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    Buzz Aldrin photographed by Neil Armstrong, who’s reflected in his visor     • The Ham of Fate (Fintan O’Toole) • Brexit, or Project Fear (L
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    Dr. D

    “the fate of a nation turning not on Churchillian resolution but on Johnsonian indecision.”

    Yes, except Churchill was NOT successful or resolved, and failed almost constantly until finally tapped with public support when middle-aged, and even then was messy with half the people not supporting him or the war. He was, however, persistent and believed in his vision, however opposed. This is why his famous quote is “Never, never, never give up”, because he was lambasted and roundly defeated for like half his career. …But of course everyone forgot, and forgot and denied they ever opposed the second great war.

    I’m not saying Johnson is Churchill – he probably isn’t, though nobody knows who the next Churchill will be as he hasn’t paid off the historians yet – but seen in that light, the parallel makes more sense, and the reporter makes a lot less sense, which is the usual for these smear pieces. “Nothing can happen, it’ll never get fixed, we all have to surrender, blah blah.”

    “Nothing wrong with leaving the EU, but everything wrong with how it’s been executed”

    As I predicted the day after, it had to be this way because they will never, never let you leave. Europe always made certain it would be a no-deal, with a yes-blame. But nobody wanted to man up and do that, although the hardship of transition would be over by now, and they’d be recovering already. I don’t know why everyone is so lacking in the obvious, making it worse and longer, but there you are. –Back here and everywhere, we’d be out of Depression of ‘08, and especially ‘01 if only they had stopped helping and took their medicine, but here we are, almost three generations destroyed: X, Y, and now Gen Z coming on. No marriage, no family formation, no kids, no houses, and no jobs. They should be so proud to have destroyed every child in their family, all grandkids too, grinding them into unending poverty for their 2nd investment home.

    Back to Brexit, if they just said, “this is how it’s going to be: rough, hard, and challenging, and we ruling class are going to pitch in and drop by a third because we’re united with you,” it would be over in an hour, pretty smoothly. They wont and can’t, history says. The upper crust always hates their own nation and its people.

    “The legality of the UK seizure of a tanker heading for Syria”

    The UK has moved beyond war crimes, fraud, theft of entrusted gold, and created open air slave markets, now into open piracy. Well, historically, that’s what they stand for, nothing’s changed. But they sure are bent out of shape when it’s done to them. Don’t want Iran to steal ships? Don’t steal Iran’s ships. Easy. …But no bites on starting WWIII as Israel, S.A., and the CIA would like.

    “Bolton Lured Britain”

    Ayfkm? Bolton??? Bolton’s fault? Yeah, poor little Britain, made of children and morons who just couldn’t know better against super-genius Bolton. Nobody knew he was a maniac! They were helpless! If so, please cede your country to the United States post haste, as you no longer deserve it. Our first act will be to enshrine “The Guardian” as your oppressor and overlord of lies. Otherwise shut up and kick Bolton in the pants every time he opens his mouth, and stop blaming us for your embarrassing piracy and open flaunting of all international laws.

    “Britain Mulls Sanctions In Response To Iran Tanker Seizure (R.)”

    This was similar to the article that Iran only seized the ship to push back on Trump’s sanctions, while the saintly EU was trying to keep peace and order. Uh, no, I’m pretty sure this is in direct response to BRITAIN, an EU member, pirating a ship and holding it hostage, as part of an ongoing and illegal war crime to embargo civilians from needed oil. But truth doesn’t matter: only power.

    “The government has repeatedly failed to invest in defence and security,”

    I totally agree: no matter what you have, if you have nothing, you can always get by with clear intel and clear thinking. It can win wars from nothing, ask the Irish. But I’d point out that they’ve TOTALLY invested in defense and security, and gutted the NHS to do it. The problem is, they’re both corrupt and stupid and invested in ships that sink and planes that were advertised for decades couldn’t fly, and also cost 20x what any plane should. “Life is hard, but it’s harder if you’re stupid.” – John Wayne. So they repeatedly failed to invest INTELLIGENTLY in defense and UNDERMINED all national security by marching around the planet bombing people and starting slave markets, when they could have invested wisely in real defense like Russia has, at 1/10th the cost. I take this to heart, as we have the same problem, only worse.

