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    The PMC-vaunted T. Greenhalgh says “NO!”, you should not use IVM; offers no reasons:



    Same facts resulting in two opinions.
    There must be two different weight scales

    Doc Robinson

    Indonesia is getting some attention with stories like this:
    “Covid-19: Indonesia becomes Asia’s new pandemic epicentre as delta variant spreads” (BMJ)

    But looking the numbers of Covid deaths (per million people) adds some perspective. The graph below shows that from the beginning of the pandemic until this past month, Indonesia’s daily Covid deaths never reached more than about 1 per million, while the UK had two big waves peaking at around 13 and 18 per million, and the US deaths were up around 7 and 10 per million.

    [graph from Our World in Data]

    Now, Indonesia’s daily deaths are approaching 4 per million, but the curve might level off soon and then drop, similar to India’s outbreak which only reached 3 per million. We’ll see whether it does. Indonesia recently authorized ivermectin as a treatment for Covid.

    Ivermectin Authorized in Indonesia as Pharma Issued License for Production to Battle COVID-19


    > flora
    July 18, 2021 at 2:14 pm

    Or, the counterargument could be Americans know their politicians don’t represent their interests, so why get riled up about another person’s political views?

    “The opinions of 90% of Americans have essentially no impact at all.”

    >> This isn’t indifference to politics, it’s more a practical assessment about how much to spend one’s limited time on the subject. <<

    Maybe the 10% PMC class’s interests are represented, but the rest of us… not so much. / 😉 <


    On notions of solidarity for the common good here in the Exceptional Nation, check the example of Fred Hampton:

    happy days

    madamski cafone

    Solidarity becomes more herd than solidarity.

    Ralph Nader wrote about how polls show that the average member of either party agrees on close to 90% of issues. But, because they identiy with their chosen herd, and view with disdain, even contempt, the other herd, they never work together to achieve the 90% of the goals they share in common. They get some of their 10% of their respective opposing views (abortion restriction, LGBT rights, etc.) while steadily reducing the 90% to failure levels.

    Then, of course, there is the matter of criminal punishment of politicians, which is not just that they are corrupted into laxity but that the system is inherently flawed by presuming that a politician is equal to hes constituents when actually, the politicians enjoy enormous privilege and power per their positions. Punishment for, say, graft should be capital punishment. Legislation and executive office should be difficult work, paid very well, but with uber-strict rules concerning political behavior. Supreme court judges should simply be abolished. The essence of the judge is what rationalists call “weasel wordmanship”. They only create mischief, even when they’re as bravre and moral as Thurgood Marshall.

    Under such a system, injustice will happen, of course. It always does. But this way it won’t happen through endless appeals or cyclic legal reinterpretations. It won’t take on a legally enshrined life of its own, usually disguised as cutting edge enlightened reform.

    We tolerate obscenely evil leadership. We deserve the leaders we put up with.

    Veracious Poet

    The dumbing down of American is most evident in the slow decay of substantive content in the enormously influential media, the 30 second sound bites (now down to 10 seconds or less), lowest common denominator programming, credulous presentations on pseudoscience and superstition, but especially a kind of celebration of ignorance

    Dumbed-down-to succumb ~ Thank you all you teachers’ union fauccist!

    Everybody is sooo busy with their eyes attached to their flavorite social media addiction they didn’t notice they were being herded into pens, with some nice showers awaiting them…

    Maybe it’s time to give up on the tests: We’re living the solution already. This is perfection. Why can’t you just embrace it?

    It was all meant to be temporary.” The Civil War powers, the Federal Reserve, the WWII war powers, the military secrecy act, leaving the gold standard, the ’01 interest rates, the Patriot Act, the GWoT, the ’08 Bailout, the end to free speech, all meant to be temporary. …Until having all that power was perfection. To the deciders. Then it’s “What’s the hurry? It’s only been 150 years…we need a little more time in lock down…

    He forgot to add the most important,poisonous misdeed that led to Clown World in 2020; FDR declaring a one week banking holiday, permanently suspending the use of gold & silver coinage (property a natural right), followed by confiscation of ALL gold & silver MONEY, ripping off the grateful Sheeple @ $20 an ounce & then pegging the value @ $35 in 1934 once the looting was done.

