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    Harris&Ewing Army Day Parade, Memories of the World War, Washington DC 1939 • China Stock Markets Shuttered -Again- After Falling 7% (FT) • China Jolt
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    I honestly believe this is the beginning.I have been watching things …since the days of “the oil drum”commentaries” ,and even before,in the lead up to the y2k non-event.[Note;I know for a fact we would have already been in a “reset”era had a whole lot of money not been spent,,and lots of work been done…].

    I spent a large amount of time,and my personal treasure trying to raise public awareness of Peak Oil…beating my head against the incomprehension,and the desperate desire for ignorance so many showed….until I realized a cold,hard fact.TPTB [the folks the politicians REALLY listen to for their marching orders] Know.THEY KNOW…everything.and they don’t really want you to know,as it might make it[you] quite a bit harder to deal with.

    The public,a aware,a prepared,smart careful public…will eat “leaders” whom they have lost faith in.I can remember some debriefing material I found on Y2k response that chilled me.One of their premises was the worst citizen to “deal with” would be those whom had prepared for such a event.

    [Note to self…never never use the term “prep”or id self as being aware of the next step down….its going to be a long one,”the one eyed man is not King”]

    …..Seeing/Reading about the inability of our rulers to see the lessons of history,and of nature,due to their preoccupation with outmoded ,idiotic ideologies is becoming more difficult.[depressing]…the idea of being inundated with political ads for the next year makes me ill.

    There are many whom believe the collapse of this system would lead to a better one,a freer,more democratic,pluralistic society.It could,but the powers that “are”,would do their best to strangle that child in its crib.There are many many whom any serious crack in the existing system [those will medical issues,for example]who will not long live in a serious depression/economic collapse.

    This period Nicole has written about in the past.First ,we get a pretty good crash,followed by deflationary forces that destroy anything remaining.The excess production,and stockpiles in the chinese system ensure that cash will become king…for,awhile.At some point in the future,whomever is at the controls will become so desperate that radical measures will be taken,including actions that could so change the way of things …we may as well be in a different country/world.

    That BIS,[the bankers bank]would make such a profound condemnation of the policies of the FED is way,way past startling to me …[it is a class 5 WTF]I don’t know why,but this action/basic statement from BIS spooks me more than the volatility..,and gives a true report on how grimly serious those in power disagree on the course the worlds financial ship should sail.

    With 400 point swings in the markets daily,…china’s markets ready to dissolve into a pile of goo,and rampant deflation taking a firm grip on the throat of the economy,I would say another one “out of the park”,Nicole.

    I need to say a quiet,”thank you” to you,Nicole Ilargi,and the folks I have met thru TAE.This site does a lot to keep me focused on things I need to be aware of.[I am much more inclined to lurk,rather than rant these days] .
    I know that the evaluations,and “long game” scenarios Nicole has discussed over the years are spot on,and as far as I am concerned, being played out as we watch.I have used your advice in financial affairs,and in the way I have been building the liferaft

    .Your ideas and understanding of the way of things…and the most probable ways the system will dissolve,is erudite,logical,and concise .My hope is the worst is 2-3 years out..All these years timeframe has been your bane,but only,I believe from your lack of understanding in how far TPTB will go to keep their grip on the reins of power.

    Long rant…got “real stuff” to do

    Bee good,or
    Bee careful


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