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    John Day

    Jordan’s King Abdullah said on Monday that Israel had created a whole generation of orphans with its “brutal” war in Gaza, where he said over 30,000 people, mostly women and children, had been killed or were missing as a result of the conflict, Reuters reports…
    ..“More children have died in Gaza than in all other conflicts around the world this past year. Of those who have survived, many have lost one or both parents, an entire generation of orphans,” he said. “How can indiscriminate aggression and shelling bring peace? How can they guarantee security, when they are built on hatred?” Abdullah said of Israel’s war against the Hamas group.

    ​ Moroccan group: Israel kills journalists to cover up its crimes in Gaza
    ​ Morocco’s Al-Adl Wal-Ihsane (Justice and Kindness) group said Israel’s goal in killing journalists is to “discourage the media from reporting the truth, and to cover up its crimes against civilians, children and women, and the failure of its war in the Gaza Strip.”
    ​ In a statement after Israel killed journalist Hamza Al-Dahdouh, the eldest son of Al Jazeera’s Wael Al-Dahdouh, and his colleague Mustafa Thuraya yesterday, the organisation said this is “a deliberate war crime through which Israel seeks to discourage journalists from reporting the truth.”
    ​ Hamza and Mustafa were killed in an Israeli bombing that targeted a car they were travelling in as they covered events unfolding in the besieged Gaza city of Khan Yunis. Some 109 journalists have now been killed in Gaza since the start of the genocide.​ In killing journalists, Al-Adl Wal-Ihsane said, Israel “aims to cover up [its] crimes against civilians, children and women, and its failure [in its war] in the Gaza Strip.”

    Israeli bombing of Al-Aqsa Hospital backyard prompts MSF evacuation
    The head of the Doctors Without Borders mission in occupied Palestine’s al-Quds, Stefan Goriely, speaks to Al Mayadeen about the situation at Al-Aqsa Hospital.

    ​ UNRWA: 146 of our employees killed in Gaza
    ​ The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) announced the martyrdom of 146 employees working for it since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.
    ​ Since the beginning of the war in Gaza, up to 1.9 million people or more than 85 percent of the population have been displaced across the Gaza Strip, UNRWA said in a report issued on Monday.
    ​ There are approximately 1.4 million displaced people taking refuge in 155 UNRWA facilities in all five governorates of the Gaza Strip, with another half a million people accessing UNRWA services.

    ​ Demands for Israeli Ambassador to UK’s Expulsion After ‘Clear Call for Genocide’
    “The Israeli ambassador has gone on national British radio and incited genocide,” said one columnist. “This is an illegal act under the 1948 Genocide Convention.”
    ​ A member of British Parliament demanded the foreign secretary “take the strongest possible action against” Tzipi Hotovely, the Israeli ambassador to the U.K., after she appeared on a radio broadcast of LBC and told host Iain Dale in no uncertain terms that Israel’s military must target civilian infrastructure in Gaza—a war crime under the Geneva Conventions.
    ​ Hotovely told Dale that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have found that “every school, every mosque, every second house, has an access to tunnel,” referring to the tunnels used by Hamas—which were first built when Gaza was under Israeli control in 1980.
    ​ “That’s an argument for destroying the whole of Gaza, every single building,” Dale said, prompting Hotovely to ask, “Do you have another solution, how to destroy the underground tunnel city?”

    Demands for Israeli Ambassador to UK’s Expulsion After ‘Clear Call for Genocide’

    Farmer McGregor

    “Russian Claim: Austin Dead In Ukraine” — Real Raw News

    The RRN website is entirely bogus. By their own admission on their “About” page:
    “Information on this website is for informational and educational and entertainment purposes. This website contains humor, parody, and satire. ”
    In other words: bullshit. Perhaps just more Qanon style psyop for the foolishly willing dupes.

    John Day

    ​ NATO Weakness Exposed as US-Led Red Sea Coalition Flops – Italian Admiral
    ​ The West’s failure to put together a coalition to secure the Red Sea is a worrying sign for NATO and EU unity, Luigi Binelli-Mantelli, a retired Italian admiral and former chief of staff of the Italian Navy and Italy’s Defense Staff, has said.
    ​ “France and Italy won’t join the US-led coalition in the Red Sea. This will have no impact from an operational point of view, since navies are well trained to coordinate their actions even outside a definite chain of command, but politically it’s proof of our weak cohesion as NATO as well as EU partners,” the senior former naval officer said.
    ​ “We must cope with [the Red Sea crisis] because this is not simply aimed against Israel, it’s a direct challenge to all Western countries, testing our determination and cohesion to protect our economy and our common values and way of life,” Binelli-Mantelli suggested.
    ​ [Has this train already departed?]​ The admiral encouraged the Western bloc to “revise and widen its role in the world’s stability and security,” and called on Brussels to “wake up from its ecumenic dream and think twice about its own solidity,” presumably referring to European nations’ efforts to create joint military forces based in EU structures instead of relying solely on NATO and the US.

