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    Mr. House

    “Joe, may I suggest Little Round Top in Gettysburg?”

    He’s not worthy to set foot on that ground. Around 2007 or 8 they wanted to build a casino in gettysburg. I’m proud to say i signed the petition to stop it. If anything Joe is more like picketts charge.


    Patrick Lawrence- ‘The War Against Us’:

    PATRICK LAWRENCE: The War Against Us

    “The Biden blackout.”

    Thoughtful man and very good writer, I think.


    > Re: CJ Hopkins latest … I think he’s low when he figures only 25% of people aren’t “all in” on the so-called new normal. <

    I agree with you, upstate: I think he’s quite low with that estimate- even in my region.


    Hey Oxymoron,

    Keep asking questions. Keep dancing your life. Keep listening to BRAINWASHED by George Harrison (yes every song).

    You will get over yourself.

    Rising Sun

    On the street of villains
    Taken for a ride
    You can have the devil as a guide
    Crippled by the boundaries
    Programmed into guilt
    ‘Til your nervous system starts to tilt.
    And in the room of mirrors
    You can see for miles
    But everything that’s there is in disguise
    Every word you’ve uttered
    And every thought you’ve had
    Is all inside your file
    The good and the bad.
    But in the rising sun
    You can feel your life begin
    Universe at play inside your DNA
    You’re a billion years old today
    Oh the rising sun
    And the place it’s coming from
    Is inside of you and now your payment’s overdue
    Oh the rising sun
    Oh the rising sun
    On the avenue of sinners
    I have been employed
    Working there ’til I was near destroyed
    I was almost a statistic inside a doctor’s case
    When I heard the messenger from inner space
    He was sending me a signal that so for long I had Ignored
    But he held on to my umbilical cord
    Until the ghost of memory trapped in my body mind
    Came out of hiding to become alive.
    And in the rising sun
    You can hear your life begin
    And it’s here and there nowhere and everywhere
    Though it’s atmosphere is rare
    Oh the rising sun
    And the place that it’s coming from
    Is inside of me and now I feel it constantly
    Oh the rising sun
    Oh the rising sun
    But in the rising sun
    You can feel your life begin
    Universe at play inside your DNA
    You’re a billion years old today
    Oh the rising sun
    And the place it’s coming from
    Is inside of you and now your payment’s overdue
    Oh the rising sun
    Oh the rising sun
    Oh the rising sun

    By Geroge Harrison

    With LOVE,



    You raise a good point! I suspect that it is “mainly” older higher risk people who are dying from the vaccine’s spike proteins. People with the same risks who died from covid. But of course I have no data to back this up as you rightly point out! I doubt the CDC will provide the required data either!

    Doc Robinson

    Here’s the age distribution of the VAERS data for deaths following the Covid vaccines.

    From the 7/2/2021 release of VAERS data:
    Found 9,048 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Patient Died

    Age Serious Count Percent
    < 3 Years Yes 3 0.03%
    12-17 Years Yes 9 0.1%
    17-44 Years Yes 270 2.98%
    44-65 Years Yes 1,028 11.36%
    65-75 Years Yes 1,305 14.42%
    75+ Years Yes 3,360 37.14%
    Unknown Yes 3,073 33.96%
    TOTAL 9,048 100%

    Mr. House

    The Federal Reserve Has Radically Changed from a Central Bank to a Bailout Kingpin. Americans Just Haven’t Paid Attention – Until Tonight

    What came first the financial crisis or Covid?


