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    @John Day: “We are engaging more deeply. It’s work that seems worth doing, … now.”

    Agreed. 100%

    I can’t say as I dislike anyone who posts here. How does one dislike a person they’ve never met based on some comments made on a relatively narrow field of topics? People have many facets and it can take a long time to get to know more than just a slice of a person. John Day is probably the person on here that we *know* most fully, although WES shares of himself freely as well. 🙂

    I’ve clashed with Veracious a couple times, but his willingness to share deeply personal experiences is admirable and much appreciated. How could I dislike that?

    I’ve clashed with Dr D at times as well, but I get a lot from his rants since they’re thought provoking and often humorous. How could I dislike that?

    madam/bosco: I knew Madam wasn’t a male. She spent too much time pointing out she was female. We actual females don’t do that because we already know we are female and don’t care if others know it or not. I’m offering this as what I hope will be taken as helpful feedback since you’re writing a book. “Show don’t tell” as they say. 😉


    Whoops!! @Madam: I knew madam wasn’t a FEMALE. Jeepers. Sloppy sloppy sloppy.


    I firmly maintain that the data from the Plandemic is being collected in detail but NOT shared either with the public or medical journals or even with the Presstitutes.

    The surveillance infrastructure to collect this kind of data has been building for years, just read Assange or Snowden.

    Utility bills, grocery bills even your music tastes on Pandora or Spotify.

    All of it, tracked in excruciating detail.

    The fact that it seems hard to get ‘good’ numbers from VAERS or whatever doesn’t mean it’s not being collected and stored 24/7.

    So assuming that the Real Plandemic Data is being noted, sorted and analyzed and is very valuable for the Overlord Overview POV, let’s spitball a bit and pretend that the Drug Overlords actually want and actually did plan for control groups

    Control groups reveal a lot about any experiment, even a global one like the Covid Plandemic.

    Control groups could be numerous things but the first is a group who thinks they got The Full Monty but in fact got nothingburger ‘saline’ shots.

    You want fancier?

    How about a control group with a 1/2 dose, a 1/4 dose or 2X or 3X times the ‘normal’ dose.

    How about one police force and fire dept with a full, and another one with saline.

    See how they perform their jobs.

    One hospital staff with, one without etc…….

    A with and without in Air Traffic Control, or pilots or even better military pilots.

    The mind races.

    And as an aside, almost twice as many Democrats as Republicans got fully ‘vaccinated’.

    There’s a political control group experiment going on too.



    Mr. House

    “And as an aside, almost twice as many Democrats as Republicans got fully ‘vaccinated’.”

    Actually that is something that’s been on my mind lately. How did you come up with that number? I’d actually be interested to find out with regards to VAERS and deaths and other info on those people.


    DuckDuck “percentage of democrats vs Republician vaccinated”

    A plethora of hits will ensue. Average them out. Roughly 2 to 1

    Mr. House

    Just about everyone i know who has been jabbed votes D and all haven’t had a single issue. Only person i know who Votes R that was jabbed had serious flu like symptoms for a few days.


    Also remember, the credit for and origin of the ‘vaccine’ came under Trump.

    Biden had nothing to do with the development or roll out, he just mumbled, waved his hands around and rubber stamped the Trump ‘vaccine’ agenda.

    Old White Joe wouldn’t know the vaccine from Valvoline.

    So if the Jab-apocalypse materializes later this year and mRNA Satan Spike Proteins kill a large swath of ‘vaccinated’ Democrats, the Presstitutes will blame Trump!

    How ironic is that.

    John Day

    @Mr. House: I read the Lock Step article from March 2020. Much of it holds up decently to events since then, but it missed pretty big on the plandemic petering out quickly.


    You could also create a control (with vs without jab) based on ZIP CODES.

    Zip Codes are even more interesting parameters than counties.

    Zip Codes really separate the wheat from the chaff

    Mr. House


    Yes that also raised an eyebrow when i read it. But then again, did any of us expect that this would still be going on over a year later? Most of us were just trying to sort thru the data and try to make sense of what we were being told.

