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    Deflationista according to Boogaloo:
    Getting the shot reduces the risk of a serious case.”
    Front-loading deaths/injuries into the first two weeks after a jab, flips the injury against the unvaccinated, in a kind of double jeopardy. Neat, eh? In the trials, they were just brushed aside.


    Omicron effect observations:

    My parents passed a testing center while running errands today — there was a long line out the door. (Ha, ha — if you don’t have Covid-omicron when tested, you will by the time you leave!)

    One son had a bad sore throat today. Kept him home from school. Figured I’d better get him tested. No testing slots we’re available (I was looking around 11 am) until after 6 pm. Waited in long line of cars for an hour. At the testing site, they are allowing the testees to swab their own noses. LOL.

    At the high school, masks are now mandatory indoors. If you don’t comply it is a dress code violation, and you can get after school detention. Apparently, the first week back from winter break and there are copious numbers of students and teachers out on quarantine for exposure to Covid.

    At the middle school, my daughter has had 3 out of 7 teachers quit since August. In addition, another is out for Covid exposure. Two of her friends will be out for the next several days…yup, Covid exposure.

    I find this all amusing. TPTB tried so hard to control this plandemic…but the virus doesn’t obey well…..

Viewing 2 posts - 81 through 82 (of 82 total)
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