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    John Day

    Russian Orthodox Ceasefire is up, with picture of trimming-out kitchen door

    ​ ​Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, called on Thursday for both sides of the war in Ukraine to observe a Christmas truce, a step dismissed by Kyiv as a cynical trap.
    Many Orthodox Christians, including those living in Russia and Ukraine, celebrate Christmas on Jan. 6-7.​..​​
    ..Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday ordered Moscow’s armed forces to hold a 36-hour cease-fire in Ukraine this weekend for the Russian Orthodox Christmas holiday, the Kremlin said.​..​
    ​..​A senior aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Mykhailo Podolyak, cast the Russian Orthodox Church as a “war propagandist” that had incited the “mass murder” of Ukrainians and the militarisation of Russia.
    “The statement of the Russian Orthodox Church about the ‘Christmas Truce’ is a cynical trap and an element of propaganda,” he said.​..
    ​..​The Russian troops will stop their attacks and offensive artillery strike​s​ during the announced time span.

    ​ ​Russia says Ukraine is shelling Russian military positions during a 36-hour ceasefire, which Kyiv and its allies have dismissed as a sham.
    The Russian defence ministry said its positions had come under attack in the Luhansk, Donetsk and Zaporizhia regions but that its troops were observing the ceasefire.

    ​M.K.Bhadrakumar , (Netanyahu is a player, as is Erdogan, though they are not “friends”. Netanyahu wants somebody to nuke Iran. He will trade for that.)
    ​ In his second coming as Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has hit the ground running…
    ​..​First, Putin is at war with the US and the Western world who are Israel’s traditional allies. But Netanyahu is anything but a one-dimensional man. Trust him to turn challenges into new opportunities.
    ​ ​Second, recapturing the verve in the relationship with Moscow has a great deal of collateral significance. Russia has become a full-fledged West Asian actor today and, arguably, in certain ways makes a more effective regional partner for Israel than the US. The US’ retrenchment is plain to see and the ensuing decline of its capacity to leverage allies such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE or Egypt hits Israeli interests.
    ​ ​Third, during these 18 months that Netanyahu was out of office, Russia and Iran have turned around their difficult relationship into a quasi-alliance, thanks to western sanctions against Moscow. Netanyahu senses the folly of the West trying to “erase” Russia…​ ​The Kremlin feels elated that Netanyahu is back in the diplomatic circuit. What is most gratifying will be that unlike the previous Israeli set-up, Netanyahu will not passively accept a subaltern role in the US-Israeli partnership.
    ​ ​Netanyahu has extensive networking with American elites and he won’t hesitate to leverage it if Israeli interests are at stake. And, without doubt, Israel is a stakeholder in the Ukraine crisis and Israeli interests are well served by creating space for peace talks to commence between Moscow and Kiev.
    ​ ​Netanyahu has Putin’s ears and can play a role for the Biden Administration, too, like no other western leader can perform today. On the other hand, Iran’s nuclear programme is turning into a fuming volcano and a point may come very soon when Netanyahu will be compelled to act. And that could happen in the 2024 election year, something that the Biden Administration can ill-afford to see happening. Suffice it to say, the Ukraine conflict and Iran’s bomb are joined at the hips, as it were.
    ​ ​Putin said in a message to Netanyahu on Thursday, “In Russia, we greatly appreciate your personal and longstanding contribution to strengthening friendly relations between our countries.” Russia’s foreign ministry said it was “ready for constructive cooperation” with Israel to “clear up the climate in the Middle East and the international scene in general”.
    ​ ​On December 22, Putin called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his election victory and the establishment of a new government, while Netanyahu’s office disclosed in a statement that the conversation mainly revolved around the conflict in Ukraine. Netanyahu told Putin he hopes a resolution to end hostilities will be found as soon as possible, and the consequent suffering.
    ​ ​Netanyahu also told Putin that he is determined to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and curb Tehran’s attempts to establish military presence in Lebanon and Syria along Israel’s northern border.
    ​ ​To be sure, Putin is all ears and eyes for Netanyahu. The point is, Moscow gains if diplomacy reappears on the wasteland of Ukraine issue. Certainly, it is far from the case that Russia is enjoying the destruction of Ukraine or the sorrows of the fraternal people.

