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    Takeuchi Seiho Bear in snow 1940   • US Climbs Escalation Ladder in Ukraine (Bhadrakumar) • U.S. Forces in Europe Prepare for War With Russia (Ce
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    Yesterday I recounted a friend’s sister-in-law in ICU whose daughter had died unexpectedly last year.

    I woke up today with this message from him:

    ” Just to let you know Tessa died this afternoon undiagnosed ….peaceful in the end thankfully ….but ….I wonder what the autopsy will reveal ??? 😥 ”


    ps. Thanks Dr. John for your expression of sympathy.


    US hegemony really began with the massive boon of Oil substituting vast amounts of human labour, which began to wane from the 70’s.
    The third world took up a little of the slack with the admixture of a portion of slave-labour when neoliberalism (Greenspan and crew) let loose the economic hitmen and other financial shenanigans.
    China, with less oil and tighter margins then America of the last mid-century used dirtier fossil fuels and a shit tonne more slave-labour to gain prominence.
    Russia, now are providing the Oil/Gas etc to help China push across the line toward a new hegemony which I fear will have a higher mix of slave-labour.

    Does this seem correct? I feel that human beings are gunna just be more of a bag of grunt-meat over the mid term.
    I welcome corrections or criticism of this view.

    Just Some Randomer

    “I feel that human beings are gunna just be more of a bag of grunt-meat over the mid term.”

    Yep – same as it ever was, until the Industrial Revolution really got going of course. Back to the farms and mines we go, shovel in hand. Our brief fossil-fuelled vacation in comfortable indoors workplaces is at an end.

    Dr. D

    “California Snowpack Is Highest in 40 Years: Officials”

    Good news: therefore never reported. We only report HALF the scientific data, we only pay for HALF to be studied. Discarding half your data sets: that’s Science™!

    “There is so much talk about McCarthy and the House Speaker contest, you’d almost think they’re trying to hide something behind it. I’ll leave that alone for now.”

    Yes: that they are third in line for the Presidency. Anyone want President “Swamp” McCarthy? And if – as rumored – the Supreme Court removes 200 members of Congress and Residents Joe and Harris?

    In the other strategy, why bother? There apparently are only 20 members in the whole Congress with a conscience, so all they have to do is tie up the vote until Jan 7. Which has no downside as it is HILARIOUS, as these kneepad RINOs STILL haven’t learned they are NOT IN CHARGE. They are not going to get business as usual™. It’s over. So make the tiiiiiiiniest bit of change, but they won’t.

    “McCarthy is losing it.

    He texted one of my colleagues who didn’t vote for him:

    “I am ready to fund an endless war”

    I’m assuming this is in *addition* to Ukraine.” — Matt Gaetz

    And the Trumpster says to get behind him after McCarthy said Trump should be arrested for Jan 6. That’s not some I-thought-the-letter-agencies-would-get-him-and-CYA back in Jan 2017, that was essentially yesterday, AND totally obvious was a fabrication. McCarthy is for transparent fabrications to arrest legitimate Presidents. And Trump is in favor of that too, I guess.

    (No, Trump knows what the path is right now, and is playing the part of being EXTREMELY conciliatory, moderate, and non-self-promotional. And tell me: when have you ever seen that from him before?)

    What else? Trumper are in a cult. A cult where their Great Leader says get vaxxed and the followers say “no way” and he tells them to vote McCarthy, and they say “No way” along with virtually everything else Cheeto says. The cult of those who don’t obey anyone? Who follow their consciences on the evidence? Some cult.

    Public Cardiac deaths among the healthiest athletes rises 20x one day after the vaccine is released, and I have a Scientific answer: It’s a Coincidence! See? All solved. “I have no data that supports that” because I will never, ever look. Like the elections. Somehow I know ahead of time which data I SHOULD take seriously and look at completely, and which data I should refuse and look at only half of. Funny how I can know that ahead of time.

    “Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: Thankfully, he continues to be wrong. I can’t say that’s infinite under these conditions, though.

    Headlines: I particularly like MSNBC’s (We’re Not News Network™) take on it. Yes, NBC, hearts always stop at the age of 24 because they’re just perfectly healthy. That’s what “healthy” means.

    ““This is 9/11 on steroids”

    That’s a bit ominous. The world’s most obvious scam is still running 21 years and 6 million dead people later. If I bring it up, the victims will still support it with their deaths(by joining the Army). Yes, this same weird thing I don’t seem to have is certainly happening, but it doesn’t seem to be going the same way. Perhaps the relentless, expensive effort to wake people up has made it only half as bad. But maybe because twice as many people are killed and it’s twice as obvious.