    No i think its fair, are they pushing mandatory jabs for just old at risk people with a gajillion comorbiditys or are they trying to force it on everyone? Didn’t you see the story the other day about the 13 yearold who was jabbed and died in his sleep? My generation has sacrificed its future so yinz old guys can have your 401ks and pensions, and now we’re sacrificing freedom itself so you might get to live a few more months? Such a raw deal which i never agreed to 😉

    Doc Robinson

    VAERS currently shows 41,015 “serious” problems after Covid vaccination. Here’s the age distribution:

    From the 7/2/2021 release of VAERS data:
    Found 41,015 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Serious

    Age Serious Count Percent
    < 3 Years Yes 16 0.04%
    3-6 Years Yes 8 0.02%
    6-9 Years Yes 3 0.01%
    12-17 Years Yes 602 1.47%
    17-44 Years Yes 7,052 17.19%
    44-65 Years Yes 10,052 24.51%
    65-75 Years Yes 6,696 16.33%
    75+ Years Yes 8,976 21.88%
    Unknown Yes 7,610 18.55%
    TOTAL 41,015 100%


    115 synonyms for deception, including: defraudation, deceit, lying, guile​, treason, circumvention, cunning, mendacity, indirection, prevarication

    synonyms for diversion, including: distraction, deviation, detour, deflection, , alteration, departure, divergence, play, digression, entertainment

    synonyms for lies · deception · distortion · evasion · falsehood · fiction · forgery · myth · slander …


    Doc Robinson:

    You just made a lier out of me! The only compensation is I guessed right about old folks mainly dying. I based my guess on comments from a TAE commentator from Spain who mentioned how so many old folks were dying after getting the vaccine in old folks homes that health care workers were being laid off. Also another US TAE commentator noted that a friend who runs a nursing home didn’t lose anybody to covid but sure did to the vaccine!

    Doc Robinson

    More VAERS data: shows 7,397 cases where patient became disabled after getting the Covid vaccination. Below is the age distribution. Here’s the first case listed (out of 7,397):

    Vaccinated: 2020-12-16
    Onset: 2020-12-16
    Permanent Disability? Yes
    Hospitalized? Yes, 3 days

    Write-up: Patient is a pleasant 83 y.o. female pediatrician with history of Sjogren”s, hypothyroidism, hyperlipidemia, hypertension who had been at Hospital to get her Covid vaccine. 30 minutes after doing so she reports being in the lobby and about to walk upstairs and feeling fine. The next thing she knows she wakes up on the stairs with her nose and face bleeding surrounded by healthcare team. She denies any precipitating symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, fevers dizziness, headache. She reports feeling well otherwise in the last few days. I did a thorough bony palpation exam including spine and he only point of tenderness besides on her face was the area above her right ankle. She does not have a history of syncope or collapse

    From the 7/2/2021 release of VAERS data:
    Found 7,397 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Patient Did Not Die and Disabled

    Age Serious Count Percent
    < 3 Years Yes 3 0.04%
    3-6 Years Yes 4 0.05%
    6-9 Years Yes 1 0.01%
    12-17 Years Yes 23 0.31%
    17-44 Years Yes 1,592 21.52%
    44-65 Years Yes 2,402 32.47%
    65-75 Years Yes 1,139 15.4%
    75+ Years Yes 846 11.44%
    Unknown Yes 1,387 18.75%
    TOTAL 7,397 100%

    Doc Robinson

    @ WES

    With 33% of the reported deaths (so far) being listed as having an “Unknown” age, you may still be right about the CDC withholding age data.

    Maxwell Quest

    The latest mask-related anecdote:

    A few weeks ago, I decided it was time resist the policy which requires only the unvaccinated to mask up in some establishments. And so it happened, I was busted in the local coffee shop for not wearing a mask by an acquaintance who knew that I was unvaccinated. She walked up to me waving her finger asking why I was unmasked. I replied, “Wait a second, I thought you were fully vaccinated, so why are you wearing a mask?”. Without missing a beat, she shot back, “Because of people like you who refuse to get vaccinated, that’s why!”. Sigh.

    It makes no logical sense that after being fully vaccinated, she could still perceive me as a health threat. But such is the key tenet of the new Covid religion: that ALL must be vaccinated or else no one is safe. It’s like a fundamentalist Christian claiming that my unwillingness to join his sect will keep him from being “saved”, whatever that means. Why not just say, “Well, good luck with dying!”, like the other fine chap, and go on your merry way feeling safe, smug, and superior?