    With eye on Iran, Netanyahu wades into Ukraine war

    John Day

    ​ The CIA is the biggest drug running cartel into the US, ever since Vietnam. Is it a civil war if the DoD fights the CIA? Just askin’.​ What’s Dick Cheney think?
    ​ ​Former President Donald Trump announced on Thursday that he would order the US military to declare cartels as enemy combatants if he were to be reelected president.
    ​ ​Trump said that he would deploy the Navy and Special Forces to defend the security of the Western hemisphere.​..
    ​ “The drug cartels are waging war on America—and it’s now time for America to wage war on the cartels,” President Trump said in his announcement. “The drug cartels and their allies in the Biden administration have the blood of countless millions on their hands. Millions and millions of families and people are being destroyed. When I am back in the White House, the drug kingpins and vicious traffickers will never sleep soundly again.”​…
    ​ ​”Restore all Trump border policies and fully secure the border”
    • “Deploy all necessary military assets, including the US Navy, to impose a full naval embargo on the cartels, to ensure they cannot use our region’s waters to traffic illicit drugs to the US”
    • “Order the Department of Defense to make appropriate use of special forces, cyber warfare, and other covert and overt actions to inflict maximum damage on cartel leadership, infrastructure, and operations”
    • “Designate the major drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations”
    “Cut off the cartels’ access to the global financial system”
    • “Get full cooperation of neighboring governments to dismantle the cartels, or else fully expose the bribes and corruption that protect these criminal networks”
    • “Ask Congress to ensure drug smugglers and traffickers can receive the Death Penalty”

    ​​McCarthy Walks Back ‘Deal’ Talk, Starts Shouting At Reporters​ (Is it possible for Republicans to ​eventually​ elect a non-corrupt Speaker in sheer frustration?)

    ​ The question is never asked whether these people might have a reasonable goal to elect an honest Speaker of the House. They are ust Tea-Party malcontents.
    ​ A portrait of the ‘Never Kevin’ crew
    ​ ​Nearly half of the group hails from just three states — Arizona, Florida and Texas. Five are newly elected.
    “The 20 members — with 19 of them opposing McCarthy from the start, and one who switched in the third ballot — are a mix of veterans of the Tea Party class, newly elected members and perennial thorns in the side of leadership,”

    Rep. Adam Schiff Pressured Twitter To Ban Journalist
    ​ ​Schiff’s office claimed that Sperry and the other accounts had “repeatedly promoted false QAnon conspiracies and harassed [redacted].”
    ​ ​QAnon refers to a movement of people who promote conspiracy theories related to government officials and other elite figures, some of which have turned out to be true.
    ​ ​The message also showed Schiff’s office wanting the removal of “any and all content” about staff on the House Intelligence Committee, including posts, shared content, and reactions to that content.
    ​ ​The message, an internal Twitter email made public by journalist Matt Taibbi, showed a Twitter official saying “this isn’t feasible/we don’t do this” to the latter request.​..
    ..Sperry was ultimately banned by Twitter in February 2021, about three months after the newly revealed message. Sperry was told that his account violated Twitter’s rules, but he wasn’t informed how.
    “Explains why Twitter could never give me a reason for my suspension. It was Schiff!” Sperry said this week.

    John Day

    Most mainstream media reports rejected the theory that Hamlin’s cardiac arrest might be linked to COVID-19 vaccines, using terms such as “far-right,” “vile,” “anti-vaxxer” and “conspiracy theorists.”
    However, Dr. Peter McCullough told “Good Morning CHD” host Aimee Villella McBride why he believes the vaccines can’t be ruled out.McCullough, an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and leading expert on COVID-19 treatment, explained the possible role of the vaccines in cardiac arrest and other heart injuries among athletes. He explained that any physician watching replays of Hamlin’s collapse immediately starts thinking through a differential diagnosis of what could have caused it.
    ​ ​He said:
    ​Let me tell you that I did see head and neck contact with a tackle, which is not uncommon at all in football. Remember that the shoulder pads have a breastbone protector, [a] pretty substantial breastbone [protector], so they take helmets in the chest all the time.”
    ​ ​McCullough acknowledged that when a baseball hits an unprotected breastbone, it can precipitate a cardiac arrest, but said he was not aware of that happening in pro football, leading him to rule out commotio cordis.
    ​ ​“And as I watched things unfold it was relatively clear that [Hamlin] was in a primary cardiac arrest,” he said.
    McCullough believes there is a public health obligation to disclose what happened. He said:
    ​ ​“This is a player who is employed by a team, and the team and the league mandated the vaccine very publicly.
    “So we have a situation where we have a public figure, the public employer mandates the vaccine in a very public manner, there is a disclosure that 95% of the players have taken the vaccine, and the FDA says the vaccine causes myocarditis and the published peer-reviewed literature says that it can be fatal.”
    ​ ​“This is not a time for privacy,” McCullough said. “The public needs to know that diagnosis because he was under one of these mandates and this happened on the national and world stage.”