    Tiger Blood! #winning

    Oh, also on behalf of the amerikan aristocracy FDR established permanent emergency powers that continue until now unabated, with ALL jurisprudence at state, county & local levels re-codified accordingly, Natural Law just an honorary concept, with the advent of the New Empire operating entirely on Equity/Admiralty statutes…

    All recorded in the Library of Congress (You can’t make this $hit up!):

    Here’s the NYT headline announcing FDR’s coronation:

    Funny, there’s a bookend NYT headline screaming FDR Seeks Dictatorial Powers during the banking holiday week when FDR IN FACT suspended the US Constitution, but I can no longer locate on Google 😉

    The bit about The Civil War powers is prescient regarding FDR’s destruction of Life, Liberty $ The Pursuit of Happiness, ol’ Abe the backwoods liar-for-hire set precedent for FDR’s treason & if you research Lincoln’s TRUE nature (before that socialist Carl Sandburg granted him sainthood), you’ll find that ol’ Abe was a total racist POS that would do/say anything for POWER.

    P.S. FDR’s family was/is a minority holder in the Beast from Jekyll Island (Federal Reserve for those unaware), and the asshole received a monthly allowance from his mother until he croaked…


    “’s the [lazy, stupid] people’s fault!.”

    Op Mockingbird
    Op Northwoods
    Seventeen Intelligence Agencies
    -IA control of most all websites

    tell Fred, et al


    School never taught this about DEMOCRACY

    “Oh, also on behalf of the amerikan aristocracy FDR established permanent emergency powers that continue until now unabated, with ALL jurisprudence at state, county & local levels re-codified accordingly,”

    “some 470 significant provisions of law out of the total of tens of thousands that have been passed or recodified since 1933.

    Because Congress and the public are unaware of the extent of emergency powers, there has never been any notable congressional or public objection made to this state of affairs. Nor have the courts imposed significant limitations.”

    “10 U.S.C. 712. Foreign governments: detail to assist.(attack/invade)
    (a) Upon the application of the country concerned, the President,
    whenever he considers it in the public interest, may detail members
    of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps to assist in military
    matters –
    (1) any republic in North America, Central America, or
    South America;
    (2) the Republic of Cuba, Haiti, or Santo Domingo and
    (3) during a war or a declared national emergency, any
    other country that he considers it advisable to assist,(attack/invade), in
    the interest of national defense”

    (POT,(USA), CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK, (dictators))


    > Madamski

    It is said to be unwise to infer motive, cui bono notwithstanding. Once we think we know what an entity intends to do, it tends to cloud our observations of what’s actually happening. <

    never, ever draw even provisional conclusions

    good thing it’s around to help


    ‘ski said: “We tolerate obscenely evil leadership.”

    Speak for yourself, dude.

    madamski cafone

    I don’t consider you part of ‘we’, Bill7. You entered this forum speaking as a person apart elling us in so many ewords how stupid you think we are. I wouldn’t begin to speak for you. But I will offer some vocabulary assistance:

    allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference.”

    Learn to pronounce
    See definitions in:
    the action of interfering or the process of being interfered with.
    “an unwarranted interference with personal liberty”
    butting in
    barging in
    poking around
    nosing around
    horning in
    muscling in
    the combination of two or more electromagnetic waveforms to form a resultant wave in which the displacement is either reinforced or canceled.”

    To tolerate is not to approve of. To tolerate is to allow a thing to continue. Maybe I should be sorry that I bruise your great big rugged individualistical ego. But I’m not. I know a horse’s ass when I smell one, and you stank from your earliest post. Now, I don’t know WHY you’re such an ass. I won’t infer motive. I just observe the behavior. *smooch*


    If only we got the jab this way.


    we’ll see how it plays out over time-ski.

    thanks for your comment.

    Mister Roboto

    I just unsubscribed from MoveOn’s mailing-list (I was actually surprised I was still on it), and the reason I gave was “I am done with coronapansies”.

    Mister Roboto

    The e-mail I received today was essentially a coronapansy tirade. My distaste for such things is now at the point where it’s positively visceral.


    banish cleverness

    and the people will benefit a hundred-fold

    TAE Summary

    * Covid Chronicles
    – Fauci busy straightening loose cannons on the deck of the titanic
    – UK has been screwed by the vaccine but copulation isn’t necessarily causation
    – The pandemic is now among the unvaxxed killers
    – The epidemic is dead; Long live the epidemic
    – Merck, the company that can no longer profit from Ivermectin released this statement: We ignore any meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with COVID-19 disease
    – Big Pharma can’t be stopped with either the garrote or the stick
    – The vaxxed are GMOs
    – Epidemic, pandemic, then endemic, that this nation, under Fauci, shall have a new round of lockdowns that the virus upon the people, over the people, in the people shall not perish from the earth

    * Biden
    – won’t stop spreading the Covid Vaccine Word until it is made flesh, dwells among us and we behold its glory
    – is busy forging the one censorship ring in the fires of Mount Orodruin