    ​ Opinion: Russia Must Be Asia’s Peace Maker , Declan Hays
    ​ The two main lessons East Asia can glean from the Suez/Red Sea stand off is that Israel, which has recently bombed civilians in Beirut, Damascus and Tehran in addition to its countless other war crimes, has torn up the rules of war by making everyone and everything legitimate targets. When we further factor the asymmetries Houthi missiles and Iranian war ships cause in the Red Sea, there are very major implications both for NATO’s plans to contain China and for China’s plans to propel its own neomercantilist agenda forward.
    ​ As the navies of China and NATO both see it, there are a series a pivot points, layered strings of pearls, as the Yanks call them, stretching from Vladivostok in the north, down through Japan’s home islands, past South Korea, onwards to Okinawa, Yonaguni and Taiwan, Itbayat, Basco, Batanes, Luzon and the Philippines, westwards through Palawan, the Spratly and Paracel Islands, Vietnam, Singapore and the Strait of Malacca, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India, Myanmar’s Coco Islands and Kyaukphyu port, Pakistan’s deep water Gwadar port and back to the Gulfs of Aden, Persia and Oman. One big tinderbox, from Siberia to Syria, being welded in by China’s Belt and Road Initiative to other tinder boxes, a pyromaniac’s paradise.
    ​ The importance of all those choke points and potential flashpoints is that both NATO and China are militarising them to degrees the world has never previously witnessed. NATO’s plan, much like Harry Truman’s earlier NCS 68 plan to contain the Soviet Union, is to corral China’s lines of advance into a relatively narrow waterway across the Taiwan Strait to Taiwan’s west and to then bombard China’s sea and land positions from forward bases on the front islets of Japan and the Philippines to Taiwan’s east.
    ​ China, meanwhile is colonising the South China Sea by turning Fiery Cross Reef, Gaven Reefs, Mischief Reef, Subi Reef and other once insignificant pinpricks like them into fully fledged military bases, complete with runways, fighter planes and missile batteries. When China’s DF-21D carrier killer missiles are added into the mix, China presents a real and present danger countries like India must factor into their own calculations, all the more so as China attempts to build land and sea bridges through Pakistan to Gwador thereby further threatening India to its north, and giving NATO and its fleet of Australian nuclear subs opportunities aplenty to stir the Asian pot further.
    ​ Although NATO’s Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOPS) are designed to keep all these sea lines of communication (SLOCS) not only open but outside the grasp of China’s strategic strong points, there are plenty of chances for miscalculations, particularly in the South China Sea where China has been particularly aggressive, as evidenced by its repeated attacks on the Filipino marines on BRP Sierra Madre, which sits atop the 2nd Thomas Shoal.
    ​ Although China and its adversaries have a number of symmetric and asymmetric options available to them that range from Nordstream style no claim no blame attacks on hostile shipping to blowing up, in pre-emptive strikes, the Three Gorges Dam and thereby drowning the 1 billion or so Chinese unfortunates who live in the Lower Yanzgtse Valley, outside the lunatic asylums of Washington, most of those are not realistic choices.
    ​ That said, China’s reaction to the results of Taiwan’s pending 13 January elections might bring unwanted fireworks to bear on what already is a tense tinderbox. Should William Lai Ching-te, the incumbent vice president and the candidate of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), prevail over Hou Yu-ih from the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) Party, China will most likely spit the dummy again and launch massive military drills around the island or even grab Penghu Island as a sign it is serious about subjugating Taiwan.
    ​ Though China certainly carries a big stick, it doesn’t yet seem to grasp the notion that one should speak softly and only wave or use the stick as a last recourse. That is where the diplomats of Russia, which currently chairs the loose and untested BRIICS alliance, comes in.
    ​ As a long standing ally of Vietnam, China and India, and as one which understands the nuanced goals of all three of those countries, Russia can bring a lot to the table. Not only did Russia help broker peace in the 1965 2nd Kashmir war between Pakistan and India but Russia fully understands that India and Vietnam both want strategic autonomy, and that neither will ever submit to being a vassal of a revanchist China.
    ​ Taiwan currently leads the world in the crucial field of semiconductors and that is unlikely to change any time soon. And nor is Taiwan’s status as, for Taiwan to revert to the 1683-1895 era when it paid tribute to the Qing Dynasty, would mean empowering China to annex the entire region as Imperial Japan did in late 1941 from its Taiwanese/Formosan base. Because Japan, India, Vietnam and even the Philippines cannot accept that, China is thereby opening up the door for NATO’s carrier groups and sundry other legacy defence systems and that is far from being an optimal state of affairs if peace and trade, rather than war and all it entails are the goals.
    ​ There are two or even three ways out of this morass, only one of which is really acceptable. The first of these is to duke it out across the Taiwan Strait and every other strait or reef that is deemed important along the String of Pearls from Siberia to Somalia. The second way is for China to goose step ahead with its neomercantalism until the global economy revolves around it and it alone. The third and best way is for the BRIICS and allied countries to take the opportunity Russia’s chairmanship of that group offers and chart some way through all the straits and reefs they might sink or run aground on.

