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    Andy Warhol Judy Garland 1978   • Experts Say Expecting Kiev To Win Is Definition Of ‘Insanity’ – USA Today (RT) • Why is Ukraine’s ‘New Offensiv
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    The Covid/Crypto Connection: The Grim Saga of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried

    The Covid/Crypto Connection: The Grim Saga of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried

    “Among them included the pandemic-planning racket. That’s right: there were deep connections between FTX and Covid that have been cultivated for two years. Let’s have a look……

    It was just the start. A soft-peddling Washington Post investigation found that Sam and his brother Gabe, who ran a hastily founded Covid nonprofit, “have spent at least $70 million since October 2021 on research projects, campaign donations and other initiatives intended to improve biosecurity and prevent the next pandemic.”

    quote from the Washington Post:

    The shock waves from FTX’s free fall have rippled across the public health world, where numerous leaders in pandemic-preparedness had received funds from FTX funders or were seeking donations.

    Blood drinking Satanic War Criminal Vegans





    Doug MacGregor

    “Ukraine has roughly 10 brigades left, Russia will obliterate those forces in no time.”

    AFU Column Gets Blown Away By ATGM Fire

    Every armored vehicle of this advance gets methodically blown away. What were the Ukronazis thinking as they sat there and watched helplessly as all the vehicles around them were being destroyed by Russian fire?

    Armenio Pereira


    “‘Your blood thickens and then clots’: what extreme heat can do to your body”

    You see, afktt is not the only loony, his financiers – tell us afktt, how much do you get paid – are now linking Covid to climate change. afktt was against Covid – the gaining of street cred – but now he is and his fellow loonatic mates are linking Covid and climate change. What does it take, in terms of child abuse, to turn a person into afktt? Abuse is nothing to afktt, he is trying to kil us all, abuse is nothing compare to afktt’s plan.


    Andy Wahol is still a talentless leach. His art tells us everything we need to know about pricing in the USA. If it is cool if is expensive, regardless of whether it is quality worth buying. Trend is everything, follow the crowd because the crowd has money.

    Dr. D

    Whole site has gone wonk. 17 comments, only same 6 are visible. 28thJuly posted and visible, refresh now missing. Page to three for comments, vanished, now only two pages. And so on. Thankfully didn’t notice most with an adblocker that worked. To me, the caching problem is catching.

    “McCarthy Says 783rd Impeachable Offense by Biden Will Be the Last Straw”
    At publishing time, Republicans confirmed they will soon retaliate against the Bidens by dragging cabinet members before a committee so Jim Jordan can angrily furrow his brow at them.” – Bbee

    Pretty typical for Republicans.

    “Poland has indicated they are going to enter Ukraine regardless of what the NATO alliance says.”

    Excellent. NATO will not Article 5 and Poland, and NATO, will be dead. They’re going to trade Paris for Przemysl? Puh-lease. As proven, they already couldn’t if they tried. Paris has nothing to send.

    “170 suspicious activity reports with the Treasury, accusing him of money laundering and human trafficking”

    Damn it’s good to be a gangsta. Human trafficking: my favorite! Core Democratic value. 5 out of 5: always support! Make America Great for Sex Slavery Again. No Piece = No Justice.

    “expecting it to defeat Russia is “strategic insanity” for Washington and other NATO members”

    And always was as Russia is 10x their size with nukes and a 0 mile supply chain. News here is USA Today is reporting it. Fast. And that means – although the word is almost never true, never ever whenever used – is “Panic”. Events are happening too fast even for the lies to keep up. But USA Today specializes in that thing, so…

    “Thursday, hints at a shifting narrative for Western media outlets,” Huh. No kidding.

    “Georgetown University professor Sean McFate, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council” Reverse fast. Bravely tucked their tails and turned and fled.