    What Caused Damar Hamlin’s Cardiac Arrest? Experts Weigh In

    ​ He’s gonna’ be fine now. Extubated. Yeah, he’ll get a pacemaker and won’t play football again, but say a prayer and forget all about this…
    ​ ​Damar Hamlin’s breathing tube is out and he told team, ‘Love you boys,’ via video, Buffalo Bills say
    Hamlin “continues to progress remarkably in his recovery,” his “neurologic function remains intact and he has been able to talk to his family and care team,” the Bills tweeted Friday morning, citing his physicians…
    ..Hamlin on Thursday had been communicating only nonverbally because he still was intubated. Upon awakening, his mind was still on the game as he scribbled his first question on a clipboard: “Did we win?” a doctor said.

    ​ 2 or more people could get injected from the same 5-6 dose vial, and one might get almost no active-ingredient, while the other would get a double-dose.​
    ​ ​It Doesn’t Add Up!
    Nobody knows what’s in the vials, nor how much of it is there
    ​ ​The vials, after dilution, contain 7.5 doses by liquid volume, and they always did. Pfizer relabeled vials from 5 to 6 doses without making any changes to the product but rewarding themselves with 20% more revenue while selling the same vials with the same effective number of doses. Genius. The dose therefore is sort of probabilistic.​..
    ..​mRNA and LNPs are known to be highly unstable and to degrade rapidly. They also will not distribute evenly in a vial as this is a manually made water-fat mixture with fat tending to float to the top, especially after several hours. The doses are extremely uneven in composition of ingredients, some will contain 50%+ more mRNA and would this introduce 5-6 trillion extra mRNA molecules in the injection which will distribute all over the body in minutes, rapidly make toxic spikes, and may kill a person quickly. Pfizer’s internal pharmacovigilance report obtained by FOIA had thousands of severe adverse events and deaths documented in 2 months after roll-out with median onset below 48 hrs. Some doses will end up containing mostly water. We are all familiar with the fact that lots of people have no adverse events after the injections, while many thousands have died, got severely injured and permanently disabled by these injections. My own educated guess on this topic is that the doses from freshly opened and stirred vials would be the deadliest ones.

    ​ ​The World Health Organization shared a video on Twitter promoting the claim that anti-vaccine activism is deadlier than global terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and gun violence.

    WHO: Anti-Vaccine Activism is Deadlier Than Global Terrorism

    ​ The combination that will really work is Austerity Plus Genocide… Thanks Christine, via Naked Capitalism, which appears to be waking up.​
    (We useless-eaters are consuming limited resources, which belong to the owners.)
    It’s Not Either/Or – Population and Consumption in the Climate Solutions Debate

    ‘It’s Not Either/Or’ — Population and Consumption in the Climate Solutions Debate


    @ tboc
    I enjoyed your analysis, and agree with your conclusion.
    I believe that the CO2 concentration information is relevant, and merits further study. We do not know to what extent fossil fuels use belching CO2 is affecting the climate, environment, etc. It is foolish to believe that human activities have no measurable impact; it is likewise foolish to attribute all shifts in climate to human activity.
    I suspect that ever accelerating use of natural resources by humans is problematic at best. Humanity needs to learn to live in harmony with the natural world. We don’t accomplish this in a moral way by subjugating the majority of the populace and restricting their resource use to bare minimums (with the attendant misery and death that brings) while a minority of elites continue to consume natural resources at an alarming rate. The moral way to learn to live in harmony is to create (or rediscover) myths that champion living in harmony with the planet, casting this in a positive (heroic) light, and raising in value the foundational principles that promote this outlook. When this happens, people have the opportunity, gradually over time, to adopt values that appreciate living harmoniously with the natural world, and will gradually adjust their lifestyles to align with their values — this is a bottom-up, lateral way for change to spread. Reporting widely and accurately about natural devastations that are directly due to industrial activities is a means to support this change that is non-coercive. (Climate change is not obviously attributable to human activities, while devastation due to an oil spill, or plastic inside of ocean creatures or a dead zone just past the Mississippi River delta full of chemicals from industrial farming run off are obvious.). If an elite cabal tries to create these myths, they will be shallow and hollow, and most people will sense this. Such changes have to come about organically. Many of these principles and myths already exist in our social structures or the archived canon of our institutions — but they are drowned out by advertisements, entertainments, etc., that keep people separated from each other and separated from the planet, from the flora and fauna. I sometimes wonder at the resurgence in the last decade of keeping urban chickens…urban chickens provide eggs, they are not *just* pets, not usually “feather babies,” and they rekindle an association with fauna as individuals interact on a personal level with an animal to help fulfill the human need for protein. (If they try to make me eat bugs, I’ll feed the bugs to my hens and eat eggs!!)