    Russia Must Be Asia’s Peace Maker

    ​ Charles Hugh Smith explains “crapification”, What’s the Source of the Astounding 50% Boost in Corporate Profits?
    No wonder Corporate America added $1.2 trillion in profits to be distributed to the elites of America: everything is diminished, stripped of quality and rendered miserable.

    John Day

    ​ Dr. Marian Laderoute , Guessing at the Number of COVID-19 Shot Associated Deaths In CANADA
    Governments do NOT want you to know that there were more deaths associated with the vaccines than COVID-19 and An Estimated only 1424 C19 Deaths were averted in 2021 due to the First Shot

    Steve Kirsch , 32 entries , A summary of the evidence against the COVID vaccines
    Here’s a quick summary of the key pieces of evidence that taken together show that the COVID vaccines are unsafe and that the medical community should not be trusted.

    ​ Sasha Latypova explains why the Federal Court venue is exactly what Pfizer needs, due to contract with the Pentagon for Emergency Use Authorization “countermeasures”, never any “pharmaceutical product”, as legally defined.
    ​ Pfizer moves in TX v Pfizer​ , Files Notice of Removal to Federal Court

    ​ [Nazis first, then pedophiles, right?] ​ And So It Begins …
    Substack’s been accused of being a haven for Nazis. Is this the beginning of a coordinated effort to staunch the influence of Substack?

    John Day

    ​ [No name-jokes, please. This is serious] Georgia DA Fani Willis had affair with prosecutor on Trump case: lawsuit
    ​ Roman contends that Nathan Wade, a private attorney with the Atlanta-based Wade & Campbell Firm, used some of the nearly $654,000 in legal fees that he’s been paid by the Fulton County DA’s Office for his work on the Trump case to take Willis on lavish vacations to “Napa Valley, California, Florida and the Caribbean.”

    ​ Ray Epps Dodges Prison Sentence – Gets Probation, Community Service For Telling J6ers To Go “Into The Capitol”
    ​ Ray Epps, the man caught multiple times telling January 6th protesters to escalate their demonstration and go “into the Capitol” on January 6th, 2021, will spend no time in prison for his role that day.​ Instead, Epps has been given 12 months probation, $500 in restitution, and 100 hours of community service.​ [Service for the FBI, maybe?]

    Here We Go: Michelle Obama Says She’s “Terrified” Of Trump Winning​ , What is she going to do about it?

    John Day

    Thanks Farmer McGregor.
    “We shall see.”


    ” met secretly to discuss mounting an asymmetrical offensive to “bring Vladimir Putin to his knees,”

    This meaning terrorism and assassinations against Russia

    Well, what goes around comes around…..


    The guy who jumped the fence in the court room and attacked that judge the other day…

    making an example, just saying…

    “I know that this guy jumped over a desk and attacked a judge….but there is something very disturbing about seeing a Black man in chains and muzzled.”

    The good old days, the good old days, I was there, where were they?



    John Day

    On the Need to Include the Study of Jewish Power as Integral to the Globalist Push for Centralized Control of Everything
    Much Has Changed Now That Israel is Being Charged by the International Court of Justice for Violating the UN’s Genocide Convention , ANTHONY JAMES HALL


    Awe, respect, sadness.

