between them. (There is no reason why the massive Iranian national mourning events after the assassination of General Soleimani by a US dron in Iraq could not have been seeded with this military virus, which was already spreading in the world, but had a massive spread during those gatherings.)

    Just as a fire is started ahead of a forest fire, to burn up forest before the big fire gets to an area, to give it nothing to spread into, this may be a counter-fire military action. mRNA “vaccines” have not done that job, nor have viral-vector DNA vaccines. Chinese Sinovac and other “traditional” vaccines appear to be safer, not implicated in so many deaths, but do not appear very strong or sustained and are not “sterilizing”, either.

    Omicron appears to function as a very infectious and “mostly harmless” free-vaccine. This will naturally thwart the COVID-fear-mass-formation-totalitarian battle plan, by eliminating COVID-fear.

    This meme of Omicron-as-the-end-of-COVID is spreading in the financial world, already. The world of finance is going through changes as growth is transitioning to “de-growth”, and none of the dominant economic models will work in this new paradigm. They all assume growth.
    Fuel and resource limits won’t permit economic growth now.

    Jenny and I have resumed ivermectin-based-treatment almost 24 hours ago, and are doing well, without fever, and with normal vital signs. We will continue until we seem fully recovered, though that seemed to be the case before, and we had recurrence of viral illness and positive nasal swab tests yesterday. It is more likely overall that we have Delta, but cannot be completely certain. It was dominant in Texas when the first family-member of our “cluster” got sick 12/21/21. Our hospitalized family member reports feeling better and also sounds better on the phone this morning.

    those darned kids

    doc r:

    Hundreds of Victorians left waiting after Ambulance Victoria suffered ‘code red’

    Dr. Hilary Jones describes ‘crisis’ of 2-hour ambulance wait times in North-East

    A&E patients faced ambulance handover wait times of almost 15 hours

    🌱 Ambulance Demands + Hospital Wait Times Longer

    Stroke patients in Suffolk have 51 minute ambulance wait

    Glasgow ambulances diverted as A&E admissions soar

    Alberta communities ran out of ambulances 31 times last weekend, union warns

    NHS staff crisis: Heart attack and stroke patients told to drive to hospital or face hour-long ambulance wait

    Shoal Bay emergencies brings Tomaree ambulance waiting times into question

    Ambulance delays: ‘It was 30 hours before my son reached the hospital’

    Rural ambulance response times not quick enough: Alberta Peace mayors

    Heart attack patients told to get lift to hospital receiving ‘unacceptable’ care, health minister admits

    Councillor deems ambulance wait times ‘scandalous’

    Hundreds of ambulances wait more than 30 minutes to handover patients at A&E

    St. Louis man says he waited 10 hours for ambulance to arrive for sick brother

    Major wait times to offload patients at Peterborough Regional Health Centre

    Montgomery Co. ambulance service could be disrupted by crowded ERs

    Ambulance ramping doubled in 2021 despite lack of WA COVID-19 cases

    First responders facing staffing shortages and lengthy wait times for patients to receive medical care

    Fairfield woman suffering from heart failure impacted by ambulance wait times

    NSW ambulances taking up to an hour to respond to life-threatening calls

    Laguna Beach mulls hiring ambulance team after wait times balloon

    Durham Region, Oshawa had zero ambulances available for much of Jan. 4

    Victorian deputy premier weighs in on ‘deeply upsetting’ death of triple-0 caller

    and so on….

    John Day

    Denial of Early Covid-19 Treatment – A Crime Against Humanity
    The Ethical Skeptic presents that people were forced into a medical experiment to accept “vaccines” or “nothing” without informed consent, and were systematically denied the other option of not being in the experiment, but taking available antiviral treatments early. This was intentional, and vast and rigorously coordinated through threats and coercion of medical professionals, and control of mass-communications.