    * Sagesse do Jour
    – Transhumanism is the merger of flesh and spirit
    – Americans have been dumbed down by 10 second sound bites
    – Discard the rules of behavior and the people will have no worries
    – Only 10% of American opinions count
    – Don’t infer motive
    – If it walks like a horse’s ass and smells like a horse’s ass it, then it is horse’s ass
    – Octogenarians ruling the world is unnatural
    – Homo saps crowd the earth and take all the good parking spaces
    – Portland masker are obese, old and liberal, egged on by billboards

    * We can vaxx if we want to
    We can leave your friends behind
    ‘Cause your friends don’t vaxx and if they don’t vaxx
    Well, they’re no friends of mine

    We can mask if we want to
    If we don’t, nobody will
    And you can act real rude until we’re all screwed
    And I can act like an imbecile

    We can vaxx, we can vaxx
    Everything’s under control
    We can vaxx, we can vaxx
    Doing it from pole to pole
    We can vaxx, we can vaxx
    Everybody Clorox your hands
    We can vaxx, we can vaxx
    Everybody’s taking the chance
    Safety vaxx
    Oh well, the safety vaxx
    Ah yes, the safety vaxx


    MR: I hear you. AFAICS, there is not one online, quasi-people friendly “movement” that not gotten-to. My close and dear online -IA friend ‘ski will differ, of course.. “it’s you big stupid people’s fault!”

    at least it’s well paid


    I spent yesterday and today making 3 thick floating shelves for my daughter. First, I had to increase the vertical height of my drill press to drill the 1/2″ dowels holes in the 2″ x 10″ wide shelves. (The original drill press had previously been modified to drill large round metal plates for a homemade wind turbine, many years ago.) I re-modified the drill press again yesterday. Last night, I hand sanded the 1/2″ diameter wooden dowel’s diameter down so it would fit easier into drilled 1/2″ holes.

    Today I cut the 2″ x 10″ x 8″ pine board ($28) into three 26″ long shelves, drilled four 3″ deep dowel holes in the back of each shelf, then ripped 1-1/2″ off the back of each shelf to make the wall mounting boards, and cut twelve 3″ long dowels. I then carefully hand sanded all the shelf boards, mounting boards, and dowels.

    As darkness fell my daughter happily conditioned, then stained each shelf piece. Tomorrow the shelves receive their second coat of stain. After that dries, it is 3 coats of varnish with a light sanding between coats to ensure a nice smooth finish. Then Wednesday I have to leave the cottage and travel back to big bad Toronto to install the shelves in the bathroom above the toilet. The trickiess part will be finding the 2 x 4 studs behind the drywall to secure these fairly heavy shelves to.

    So what does this have to do with the TAE. Nothing! Except I, like John Day, am doing my own thing! The hell with the world!

    V. Arnold

    A week in with record deaths (100+) and cases (10,000++) every day; it’s apparent Thailand screwed the pooch on controlling the virus…
    Vaccinations are a disaster…
    Even if I wanted a jab, I couldn’t get one at this time…
    Hunkered down…so far so good…
    My wife is an amatuer Herbalist and keeps us well infused…
    We’re likewise fortunate we have no neighbors within 100 meters or more on all sides…


    WES: good stufff, and thank you. I work wood, too. It’s very satisfying- almost like it was intended to be that way.
    Right now the humidity is high here (65% RH) – and this means I can’t put the cross-struts on this piece of Spruce..

    confines of nature / damn, or otherwise



    V. Arnold: can you describe your firsthand, recent experince with the ultra-dealdly Covid-19™?

    I’m in California (central coast), and in around seventeen months I’ve seen no overt signs of a “pandemic”.

    “Madamski” is much better informed though; maybe it will eloquently weigh in


    V. Arnold:

    While you are waiting for your order of ivermectin, you can take zinc with aspirin. I think the aspirin helps a little bit in conveying the zinc into your cells, but not sure. Someone on TAE is doing this. (I think the aspirin helps with keeping blood thinner for heart and stroke prevention too.)

    Here in Canada I can’t get any ivermectin since Canadian customs seizes all ivermecrin orders. My doctor refuses to proscribed, having drank the kool-aid.

    I have been taking 250mg of quercetin with 25 mg of zinc (50 mg pill split in half) everyday (plus 5,000 vit D3-split 2,000 morning/3,000 evening, and 1,500 vit C). It is my understanding that the quercetin also helps convey the zinc into one’s cells just like ivermectin does. (I suspect ivermectin is the best at coveying zinc into one’s cells, plus other benefits, and you only have to take once a week or every two.)




    heh! check it out

    new naming..

    is it your friend


    ahh, explainers..