    The Clipper Lindbergh
    is the shortest, a Boeing 747-400. It’s pretty old, a used airframe. They chopped a section out and put in a ‘roll-top’ door
    so they could fly around with the door purposely open. On the tour, the pilot “Manny” said the door stuck open on an early test flight, and
    had been so well designed, and the plane itself so well-mannered, that the landing was pretty normal.

    There just isn’t anything like this produced here anymore.


    He shed Crocodile tears, and will hold Iran accountable for this senseless tragedy.
    However, not a tear for the +23,000 killed in Gaza by Israel.
    Statement by the Prime Minister on the National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Air Disasters
    January 8, 2024
    Ottawa, Ontario


    Has anyone done the calculations if lowering life expectancy by a decade or more would

    result in saving trillions on pensions and healthcare.

    John Day
    John Day

    It is in PENNSYLVANIA…

    National Park Service Scraps Plans To Remove William Penn Statue After Public Outcry
    Just hours after the National Park Service announced they would be removing a statue of William Penn at Philadelphia’s Welcome Park, located in the Old City section of the city, the service swiftly reversed course.

    John Day

    Certainly not a back-door to poly entendre..
    Fanigate Widens: Atlanta Trump Prosecutor’s Alleged DA Lover Met With White House Counsel Before Indictment

    Just Some Randomer

    @ John Day – if he ‘Dies’ before the end the week then I’ll agree that it was a bad case of Khinzal-itis that got him. If the official line is that prostate cancer was the cause of death , that would be as good as admitting that notavax caused turbo cancer killed him. As far as I am aware people do not die quickly from prostate cancer under normal circumstances.

    ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive’ as Rabbie Burns once wrote. Hard to get the lies straight in a hurry.

    John Day

    @just some randomer:
    Ah, but this would be an infection after transrectal pelvic surgery as a complication of prostate cancer, which is quite plausible…

    Just Some Randomer

    Thanks. Genuinely plausible to an expert such as yourself given that he is someone who can obtain the best healthcare known to mankind – or just plausible enough for the people who get their information from the TV?


    The Duran has an interesting theory about Austin and the fact that no one including the WH and State Dept seemed to know anything.

    Start at the 1:00 minute mark.

    Very unique and plausible, nothing to do with Ukronaziland.


    If Llyod Austin does die then it could still be due to precise Russian missile surgery!

    It has been entertaining with all the rumors, none wishing Austin a speedy recovery.

    Does clot shot weakened immunity and turbo cancer hope still remain?

    Dr. D

    Alexander suggests that Austin would be trying to keep the US out of Iran, despite being a warhawk. Meh. On that, Israel just bombed the hostage negotiator. Sure seems like a lot of people want infinite escalation. …Like cutting the legs off 100 children a day…but you know, with the NICE bombs. We paint rainbows on them, tie on a teddy bear, and shoot them from very far away…

    I’m with you guys: just trot the guy out on camera, make up some s–t, problem solved. We’ve all seen 20x worse. So IF we knew what happened, they’d HAVE a cover story by now, because they’d know the risks and which dreadful, idiotic lie to tell. …But they don’t know? What’s going on that they can’t even tell which lie to tell?

    …Like he’s missing, but they’re hoping he’s alive, and can’t tell if there’s enough body for a casket?

    Prostrate Cancer? Gee, you JUST SAY IT, spin him as a double hero, respect our privacy, blah blah. That’s why it took a few days: sure they’re loons, they’re always lying, no worries you can’t tell what a bucket of snakes and spineless weasels wriggling around are doing. But this? That they don’t know? What is this? This isn’t the usual lies or incompetence.

    And what’s with saying “The White House didn’t know?” Like, whut? Even if they didn’t and ESPECIALLY if he thinks he’s the President, have the White House JUST LIE. They lie every minute on every subject. The miracle is when they DON’T lie. So they’re lying: they DID know where Austin was. They needed something juicy to keep the press off. And us off, more likely. While we’re running around in a spin, jousting the wrong horse.

    Who else will know? Trump will know. Inside rumors and informants would get it to him. So watch him for trolling, which specific unusual words he’s using.

    …Not that I care. Austin could disappear or never been born, makes no difference to me. To there’s only more bombs each day, or less. More bankrupt or more functional. No man and certainly not Austin has much affect on that. The people trying to WWIII Israel by killing 1 million children and all the negotiators do. …Oh and still talking F16s in Crimea. That too.


