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    Veracious Poet

    Those who are Buddhist or Atheist/Agnostic/No religion are more likely to believe: that global warming is occurring, in human causation, that there is a scientific consensus about global warming and the issue is important.

    Veracious Poet

    This is good vs evil says Mike Yeadon


    Ever since I were a wee lad, I have enjoyed watching the sun boil rain water molecules.
    Using a magnifying glass, I helped the sun boil them water molecules even faster!
    All in an effort to combat global cooling!


    ” Some thing big is coming”.
    How can you still be listening to this fool?
    He has been wrong about everything , every day for nearly a year now. He and his clone , the other Alex have been just plain wrong over and over and over. How many times have you heard him come on with this line? A dozen times? Oh Putin is mad now , the Uky’s are toast or one of the other versions of this rhetoric.
    Ukraine can’t sustain these casualties.
    Uky moral is so low , they are about to cut and run.
    Russian weapons are so superior.
    The Ukys are all in favour of staying under Russian control.
    The West is out of weapons.
    The Russians are still holding back.
    The Himars will not be game changers,…….. now THERE is a huge lie!
    The Himars and all the weapons coming in will be destroyed before they reach the front.
    The UKYS are running out of diesel.
    This war is not about taking territory…….Yeah , right!
    Europe will freeze and starve to death this winter.
    The Europeans will rise up against the WEF tools.

    You saw through the bullshit surrounding Covid I assume , yet you just can’t bring yourself to see that this bloke is a Russian propagandist. He is Greek Orthodox for Christ’s sake.
    The difference is that Covid will always be BS whilst there is a possibility of Russia succeeding in stealing the Eastern Ukraine territory it now claims for the motherland.
    If that will mean winning I don’t know. it is all up to NATO.
    How can you logically and rationally believe this stuff? Alex does not know any more tham you or I , that has been proved by his complete failure to get things right.
    I can say our sun is going to burn out , that is true , I will be right some time in the future!
    When is Russia going to get it’s military together? No body knows , even the Russians don’t know. Listen to what the Russians are saying, Proghozin runs Wagner , they are the best equipped of all the troops and work outside of the old Soviet generals who are failing every day and even he is complaining that they just can’t get the necessary gear they need. They have been going at it in Bakhmud for three months and taken about twenty miles of ground. That is the absolute cream of the Russian forces fighting not for Russia but for money , for profit with thirty thousand prisoner fighting for their freedom from jail.
    Also remember that not one foreign soldier has set foot inside Russia and the Ukraine has no ability to hit inside Russia except for PR purposes and even with that advantage, total superiority of ability to strike anywhere in Ukraine as they are now doing just like the American shock and awe mission on Iraq , same.
    Eventually the will ‘win” , they have no other choice of action because Putin has locked them into the war now and that will be for as long as NATO wants it to be.
    TAE was once a rather good collation site but it has slipped dramatically. There are a lot of other things happening in the world besides Covid and Ukraine/Russia. I just skim it all now , there are very few articles with reading . The endless regurgitation of the same old themes are so predictable. Ritter and Pepe etc. , same old same old always repeating the same old story lines. However it is all about clicks so if the sheeple keep clicking , fools like Alex’s and Ritter will continue to take their money.



    Just got an email from a good friend. One her closest friends just shockingly died suddenly at the age of 62.



    “Sea surface temperatures are also useful in assessing the rate of increase in Planetary Meltdown.”

    I’m intrigued that this sentence is singled out for misinterpretation. Oh well..

    All afktt said here is that one can make judgments about a conglomerate’s temperature fluctuations by measuring the temp of its most pervasive elements, in this case, the ocean.

    How all this freakish talk about boiling water relates to the concept of correlation between temps of mutually bound materials, is bizarre, and feels a bit like straw-clutching to me.

    Veracious Poet


    Wife’s brother-in-law (sister’s husband) died Wednesday after two surgeries for a sudden, aggressive cancer that attacked his spine & spread to his liver, first diagnosed early November 2022 (in the hospital since admission day after Thanksgiving) 😕

    I’m so sick & tired of the insanity, I wasn’t going to even mention it, seems inevitable…

    Sister herself suddenly developed breast cancer fall of 2021 (mastectomy + chemo, currently in remission), of course entire familia is vexxed/boosted to whatever level The Master Class announces on MSM (BIL was an int’l. corporate rep, they met while serving in .MIL), without thought or question (or prayer).