    ““NATO is experiencing donor fatigue”

    Oh DONOR fatigue! It’s the DONOR’S fault. Um…who are the donors? Yes, that’s YOU. US. The “donors” aren’t “fatigued”, Joe Biden told the planet we have no bullets are are completely helpless, flapping around on deck like a bird with a broken wing. They’re not fatigued, they’re bankrupt. They LOST. They have zero force projection and Saudi or Bolivia can take us. …And certainly take Britain which has the Army equal to the size of the Texas Girl Scouts. There are undoubtedly more furries and flat-earthers than British soldiers and are way tougher in a fight.

    “stalemate was the most likely outcome”

    Yes, when one side had no men and no bullets – according to their President – the outcome is always a “stalemate”. Every Air Force Captain knows that. No bullets = you just go “Pew Pew” and the other guy falls down! I told them to! I signaled, now obey!

    “Ukrainian forces are suffering casualties at ten times the rate of the Russian military”

    Again, and Russia is 10x their size, so relative losses are 100:1. But we’ll win. Any day now. It’s on the Script Page 73.

    “Kiev’s alleged second stage of the counteroffensive is nothing but a propaganda trick”

    Not true. Ukraine really stepped up everything according to “Military Summary” and other channels. However, they got nothing, have nothing, won nothing, and are being utterly destroyed. 2-3x as many men, equipment and tanks thrown in, and with (finally) improving tactics, great! …Failed to make it to the first line of defense. That’s not to slight their will or their bravery. But they’re dumber than a well-known nation to their north to do a frontal assault on a 5x hardened 9 month defenses, and that with no air power or missiles.

    “to be sent free of charge from the Russian Federation to the poorest countries,”

    So they’re also lying that they just don’t want Russia to fund the war with sales. But you had me at “Europe opened mouth…”

    “How Far Will the NATO Allies Go to Fight Their Losing War in Ukraine? (Helmer)

    Well the leaders will all fail, then collapse, their crimes like human trafficking and democide will come out, and they’ll all be hung, so… You tell me. Are they motivated?

    “Hungary too will be motivated to change its northeastern border in order to rescue the ethnic Hungarian population”

    All this border popping is called “Self-determination” and It’s a core value of the U.N. and European Values”. So why is everyone alarmed that people will legally and properly following the law by popular consent?

    It’s not as if the British Empire intentionally divided up the Middle East under Lawrence of Arabia to make sure of cross-border ethnicities to insure bad blood for 100 years and divide and conquer or anything, right?

    “Biden is “more than willing to go through the motions and send these people to their deaths and keep enriching all of the interests.”

    Nah. Just his blackmail and human trafficking. Say! If what we already know – hundred billion in bribes, non-stop illegal drug use, illegal gun trafficking, human trafficking over state and international borders, child sex acts on camera – if they’re not what Joe is alarmed about and needs to keep something MUCH BIGGER secret, what is that MUCH BIGGER thing he still needs to hide? ‘Coz we already know all this.

    So the $100Mil from Moscow was payment for children in 3ft cages, trafficked from Mexico and sold to for-profit rape camps? Well you tell me what it could be. I don’t watch horror movies and my imagination doesn’t run that way.

    “Nobel Peace Prize is indeed the right comparison, given that it was prematurely awarded to former US President Barack Obama even before he could order more bombing in Africa”

    Bomber-in-chief. Of U.S. Citizens. …But only so long as they were children. So many bombs on Africa, he ran out of bombs. Vote Skin Color! That’s the only value that matters. …To racists.

    “• Will Collapse of Hunter Biden Plea Deal End Up in Joe’s Impeachment? (Sp.)

    Spoiler: No. But the nation will collapse like Hunter’s deal did first, saving everyone the trouble.

    Hey: is The President being a Foreign Agent of another hostile government a big deal? Does the Constitution make any reference to such things, or is it all good to take bribery in service of a foreign government?

    “$1 million from a company he formed with the CEO of a Chinese business conglomerate”

    Hunter said “I’m on the phone with the f—g Chinese spy chief”. Pretty good for an unmemployed coke head with a dishonorable discharge, eh?

