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    Doc Robinson

    Rolling Stone: “99.2 Percent of All U.S. Covid Deaths Are Unvaccinated, New Analysis Shows”

    The 99.2 figure comes from this calculation:
    “According to the analysis of government data from May, released on Thursday, out of the 18,000 Covid-19 deaths during the month, approximately 150 were fully vaccinated people. That comes out to 0.8 percent.”

    I didn’t check that month’s data, but I did look at the latest month of data (June 6 to July 7) from the CDC, which shows 385 breakthough case deaths, compared to 8781 total Covid deaths, which makes 4.4% (quite a jump from the prior month’s 0.8%). Taking out the numbers for fatal breakthough cases “reported as asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19” results in 230 deaths or 2.6% of the total Covid deaths reported for that period. (I suspect that the total Covid deaths include some fatalities similarly “”reported as asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19” but that data is not available.)

    In any case, from May to June in the US there was evidently a big jump in the percentage of Covid deaths which were vaccinated. Perhaps the trend will continue in the coming months, bringing the US numbers more in line with the UK and Israel.

    Veracious Poet

    115 synonyms for deception, including: defraudation, deceit, lying, guile​, treason, circumvention, cunning, mendacity, indirection, prevarication

    synonyms for diversion, including: distraction, deviation, detour, deflection, , alteration, departure, divergence, play, digression, entertainment

    synonyms for lies · deception · distortion · evasion · falsehood · fiction · forgery · myth · slander …

    All colours from the same palette, painting the EXACT same picture, only alternated to impress, profit & feed the EGO.

    Doc Robinson

    @ Bill7

    To answer your question from yesterday, born, raised, and still living in the U. S. of A.


    “In other words greed and speed produced an outcome that has and will kill people.”

    Odds of me dying from COVID without the shot = 1 in 200K
    Odds of me dying from the jab = 1 in 16k

    I’ll take my chances without the jab, thanks. Greed, no vision. No vision, people perish.

    a kullervo

    A hypothetical scenario

    a) As for today, the way renewable energies are being explored is insuficient to keep current civilizational arrangements running.
    b) With the technology currently available, the extant fossil fuel cannot be extracted without spending more energy than the one said fuel would provide.
    The ERoEI resulting from the extraction of the yet to be extracted fossil fuel is below the threshold required to keep current civilizational arrangements running.

    How the mentioned scenario would pan out?
    In case of an adverse outcome, what would be your solution?

    Mister Roboto


    It is interesting that over 100 multinational companies have signed a letter demanding the federal government pass legislation to take the running of the federal election away from the 50 states. I would say globalism is alive and well. Clearly these companies want free and fair elections! Not!

    The House has chosen to use the House Oversight and Reform Committee to spearhead the federal effort to discredit the Arizona Senate’s vote audit. Also involved are the DofJ, FBI, CIA, Homeland, & DofDefense. Joe needs to defend the results of his fraudulent election, no matter the cost, to stay in power.

    Fortunately joe has all the power levers at his disposal. I wonder if Arizona even stands a chance in this battle?. Clearly the Fed’s are going to go after each Arizona state senator and House reps who supports the vote audit. I wonder how many are going to commit suicide or have family members die. Some will likely die in car accidents, another favorite method. Some will likely be charged with various crimes by the DofJ’s hit men, the FBI, in the dead of night with media cameras coverage. I expect to see lots of media staged perp walks. Intimidation at it’s worst.

    I haven’t yet seen what the French reaction to the mandatory vaccine dictat from their fearless leader is. Clearly Dr. Fauci wants to be able to mandate vaccines, the French way.

    Doc Robinson

    Interesting comments by Craig Murray on Twitter:

    I am about as clinically vulnerable to Covid as you can get, but I should be horrified if other people were obliged to wear masks to protect me. For God’s sake I was not designed to live forever, and nor were you. Sucking the joy out of other people’s lives is not my goal.

    But this started as a conversation about my not wanting people to be forced to wear masks to protect vulnerable people like me now that healthy vaccinated people are not at serious risk. It morphed into healthy people yelling that vulnerable people should be forced to wear masks or locked up, to protect healthy people.

    John Day

    @Madamski: I bought Geronimo’s Cadillac in high school, took good care of it, as with all my records, and still have it, but do not have a stero w=set up, though I have so many fine speakers, amps, preamps and phono stage, all of which I designed and made.
    I moved to Austin in 1976, and as disappointed that Michael Murphey and moved to Colorado already, and he didn’t move back… I never got to hear him live. His Austin days were the best time for his recordings.
    This one is deep, too…

    a kullervo

    Science scare people out of their wits more than religion.
    Scientists help to terrorize people more than priests ever dreamt of.

    a kullervo

    We have returned to human sacrifices, fostered not by any religion but by science, and in the name not of any god, but in the name of a fiction: Endless Painless Human Life.


    Re: Tennessee halting vaccination outreach to teens…

    It really comes down to this: are teens children or adults? Are teens’ parents endangering them?

    In my view, teens are children on the verge of becoming adults. In most situations parents are best positioned to be a teen’s liaison to the world — they are the adults most likely to understand the teen best and to value the teen’s well-being very highly — even when there is conflict between teens and parents. Because there are some awful parents out there, there need to be a few mechanism where the community or state can step in — instances of physical/sexual abuse, or where the teen is suffering extreme emotional trauma directly caused by the parent. But those situations need to be narrowly defined, rare, and on a case by case basis.

    Otherwise…corporations and the state will step in and exploit the young teen mind with advertisements, propaganda, addictions, debt, distracting entertainments, etc. And teens will be suborned into accepting vaccines of dubious value for them, which may make them sick, lead to death, and/or reduce their fertility. Teens are intelligent and can think for themselves but lack experience — parents can provide experience and wisdom.

    I remember shopping with my mother as a child, and how she trained us to look at prices, sales, clearance, calculate unit price, consider generics, etc., schooling us in how to avoid making purchases based upon advertising and product placement. My father taught us to budget — mostly by example, as an accountant we heard he and my mother often discussing the family budget. The result was four kids who as adults are very savvy consumers who don’t fall for as many advertising stunts as their peers, instead seeking what they really want, who budget well.


    I believe this is the 10 year old report on VAERS done by Harvard that says VAERS captures only 1%. Aka Lazarus Report.

    I only read the first couple pages, so I don’t know exactly what it contains.

    Dr. D

    +100 comments again. Interactive. Hyperactive.

    Defraudation” leads to “Defenestration”.

    “Renewable energies are being explored is insufficient to keep current civilizational arrangements”

    Interesting. What if we murdered 10-20% of the nation? Would that solve our Pension/Financial/Energy crisis? What if it happened the minute #1 and #2 started to become visible? “We have returned to human sacrifices.” Cheers by all!

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