    Denial of Early Covid-19 Treatment – A Crime Against Humanity

    Revised German government data shows Omicron prefers the “vaccinated”, but not by as much as it initially appeared.
    The revised data from the German government revealed a 78.6 percent vaccinated rate of Omicron cases.
    Originally, only 186 people contracting Omicron were unvaccinated in the entire sample, showing that vaccinated individuals were over 21 times as likely to contract the COVID-19 variant. The new RKI numbers reported 1,097 unvaccinated people, meaning the vaccinated were 3.7 times more likely to contract the variant.

    REPORT: Nearly 80% of Omicron Cases are in Vaccinated People.

    Steve Kirsch explores the excess-deaths-since-COVID-vaccines story in depth and detail, and asks for help from insurance-company employees at the end.
    Unprecedented: Deaths in Indiana for ages 18-64 are up 40%
    This is huge. Something is killing healthy people at an unprecedented rate. It isn’t COVID. Could it be the “safe and effective” COVID vaccine? I think so. Here’s why.

    John Day

    The top 2 of these guys are not following the official narrative, but challenge it regularly and attractthe attention of people who are tired of the official lies, insults, and pandering. WalterCronkite broke the control meme that “America was winning in Vietnam” during the Tet offensive of 1968. Americans embraced the truth broadly.
    ​ ​Joe Rogan podcast reaches millions more than cable news: report
    “That’s because he doesn’t lie. Or talk down to his audience,” psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson commented on Rogan’s ratings.
    ​ ​Joe Rogan has more than three times as many people per episode as his next greatest competitor “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, according to newly released data…​ ​”Joe Rogan has completely disrupted the legacy media,” financial commentator Anthony Pompliano tweeted with a picture of Rudkowski’s graph. “Right now, Joe Rogan is the most dangerous man alive in the intellectual arena. In terms, that he is the most genuine pursuer of truth that has a big audience – therefore people will keep listening,” he later said on “The Best Business Show.”

    ​ French President Macron is interpreted as saying that he intends to make life harder on the unvaccinated in France, that “they are not French” and he will “piss them off” until they comply with the vaccine mandate. He is actually describing “urinating upon them” as his plan, humiliating them while forcing their compliance with the edict, not​ “angering them” as the term usually means.
    Can this harsh action be carried through successfully? The facts are building against vaccination-by-injection, as it does not prevent infections, hospitalizations or deaths, causes side effects including death, and the COVID fear-pandemic appears to be in its final act.
    French elections approach. Is Macron sacrificing his chances intentionally or unintentionally? He is expendable/replaceable to his owners.

    Fauci Says ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Now Includes “Up To Date” Boosters​ (not counting Omicron as a “booster” in this declaration)

    Rand Paul Vows To Bring Fauci To Justice If GOP Wins Back Senate In Midterms
    “I will be chairman of a committee in the Senate. We will use the subpoena power to bring forth all the records.”

    Rand Paul Vows To Bring Fauci To Justice If GOP Wins Back Senate In Midterms

    John Day

    ​From Bill Blain, financial writer: “COVID is Dead, Energy is the New Crisis”
    …I am unconvinced many market participants understand just how much the ground has shifted over the last quarter – particularly in relation to Energy pricing. The first few months of 2022 are going to be about the market learning what the new landscape looks like, and how it adapts to a new and changing economic reality. This new year is going to be fundamentally different and more challenging in terms of how to invest “smart” in a new and utterly changed financial market environment.
    ​ ​On the plus side, the outlook for 2022 has rosy overtones: Increasingly it looks like the back of Coronavirus has been broken. Infections of the new Omicron might be running out of control around the globe, but new variant hospitalisations and deaths are way down…

    Mr. House
    John Day

    @Oroboros: Thanks. I also remember 1968 pretty well. I turned 10 in April. I was aware, but unable to participate, just watched… I remember the day JFK was assassinated, also. My grandparents taught me much about the world and how it really works, with my father’s mother and mother’s father both having extensive international life and travel at young to young adult ages. I also ended traveling the world a lot as a USMC brat during and after Vietnam.

