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    Pablo Picasso Dora Maar with green nails 1936   • What Mueller Was Trying to Hide (Strassel) • Barr And State AGs Discuss Big Tech Monopolies (ZH
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Dora Maar with green nails 1936
    An intriguing painting…

    Ah Lovelock at 100 yrs old; and still interesting and relevant.
    Truly a great mind…

    Hemp! A great example of the supidity of humans and their governments…

    Dr. D

    Anyone else actually believe Mueller is a poor babe in the woods who can’t remember nothin’?

    Among the things he forgot: Doesn’t know who FusionGPS is, never heard of Steele, forgot whether collusion and conspiracy are the same, doesn’t know what a prosecutor does, never heard of presumed innocent, forgot whether finding no charges and having no supported evidence means you do a prosecutorial referral, thinks that you gather state’s evidence by watching CNN and Fox News, can’t tell and won’t investigate whether witnesses work for us or the Kremlin, and claims the origins of the case, the initial evidence, as well as all other people’s Russian interference and contacts are outside his purview in investigating “Russian Election Interference.” Um, right. All I can say is, they should have got a career prosecutor or even former head of the FBI instead, because that guy might know actually some of these things. Oh wait.

    So, should we hire a special prosecutor to investigate Russian Interference? Because nobody’s looked at Mifsud, Uranium One, WJ Clinton’s half-million check from a sanctioned Russian bank, the DNC servers, the Steele Dossier, or has interviewed Assange. And that’s outside of Federal voter fraud in California primaries, hundred millions from (illegal) Saudi donations, the very strange results on the vote audit in Detroit, similar results elsewhere, and the 3M minimum votes tampered according to expert witnesses out of Google and Facebook’s bias. I dunno, you might find some tampering there.

    “If a developing country had just changed its entire government without an election, we’d be calling it a coup.”

    I’m sorry, is this not legal according to British rules? Does The Guardian not know this? Perhaps they should look into it, you know, have a reporter read a book on parliamentary process or something.

    “No matter that no one voted for a de facto Vote Leave government of s–ts and charlatans,”

    See above, pretty sure you all DID vote, both for the referendum and for your local MP. If not, what do you want me to say?

    “Taking Back Control is far too precious a virtue to be entrusted to the people.”

    Nailed it. Westminster wants anything –ANYTHING— except democracy where the people are primary and Ministers are accountable. Because that’s what they’ve had for 20, 30 years, and running roughshod, throwing the nation to the wolves, uncaring of anyone outside International London is so easy, so wealthy, and so good. People voting, real democracy, will ruin all that. The other name for democracy where the people vote and their will prevails is “populism” and it’s according to The Guardian, it’s evil. Perhaps the greatest danger and evil on earth that the people would, or even could, dare have a voice in their own lives and countries.

    Oddly, I was really surprised and heartened by BoJo, who gave a really nice speech. “It’s going to be rough, but we can do this, we’re a great country, we can and will get through with hard work, we’re planning great things, we’re all Britons with great British values who will leave none behind”, and so on. Not just platitudes either, but both action, with Cabinet shake ups, and with specific, measurable plans, such as rail, NHS, and tech. It’s plausible, possible, and necessary. He can get that support, and is a good place to start. So, best of luck. His opponents? “Britain is a horrible, racist country, it’s not our fault, but nothing can be fixed and we’re all going to die so might as well give up.” Not the winning message or way to wrest back control, even from such milquetoast as BoJo. So I disagree with Guardian on who the court clown is.

    “The Tyranny of the Police State Disguised as Law-and-Order (Whitehead)”

    Sure, but if the U.S. military withdraws, the U.S. reserve currency collapses in minutes, and the stock market minutes after. Are you ready and willing to do that? Is anyone? What do you think will happen if we create a world-wide military vacuum?

    “These presidential powers—acquired through the use of executive orders, decrees, memorandums, proclamations, national security directives and legislative signing statements and which can be activated by any sitting president—enable past, president and future presidents to operate above the law and beyond the reach of the Constitution.”

    Complete garbage. First, Congress can take back this power that is theirs in 30 seconds. They just defund the President and go golfing until he surrenders in ignomy. But they’re coward-weasels and they won’t, because they don’t want the responsibility of power, only the perks. But it IS IS IS theirs. Second, NOTHING IS ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION. Why? Because the Constitution is the PEOPLE. If they say they’ve had it and are going to enforce Natural Law and exercise their Natural Rights of man, the government is helpless. Not only is it universally true that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” but we have a 2nd Amendment that insures the people are better armed and more powerful than the government militarily as well. And despite a lot of uninformed talk to the contrary, the military war-games which are constantly run against the American People show that the people beat the government in open warfare every time. Just like they got creamed by small arms in Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, and F-stan.