    “the classified documents Trump stored in boxes at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida included information about defense and weapons capabilities of both the US and foreign countries,”

    …Just like Wikipedia does. Ban Wikipedia! Shut them down!!! So…is it RELEVANT? A: No, or they would say so already. Like everything else.

    ““We cannot ascribe everything to the vaccine, but, by the same token, we cannot ascribe nothing,” Musk said. “Myocarditis is a known side-effect. The only question is whether it is rare or common.”

    How could you possibly fact-check this? This was specifically written to overcome all objections. The fact check would be “all vaccines have no side-effects (they do), this is official CDC fact (it isn’t), and we also know the cause of James’ condition (they can’t).” That’s why it’s fun to phrase it this way, get popcorn and let them reveal themselves as illogical ass-kissing shills in the service of felony-paying billionaires.


    Why are Noble Peace Prize winners advocating for an escalation of war?

    “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”
    – George Orwell

    Noble Dynamite Peace Prize is toilet paper substitute



    Dr. D

    From yesterday:

    Observer – Great, now we have no science again. So how does that keep happening? People drop in, say there is Science, then when asked for the details, withdraw and never respond with a discussion of the science they refer to? Over and over and over. It makes a guy think 1) They don’t actual have science, i.e. data and 2) They don’t actually have science, i.e. open debate. But, suit yourself. It’s unnecessarily hot in here and we’ve all got things to do.

    You’re not improving a field where only yesterday I posted that the very most generous observers believe you lie +25% of the time. Just literally make things up for career and profit. And the Lancet and NEJM said the same thing. …But never in Climate. Never.

    “280 ppm preindustrial to 420+ ppm current that has occurred since humans adopted mass scale use of fossil fuels. A 50% increase and counting”

    Like this. He starts from the conclusion: CO2 is RELEVANT. I don’t take that as a starting belief to my religion. Show me. My age has gone up 50% in the same time period too, but that also didn’t make the earth heat up. Science is where you propose a CAUSALITY. A chain of process. That can be discussed, but can also be disproven. I’ve never seen either. Observer either. We have warming in 1100 Greenland NOT for CO2, no cause, yet we ALSO know that CO2 is the ONLY relevant cause. …And Greenland also blew away the “hockey stick” and while 100% of all scientists knew that, as Medieval warming is so well-known as to be like not knowing the end of the alphabet ends in “Z”. …Yet they all saw Al Gore’s film and nodded their little assent to his open data fraud. …That’s WAY over 25%. Like Covid, it was like 99%.

    “I have an\ top Honours Degree in Chemistry and have spent five decades on reporting and analysis of chemical data,”

    OMG this is terrifying. No wonder everyone believed Covid and that roundup is safe as water. It’s all faith. So far this just proves my belief that “experts” are always wrong. Always.

    JB – Yes, I know he’s doing it. But he HAS no power over me. He can attempt all he wants like a 5-year-old swingin’. And as I said, he has, or I see no ACTIONS in my jurisdiction, that I need to morally or legally respond to. Since I’m aware he’s ill-behaved, and so what of it? Are the good people supposed to be ill-behaved because the bad people are? How does that make them good?

    Like the general society: I don’t care what they CLAIM – people claim dumb stuff all the time and I’d be up 24h for my threescore and ten stopping them and never make a dent. Therefore I can only care what they DO. And not generally to everyone, but only to ME, in my circle of effect and relevance. Although I care about the issues in Zaire I cannot keep up with them and affect them properly compared to applying myself to the state and local, friends and family. And that by being a good example, inspiring that perhaps people want to follow, not a bad and annoying one.

    Please indicate the actions I must address. We don’t address words as they are just talk. Just as you would not want the government to prosecute all thoughts and words of your own as if they were actions. I respond as it entertains me and time permits.