    Rourke was good about that.


    madamski cafone

    @ TAE summary:

    Your wonderful summaries always leave me with a gentle smile and a new thing or two learned by moi.

    We can mask if we want to
    If we don’t, nobody will
    And you can act real rude until we’re all screwed
    And I can act like an imbecile

    Your ability to condense while also turning over the fabric to reveal its previously hidden lining, is remarkable to me.

    V. Arnold

    @ Wes
    V. Arnold:

    While you are waiting for your order of ivermectin, you can take zinc with aspirin. I think the aspirin helps a little bit in conveying the zinc into your cells, but not sure. Someone on TAE is doing this. (I think the aspirin helps with keeping blood thinner for heart and stroke prevention too.)

    My daily regimen is: 5,000IU V-D3, 15mg. Zinc, 5,000 mg. (5 grams) V-C, and 975mg aspirin in the morning & 975mg. in the evening…that’s a total of 6, 375mg. tabs…
    Aspirin’s major benefit is as an anti-inflammatory.
    I don’t plan on using Ivermectin as a prophylactic, but rather as a remedy if I catch the virus…
    100 tabs is too little for my daily consumption; I may order more and could change my mind then…we’ll see…

    V. Arnold


    V. Arnold: can you describe your firsthand, recent experince with the ultra-dealdly Covid-19™?

    Hmm…no experience really…we’re in the boonies…just read the news and friends experiences.
    I don’t know anybody who has caught the Cv. Friends of friends have caught it and we hear hear about that.
    We’re extremely cautious about what we do and where we go.
    Sorry, but that’s about it…


    V. Arnold:

    Actually 100 tablets is enough for you and your wife to last almost a year! You only take one ivermectin tablet every 7 days or if every 14 days, then you have a 2 years supply!

    As far as the other stuff you have me beat! Question: Why 5,000 mg of vit C per day? Maybe I am low?


    to V. Arnold: thanks for your reply; it ‘s very helpful. Still searching for hints of the “pandemic” here, sixteen months on..

    V. Arnold

    As far as the other stuff you have me beat! Question: Why 5,000 mg of vit C per day? Maybe I am low?

    According to Dr. Pauling (the foremost researcher of Vit-C); he took 4 grams per day; every day and more if ill. He died at the age of 94 some years back…
    I’ve been taking 4 grams of Vit-C every day for decades…and more when sick with colds or flu.
    I have taken as much as 1 gram per hour for 8 hours when hit with a very nasty cold and had to go to work; in large doses Vit-C has an anti-histamine effect, so it dries up the sinuses quite nicely…
    Anyhoo, my anecdotal experiences and not a recommendation…


    Op Mockingbird
    Op Northwoods
    Seventeen Intelligence Agencies
    -IA control of most all [all?] websites

    My intimate friend apparently missed all this

    “so confyoozing”!


    Question: If I ask- for example! – ‘”which intelligence agency does my close friend “madamski”‘ work for- is that question-begging? All responses are welcome.

    V. Arnold

    I should add:
    Given covid is primarily a respiratory and cardiovascular disease; my regimen of C and aspirin is aimed squarely at that aspect…


    V. Arnold: Vit C and plenty, plenty of sun seem to be working well for me. Nature is wondrous..

    Techo-solutionism is not an answer.


    meta: this here site used to ger three or four or five comments per day, pre- “covid”.

    Mmm. Maybe eloquentski will explain it for us rubes..

    Me, I just look into the Cuyama Valley (you should too).


    ‘ski is clever: few, few would deny that.

    The Cuyama Valley is a subtly beautiful place, at least to me.


    “we did it to ourselves, ’cause we’re self-interested dumbasses” says our intimate , quasi-female ski-friend..

    it’s lying, lying, lying to you.

    evidence to the contrary is welcome.



    meta: this here site used to get three or four or five comments per day, pre- “covid”.

    I’ve been reading TAE since 2009. Back then there were often 100 comments per day and sometimes 200. Ilargi and Stoneleigh kept their IRL identities secret so things seemed shrouded in mystery. The financial world seemed on the edge of collapse. There were bitter rivalries, trolls and marriage proposals in the comment section. Those were heady days. TAE changed platforms around 2012 and the new platform was a lot less friendly and TAE lost a lot of its regular commenters like Gravity, El Gallinazo, GreenPa and Snuffy. It has taken a while to gain back the energy it had back then but I think it is getting closer.

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