    So despite this guy’s unflinching surrender, the President is neither above congress NOR the Constitution, nor ever will be. But if you abdicate all your rights and duties, sure, the President will borrow them from you and pat you on the head like a dummy, but that’s not HIS fault: it’s yours, Mr. Whitehead.

    What is it with people always surrendering lately? No wonder these coastal schmarty-guyz are about to get run over: they’re about as useful as a paper hat in a thunderstorm. Two JV girls from Omaha could kick their lazy @sses; in drinking, shooting, fistfights, and volleyball. History is not kind to ever-surrendering milksops. “Fortuna audaces iuvat”

    “[Florida will] consider an investigation but that he has yet to decide how the state should respond.”

    Speaking of spineless milksops: here a state that has no trouble jailing or even shooting citizens without any evidence at all, but is simply helpless and can’t figure out what to do about actual crimes and malfeasance. Um, investigate and arrest them?

    “Hemp grows to 13 feet in 100 days, making it one of the fastest carbon dioxide-to-biomass conversion tools available.”

    Not sure where they’re headed here, but again know nothing about carbon, science, or farming. Okay, great, the hemp has sequestered carbon. Now what? Unless you bury it in a salt mine, it will rot and release it again. Meanwhile, a tree won’t die and release that carbon for 100 years — which is still a few centuries too short for anyone with a calculator, but at least the error is not infantile.

    Other basic errors? “Hemp can also help save our shrinking forests by eliminating the need to clear-cut them for paper pulp.”

    Great! However, what do you think happens next? Yes, the forests carefully grow back to create the next supply for the very expensive, immovable paper mill…Just like the hemp. (only slower)

    “A biofuel-based infrastructure would create a completely decentralized power grid”

    Really? Because sunlight only hits the earth at 1,000 W/m2, whether you harvest it 4x a year, or once every 40 years. That means it’s energetically equivalent to burning firewood. …And I don’t think you want all international electric plants running on firewood, nor have you done 60 seconds of math on the subject.

    She does — however accidentally — mention that hemp could replace plastics feedstock and break down in the oceans. Although it would release 100% of its carbon, it would preserve 100% of the petroleum not pumped for plastics use, so that might be a benefit. I wonder who is going to tell her that we will then have to cut our food production 30% as the fields are re-allocated. Shhh. Don’t ruin her pretty, pretty dreams. Just don’t let her anywhere near the decision-making process or she’ll kill 100M people with her Schmarty-shmartz Progressive well-meaning, just like the Holodomir and the New Green Deal.


    Tulsi Gabbard

    I hope she wins her lawsuit.

    It does seem that the actions of Google required ‘human intervention’, i.e. not a computer glitch, so it appears deliberate and personal.

    I am surprised there have not been many more lawsuits – I would have thought Trump could easily get a billion dollars for all the thousands of libelous articles about him.

    If she wins perhaps it will start a trend.


    • Tulsi Gabbard Sues Google For Campaign “Interference” (ZH)

    If my memory serves me right,
    Obama was the first to successfully use social media and get elected.
    Trump was the next big winner.
    Now, I find that everyone can use social media to fabricate fake news to try to destroy their opponents.
    For 2020, Social media will be full of interference by friendly, (Israel), and other interested parties trying to get “their wo/man” elected.

    Influence peddling starts before your wo/man gets on the ballot.
    It will be impossible for the voters to find a candidate that is free and independent.
    • The Tyranny of the Police State Disguised as Law-and-Order (Whitehead)

    Maybe social media will find a way to get on the side of the voters to save themselves from the police state.
    • In Roundup Case, US Judge Cuts $2 Billion Verdict To $86 Million (R.)

    Let’s follow the money …. who gets to pay all of these big fines imposed by the courts and gov.?

    Just like tarifs …. who gets to pay …. who can increase the price of their products that they sell to you

    All companies can increase the cost of their products to pay for their advertising on social media

    • Boeing Targets October, FAA Official Says No Timeline For 737 MAX (R.)

    The 737 can be used TO TRANSPORT freight on autopilot.
    • The Cheapest Way to Save the Planet Grows Like a Weed (Brown)

    Brother? Can you spare a nickel? My fridge box has collapsed and needs renewing.

    “How the Mueller people -and the Senate, let’s not forget them- kept Russiagate alive all that time”

    My opinion
    Julian Assange could have ended the Russiagate by giving proof. He could have proven who is telling the truth.


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