    Speaking of the government, Team 1.5 negotiations: THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS NOT ONE THING. No nation is. It is a system of loose power blocs and idea-holders. That’s why we say the Russian oligarchs vs the government vs the people vs the Kremlin (Putin’s Cabinet). France is no different and neither are we. We do know that the NeoCons have captured most of the official chain of command. However, they don’t control “government” or we’d already have activated NATO, invaded Russia, and exchanged nukes. So SOMEBODY is stopping them, and that somebody is also “government”. Or IN government. That is, the Pentagon, the 2/3rds or something Pentagon, excluding certain top brass, with some allies in the public and elsewhere (certain corporate heads).

    So I’m suggesting that this certain not-NeoCon group positioned to inject all their people into the Line 1.5 initiative so that they are out-represented in negotiations and the NeoCons probably have some moles but are UNDER represented in 1.5 negotiations. The “Government” is at odds with itself. But since there are two parties, you already knew that. Not a single “government” action occurs but SOMEBODY – a Congressman for example – doesn’t oppose it. If the “government” is always opposing itself by design, how can there be “one government” united, indivisible, of one mind and goal?

    Actually the problem and the one being addressed right now is that the government is TOO united, too uniparty, and we are splitting it up and de-volving to stop that threat.


    also every time i touch a link – twitter or even to submit to comment i get directed here –

    I dunno what is going on with TAE over the last few days but seems like it’s getting messed with


    How to get rich in the USA
    Rep. Jim Jordan points out
    12:32 AM · Jul 27, 2023 649.8K Views

    20 shell companies while operating as an unregistered foreign agent and 6 banks filing over 170 suspicious activity reports with the Treasury,
    The narrative in the West has so far been that Ukraine is winning the conflict, that Russia’s Army is on the verge of collapse and that a Ukrainian breakthrough is just around the corner.

    5:50 AM · Jul 27, 2023

    President Putin said that the West did not allow fertilizers blocked in Europe to be sent free of charge from the Russian Federation to the poorest countries, called their “concern” about Africa on their part empty talk
    Everybody has a cellphone that can give the GPS for a drone strike.
    You really wonder at what point Ukrainian soldiers start deciding that they’re safer trying to shoot their officers than trying to shoot the Russians,

    The gov. is lying. It’s in writing. It’s not a secret.
    Do like before to Follow the money. Don’t look at the reports. then you got deniability.

    Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of State
    Review of Ukraine Foreign Assistance Coordination and Oversight
    ISP-I-23-18 July 2023

    The US is struggling to keep track of billions of dollars it has sent to Kiev since February 2022, the effectiveness of which may be reduced by government and private corruption in Ukraine. This was the most recent finding of the US State Department’s Office of the Inspector General.
    The redacted version of the State Department OIG report, published this week, notes that “corruption in the Ukrainian government and private sector poses risks to the effectiveness of US foreign assistance over the longer run.”

    Concerns about corruption are well-documented, the OIG adds, and the State Department “intends to develop a plan to address anti-corruption in connection with assistance to Ukraine, including for reconstruction.

    (U) This report contains one recommendation. In its comments on the draft report, Embassy Kyiv concurred with the recommendation. OIG considers the recommendation resolved. The embassy’s response and OIG’s reply can be found in the Recommendation section of this report. The embassy’s formal written response is reprinted in its entirety in Appendix B. ”


    I’m a board member of our local tennis club.

    One of my fellow board members (female, 55) was found dead at home the other day.
    No health issues.
    Played tennis regularly.

    TVASSF (game, set and match)


    With all the people dying/surplus deaths, there must be an increase in wealth transfer/inheritance/increase of wealthy lawyers/accountants and increase in real estate transfers.
    (Of course … funeral directors)

    D Benton Smith

    Here is a totally off topic side comment, triggered by the posted pic of Antarctica registering record low temps.

    I’ve mentioned a while back that as a kid I spent a year on the coastline of the Arctic ocean, very near Prudhoe Bay Alaska. It got, and stayed, REALLY cold there. Winter average was -30F, and -60F was not uncommon. But on one occasion it got REALLY cold. -80F for three days straight. I can’t describe what -80 feels like because the feeling is quite surreal.