    Half million dead Ukrainians, 30,000 dead, mostlly women and kids in Gaza. Demonicjews, creating Hell on earth using your money to finance it. Will people wake up? I dont see it happening. Too far, fuckin gone. TV and jewphones, porn and credit cards…how simple it is to turn minds into shit…guiding the sheep into their pen.


    Puppet Master Shuckin’ and Jivin’


    The site is literally telling you that it is a joke, having a laugh, meant to trick and befuddle and amuse people, and you get the honorable doctor just smilingly slyly winking and saying, “We shall see.” I love you guys, but come on.

    Red posted a link about this story yesterday, the arrest of the Rebel News Reporter who was questioning Chrystia Freeland. Here’s their own video of the actual arrest:

    Quick opinions:
    1. Red’s link earlier said it was a brutal arrest. That’s not my impression. Rodney King was a brutal arrest. That Georgia State Trooper pitting a truck doing burnouts in Atlanta then sliding across his hood to drag that driver out —a classic, that’s brutal. What they’re doing to Mendies is tame cop behavior. They understand they are making a political arrest. This is why they allow him to wave his microphone around for minutes and pretend —with him— that he’s interviewing them, and make a special point to restore his personal belongings into Menzies’ knapsack (but be mindful: what are they planting?). It’s not a brutal arrest. Unless this is speaking purely metaphorically, in which case: there is no brutality in the ever-hightening arc our reality bends towards, the redemption of the fallen and the transcendence of all who walk in principled self-interest towards justice.

    2. I remember cops like Bald One. Bald One instigated things. He obviously signaled something to Freeland and the aide, which is why the aide went one direction and Freeland went the other. I’m not a sports guy, but don’t they call this maneuver a “pick?” Offense leads defense right into offensive wall, who obstinately holds ground while defense unwittingly fouls him by momentum alone? Or he probably just wanted to stage an event to look important and arrest the awful news guy. Notice how the other cops act around him. Did I catch that one guy somewhat rolling his eyes at the other, and the rest just doing their jobs? They may hate Bald One and talk shit about him even to his face, but in public they will have to go along with such an awfully obvious shit arrest and keep order or else they will never have a moment of sanity or ease; cops have to stand by one another and work at the edges of this shituations to bring them under control, into the law’s boundaries, and see it through to wherever it ends up. I’ve seen it. The Wire does a good job with depicting this, but that’s what I’m seeing in the behaviors. Bald One triggers my sociopathy detector. He has no trouble, no problem, breaking the law for the greater good.


    The Smartest Guy He Knows

    Well, the smartest crackwhore he knows


    Well, not a real crackwhore but close…


    Tucker Carlson.


    VP commentary about women-on-the-street interview


    And finally to end the day with another mystery besides Darth Austin

    The Crown Heights Tunnels Mystery

    Oy vey!

    Fuel in Cuba to become five times more expensive
    Emily Atkinson – BBC News
    Tue, January 9, 2024

    It said that from February the price of a litre of petrol would rise from from 25 pesos ($0.20; £0.16) to 132 pesos.

    John Day

    @Polemos: Dima at Military Summary Channel picked up the Lloyd Austin MIA story. See the first 5 minutes:

    John Day

    Pentagon slammed for calling Lloyd Austin’s surgery to remove cancer ‘elective’: ‘Arguing semantics’
    Medical professionals said that characterizing Secretary Austin’s prostate cancer surgery as elective is ‘misleading’

    John Day

    The Lloyd Austin timeline is getting more fleshed out as the day progresses.

    Dr D Rich

    Active duty require COs permission to have surgery for many good “corporate” reasons.
    I suppose the resident experts will explain those details also.
    Jesus….The Good Doctor May

    Basically active duty body and soul belong to the military service AND the you lose all disability benefits *not called disability, rather Limited Duty and Medical Boards.

    I’m still betting on LapBand.
    I take it John never dealt with catastrophic bowel or superior mesenteric artery occlusion/infarction.

    Maybe PE or urosepsis in a fat old sedentary gut after surgery

    Dr D Rich

    SecDef isn’t subject to the same restrictions but since Austin is retired military, he can be brought back on active duty to be court martialed. Federal court reaffirmed this authority as recently as November 2022.
    Hopefully Ritter or Tulsi can chime in.

    Either way it’s a nothingburger except for what remains of Austin’s life

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