    Managers of Airstrips lying to the mases on a continuous basis about health, welfare, the environment and energy etcetera is called The Science

    Managers of Airstrips lying to the masses on a continuous basis about finance, the conversion of sustainable systems into unsustainable systems, the conversion of resources into waste, propping up Ponzi schemes etcetera is called Economics.

    Managers of Airstrips lying to the masses on a continuous basis about reductions in health and welfare. squandering of energy and resources, generation of pollutants etcetera in order to prop up Ponzi schemes us called Sustainable Development

    Managers of Airstrips lying to the masses about international raiding parties attempting to steal resources whilst protecting and promoting Ponzi schemes is called Heroism

    It all comes to an end some time between 2023 and an undeterminable point inf time in the near future.

    Having been lied to on a continuous basis for all of their lives and having believed the lies, the vast majority of the masses are totally unprepared for what is unfolding and refuse to accept the truth when told it. Thus, the populations of Airstrips have already divided into two camps: those who stand a reasonable chance of getting through the first few bottleneck events and those who stand almost no chance of getting through the first few bottleneck events.

    ‘Interesting times’ get more ‘interesting’ and more disturbing by the day.

    I recently acquired a copy of Enemies of Reason. I’m sure it will be very interesting.


    The Dorothea Lange One nation indivisible. San Francisco 1942 photo – is beautiful. The little girl faces say it all.

    On very limited time here….Have been wanting to share this story since the Damar Hamlin “event”. Maybe it offers insight?

    There is a 60-ish man here in town who works for the State of CA and was vaxxed as per the mandate. Mid year 2022 he had an “event” that caused him to fall, slamming full-force on to a table and breaking 6 ribs. The local paramedics took him down the mountain to the hospital. The doctor/surgeon ended up finding a (surprise) massive blockage and removed a long, dual-branched clot from his heart. The doctor told him that his life was saved by the fall – as it dislodged the clot long enough to get things moving again.

    Could the hit to Damar have been something similar?

    The rains and wind resulted in a 24 hour power outage. A great opportunity to see how prepared/unprepared I am for a winter disruption. Am certain that the tolerance/breaking point is far shorter than most/many imagine!

    There is great benefit to reclaiming/regaining positive perspective after processing what’s real.

    LOVE to All Seekers.


    Nearly 10% of the U.S. Population over the age of 16 now have a disability.
    32+ million people. Let that sink in.




    @Afewknowthetruth – again – I am decidedly NOT better nor smarter than you. And we’re fellow denizens of the doom-o-sphere. I’d rather have a seat next to you and buy you a beer than 99.9% of the normies out there who want to either not-vaccinate me or have me be homeless. I’ll bet others who disagree on the issue feel the same. Who exactly is going to slap the We Live sunglasses on who isn’t clear yet. I appreciate you WHILE giving you hell on the subject. Just wanted to say.

    I wrote a long-winded thing somewhat like Dr D’s (his is better) about the web of lies/corruption and then deleted it without posting earlier this week – partly because the Climate Barfight was taking up so much space already (largely my fault) and partly because I kept realizing it was a simple concept that somehow, in the process, expands to fill massive space no matter how many times a redraft or total rewrite is attempted.

    But sometimes sleeping on it can help a bit. One more try:

    Flat-Headed Homo Erectus wanders the savannah. I find stuff and I take it.