    “The Russian statements stressed that US-made Himars missiles were used in the attack.”

    Remember Russia considers the location as “Russia”. That is, the U.S., using U.S.-made and only U.S.-controlled (because of training and logistics) HIMARS, drove up to the border of Russia, and started shooting inside. Just ‘cause. Or in modern terms, THE U.S. HAS INVADED RUSSIA.

    Now again, they’re not fools and know the active war zone is different than driving up to and shooting St. Petersburg, but not by much.

    The U.S. and Anglos, being the most pin-headed, trust-fund, richie-rich tattle-tell bullies in the history of the earth are trying to do their usual: go up to some rando in grammar school and antagonize him until he takes a swing. Then fall on the ground like Carlos Kaiser and scream “Teacher! He punched me for NO REASON! Boohoohoohoohoo Whaaaaaahhh!”

    This is the specialty and only means of war for these lying, cheating, evil, despicable ‘humans’. Why? Didn’t they do the same thing through all the Indian wars? “I stole all that Cheyanne’s horses, and when he came to my house to get them back IT WERE A MASSACRE! Indians rising all over the west! No womanfolk R safe! Send out Custer’s army to shoot them little chillin’ s in their tents, or if they dare DANCE in public relgiously. I want every old crippled man, every worn-out woman, every child shot in public as NITS MAKE LICE.” That’s the Anglo way, and it’s worked for 500 years. Cry, whine, complain, fall down on the football pitch, claim to be injured. VICTIMS, one and all.

    So you don’t approve of it on the American West, but we approve of the same tactics and open genocide now? GTFO.

    Okay, why stretch out this horrible point that makes me and everyone I know look bad, like the immoral, lying, thieving, conniving, undeserving pinheads we are? Because the U.S. is now sending Bradley APCs to Ukraine. As France is sending the same wheeled heavy tanks. (probably. Unless stopped.)

    We are in a slow escalation. And because it’s slow, and Americans are ignorant, selfish pinheads, regardless of when Russia takes a swing to STOP US FROM SENDING CONSTANT MISSILES INTO THEIR COUNTRY, the U.S. will claim to be a victim of that “Unprovoked” “Aggression”. You know: because shooting missiles into a nuclear airbase isn’t “provocation”. By which we just HAVE to exchange Christmas-card Nukes worldwide, you know brother! Just because! Because let’s you and him fight! McCarthy is ON the case! He is all-in for unlimited, endless, escalation of war! Yeah!!!

    “U.S. Forces in Europe Prepare for War with Russia (Celente)”

    That’s funny: we don’t have any men or equipment in theatre. What are we going to do? Accuse them to death? The combined U.S. forces are a speed bump. That is by design, so if Russia takes out this annoying speed bump, as the Anglos like the Maine, the Lusitania, and FDR intentionally arranged in Pearl Harbor, we kill all those thousands of innocents totally on purpose, we can then fully mobilize and kill MORE innocents on purpose. Because we’re the victims who never done nuffin’ don’t you know?

    Now why would Russia think we’re aggressive just ‘cause we attacked 20 countries in the last 20 years, killed 6 million people, and toppled 100 elected governments? That’s just overreacting!

    Fair’s fair: One of the 20 nations we attacked was our own. And they’re attacking it again this morning. I expect to be shot at twice before noon in the economic/social sense.

    “The EU’s sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine conflict have been a complete failure, Belgian member of the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt said on Monday.”

    The answer as of last week? Let’s do MOAR! Again: they want to draw Russia to take more, be dramatic, cross lines, so they can sell a full mobilization and complete and final loss of human rights here in the West. Plus a billion deaths! Don’t forget the yummy deaths!

    It takes Pierre de Gaule to tell the truth in France? Nope: still not. This was reported by RT. Like the 690 cars burned in near-constant protests, French media will never report the truth. Never.

    “even in this case Ukrainian air defense stocks were being exhausted.”

    Ukraine is out of missiles. And this same article just said Russia isn’t, as that’s what those “Drones” are. “Drone” in this context = “Guided Missile”. They should probably change the name in the article and in common parlance.