    Michael Reid

    @ Mr. House

    The clot shot cull seems well timed as a means to implement what economists call demand destruction on a large scale, as large as possible, having the effect of giving survivors — particularly those who actively reject the injections, since they still have survival instincts and facility for rational thought, problem solving and real leadership — a better fighting chance to surmount the greater hardship to come

    This corresponds to my view at the moment and working hard to establish my place for survival

    John Day

    Here is a statistical analysis of the flag for adverse vaccine events, which is used by the VAERS/CDC. It appears to completely bury, rather that flag-for-attention vaccine adverse events.
    Go figure, eh?

    “If my understanding of this situation is correct, the mass vaccination program should be immediately halted until the safety data is gathered, cleaned, and examined. We cannot tolerate a misleading statement of “vaccines are safe and effective” in the face of regulatory agencies defining away the responsibility of performing the risk analysis needed to verify safety. The CDC leadership should be immediately replaced and investigated, and independent analysts should reformulate the task of tracking vaccine safety results.”

    Mr. House

    @Michael Reid

    Well with almost half the pop fully jabbed that deagel forecast population reduction in the US makes more sense. If that is the plan, whatever the plan is, based on the stats the drive to force this on everyone makes no sense.

    Mr. House


    Very interesting article, wonder if they’re not updating as some form of damage control now? Agree with this 110%

    “At some point, when the potential for conflicts of interest are high and the point of failure is fundamental to the task of those doing the job, incompetence should no longer be differentiated from criminal intent.”

    John Day

    Thanks Upstate NYer. If I knew you were a girl, I forgot. I like you even better, ’cause like Robin Morrison I feel pretty groovy around girls.


    I think I heard Dr Fleming say the other day that a VAERS report needs a specific ‘code’ for a specific medical event, i.e. measles has it’s own code, flu, diphtheria etc….

    There is no code on VAERS for the current crop of ‘vaccines’, so any ‘adverse effect’ from them cannot be reported.

    I would say that’s pretty clear evidence of tampering with the reporting system.

    Almost like rigging an election.



    Amazing how the censorship has become so blatantly Orwellian.

    I guess most ‘adults’ alive today never read Orwell in their dumbdown idiocracy school years.

    Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger Tells Tucker Carlson He Is ‘Embarrassed’ by Site He Created

    Larry Sanger

    Interest how Wikibiaspedia ‘remove’ Dr Malone as discoverer of RNA transfection and mRNA vaccines.

    Does this mean they could remove Einstein as the source of the Special Relativity?

    Wikibiaspedia can now ‘cancel’ anyone as the inventor of anything.

    Total Control like a Super Hero!

    Inventor of mRNA technology removed from Wikipedia after he warned against taking COVID jabs

    “Information about the inventor of the mRNA technology used in certain COVID-19 vaccines was removed from the online encyclopedia site Wikipedia after he publicly warned against giving the experimental gene therapy vaccines to young people and that there was insufficient information about the injections to give informed consent.

    Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., M.S., discovered RNA transfection and, while he was at the Salk Institute in San Diego in 1988, invented mRNA vaccines. His research was continued the next year at Vical, and between 1988 and 1989, Malone wrote the patent disclosures for mRNA vaccines….”


    @John Day: yeah, I’m a girl. 😉 Glad that makes you feel pretty groovy. lol.

    Hey … I visit your blog and would comment there, but to do so it tells me to login through google (I have a junk gmail account I use for junk emails). I’d be happy to login through gmail if my personal info isn’t published, but I can’t tell? Let me know how it works and I’ll ping you on your blog.


    @Oros: “I firmly maintain that the data from the Plandemic is being collected in detail …”

    They certainly may be collecting detailed data, but I firmly maintain they are not capable of collating, evaluating, and reaching conclusions from said data that can accurately inform their future decisions and actions. They are simply too stupid and incompetent. And, no, madamski did not tell me to say that. 😉

    Good golly, look at the abject stupidity and incompetence at all levels of government, the obvious mental illness projected by Gates, et al, and … sorry, but this Schwab guy? Seriously??