    At -80 there is a psychic barrier between yourself and the physical world around you. That is to say, the tangibly physical environment all around it in which one’s “self” exists and operates. The air itself feels like it is “other” worldly. You know with calm but absolute certainty that death itself is standing right there where you can touch it. In a fight between yourself and that ambient temperature it would be a ridiculously one sided and brief fight. It’s not exactly frightening to know that, but it is certainly certainly REAL.

    That was at merely -80F. I cannot imagine what -117F would feel like. Might as well be deep outer space.

    D Benton Smith


    “With all the people dying/surplus deaths, there must be an increase in wealth transfer/inheritance/increase of wealthy lawyers/accountants and increase in real estate transfers.
    (Of course … funeral directors)”

    Oh my God. What a presciently morbid (and yet spot on accurate) thing you just said.

    Yes. With all those extra people suddenly dying (or even dying expensively slowly in a hospital) there is an UNPRECEDENTED amount of wealth passing out of the hands of the deceased and into the hands of whoever can get their hands on it.

    What a PERFECT time to steal it! It’s like the NAZI’s stealing ALL of the possessions of their victims, all the way down to pulling their gold teeth.

    I reckon that’s exactly what they’re doing now, too. And by the same generational criminals! Amazing. Same crime, same perps.


    I have been aware for some time that the local retirement community has been struggling financially since Covid. I know part of the problem is that in addition to independent living they also have an assisted living unit, a memory care unit, and a care center for residents who temporarily require medical assistance while recovering from some malady. These last three units receive Medicare funding, and as such all employees of the community were mandated to take the jab. I noticed that at about the same time several long time employees left, and the retirement community has struggled to fill all of these positions. Of course, the inflation is contributing, and most residents are on fixed incomes. The community began outsourcing some services that previously were in-house. Last week an additional problem was acutely brought to my attention: they cannot seem to find enough new residents to fill the empty spaces or to fund pending construction. I suspect that deaths are also up, contributing to vacancies, but I have neither data nor anecdote to corroborate this. I wonder if the other retirement communities in the greater metro area are experiencing similar problems…?


    An all encompassing service provider/cash cow for retirees.
    Maybe, the vacancies, are because the new generation of retirees, (fewer of them), cannot pay for all the services fees that are offered.

    D Benton Smith

    There is a good reason to forgive people. [ Take special note that I use the word “forgive”, not the word“forget”.] It’s a very very good reason, as I describe below, so I think it’s worth your while to read it and decide.

    The reason that you might as well willingly forgive those who have trespassed against you, is that you will (shall) eventually have to forgive them anyway, regardless of whether you want to or not, and by forgiving them early you save yourself a great deal of unpleasant emotional experience in the meantime.

    Just ask yourself which emotion feels better, vengefulness or forgiveness? In that case why not feel the better of the two emotions for the longer period of time?

    Your choice, and remember that I said to forgive. I did not say to forget.

    D Benton Smith

    An addendum to my preceding comment :

    The reason to be forgiving in nature is much like the reason to treat convicted criminal prisoners well. The reason is that such convicts are already quite mad (insane), otherwise they would not have been so stupid as to commit a crime. So, what could possibly be the gain for anyone (yourself in particular) in driving the criminal even MORE mad? Is there some benefit (to ANYONE) in making a criminally insane person even more criminal and more insane? Right, of course not. So in that case it just make common sense to treat convicted criminals in a manner which does NOT make them more criminally inclined or crazy.

    In other words, treat them well.

    None of this is to say that we should tolerate criminal behavior. Of COURSE we should not. That would just be crazy! What I’m saying is that forgiveness and good treatment of miscreants is to everyone’s advantage (ourselves included) and is therefore the BEST way to proceed . . . at all of those times and circumstances when it is possible to do so without causing greater harm.


    RIP Randy. One more time….



    Simple explanation for simpletons

    Which Cells Live The Longest?

    Which Cells Live The Longest?
    from mere hours to days after the body dies, each group of cells has its own lifespan.
    neutrophil cells last 2-5 days and gut cells last five!