    “December marked “the birth of the petroyuan,” he said”

    They see the last thing. They fight the last war. What is going to happen is NEW, different, not old. It’s not a PetroYuan if it isn’t the reserve currency. It’s just atomizing, one of thousands, indefensible. They don’t need to replace the US$, and in fact shouldn’t – it’s a trap. All they need to do is deny the US the PetroDollar. And Saudi Arabia did that already last year. Maybe we shouldn’t have tried to kill them in Vegas and cover it up as a rando mass shooting. But that’s the CIA: incompetent at all times.

    “emails quickly appeared, asking if action had yet been taken, and if not, why…”

    Oh, why? Why, you random letter-to-the-editor, having no legal basis whatsoever, as even the question is a violation of the 1st Amendment? Why? GFY, that’s why. We’re a private company and do whatever we want. Sec 230 says we are expressly a platform and have no latitude to remove ANY user content that isn’t openly criminal.

    …And that’s why you don’t get started. In two weeks, the “requests” never stop, use up all your time, attention, and resources, and you go broke in a broke-spiral. Sue the pants off them at step one or you’ll never see the end.

    “”RUSSIA became a pretext for…censorship in this country.”

    Yes, because back to 2016 HRC promised the world she would start WWIII in Syria against Russia. So they had already arranged for a war with Russia. That is, if WE arranged it, then clearly Russia didn’t start it. BTW “They hate us for our freedoms”.

    “Schiff Asked Twitter to Censor Paul Sperry over Impeachment Whistleblower (BB)”

    So when do we get a whistleblower for Schiff and Standard Hotel?

    “Capsule Summaries of all Twitter Files Threads (Taibbi)…and added links…and included a brief glossary of terms”

    That is, there was so much illegality, every day, from every breathing member of government, we can’t even keep track of it all. We need a searchable database and a score card to even follow the highlights of the endless crime wave from sea to shining sea the U.S. has become. Even our top reporters can barely cover it all.

    Arrests? Crickets.

    Shouldn’t some of this come under the purview of the Supreme Court? We’ll see.


    The Telegraph is the UK Tory rag of record.

    Novak Djokovic locked out of Indian Wells and Miami Open after US extends Covid rules

    Read the comments section – they all know!



    @ oxy: Hard to argue against that. I would add that the Chinese model of government is what the upper management of the west is ogling/lusting after. Everything disadvantageous to the general publics freedom of movement is what seems to be applied recently with extreme prejudice. The social credit system that has been in operation in China since b.c.(before covid) seems to be the goal. The now old joke: reporter to chinese citizen: What do you think of the social credit system? reply: Well I can’t complain.

    John Day

    That is a very nice Japanese woodblock print, Ilargi. Subtle and profound.

    John Day

    Dr.D asked: “So when do we get a whistleblower for Schiff and Standard Hotel?”
    They reside with the JFK assassination witnesses, I think…


    John Day

    I’m sorry Tessa died. God bless all the well-meaning and dutiful people who are going through these serial bereavements.
    I hope that they can see that they have been terribly betrayed, change their views of “the system” and rebuild their lives from this unjust devastation.
    I fear and expect that the deaths have not yet peaked, but I can’t know the future curve of that.

    John Day

    The LA Times and Washington Post “protest too much”, huh?
    Go for it, Liars!


    John Day

    Oxymoron wrote:
    “Does this seem correct? I feel that human beings are gunna just be more of a bag of grunt-meat over the mid term.
    I welcome corrections or criticism of this view.”

    No, no, no, no, You’re wrong. It’s gonna be GOOD, I sez, GOOD!



    Great comments in response to an article slamming a brave Member of Parliament speaking up against the death vaxx.

    Do go read the comments – lots of death-vaxx injured!

    Now prestigious medical journal slams Tory MP Andrew Bridgen for peddling ‘misleading’ claims about Covid vaccines being ‘harmful’ to kids

    People are waking up to the global crime.


    Just Some Randomer

    Could have been worse – at least it wasn’t the Pilot. I guess it’s only a matter of time before that happens.

    “A passenger died on board a flight which diverted to Shannon Airport in the early hours of this morning
    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight 714 was travelling from Paramaribo in Suriname on the north eastern coast of South America, to Amsterdam in The Netherlands at the time……Two doctors travelling on the flight are believed to have rendered assistance however the man, believed to be in his late 50s, subsequently passed away…..A Garda [Police] spokesman confirmed that members attended the airport this morning after receiving a report of a ‘sudden death’ on board a flight.”


    The drones that Russia uses are priced at around $20,000 per unit, while a surface-to-air missile from Ukraine’s arsenal ranges from $140,000 for a Soviet-era S-300 to $500,000 for a US-supplied NASAM system, he said.