    Homo Erectus lacks the top half of a skull necessary to manage anything, therefore he cannot ever own anything. You don’t come home from work and smash all the dishes in your kitchen to demonstrate you have attained Full Spectrum Dominance, because it’s YOURS. For Homo Erectus, it does not compute. He cannot tend a flock, plant and harvest a crop, practice a trade or business, maintain a car or house. More than simple mental computation capacity, ownership does not compute.

    Both from how the elites are behaving and the whacko wokeist religion the plebes have been adopting, one way to see the overall trend would be a rebellion against the top half of the skull, against human consciousness. A demand that things be much much simpler.

    I don’t WANT to manage things, respect others, accept compromise and give-and-take, let people do their own thing, ANY of that. This is too maddeningly complex. I don’t WANT to understand existence as a hyper complex civilizational pyramid of interweaving specialties, production chains, and supply chains, not to mention the complex social underpinning. Let me see the universe as being filled of STUFF which I TAKE. Make it a matter of Access to Resources, as if EVERYTHING in civilization were a base raw material. Stuff is just THERE.

    Homo Erectus wandering the ACTUAL savannah is fine. All the same environmental factors that affect wolves or sharks will affect him. I wander and take stuff. Sometimes it turns out there isn’t stuff after all. ok.

    Homo Erectus existing in Civilization is weird. Civilization as savannah. Homo Erectus finds a nut and cracks it open, takes the meat. He did not plant the tree. He found stuff. But in CIVILIZATION the nut you crack open to extract meat is OTHER PEOPLE within civilization. Even so, if there’s just a few of them, they CAN live as if they simply live in a world of stuff. Civilization can write it off as ullage, wastage, whatever. An accounting detail.

    Homo Erectus attaining full spectrum dominance, imposing his way of life systematically within civilization is the equivalent of, normal Homo Erectus, converting every single animal, rock, tree, pond, etc into more Homo Erectus. The paradigm of the system becomes that only Homo Erectus works. Going around BEING successful Homo Erectus propagates it through the system, everything becomes it.

    And the system, civilization, in which he tries to function as if it is a savannah, works on ownership, which he can’t stand. Can’t own a damn thing therefore cannot manage a damn thing or vice versa.

    The Normans invaded England opportunistically and were, well, kinda assholes, sure. But they didn’t try to make it so that the only thing that works in life is being an invading horse riding french speaking knight. And even if they were foreign conquerors, the stuff was still THEIRS and they managed it. Someone who couldn’t understand that England was theirs after conquering it would have made it a desert.

    and it’s too long again.


    The ‘astonishing’ rise in people claiming one key benefit

    “There has been an “unprecedented” increase in number of people claiming personal independence payments (PIPs) in England and Wales over the last 12 months, with one expert describing the rise as “astonishing”.
    PIP is the government’s main disability payment … ”

    Gosh – what on earth could it be?



    @ polemos
    Reading your post this morn I was immediately urged by my agency to respond. It resonated again. I resisted the lure of the addicting dopamine fix successfully. Thanks. I went for a walk out to the point not looking so much as seeing….the damaging erosion from the abundant rainfall on the manmade tracks made in the hillside pastures and right along side the regenerating grasses interspersed with the beginnings of what looks to be a bumper lupin season. Side by side. If it is a battle between the great mother and man then as a self acknowledge ‘machine person’ I have two dogs in the fight. Have you read Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweet Grass ? Finished the “Sound of Silverbells ‘ chapter right before I came to AE. Also reading Jaques Monod’s ‘Chance and Necessity’. Words from the mouth of one of the wizards that figured out the mechanisms of protein synthesis. Seems very pertinent to the whole mRNA controversy. You might enjoy if you already haven’t..
    @ jb-hb
    Last post was very kind and gracious. I appreciate it. Thanks.

    Onward Monkey men and women!


    In my teens, I played a role-playing game called Paranoia. Everyone lives in a giant arcology controlled by a buggy paranoid super-computer whose mindset is stuck in the cold war.

    There were a variety of factions to interact with and become members of. The Communist faction was hilarious because, in the game, there were no actual Communists. Every single member was a stooge planted by The Computer to monitor the Communists.

    How do we classify our civilization now? Fully-leveraged? Saturatedly-leveraged?