    They CANNOT win this. They are too dumb and have far too much hubris. Yes, they have money and power, but that is not what wins in the end.

    Stay resilient, stay strong, hold the line. (that last bit was in support of those of us who are unemployed or will be unemployed in the near future due to the vaxx)

    You guys, they’re too dumb. The stress right now is unreal, but don’t buy into the “all powerful” narrative. It ain’t all that. We got this. Trust me.


    I’ve only read Karl D for a short while and likely won’t for much longer, but he posted one comment I’m sharing here because I believe it’s important …

    “Contrary to popular belief and political spin you have all the power, all the time and there’s not jack and **** that can be done about it if even a tiny percentage of the population simply stands up and says “NO!”

    Well, yeah … that. That’s what I’m trying to say. Money + [perceived] power = 0


    Let see if I got this right.

    In the USA, Most people who have certain conditions will get covid and die more than other people.

    Some of those conditions are old age, obese, overweight, diabetic, heart condition, blood clots poor immune system. etc. (over 60% of people have conditions)

    People with those conditions will also get “vaccine breakthrough” and die more than other grouping of people.

    In many places those that have been vaccinated is over 60%
    In most age grouping those that have been vaccinated is over 60%

    Therefore, herd immunity will be reached AFTER 60% of the people have died

    A 80+ year old friend just told me that his 55 year old son died, unexpectedly, in hospital, of a heart attack.
    I did not ask if his son had his 2 vaccines. I suspect that he had the vaccine due to the kind of work that he did.


    Are we falling into the same trap as the true believers by buying into the mass die off thing? I think it should always be kept in mind that in our collective mythical western psych very often we think of the future as either utopia or apocalypse. I’m starting to worry the VDB might be a mole. If there are people out there yelling everyone is going to die, and then it doesn’t happen, it will discredit more than just the die off narrative. I just think that the unpredictable nature of fiddling with complex systems means that even if the shots were meant to do large scale damage they will behave in unexpected ways, just as if they were meant to be beneficial.

    Is it just a case of collective insanity? Another feature of our myth is that we ride to the rescue of our issues with a new technological invention. Orlov made a funny point about how when the US went into space they spent a heap of money inventing pens that could operate in zero gravity, while the Russians just took pencils. The narrative about renewable energy tech is of the same bent. I dunno. No doubt there could be a plan afoot but what would a history looking back 500 years in the future say of this time?


    @russel: “I’m starting to worry the VDB might be a mole.”

    Sorry, long day. What does VDB stand for?


    Here is what surprises me. We seem to be hearing nothing from the life insurance companies about the surge in break through deaths due to the vaccines. Maybe the insurance companies are being secretly compensated by the government? Maybe they have been told to keep their mouths shut? Things just can not be business as usual for the insurance companies. Especially on the long term disabilities side.

    madamski cafone

    “I’m offering this as what I hope will be taken as helpful feedback since you’re writing a book. “Show don’t tell” as they say.”

    It was fun, but I’d make an unconvincing drag queen.

    Ms. Jones


    Lord help us all.

    This too, is me in drag, but of opposite polarity.


    Thanx for all the love, y’allz.

    I’ll drop in if I find something worth sharing about TEOTWAWKI, otherwise, I think I’ll dress in lurker drag for awhile.

    madamski cafone

    “What does VDB stand for?”

    Van Den Bossche?


    Lets see if I got this other thing right

    “Pandemic of the unvacinated”

    Survivors of covid are going to have natural immunity and be part of the “herd immunity” survivors.

    Vaccinate people will get “breakthrough covid”.

    Veracious Poet

    Today’s Pravda from the comrades at KTLA:

    COVID-19 cases and deaths increased after states ended eviction bans: UCLA-led study

    California State University to require COVID vaccinations for students, faculty, staff on campus this fall

    Gotta keep pumping the fear pron to keep the sheep jumping those hoops…

    The assumption that our “owners” (per Carlin, George) realize that “we” are going over the Seneca’s Cliff of cheap-energy-good-ores-and-aquifers, and are frantic to have at least half of us die pretty quick really simplifies the interpretation of events.