    Russia pays $20,000 per drone. Ukraine pays nothing for $500,000 US supplied missile. There, fixed it for you.


    From post-vacc treatment protocol article:
    “…a particular intervention may be life-saving for one patient and completely ineffective for another”.
    While I am more a proponent that batches of different potency are distributed, does that explain why some jabbed had a violent or deadly reaction and others still function after multiple boosters? On the other hand I amazed that we ere THAT different!?!? Tragedy of a football player (unlike thousands documented and filmed cases of an injury) has a traction to promote awareness – in another words, init’s grim way, celebrities are finally conducting genuine public service.

    Amazing octopus video: For blending with organic background one may say fair enough but I could have sworn (it was a such a magic that I am still “debating” myself) that I’ve seen the video where the majestic creature matched the checker board that was hovering over.


    The Empire of Lies® supplied missiles are in short supply because it has gutted it’s Military Industrial Mafia production base and has maximized weapons:


    The ‘Patriot’ (cough,gag,cough) missile defense system cost between $3 and $6 million dollars

    These boondoggle grift jokes have to be fired in PAIRS to have a change of hitting anything, much less a Russian missile that cost next to nothing.

    And yes,the taxpayer picks up the tab, somewhat.

    But the Empire of Lies® is PRINTING as much ‘money’ (out of it’s ass) each year as it collects in taxes.

    The Reserve Currency RACKET allows this type of accounting fraud to continue propped up by the Petro Dollar, which MBS and the Saudis are actively working in stick a Shiv into and finish off.

    The Middle East is looking East NOT West these days.



    Dr. D: “Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: Thankfully, he continues to be wrong. I can’t say that’s infinite under these conditions, though.”

    Wrong in what way?

    Oroboros, thank you for the link to the Rogan/Weinstein piece. It speaks on similar themes I was commenting on earlier this week —namely, technê and bios developing together, and not necessarily as “competition” (I recall one TAE commentor making the correction Noticing regarding how the Matrix trilogy was not about the machine-human war being a narrative where the humans “win” but one where the two recognize their mutual interdependence, their mutual hostility, and their mutual opening to genuine cohabitation and friendship). Interesting how Weinstein ends that segment referring to Nature: the overarching Being within which humans and machines evolve alongside one another and that has its own (unguided) inertia humans will have to make decisions regarding. In this sense, Nature is not just the biotic things that live but also the machines discovering how to replicate machine-culture with machine-economy and machine-ecology. Weinstein is also right to point out that physical books are technology: there is a kind of deception in constraining people’s conceptual thinking about technology, limiting them to thinking about “AI” or electronic computational forms or synthetic automatons, and not a Congress, a mail-and-parcel delivery network, a garden in your backyard, a library of books and artwork in your house, or the underwear intimately caressing you.

    Rogan wants to talk about humans being obsolete, slipping unwittingly into the mode of thinking that evolution is about forms of life getting better. This is part of the mistake. There isn’t a “better” in a universal sense when it comes to life. Zooming far out in all these constant backs-n-forths among commentors (com-mentors: is there a responsibility mentors have with participating alongside one’s audience thinking and remembering?) when it comes to “climate change” and “carbon” and “pollution”, you know the conversation is really about what will live, thrive, and maintain a niche under different and changing conditions. But creating a niche doesn’t mean “better” in the sense of being more durable, more awesome, more capable, more gewgaws: fitness landscapes also have clear places of great fragility, where subtle or small changes cascade into catastrophes. [This is jb-hb’s recent pushback on Afewknowthetruth’s general claims, which Afewknowthetruth chose not to respond to other than to imply jb-hb needs to show respect to the dialogue(‘s participant), something others will note, and already have noted, is one aspect of a pattern Afewknowthetruth engages in just as others will note misses the larger picture where jb-hb is responding (that’s important! it’s a response!) out of frustration with exactly that kind of dismissal.] In one sense, zooming out shows a person that Life is antifragile: it is seeking out more robust landscapes, occasionally indulging in something like a framejump or quantum tunneling where the mainstream/academic explanations cannot explain how forms of life spontaneously coevolve together (since it’s not really allowed to talk about non-linear evolution, or else bilogical history doesn’t make sense as an explanatory narrative), but for the most part seeking stability within a landscape by creating niches through the interrelations of all those living connections, especially when this creating benefits from chaotic or disruptive moments (shaking loose and distributing stored energy).