    We weren’t able to mention anything about maybe a mRNA connection, both of our families are staunch Do What You’re Told! tribal members (except her younger sister, who used to work for us & became a *free* spirit afterwards) ~ Some in my wife’s family (RN + older know-it-all brothers) actually gas-lighted her about our decision to reject the death vexxes 😕

    Can you guess what Collective EG0ic politik party they’re all gaga over?

    Friends & Family Tally after mRNA:

    3 deaths, 3 sudden cancers, 1 facial paralysis (12 hours after shot), zero -0- C19 immunity for any of them (they all got COVID, at least once, since injections) 😕

    And we’re the crazy ones


    The Trudeau/Jordan Peterson is hilarious. Watching wannabe fascists play The Fascism Game here is weird. The game is over and they of course can’t realize because they would have to face the fact that they are at best, irrelevant, are going to require more bodyguards to sustain their illusion of power and security awhile longer; and at worst, that things fascists do so well, kill and torture, will happen to them.

    There’s no place for them to run: we’re a global empire now (and Musk already owns Mars;) )


    “How can you still be listening to this fool?”

    Hey, we read your stuff. What, are you King Fool? Should we only pay our folly attention allowance to you? Do you have like a monopoly on arrogant dipshittism?

    Hey, I want in on the racket!

    Like my fave roadside beggar sign said: AT LEAST GIVE ME THE FINGER!


    The 14th vote ended with McCarthy lacking a majority. The noes, so far, have it to not adjourn until Monday, and they aren’t yet calling a roll of votes to make sure. Gaetz is sitting solid. I’m going to bed.
    One delightful aspect of this is the civics lesson learned and shared by the CSPAN callers. Monday is when the Brunson decision comes down.


    Antidote, thank you for the reading suggestions! I’ll find a way to get them. Also, I understand what it is to have “two dogs”, if I’m understanding you correctly, because as much as I love to lose myself by loosing myself into the Appalachian forests, I could only get there via this guzzler of a truck, these litter-spreading roads, these synthetic shoes and gear, and an infrastructure of energy and material distribution operated by machines and men… to walk inside and side-by-side the wild, I must pass through (what’s that about grass and geese?) the civilization that harbors a “collective EG0ic madness” on the one hand and laws and regulations enabling millions of grunts to combine their industrious efforts in making my leisure possible beneath the umbrella of a handful of billionaires they’re actually serving, on the other. Either way, I am grateful to be a catalyst for self-control and self-determination, especially when it leads to shinrin-yoku and play.

    boscohorowitz, I appreciate your appreciation (as well as Dr D’s!) but I don’t see it as being among smartypants folks: just folks. I have learned from all classes, all sorts of folks, walk-ons, main characters, bench warmers, angels masquerading as strangers and dukes dressed up as fools. “Jove nods to Jove,” Emerson says about ordinary conversations, and I’ve learned that wisdom. I like how people much smarter than I am know how to write densely (= meaning/volume) but I also like reading conversations that draw it out and linger the longer takes. I don’t mind the trading of insults, but it’s the hypocrisy that gets me: it’s bad faith. At least, with someone such as citizenx, he’s not pretending to be a Saint above it all, virtuous and wise and beyond “ad hominem”, but speaks/writes what he needs to convey his moral condemnation, and others move around it in informative ways. I might not “learn” what I need to from that particular comment’s information, but I do learn something about the larger web of interlocking and complementary effects all the participants have on this larger form of life we share in birthing, raising, and becoming. I watch the river, I see who skips stones and who builds docks, who bathes and who pisses, and I see who passes over to the other side, because there is my teacher.