    I always hated being told, in my corporate job, that we were going to leverage something. It typically meant we were going to start using something necessary – such as basic Customer Care functions – for something at cross-purposes with customer and shareholder interests. Ok… will you rename our department and then build a new Cust Care dept so that basic necessary thing can still continue? And then can I transfer to it? No? ok

    In ’08, I worked in something called Dedicated Business Care. I had a specific group of business customers I would get to know and assist. Our brilliant director decided to “leverage the client relationship” by converting us into salespeople.

    She imposed a monthly quota for sales which would involve getting every line into a new 2 year contract. She thought it was brilliant. Genius. Lock em in for 2 years by leveraging the trusted relationships.

    So of course it being 08-09, these businesses were calling me with suppressed terror in their voices trying to place lines in standby (my company cleverly eliminated standby as an option – we GOT them!!! No escape! Yessss!) or deactivate lines.

    The WORST thing would be to have a bunch of 2 year contracts on all those lines, because we wouldn’t let them do any kind of standby and would charge them ETF’s if they cancel. So their choice was have a bunch of unused phones for laid off employees charging full price monthly OR massive termination fees.

    Uh… these were all small privately owned businesses. No more than 100 lines. Are they going to:

    A. Lay down and die for their wireless service provider.
    B. Wait until they can’t pay the huge bill, port out any lines they need to a different carrier, and then never ever pay the termination fees or past bills?

    So we lose the customer and placed them in an adversarial position – they’re not even going to pay the monthly bills to someone trying to destroy them let alone the ETF’s.

    Who wins? Nobody. Customer’s credit score trashed. Company loses a customer. Never makes back the money on the 2yr contract discounted equipment. And yet all the efforts of our entire department swung around to, by any means necessary, using our relationship as leverage, create this situation as much as possible.

    Considering she was misusing her position, department, company, and employees…. All just a nut to crack open.


    PIP is the government’s main disability payment …

    Geez, if that ain’t a scary signal. Pip was also the poor sod cabin boy who fell off the Pequod and spent long ours in the world’s biggest shark tank, gone utterly mad before Ahab returned to rescue him.


    With all the spreading “adverse” talk,
    The only place they’ll take a bow
    Will be before the chopping block-
    They’re in too deep to back out now.


    Misleading discussion of weather: Today the temperature is less than half what it was yesterday.

    Yesterday: 34oC in the shade. 50oC on concrete pavers.

    Today: 14oC in the shade, much less than half yesterday’s shade figure. 14oC on concrete pavers, less than 1/3 of yesterday’s figure.

    However, working with a proper temperature scale, the numbers are much less impressive.

    Yesterday, 307oK in the shade.

    Today, 287oK in the shade.

    7% difference.

    There is shade everywhere today because of thick clouds.

    One of the reasons it is impossible to make precise predictions about future climate conditions is that clouds are still poorly understood.

    Deep ocean temperatures, on the other hand, do not bounce around like a ball on a trampoline because of changes in wind direction and the presence or absence of clouds, and deep ocean temperatures are the best metric for the rate of Planetary Overheating -along with the loss of previously-permanent ice.

    Sea surface temperatures are also useful in assessing the rate of increase in Planetary Meltdown.

    Weather is a more-or-less completely useless predictor of anything. That is why Meltdown Deniers like to focus on weather -“Oow look, it’s snowing in ….”blah, blah ,blah- rather than the rapid destabilisation of climate systems that has resulted from the activities of homo colossus in Industrial Societies.

    That said, we should be taking notice when weather evens generate a succession of highest-ever/worst-ever phenomena -be they temperatures, droughts, rainfalls, tornadoes, inundations, blizzards, wind speeds…


    Wonderful discussion today friends. Thank you.


    WHO and other ‘covidocracy’ agencies working toward 2024 World Pandemic Treaty deadline

    WHO and other ‘covidocracy’ agencies working toward 2024 World Pandemic Treaty deadline

    Doc Robinson

    Re: [Germ] “Circulating Spike Protein Detected in Post–COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Myocarditis”

    Some notable details from that study:

    Most of the vaxxed myocarditis patient they examined had spike protein circulating in their bloodstream, where it’s not supposed to be.

    And the spike protein most likely came from the vaxx, not from a Covid infection (as evidenced by no nucleocapsid antibodies being detected).

    One of the patients had increasing levels of spike protein detected at day 24 after the first injection. No data was shown beyond 24 days post-vaxx, so we don’t know how long the spike protein kept circulating in the bloodstream.