    But as CJ Hopkins pointed out in his latest article:

    “They [the facts] do not make the slightest difference to the vast majority of New Normals, anyway. As I’ve noted in several previous columns, these people have surrendered their rationality, and have been subsumed into a totalitarian movement, which has become their perceptual and social “reality,” which their “sanity” now depends upon defending, so the facts mean absolutely nothing to them.”

    Doc Robinson

    Maxwell: “She walked up to me waving her finger…”

    Reminds me of the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    CJ Hopkins: “these people have surrendered their rationality…”

    Invasion of the Rationality Surrenderers?


    I’m leaning towards always wearing a mask just so I can say, to fully vaccinated people, “Because of people like you, who believe that they can still get infected”.

    Mr. House

    So now I don’t know what to think. The CDC report says that 99.2% of all covid deaths are among the unvacc’d. Yesterday we saw a chart from the Israeli ministry of health which illustrated that new covid infections were equally distributed among the vax’d and unvax’d in roughly the same percentage as the vax’d ratio. Can they both be right? We have been told that the vax will not stop you from getting infected but will significantly reduce. Is the vax that good at reducing fatalities? I am in a high risk group and this is the kind of data that just might make me change my mind and get the jab.


    Ok, enough.

    I’ll apologize upfront because I’ve had a couple vodka & tonics so I’m mouthy. But this from Dark Matter …

    “The covid risk vs. vaccine risk analysis is unfair. The covid risk calculator factors in age, comorbidities, etc. while the VAERS calculation does not. You would need a similar VAERS calculator to tell you what the risks of dying of the vaccine are for an apple to apples comparison.”

    Why are we even arguing about this? You want the flipping vaxx? So go ahead and get it. As far as I can tell, no one is telling you not to.

    I don’t want the vaxx. So just flipping leave me alone. Why should anyone tell me I have to get it?

    We’re spending time on ridiculous circular arguments. The vaxx doesn’t prevent anyone from getting infected. It doesn’t prevent anyone from spreading infection. I’m not saying that, the manufacturers are saying that. It also has serious adverse events. You want to play the roulette wheel? Go ahead.

    Leave those of us who will not get the vaxx alone. We’ll be fine without your HELP. Thank you.

    Mr. House

    From Oct 2020

    They knew before they even started to give them

    Mr. House

    @oxy: hello, Nathan. Nice to meet you. 🙂 I think you’re on to something with today’s post. I’ll spend time contemplating. Thank you.


    It is tragic that masking became politicalized. It is another way to tell who the “Others” are besides skin color. It means that proven public health measures will never be adopted in the West. This is why the public health officials in New Zealand are sounding so desperate.

    Israel data indicates the mRNA vaccines cut transmission to 64% after it reopening. I read a comment that it is now 33%. The corporations up front say that the immunity wanes after 8 months. Front-line workers jabbed in January will now start to be re-infected. If 66% of the vaccinated can be re-infected by new variants without a booster shot next year, there is no way there ever will be herd immunity. The 3rd and 4th shots are reported to have even more adverse effects than the first two.

    Boris Johnson has made a conscious decision to “let it rip”. The lives of the citizens of the UK do not matter. The Joe Bidden/Kamala Harris Administration by lies, inaction, and corruption have not instituting a national public health campaign to eradicate the virus. No different than the Trump Administration. By default the ruling class is letting the virus run loose in North America. There are numerous flights between Canada, Mexico and the USA and within each nation to transport the infected. It is up in the air, what the next waves will look like, if it becomes another flu, or fades away. No matter, unvaccinated deplorables will be blamed for whatever happens.


    A huge number of doctors don’t even know about VERS and a lot who do are scared to report for fear of reprisals.