    “Twitter Blocks Accounts of Iranian State Media Outlets (AFP)”

    I don’t know what to say to this except to repeat they are complete serial liars who have not yet been imprisoned for perjury and false testimony at home — oh, and warrantless wiretapping. Iran hasn’t changed their attitude since Twitter was founded, the only change was the CIA called Jack on the phone, which shows they are therefore a representative of government and not a corporation, and therefore cannot limit speech.

    “Mueller Should Be Arrested for Conspiracy to Overthrow Trump (PCR)”

    I had not thought of this, but it’s legally correct: if Mueller has been told by a court he has no case, then his Report is also false and therefore a false federal statement, and perjury. The act of doing that could indeed be interpreted as sedition.

    “Are Libertarians the New Neocons? (Daniel McAdams) “

    No, because then you would not be Libertarian. A bunch of NeoCons HAVE revealed themselves as false agents and are kicked out though. Also: nice smear of Libertarians when the Democratic Party has every major candidate go all-war, all the time, and the media demand and promote it. The anti-war party (you know, the ones that started every major war in the 20th century) going all-war is much bigger news.

    But the media can’t report that. The poor innocent darlings never did any wrong against the big, bad man.


    Here is a quote that is close to the truth ….
    “…. illegal war crime to embargo civilians from needed oil. ….”
    The only thing missing is to name the country that will get that cheap oil.
    My guess is an enemy of Iran.
    ….. Israel …..



    The Ministery of Defence [MOD] has a healthy budget [I think it is 60 billion GBP]. Unfortunately the MOD seems to have a history of wasting their budget. [Eg. A ship can easily cost as much as 1,000 missiles which can sink that ship!]

    I would question the strategy of the MOD. It should be to defend the UK, but it seems to be more of a US auxiliary force! This would be okay if we could charge the US for ‘services rendered’ rather than have UK tax payers subsidising US military adventures. It is certainly not in a position to threaten Russia and China, as it has done verbally.

    BREXIT is going to affect the UK economy to a greater or lesser extent which implies government spending will be curtailed. The choice would be supporting the UK population or trying to be a threat to the world! Also BREXIT will mean the UK will be desperate for trading partners which will not be helped by a belligerent attitude.

    [PS. I was in favour of the UK keeping Gibralter as I felt it helped the local Spanish economy. Given recent events I am quite happy for Spain to take it back. Probably best after BREXIT when no-one but the UK will care.]


    This is quite the weekend. The Iranian Ambassador to the UK blames the Deep State for escalating tensions. The Steele Dossier that tried to derail Donald Trump’s Campaign and then led to the intelligence community coup attempt against the President was authored by the British. British Spooks reportedly were in country in the failed attempt to bring down Bashar al-Assad. The Salisbury England poisonings were used heat up the Cold War but the two accused Russians did not have time to travel across town to drop the wrapped poisoned perfume into the dumpster that killed the one woman fatality. Off of Gibraltar UK forces seized an Iranian tanker. A hard Brexit on Halloween appears certain unless there is another act of war by the UK or USA, which Iran will respond in kind. This will spiral into a world war. With the Generals gone from the White House, acting ideologues in charge, peace and prosperity has never been so far away.

    What is frightening is that the opposition political parties in the UK and USA have lost touch with reality.

    Mark Shields, Democrat pundit, on Friday’s NewsHour: “Donald Trump is presiding over the greatest economy, in employment terms, in the history of any American under the age of 68. You could say, 50 years ago, it was, you know, almost as good. We were at war then. This is a peacetime economy. It’s a remarkable thing.”

    The depth of the despair in Mid-America is invisible. The Washington Post documents that the US government enabled the Opioid Crisis to make money for manufacturers and distributors. The endless wars disappeared. They are now corporate profit centers. Multinational Corporations control Washington DC, London and the Media. Democracy died.

    The last time propaganda was so separated from reality like this was when the Soviet Union fell.

    John Day

    4 minutes of Tulsi Gabbard on Tucke Carlson being clearly against war on Iran, while standing in Puerto Rico in support of protesters robbed by endemic corruption, one of the hallmarks of the colonial model.

    Dr. D

    I read up on Churchill and retract my statements. Although his career was a mixed bag of crossing and double-crossing the specturm, you cannot argue he was unsuccessful or out of power. It was a dumb thing to say.

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