    Doc Robinson

    Peter McCullough wrote an article about that study.

    Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard School of Medicine, had 13 young boys and 3 girls hospitalized with myocarditis and available for study. Yonker et al found all the subjects had large quantities of free circulating Spike protein generated from the vaccines while control subjects without myocarditis did not.

    The Spike protein they had evaded the apparently sufficient library of antibodies that were supposed to neutralize it. Thus, it is possible that some persons do not make specific neutralizing antibodies after injection, and thus, the Spike protein is able to circulate and damage the body, specifically the heart muscle.

    Veracious Poet

    So, one step forward, two steps back (again) 😕

    Yes Virginia, there is no “conspiracy” ~ The misconstrued violent & hapless chaos is *all* part & parcel of Collective EG0ic Madness (aka Mass Formation Psychosis), with a rainbow of $hitty tribal flavors to choose from…

    Poor silly stiff-necked humans, stock-still in their folly, ever writhing in despair while they haphazardly navigate their *finite* situation(s), tenaciously clinging to their toxic child EG0s in open defiance of the The Loving, Healing, Creative Power of The Infinite *within* 😕

    So much neurosis infused dogmatic thinking, behavior & dysfunction…even on TAE!



    Veracious Poet


    ‘Turd-Tard’ McCarthy

    Arrogant, no reverse gear, neo-conjob buttplug



    The rocks on earth say the earth has warmed and cooled millions of times.
    Everytime the earth warmed up, it then cooled.
    Everytime the earth cooled, it then warmed up.
    Everytime CO2 went up, it then dropped.
    Everytime CO2 dropped, it then went up.
    All those coal seams say there was lots of CO2 in the air when they were formed.
    All those oil and gas fields say there was lots of CO2 in the air to create them too.

    Computers are not big enough to model the earth.
    Scientists are not smart enough to program any existing computer properly.
    They keep putting garbage in and getting garbage out.
    Frustrated scientists have instead turned their beliefs into a false religion.
    Climate prophets refuse to discuss those lying rocks!


    Praise and approval can be as awkward and divisive as denunciation, but I’ll take the risk and say I really enjoy reading Polemos,.even when, on the (rare occasion), he somewhat bores me. I enjoy and admire his approach, his reverence for the privilege of communicating with other smartypants.

    Regarding libraries, academics, and sources: the ignorance of later-stage imperial academia is so great that perhaps explains why the library of Alexandria got roasted to soften.


    “The reason the system is so complicated is that it’s a web of lies that steals from the people.”

    Conversely, the reason that it becomes such a deceitful web is because it’s complexity. Complexity can be very concealing of that which is brazenly displayed:

    ‘Wanna see my imitation of an octopus?’

    I make this distinction because it seems too easy to blame on individual or small clique malicious genius what is mostly the result of collective group activity (including things like scrolling Tik-Tok or writing comments at TAE, where one is both an isolated individual and member of a group much larger than one can see).

    Wanna hide a murder? Form a riot around it.


    “Gee, doctors by the hundreds of thousands acting in unison to poison their patients. Just a coincidence.”

    Two million grunts funded by a hundred or two-hundred million hapless tax cattle, working together to militarily annihilate another nation’s two million grunts, funded by a hundred or two-hundred million hapless tax cattle. Just a coincidence. My point here is similar to what I said above concerning Dr. D.’s remark. Are those soldiers part of a vast secret conspiracy? No, they are part of a vast open conspiracy, one that they believe in more or not.

    Same principle can be applied to today’s medical professionals. Or a herd of cattle almost all of which faces one way. The biggest conspiracy in humanity may be the conspiracy to Believe Authority Not Experience or Each Other.

    Do all of these doctors know what they’re doing? Nuh-uh. They just follow orders and curricula. When enough cud-chewers begin facing and mooing in another direction, the old collective and mostly unconscious conspiracy becomes a new one. Will some populist leader arising, saying, Ich bin un antivaxxer

    Did Gates/WHO etc. start the first conspiracy? Will the likes of (insert anti-vaxx med pros and folk like Spartacus) prove to be the causative heroes of the inevitable turnaround? Will we ever get to say I told you so without weeping over the victims while also wanting to smack them silly? Will we ever be proven “right”? Will the morally irresponsible bureaucrats get their time in the stocks?