    Okay, I’ll turn away. I apologize I’m such a parenthetical thinker and writer. Indulgence and lack of editors. It must be exhausting at times to be on the other side, so once again please scroll past this, especially since there’s no images or creative capitalizing. But I appreciate y’all and the diversity, even if some of you do not (want to?) benefit in building up your spiritual/mental immunity through controlled exposure. Maybe it’ll be safer to wear a mask and filter what enters your mind before it gets there? “My censorship protects you, and your censorship protects me.” (Or maybe a deeper fear is: you’ll win, they’ll agree with you, and then whom will you correct against? Seeing the problems with groupthink all around you, you select to inhabit a habitat for competitive views, engaging in struggle for . . .)


    Adam Kinzinger (phew, what is that smell?)

    It’s making my eyes tear up!

    Catturd2 bares silent witness to a travesty


    Politicians are not accountants

    The US will let other countries’ troops do the combat.

    • Effect Of EU Sanctions On Moscow Is ‘Less Than Zero’ – Verhofstadt (RT)

    “..using a missile against a UAV costs up to seven times more than the drone itself..”
    “costs far less to shoot down a drone than to repair a damaged or destroyed power station.”
    ( surface-to-air missile from Ukraine’s arsenal will come down and cause damages)

    • US Makes Europeans Suffer – De Gaulle’s Grandson (RT)

    For those few people who cares
    • Capsule Summaries of all Twitter Files Threads (Taibbi)
    Protocol to get rid of vaxx.

    • Post-vaccine Treatment Protocol (FLCCC)

    Treatment Protocols
    I-PREVENT: COVID, Flu and RSV Protection Protocol
    I-CARE: Early COVID Treatment
    I-CARE: RSV and Flu Treatment
    MATH+ COVID Hospital Treatment
    I-RECOVER: Long COVID Treatment
    I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment
    Nutritional Therapeutics and COVID-19
    Vitamins and Nutraceuticals During Pregnancy
    Totality of Evidence

    Patients with post-vaccine syndrome must not receive further COVID-19 vaccines of any type. Likewise, patients with long COVID should avoid all COVID vaccinations.

    This protocol is solely for educational purposes regarding potentially beneficial therapies for COVID-19.
    …. if Russia do not respond
    shooting missiles into a nuclear airbase isn’t “provocation”.
    The whole truth
    Russia pays $20,000 per drone. Ukraine pays nothing for $500,000 US supplied missile. (from inventory. Money goes into US mfg for new missile)


    The Russian deployment of salvos of Hypersonic on their deployed frigates changes naval warfare as dramatically as the aircraft carrier killed off the battleship.

    One salvo from these relatively low cost platforms will sink an entire Empire of Lies Carrier Task Force.

    These Hypersonic missile have no defense and cannot be stopped with any system the Empire of Lies possesses or will conceivably possess in the next decade or so.

    They can be fired from a standoff distance far outside of carrier aircraft.

    The Age of the Carrier is over, just like it killed the Age of the Battleship.

    Russia launches 7,000mph Zircon Hypersonic nuke missile


    Requires verification: a ceasefire
    “Putin instructed Shoigu to introduce from 12.00 on January 6 to 24.00 on January 7 a ceasefire along the entire line of combat contact between the parties in Ukraine.”
    Update (1015ET): Shortly after Erdogan spoke with Putin this morning, the Russian leader has ordered a temporary cease-fire in Ukraine Friday and Saturday to mark Orthodox Christmas.


    Newly discovered “Love for Russia” I find amazing, after an observation of decades long spitting hatred?

    Video brought back memories from my days in the army, where my unit was manning Russian made four-ramp rocket launchers – named a “duck system” since a a radar guided heat seeking anti-aircraft missile had a slight sway of it’s back during the travel. During delicate transfer of rockets from the ramp to a monster truck (forgot if Zil or Kraz) and vice-versa, all the command-response-command-response…were conducted in Russian. Those were the days!


    You’ve all seen his brilliant cartoons.
    Enjoy this:


    Just Some Randomer

    @Oroboros #125106 – yes absolutely correct. I’ve thought for some time that US weapons procurement has been busily focussed on fighting the last war, particularly when it comes to Aircraft Carriers. They are nothing but floating (for now) targets in the age of hypersonic missiles. Too risky to put them anywhere near an enemy that does not use Toyota pickups as its primary weapons platform. Just as the British Navy once continued to build Battleships (because that was what had worked before) long after submarines made them redundant from a combat perspective so the US is falling into the same trap.