    I have been a fellow traveler with many sections of Americana during my life, towards the end I was immersed with the “owners”, aka power elite, who I call the amerikan aristocracy…

    My working experiences with the tittle-tattle thyestean media, the rapacious rich, the hivemind central party bureaucrats & the erroneously empowered aparachtiks enlightened me to certain truths about the “owners”, their vassals & “enforcers”:

    For the most part, they are a tribal clique of selfish EGO based children seeking power over others + an obsession with looting society-at-large to feed a ravenous selfishness, coupled with an underlying terror of being exposed as the defective frauds they are, full of skulduggery & duplicity…

    They all despise the “little people”, who they would vote to cull if given the chance, indeed most just want to see it all burn, excluding of course their beloved fiefdoms of “special people”.

    IF the majority of adults in the USofA actually knew these people on a personal basis, there would be a revulsion of epic proportions, no doubt, but alas We the Sheeple are to busy with crippling character defects & petty endeavors to even imagine the betrayal of their “betters”…

    What’s happening was scripted decades ago (Operation Lock Step, etc.).

    Back when I was active in the patriot movement I received a couple of an Army civilian inmate work camp proposal/plan that 1992-1993 CONgress had requested that became what is now known as FEMA camps (I googled for it, but of course there was no trace) ~ this is the closest I could find (Although there was a part in the original plan about rounding up civilians during an “emergency” & forcing them into bivouacs for .gov purposes):

    Indeed, the “owners” have been pushing the tyranny envelope for quite awhile now (MK Ultra, CIA LSD experiments on unsuspecting civilians, irradiating communities without warning or announcement & now forcing killswitch immunizations, massive transfers of national treasury funds, et al.), I’m actually surprised that it’s not really BAD yet, let’s hope & pray that enough awaken frm their self-induced trances to realize there’s a game afoot 😉

    absolute galore

    I agree wholeheartedly with UpstateNYer. Nobody is switching vials or giving saline or taking notes. Switching the drug based on zip codes? Right–in the first months people were driving 4 counties over to get jabbed.

    A vast, coordinated plandemic is not within the capabilities of a single country’s government, never mind a globally orchestrated depopulation. The only thing speculation like that does is taint all the real reasons that vaccinations should not be forced.

    It’s all about the stupidity, incompetence, greed, cowardice, fecklessness, immorality, and bad breath of the various crats– bureaucrats, plutocrats, aristocrats technocrats, autocrats, democrats–the CratRat Pack.

    Here are a few opinion pieces from The Hill. The overarching theme is the blatant contradictions from paragraph to paragraph. It seems laughable, the religious zealotry being portrayed as science. But the anti anti-vaxxers vitriol is increasing at an alarming rate.

    This one makes the most “sense” but it’s an extremely low bar (and of course it’s pro-vax):
    Want to improve vaccine rates? Ask for this endorsement
    Save the kids! By doing stuff proven to do nothing! Which I mostly admit in this ridiculous opinion piece I’ve written!
    Masks and vaccines: What would you do to save a child?
    Here’s the scary one:
    It’s time we had ‘safe havens’ for vaccinated Americans

    If you are really down the conspiracy hole, you will tell yourself that this illogic is meant to confuse us and make us insane, and “these people” are actually super smart and know exactly what they are doing. Be my guest. I vote simple: stupid.

    But there is an underlying dynamic. The need for the technocracy to exert more and more control becomes greater as energy inputs start to decline. It’s happening at mostly an unconscious level right now. Or, if you follow D. Orlov, the technosphere itself is an organism of sorts.


    Madamski and upstate yeah van den bossche. I dunno I understand his argument but I think it’s risky to push it too hard in case it backfires and it all fizzles out, they change the test and covid miraculously disappears and the ‘Vaccines saved the day’ narrative is pumped endlessly opening the door for more and more experimental shots for different maladies.



