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    Mostly layers of onions that insist we trust the incompetence- Q in reverse.
    No worries. It’s just incompetence.


    @John Day: you’re doing a fine job through this mess. Providing non-approved medical treatment to save lives, sharing info with others, growing veggies to feed yourselves and others. The rest of us are still working on it. 😉


    Yeah agree orboros it all comes back to the retraction of growth and the psychological shock that is causing those who were true believers in the religion. Buying into the whole narrative, wearing the mask, getting the shot is just another way for the salaried class to virtue signal their membership and to look down on us dirty deplorables same old story blah blah. Everyone I know who rejects the covid narrative outright is either self employed or low down the pay grade, or so rich that they don’t work. The firmest believers are those high up large institutions like healthcare or education. Makes sense. Of course they aren’t thinking straight because their income depends on not doing so.


    The religion of Progress, especially high tech progress, is a cult.

    The lack of faith in the spiritual aspects of the world has been replaced by a faith in Progress underpinned by ‘Science’.

    My father, a man trained and practiced in science his whole life had a small quote on his desk when I cleaned it out after he died.

    The quote has been attributed to so many different people I don’t know who to believe wrote it but it rings true regardless.

    “Life is not a problem to be solved but a Mystery to be Lived”

    Veracious Poet

    A lot of us didn’t fully or even partially enter the trance. We are here and will continue to be here. Ya shoulda spent more time with us instead of the power-mad a-holes.

    You really think A lot of us didn’t fully or even partially enter the trance?!?

    Because that’s certainly much different than my anecdotal experience on the ground, where I purposely canvassed a LOT of people about the founding facts concerning the USofA, & most didn’t have a clue, nor did MOST want one…

    Revolutions happen in periods of growth which is certainly not what we are in.

    Who taught you that? Some CRT professor?

    Because that’s FAR from what happened in the American (Colonists taxed to pay for 7 years war), French (Let them eat cake!) & Russian (workers starving) revolts, just off the top of my head 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)
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