    Red-blood cells, constantly circulating around your body, live for up to four months, whereas adult liver cells get replaced every 200 to 300 days.

    Some cells have longer lifespans, such as intestinal cells. These cells can last up to 16 years, as can rib-muscle cells.

    Here’s the lifespan of a few major cell groups in the body:

    Neurons: Neurons are believed to live for decades and do not divide (non-mitotic). Memory B-cells and T-cells have been shown to provide long-lasting immunity against antigen exposure.
    Oocytes: These cells are present from the time of birth in the human body and mature as the person hits puberty. They last for a few decades after that, but not as many decades as neurons.
    Eye Lens Cells: Cells in the lens of the eyes can last a lifetime.
    Heart Muscle Cells: These cells can last between 40 and 50 years.
    Fat Cells: Fat cells last eight years (yep, you read that right!).
    Some cells, such as mature neutrophils, stay on in their mature forms within the bone marrow, before they start circulating, and once done, may exit their circulation route and enter storehouses such as the lungs.

    So though their actual lifespan, counted as per their circulation time, is eight days, they live much longer.

    Earlier, it was widely believed in the world of science that since they lived as long as the bodies they were housed in, neurons and heart cells were the longest-living cells in the human body.

    However, further research led to the discovery that brain cells, especially from the cortex, lived up to the same age as their human hosts.

    Scientists believe that this could be due to the need for these cells to be wired in an extremely stable manner, with even the smallest change possibly causing disruptions in major brain functions.

    Further studies showed that pancreatic and liver cells also could live as long as the organism itself. The cells in these organs didn’t regenerate or get replaced throughout the organism’s life and endured from the time of birth all the way until death did them part!

    So does that mean that these three groups of cells are the longest living in the human body?

    Well, yes and no.

    Meet stem cells!

    Stem Cells: The Methuselah?
    It turns out that stem cells are the longest-living cells in the human body and can even stay alive beyond its death!


    Russian Tankers of 37th Brigade Thank Macron For New AMX-10 Wheeled Tank


    Ah, the Cheese eating surrender monkeys have given Russian Tankers an early Christmas present.

    Put it on display DIRECTLY in front of the French Embassy in Moscow with flashing lights all over it running 24/7


    Every plume of smoke in this video is a burning Ukronazi vehicle or tank

    That’s a lot of smoke

    I guess the Russians sure did run out of ammo.

    Music accompaniment: AC/DC Highway to Hell

    Burning Ukrainian Columns Near Rabotino


    Is anyone else getting weird popups from TAE?…

    It happens on the home page when I try and click through to a daily post. It also occurs if the page sits there.

    Is anyone else getting these weird popups?


    My AI is trying to confuse simple people

    T-cells are a type of white blood cell that play a crucial role in the immune response to viral infections. Vaccines work by teaching your body to recognize specific dangerous pathogens so your immune system is prepared to fight off that infection in the future. When you receive a vaccine, your body produces antibodies that recognize and neutralize the virus or bacteria that causes the disease. In addition to antibodies, vaccines also stimulate the production of T-cells which help destroy cells that have been infected with the virus. 123

    mRNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine that use a copy of a molecule called messenger RNA (mRNA) to produce an immune response. The vaccine delivers molecules of antigen-encoding mRNA into immune cells, which use the designed mRNA as a blueprint to build foreign protein that would normally be produced by a pathogen (such as a virus) or by a cancer cell1. 2. 3.

    HUMMMM I seem to remember that t-cell are involved in cloning/replacing damaged/dying cells.
    Wrong instructions would mean defects would show up. (skin?)


    Is anyone else getting weird popups from TAE?

    Yes. We’ll be back to normal soon.


    There once was a woman so wealthy
    Her doctor pronounced her unhealthy.
    Her funds dripped away
    To her children’s dismay.
    Disease in old age sure is stealthy!


    It’s still winter here, and rather cold -it will be for a few more weeks- so I can spend a little more time on another round of truth that many on TAE do not want to hear.