    Catherine Austin Fitts made an interesting comment the other day about the Fed and the Treasury having the ability now to print seemly unlimited amounts of ‘money’.

    She said that at least in the short to mid term, they could buy off almost Anybody.

    Just the Pentagon alone has a 7 Trillion dollars+ of unaccountedfor funds.

    That could buy off a lot of judges, and researchers, and politicians and media producers and teachers and professors and doctors and economists, etc……

    Use your imagination about who would take the money and shut their mouths about the Plandemic.

    90% of the population? 95%? 99%?

    A very small number of people are challenging the Plandemic.

    Most will have their careers destroyed or canceled or marginalized.

    Look at someone like Dr. Peter McCullough. Incredible credentials and still cut off major media platforms.

    No amount of experience or expertise or credentials seems to matter.

    The media is bought off.
    The politicians are bought off.
    The medical establishment is bought off.
    The courts are bought off.
    The military is bought off.
    The insurance companies are bought off.
    The police are bought off.
    The Tech platforms are bought off.

    People like Reiner Fuellmich and Dr David Martin can speak up because they are financially secure. Most people aren’t, and many live pay check to pay check and can’t rock the boat, they have families to consider.

    If the financial system or the dollar collapses, well then maybe there won’t be any ‘money’ with which to Buy Off everyone.

    But a financial system or the dollar collapse will be a nightmare all it’s own.

    Revolutions are started by the professional class that is denied entry into the upper echelons of the societal power structure, NOT by the poor or working class or middle class.

    Robespierre was a lawyer and his fellow travelers were highly educated ambitious social climbers.

    Their aspirations were dashed by the Over Lords and they acted like jilted lovers towards the aristocrats.

    Reiner Fuellmich and Dr David Martin don’t have any traction in court yet but short of armed insurrection, the courts are the last hope.

    Do you want things to get so bad that you need a Napoleon to straighten it out?

    How are you going to bring these monsters to bay?

    As we said as children in the schoolyard, “you and whose army are going to make them stop?”


    @Veracious: thank you for more insights. About this: “I’m actually surprised that it’s not really BAD yet, let’s hope & pray that enough awaken frm their self-induced trances to realize there’s a game afoot”

    A lot of us didn’t fully or even partially enter the trance. We are here and will continue to be here. Ya shoulda spent more time with us instead of the power-mad a-holes. 😉

    @russell: VDB = Van den Bossche. Thank you for the clarification. Doesn’t matter which *side* the rabbit is on or what hole it goes down. VDB may have a valid argument, he may not. Doesn’t make sense to get wrapped up in one person’s soap box pitch. Time will tell.

    @absolute: “If you are really down the conspiracy hole, you will tell yourself that this illogic is meant to confuse us and make us insane, and “these people” are actually super smart and know exactly what they are doing. Be my guest. I vote simple: stupid.”

    Errr … yup.



    I’m not saying the Overlords are ‘all powerful’.

    Look at history, many ‘all powerful’ looking political Cults fell quite quickly.

    After they caused unspeakable damage to their people.

    No one wins forever.

    Sure these monsters shall fall….someday….after doing enormous damage..someday……………………..

    They don’t have to be ‘all knowing’ to hold on to power for a long time and do frightening amount of terror.

    Or at least as long as the money flows their way.

    They rigged an election and installed a demented sock puppet in your face

    That’s not resolved.

    All the courts including the Supremes blew it off and refused to hear it.

    I guess they were smart enough to pull that off.

    And RussiaRussiaRussia

    And lock up Assange

    And buy off the entire media apparatus of the entire country.

    They’re not that stupid.

    Look what they’ve already done.

    And they’re just warming up.