    “Fourth Turning”, agreed. This one is some kind of 300 year “super-cycle” and nobody in power can see what to do, because they must relinquish power, and they cannot gaze upon that possibility at all.

    As energy per capita falls, the upper levels of system-complexity must be shed, and economies must re-localize more and more, in order to survive.

    The “Great Reset” to another, global consolidation of absolute power and control is the opposite of what can possibly lead to successful economic life support systems for humans in the future.

    John Day

    @Sumac.Carol: Garlic and onions have quercetin, also, but it is much more concentrated in pills and powders. We eat and grow alliums here.


    There are two statements from Biden that have been sticking in my mind because they were so jarring. One was the “we’re losing our patience with you” blurb, and the other was the more recent one about “the winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated.” To me they are virtually unprecedented–no one in high political office in a functioning democracy would dare to speak to voters in such a way.

    I don’t know, but looking at Macron, and the police in Holland, and the ongoing lockdowns in Europe, both the terms “unprecedented” and “functioning democracy” might need an update.

    Mr. House


    The perfect summary of all our problems since 2008, bravo sir!

    “Fourth Turning”, agreed. This one is some kind of 300 year “super-cycle” and nobody in power can see what to do, because they must relinquish power, and they cannot gaze upon that possibility at all.

    As energy per capita falls, the upper levels of system-complexity must be shed, and economies must re-localize more and more, in order to survive.”


    Definitely agree w/respect to Europe, but it’s well known by now that the EU is essentially an “administratively managed” state. But in the US, for any that might say otherwise, this is the best evidence that the Administrative State is (at least temporarily?) in the ascendant here as well.

    John Day

    Thanks Mr House. I think we have, most of us here, been watching this same show a long time now…

    Mister Roboto

    I think most regulars here will find JMG’s offering this week to be well worth a read.

    The point I want to stress here is that the grim Brutalist future to which people were expected to conform was never more than a mirage, and attempts to revive it in new forms—I’m thinking here especially of the Stalinist absurdity of Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset”—carry all the conviction of the proverbial three-dollar bill. It’s not just that the resources needed to prop up that sort of system no longer exist, though of course that’s true, or that a good many of the core technologies that would be needed to make it function either don’t work or aren’t cost-effective enough to bother with, though this is also true.

    Even more important is the fact that the social consensus needed to make it happen doesn’t exist. Nor can that consensus be manufactured, because too many people nowadays assume as a matter of course—and for very good reason—that the experts are wrong, and the consensus they’re trying to push on the rest of us is yet another round of cerebral flatulence that won’t work. As a matter of practical experience, goverments do in fact exist by the consent of the governed, and so do ruling classes; that consent is cracking around us as I write these words.

    Mr. House

    @Mr. Nobody

    I posted that article by the Italian professor to that dreamwidth yesterday that Henry posted here. JMG blocked it as conspiracy theory, i then asked why he thought it was and he hasn’t responded. Strange.

    those darned kids

    woohoo! doc malone is back on stew peters for round two.

    round one was awesome. stew kept trying to get doc malone to go along with all his crazy stuff, but doc malone was, well, doc malone.

    round one (if anything, watch just the last two minutes.):

    round two:

    oh, my, watch round two. doc malone talks about a lot of “deep state” items he did not mention on mr. rogan’s show.

    oh, my…

    those darned kids

    oh, my…

    Doc Robinson

    • Unprecedented: Deaths In Indiana For Ages 18-64 Are Up 40% (Kirsch)

    It’s not just in the USA. During 2021, the excess deaths in Europe for ages 15-44 were about 80% higher than in 2020. For ages 45-64, excess deaths were about 60% higher in 2021 (compared to 2020).


    Why would bad breath from the Snobs be the only source of Omicron?
    Can flatulence be involved in the explosive spread of Omicron?



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