    As for the shiny new ‘Stealth Bomber’ – also a redundant boondoggle. Just an opportunity for a competent enemy to down a $750m asset for the cost of a $1m missile. Who in hell needs a bomber to deliver a payload in this day and age when a missile will do the same thing for 1% of the cost?


    “I and the vast majority of my colleagues think we’ve had it,” Barnosky’s Stanford colleague Paul Ehrlich, who also appeared on the show, told Pelley, “that the next few decades will be the end of the kind of civilization we’re used to.”

    “I would say it is too much to say that we’re killing the planet, because the planet’s gonna be fine,” said Barnosky. “What we’re doing is we’re killing our way of life.”


    Be careful what you wish for you may just get it!

    “Even though California is experiencing one of the worst droughts on record, the barrage of atmospheric rivers could alleviate some of the drought stress. ”


    Admiral Grigorovich-class missile frigate $450-500 million (with Hypersonic missiles)

    USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier cost $13.3 billion for the Navy to build (with 75 aircraft)



    can SINK this


    at a THIRTY to ONE cost deferential

    And because the naval version of the dreaded F-35 Lardbucket costs almost one billion PER plane.

    Let’s see:

    75 F-35s X $1 billion

    Oh, another 75 billion in Aircraft is gone with the sinking of the carrier with a hypersonic salvo.

    Gosh, those numbers do add up quickly

    Quick, call Chooch to double check!


    With no speaker of the House the next in line for President is Patty Murray, President pro tempore of the Senate. This might be a good time for the Democrats to remove Biden and get Harris to resign.


    More than one economist, big wig CEO, and Fed watcher has alleged the problems haunting the financial system have very deep roots. These people often contend governments and central banks have not fully rectified the problems causing the great financial crisis of 2008. Instead, they have merely papered over our failures by printing money and flooding the system with liquidity.

    Let’s just cut to the chase. Overall, the global financial system is not a well-designed efficient machine. Instead, it is a cobbled-together mess all glued together in a haphazard way to get the job done. To make matters worse, this system is greased by the greed of those who benefit from stealing a little from here and there. In the real world, things are usually not intentionally designed to be complicated but the reality is that they just are.

    This means that more often than we would like to admit, systems thrown together with various parts or pieced together haphazardly are prone to be unreliable. When we try to explain events in terms of cause and effect the bigger picture has a way of getting lost. Often hidden away is the risk that results when complex poorly built systems become codependent upon other poorly built systems. Bestselling author Nassim Taleb who wrote, “The Black Swan” detailed in his book how when something is highly complicated highly improbable and unpredictable events can and do occur.


    The video mentioned in my last post, good fun really:


    That twitless thingy:

    🔥 The San Francisco Standard ran a quiet mini-Twitter files story last month, headlined “These Doctors Pushed Masking, Covid Lockdowns on Twitter. Turns Out, They Don’t Exist.” Can you believe that? To give you an idea where this curious leftwing media story was going, later in the article they speculated that the fake doctor accounts were designed to make the left look crazy for cocoa puffs.

    As always these days, it wasn’t corporate media’s crack squad of highly motivated investigative reporters who broke the story. It began with — of course — an independent researcher, an LGBT+ ally of some kind, who came across a trans pro-lockdown doctor who has been very vocal during the pandemic and has BOTH a trans flag and a Ukraine flag in his bio picture.


    Vanguard Splits From BlackRock Over Major Climate Alliance as the Backlash to ESG Builds

    ESG is an acronym for Environmental, Social, and Governance.

    Vanguard, one of the 800ib gorillas in the Investment Mafia has split from BlackRock over the Major Climate Alliance in a backlash to ESG.

    Vanguard, has essentially told the Environment Mafia that the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative (NZAM), an alliance of asset managers committed to supporting net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 can, wait for it:

    Blow It Out Their Ass


    Net Zero Asset Managers initiative (NZAM) is a LOSER idea for investment returns and that they, Vanguard, risk getting sued until they bleed from their Ears & Ass by their shareholder for not taking a maximum return investment strategy, which is NOT NZAM.

    And NZAM is definitely not a maximum return path.

    Greta is weeping as we speak.


    John Day
    John Day

    I’ll point out that the guided missile cruisers are, themselves vulnerable to submarine attack. The US has many submarines that are attack subs, not nuclear-missile carriers.
    There will be the biggest, most sudden wealth-destruction ever when this starts, never to be rebuilt, it seems.

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