    I’ve heard from doctors (with Balls) trying to do the right thing and fill out a VERS report. with they do see adverse reactions and deaths.

    Its very elaborate and complex form and if ANY part of the VERS report is missing or incomplete, the report will NOT be processed. Period.

    So the Harvard Pilgrim report that says only about 1% OR LESS of adverse reactions are reported is not taking into account the reports that are not ‘properly’ filled out.

    So at roughly 9000+ deaths reported in the US to date MULTIPLIED by 100, that would mean, by Harvard Pilgrims own stated report, that the REAL number of deaths from the mRNA shots in the US is not 9000 but 900,000.

    Harvard has NOT backed off on their claim of 1% reportage so far.

    Is no one doing the math here???

    Oh well, almost a million deaths from the ‘vaccine’ must just be a rounding error by dumbed down US professionals.


    sorry for misspelling VAERS


    @oros: I read about the Harvard study on the VAERS – it was done back in 2010-2012 or so, I believe? The CDC itself contracted with Harvard to perform the study. When the CDC saw the results the study was placed on a shelf to gather dust. No actions were taken.

    Perhaps there are others on here who recall that study and saved a link?


    Dr David Martin

    Linguistic Genomics
    Aug 24, 2020

    The Corona virus patents started in 1999


    If I can’t say “no”, I don’t have free will.
    If I can never accept “no” or avoid it like the plague, I am probably a pain in the ass.

    I had written so much more but I keep going back and deleting it. Pithy is what I want- even if it ends up being obscure.


    The full Plandemic video

    [video src="" /]



    Why are we even arguing about this?

    I think argue is too strong a word, but the reason I pointed it out is this: I dislike poor logic in support of something I believe to be true. It taints the truth and supports people who argue against it.


    @darkmatter: “I dislike poor logic in support of something …”

    But the “forced narrative” (aka MSM) is doing exactly that on a second-by-second basis, all day every day. Why not argue with them instead?


    @darkmatter: PS … in using the word “argue” I didn’t intend to call out this specific instance in these ongoing comments. My apologies to you. I’m sorry.

    But we’ve been “debating” (is that a better word?) this topic on TAE for months. Time we stop debating, stand up, just say wtf hill it is we are willing to die on. Is this one it? Idk. But when it comes to taking a stand, the time for debate is over.

    Madamski will jump in here at some point, I’m sure. Btw, madam, I identify as a dudette. 😉

    madamski cafone

    @ John Day

    “Life is complex and adaptive, growing this way, then that way, like a tomato vine, not usually like a field of regimented cornstalks, awaiting the combine….”

    That is poetically summative. Me like.


    We’re such sentimental creatures. On one hand, we decry the huge % of humans whom we perceive as being dangerously stupid or brainwashed or whatever, on the other hand, we’re outraged that such people are willingly walking toward soimething that looks like maybe/kinda slaughter.

    It’s nice that we care so much about each either, well, at least enough to denounce those who take advantage of the credulity of the average modern person.

    Economic bubbles must pop; we all here understand this. Well, so must population bubbles.. The functionally stupid must face the consequences of their actions whether they or we like it or not. Asking government to fix it or at least stay out of it is like asking a Mafia goon to do surgery to replace with an artificial kneecap the one he just busted with a baseball bat.

    Makes me wanna sing something strong and proud, brave and true:

    The Detroit tribe


    The Conversation this morning had an article entitled “Indonesia records its highest increase in COVID cases –– and numbers are likely to rise again before they fall”.

    I thought I’d comment that on top of everything else they are doing there, Indofarm are going to make ivermectin tablets in Indonesia, and that I would cite the report in TAE of 5/7.