    @ orboros good points but I think the comp is off. Revolutions happen in periods of growth which is certainly not what we are in. A better comp for us is the decline of the Roman Empire or the Soviet Union. Basically the elite get more and more removed from reality that they end up in an delusional enclave while everyone else moves on and gets down to the work of surviving or they join up with barbarians or get killed in sporadic outbursts of violence. The salaried class of today are the delusional elite and as you say they are easily bought off but there is less and less of them every day. As the system jettisons them they get more and more hysterical and will bend over backwards to maintain membership in the group (see covid shots). Look at india to get a better grasp of the actual global outlook. An ancient country and culture just looked at covid and shrugged it off its gigantic shoulders. Same with a lot of Asian countries because they are big and poor they don’t care as much. I remember being blown away in Vietnam by the level of self sufficiency and ingenuity of the average person and was embarrassed at how hopeless we are in the west.


    madamski’s comment reminded me of what Moe Sizlack thought of Homer:
    “I’m more of a well-wisher. Meaning that I don’t wish you any specific harm.”



    I agree about the salaried class being thrown under the bus now at increasing speed. I can’t remember the term but it’s something like ‘a surplus of elites’. The children of one generation of ‘elites’ who all went to the ‘right elite schools’ and rubbed butts & noses with the ‘right connect class’ assumed they too would slide into posh low stress careers and kick back for their entitled rewards.

    When that particular murder of crows don’t get their destiny on a silver tray, they lose their shite.

    The old Western tradition gives everything to the oldest son so fortunes can accumulate and financial mojo isn’t diluted between siblings.

    Siblings in that system don’t have inflated expectations of excess privilege.

    Interestingly Islam divides inheritance equally between siblings as a moral imperative.

    The modern want-ta-bes didn’t get daddy and mommy to give everything to the eldest child so the divided inheritance produces ‘a surplus of elites’ who need privileged careers.

    An angry spoiled, enraged surplus of elites they are.

    And in a blind rage they will drive the bus off the cliff.



    I went to a public school that believed even the ‘smart kids’ destined for the white collars Ivy league track still had to take shop class and learn how to use a saw, build a bird house and change a tire and spark plugs on a car.

    Today most kids don’t know which end of a paint brush to pick up! ;>)


    @russell: thank you. You did WAY better with your response to @oros than I could have. 🙂

    About this part of the oros post, “Just the Pentagon alone has a 7 Trillion dollars+ of unaccounted for funds … That could buy off a lot of judges, and researchers, and politicians and media producers and teachers and professors and doctors and economists, etc……”

    This has gotten so ludicrous and so far beyond believable it doesn’t merit a made-for-TV Sunday afternoon movie. “Money” (the proxy for wealth) has ceased to exist in any form that we can recognize in the real world. It’s a bunch of 1s and 0s on a computer screen. Doesn’t matter whether it’s dollars, yuan, yen, bitcoin, whatever. It doesn’t mean anything.

    We can buy into the 1s and 0s or we can choose to think and live along a different path.

    And as far as oros saying … “they’re just warming up”

    No, they’re failing. That’s why it’s gotten as bad as it has. Will we all make it? No. I’m working on fighting for my young family members now. Best I can do.

    John Day

    @Veracious Poet: Sorry for the misspelling, Sir or Madam. It was based upon repetitive word mis-recognition, speed-misreading. Also thanks for insights into fellow-traveling in private-jet-class.

    @Upstate NYer: Gawrsh, Ma’am…

    Madamski: It was nice to see Joe Namath and Flip Wilson/ “Geraldine” again 🙂

    @Russelnblbs: I agree with not falling for either optimistic or doomsday I-don’t-have-to-do-anythingism.
    This is different, as I see it. Sussing out the mass-culling plans of our “owners” has gotta’ be a good thing going forward, and I’m all about taking what initiative I can today, to beta test my concepts about growing vegetables and being useful to others. I’ve got bicycling down pretty well.


    Also, @russell: “The salaried class of today are the delusional elite and as you say they are easily bought off but there is less and less of them every day.”

    Yup. Along the lines of the comment I posted earlier today. The collapse is happening, moving ever inward. More and more parts of the population are engulfed. What’s that saying I remember from church services as a child? Oh, right … “as it was and ever shall be, world without end.” 😉

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