    I also want to point out how phoenixvoice suggests a sort of “noble lie”, a virtue myth, in the manner that we find in Republic, and with the same problem faced there: how do you get people to listen when they’re entertained by these people tiny screens? Here’s an interesting thing to notice further: Oroboros described the Web of Lies as a Matrix, man-made and so artificial. But, as you know, a matrix is a mother, a womb, and the “prisoners” enchained to watch shadows in the Cave are umbilicaled children in the “womb of the earth” on the verge of their turn towards the light. The point of a matrix is to nurture, gestate and then birth —I think it’s a bad sort of propaganda (in the much longer and deeper psyop war) to deprive people of the play of meanings in the Matrix metaphor by getting them to think it’s always about corruption of truth in the form of lying for personal profit. Morpheus, as we learn, was told a lie about the endpoint of their enslavement to the Matrix by the machines and the previous Neo: no other person outside that control narrative reinforces the claim he makes that humans are farmed solely for machine fuel, and the Architect is more interested in the information about chaos via agency the Neo anomaly offers. It’s precisely because Neo values his singular lover over millions trapped in the Matrix and the hundreds of thousands of people in Zion, some who treat him like an incarnation of their divine, that the whole control system crashes and everybody, machine and human, suffers premature birth and crises of their faith, and the chaos of revolutions. I put forward this: you’re not going to see this “control system” crash without people having that kind of love, that kind of singular devotion (again, go back to Republic Book 6 and join the conversation already in progress around 490a), that they’re willing to fuck over billions of other people for the sake of The One they love more than any other, willing to ignore all the laws and rules and ethics that say “Maximize the benefits to the many and minimize the costs to a few” —that was the rule-followers’ way that enabled six previous iterations of the same control system (you don’t know how often they churned over the previous crops before they found this system) to create reincarnations of people who lived and died and fed the next cycles of machine-human hybrids.

    That kind of love, it is what destroys assured security, peace in our times, collaborative collectives of inspired folk breathing air together (con-spirators). It tears down walls, all the walls, like a Shevek in The Dispossessed. Winston Smith didn’t have that love, so he feared his own death, so he came around to love the control system he first hated. The Party hates a genuine erotic (as in Eros, not porn) love, and it should: that’s what it takes to make unmaking happen.

    Now we are facing times where people watch their loved ones die, quickly or painfully or strangely. We see how many people sacrifice their love for The One on the alter (typo or pun?) of The Many: the “public good” or the “greater good”. “Even if it’s poison, I’ll gladly inject myself and my family, because I do it for love of you all, you ungrateful bastards who only act from hatred.” If they do not have that kind of love, the Architect has already coded himself the outcomes he needs to budget for the next scheduled catastrophic changeover. They will be liquefied and fed to the next reincarnations of trapped children, themselves unaware in their dreaming how unborn their aborted lives are. Hate, you see, is predictable, programmable, directed. Generic love is used, compromised, calculated.

    Erotic love for The One: ruthless, uncompromising, and open to whatever happens, including the deaths of everyone and self. That’s how you make True Babies.


    Why is Trump and his close MAGA people, like Gosar, MTG etc all trying to alienate their supporters? Matt Gaetz appears to being thrown under the bus by these guys, but I have my doubts. Why didn’t Trump even mention the J6 prisoners on Jan 6? Doesn’t really matter because the world has seen Trump and his politicians supporting Kenin McCarthy of the swamp.

    How many times can you forgive Trump for being an idiot? I ran out of free passes a long time ago, I just wonder how long the conservative block will feel about this. This episode fits in with his bizarre appointments of the like of John Bolton. Was Trump always a spoiler, pushed into the POTUS to divide the country.

    It looks to me as if Trump and his entourage are returning to the Democrat fold, abandoning their voters in return for a better position in the New World Order.


    How all this freakish talk about boiling water relates to the concept of correlation between temps of mutually bound materials, is bizarre, and feels a bit like straw-clutching to me.

    Howdy boscohorowitz

    How the surface temperature of the ocean couldn’t be relevant to the discussion of ocean surface temperature, I won’t understand unless it is explained to me in further detail.

    If it is argued that say, 3-10 degrees increase in ocean surface temperature leads to a Planetary Meltdown, and the rejoinder is that it has been at BOILING TEMPERATURE and there has been copious life on earth before and afterwards, how is this NOT relevant, in-context discussion, please?

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