    Guess what: my post disappeared immediately. This has happened before. Could it be a simple computer error, is has the objective, data-seeking Conversation started screening out alternative viewpoints? Is it worth trying again? Probably not. An iron curtain has descended.

    madamski cafone

    ” “Wait a second, I thought you were fully vaccinated, so why are you wearing a mask?”. Without missing a beat, she shot back, “Because of people like you who refuse to get vaccinated, that’s why!”. Sigh.”

    You forgot the punchline: “You’re vaccinated? Then you’re supposed to be safe from covid. That’s what REAL vaccines do. Do people with flu vaccines wear a mask during flu season? Are you too fucking stupid to know what a REAL vsafccine is, or are you just an dumb cunt? P.S. FUck your business. I won’t be back.”

    But then, I tire fast of fools messing with my high. I like being happy, you know? And, as Miles Davis said to Clark Terry when Clark admitted he hadn’t told anyone to kiss his ass recently.

    “Clark? How you gonna be happy if you don’t tell assholes to kiss off?”


    Jim Kunstler’s mantra for our age is ‘Anything Goes and Nothing Matters’

    If you lose the Rule of Law, which seems like it’s MIA, you are left with the Law of the Jungle.

    The Texas Governor has said flat out that the Democratic legislators who fled Texas to avoid voting on a bill will be arrested when they return to Texas.

    Will Bedpan Biden try to protect them from arrest with Federal Marshals?

    We’ll see shortly.

    When you start having one branch of law enforcement arresting another branch of law enforcement, well, you’re very close to civil war.

    A small sample to setup the confrontation.

    “An ordinance passed by Newton County, Missouri, not only nullifies new federal controls within the county but also makes clear the sheriff can arrest federal agents attempting to enforce those gun controls inside county lines…”

    Most people in the US are not aware of the power of County Sheriffs.
    They hold almost ultimate say so of what goes on within their county lines, even superseding federal agents.

    Different levels of government completely ignoring other agency’s mandates.

    You want ‘sanctuary cities’ for illegal immigrants?

    Well get ready for ‘sanctuary counties’ where guns are totally legal and lock downs, masks and vaccine passports are totally illegal.

    The Sky is the Limit Anything Goes and Nothing Matters

    madamski cafone

    “Btw, madam, I identify as a dudette. 😉”

    I almost wrote “dudette” but wasn’t sure, and love the word ‘dudesicle’. Besides, words and ideas lack gender deespite silly cultures likie France pretending otherwise.

    Everybody argue all you want. We’re here to inform, entertain, and assuage ourselves, for the most part. We do a little problem-solve brain-storming here and there to look legit but we’re here to distract ourselves from aspects of reality we prefer not to engage with, for the most part.

    We kvetch, therefore we is.


    From Denninger: FDA Advisory Committee Vaccine and Related Biological Products- 10/22/2020 making the rounds on YouTube. The “rushed” slide here.


    usstates said: “We’re spending time on ridiculous circular arguments. The vaxx doesn’t prevent anyone from getting infected. It doesn’t prevent anyone from spreading infection. I’m not saying that, the manufacturers are saying that. It also has serious adverse events..”

    You’d guess any thinking person would notice this in around .8 seconds, and you’d be oddly wrong, wrong, wrong.

    what a time.


    Bedpan Old White Shuffling Joe’s Door to Door Shock Troops pushing experimental nRNA therapy are going to get their heads handed back to them on a stick.

    Even if local authorities are dumb enough to try and carry water for the federal gov and Old Bedpan, they too will Feel the Burn.

    The videos will go viral on Bitchute and Odysee and other alternative platforms showing OberGruppenführer Fauci’s mini-me SS-Sturmscharführers trying to forcibly intimidate homeowner into getting a ‘vaccine’ (spike protein ‘death shot’)

    That will be entertaining bread & circus.


    > The Conversation this morning had an article entitled “Indonesia records its highest increase in COVID cases –– and numbers are likely to rise again before they fall”. <

    I’ll start paying attention to headlines like this just as soon as there is a clear, verifiable, and unchanging
    definition of a “COVID case”.

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