    Speaking of neo-conjob buttplugs

    Adam Kinzinger, the Boo-Hoo Boy®, did his duty as a RINO self-licking boot and was rewarded as a foot soldier in the Empire of Lies® with a spot at CNN (Chicken Noodle News) after being bitchslaped by a Twitterati named CatTurd

    Hey Kinzinger, cry me a river and readjust your mental health meds down a notch.



    I’d like fries with that Adam


    Tonight Nancy will make sure just the right number of Democrats don’t show up in the House tonight at 10 PM to ensure McCarty wins despIte any Republican holdouts.


    “Flat-Headed Homo Erectus wanders the savannah. I find stuff and I take it.”

    Hey! Don’t take pictures without permission of me taking things without permission, said the FHHE known as bosco as he “innocently” wandered through his neighbor’s watermelon patch. And no, it wasn’t too long. It was very enjoyable and insightful. Or so the parrot on my shoulder tells me.

    Me and Richelieu


    “With all the spreading “adverse” talk,
    The only place they’ll take a bow
    Will be before the chopping block-
    They’re in too deep to back out now.”

    Solid groove, that one.


    “To be clear, data released by the American Association of Poison Control Centers on Tuesday did show that there has been an increase in people going to the hospital for intentionally ingesting laundry detergent pods. But the numbers are relatively small. In 2017 there were 53 cases total, and in the first 15 days of 2018, there have been 39. That’s a big increase, sure, but there are over 40 million teens in America.

    “Doesn’t seem like the numbers tell of a destructive crisis that’s ripping America apart.

    “And yet. If you do any search for Tide Pods or #TidePodChallenge on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. you will find example after example of furious people blasting this hot new teen “trend” as some descending evil sent here to corrode society.”

    From some dumb article. Cracked me up.


    Good Luck

    Veracious Poet

    On today’s edition of Planetary Meltdown (aka Our Planet Is Burning):

    Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) or Natural Global Warming (NGM) ~ Abstract:

    The concept of an anthropogenic global warming (AGW) driven by the increase in atmospheric CO2 is compared to the concept of a natural global warming (NGW) driven by solar variability. The application of the AGW concept only rests on models, whilst the NGW concept rests on multiple observational and evidence-based facts. Even more so, the long-term solar variability predicts a new Grand Solar Minimum with severe climatic conditions (type Little Ice Age) to occur in 2030-2050. This violates all talk about an increasing, even accelerating, global warming. Similarly, there is no true treat of a future sea level rise flooding lowlands and islands.

    Veracious Poet


    Not really Bowie, btw. All the more charming for being digitally altered.

    Gimme Yer Answer True, You

    those darned kids

    “Even more so, the long-term solar variability predicts a new Grand Solar Minimum with severe climatic conditions (type Little Ice Age) to occur in 2030-2050. This violates all talk about an increasing, even accelerating, global warming. Similarly, there is no true treat of a future sea level rise flooding lowlands and islands.”

    “…all talk…” ?

    Nuh-uh. Not only are we still talking, but the above logic puts the cart before the horse. Will the solar minimum reduce global warming? Will global warming reduce the solar minimum? Will either happen? One of my themes is: absolutes don’t exist. Everything is a probability spread, including sunrise tomorrow.

    This is unknown territory, and GIGO applies to those who think climate change is bogus as much as anyone.



    ‘Will global warming reduce the effects of solar minimum…”


    I see that you also saw the exit out of the circus

    “Tonight Nancy will make sure just the right number of Democrats don’t show up in the House tonight at 10 PM to ensure McCarty wins despite any Republican holdouts”.


    Sea surface temperatures are also useful in assessing the rate of increase in Planetary Meltdown.

    In our Earth’s history, sustained sea surface temperatures at the Equator were, for awhile, at boiling temperature. (naturally not actually boiling because salt)

    Do you expect sea surface temperatures to go PAST that point with Planetary Meltdown?

    Because life on earth survived sea surface boiling temperatures.

    Veracious Poet

    Hyperbolic agitprop gimme for the AGE faithful (free to use for shock & awe campaigns):

    Have fun!


    Veracious Poet

    In our Earth’s history, sustained sea surface temperatures at the Equator were, for awhile, at boiling temperature. (naturally not actually boiling because salt)

    Do you expect sea surface temperatures to go PAST that point with Planetary Meltdown?

    Because life on earth survived sea surface boiling temperatures.

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