    As recently pointed out, the annual increase in atmospheric CO2 has been around 2.7 ppm per annum over the past couple of years, four times the increase recorded in the 1950s.

    And, as recently pointed out, year-on-year increases fluctuate somewhat as they average that 2.7 ppm annual increase.

    It is therefore very ominous that today’s reported increase is yet again exceedingly high, following on from a series of very high values.

    Jul. 27, 2023 422.84 ppm
    Jul. 27, 2022 418.37 ppm
    1 Year Change 4.47 ppm

    This corresponds with the fastest melt of the Greenland ice sheet ever recorded and the lowest Antarctic sea-ice cover ever recorded, plus the longest periods of excess heat recorded in both Eurasia and the Americas.

    We can conjecture that the unprecedented enormous forest fires witnessed recently, in combination with the superheating of ocean waters triggering positive feedbacks, are now pushing the climate system that was destabilised via industrialism long ago into even more dangerous territory.

    On the matter of how corrupt political forces and short-term corporate interests prevented action on curtailing the use of fossil fuels when it could have been effective in mitigating the temperature rise (1980s to 19990s) via deliberate promotion of false narratives (c.f. jb-hb), this superb presentation sums it up nicely.

    As Germ would say, WASF. (Our children and grandchildren most certainly are, the Northen Hemisphere somewhat faster than the Southern Hemisphere).

    The aversion so many people have to facing reality, especially environmental and ecological reality, is understandable. However, that aversion to facing reality is a major contributor to the rapidly worsening (being made worse) reality.


    ““With all the people dying/surplus deaths, there must be an increase in wealth transfer/inheritance/increase of wealthy lawyers/accountants and increase in real estate transfers.”

    During and after the Black Plague there was such a labor shortage it empowered the lower classes and peasants to demand higher wages and more freedoms. Well, they took more freedoms because there was better opportunity elsewhere. Plagues are a terrible way to empower labor, but empower labor it did. For a time. Until labor believed it could negotiate in good faith with the aristocracy. That’s a different story.


    “The aversion so many people have to facing reality, especially environmental and ecological reality, is understandable. However, that aversion to facing reality is a major contributor to the rapidly worsening (being made worse) reality.”

    I screamed, and screamed over and over again at the enablers to fix what they were doing wrong.
    They didn’t listen. They knew. They ignored my advise.

    As a result, I prepare for what I believe is what is going to happen.
    A slow boil for the next 30 years.
    Yep. Good point.


    There are no countries, only zogulag, the corporations acting in unison. Every town, no matter where you are or how small, its ordinances and codes come from the UN. Everywhre becomes more ugly and the same. These daily dramas, are just that, drama. Just the fact that no1, no 1 is ever held accountable for their actions should spell it out for you.


    Why do you want to be “the boss”.

    They don’t listen. They know. They ignored all advise.


    Russian Retaliatory Strike Completely Destroys Dnipro SBU HQ

    Russia running out of missile

    The Ukronazi secret police taking one up the old Wazoo for The Team


    From yesterday:

    Observer – Great, now we have no science again. So how does that keep happening? People drop in, say there is Science, then when asked for the details, withdraw and never respond with a discussion of the science they refer to?

    Dr D. I see you have joined the blatant lying brigade. You know full well that Observer made several comments in which he extensively elaborated the science behind the current super-heating (due to excess atmospheric CO2) that we are witnessing. And he became utterly exasperated by the idiotic responses of you know who.

    Clearly the purpose of your comments is to denigrate and ultimately drive away anyone who reports actual data or actual science, i.e. disagrees with the outlandish narratives presented by you and others on TAE.

    Guess what, you have succeeded, and TAE is increasing noted as being source of misinformation -particularly on environmental mattes- rather than platform for promotion and discussion of essential truths. I have noted the significant number of commenters who have given up banging their heads against the walls of ignorance, stupdity and nastiness that have increasingly charactersied TAE.

    “280 ppm preindustrial to 420+ ppm current that has occurred since humans adopted mass scale use of fossil fuels. A 50% increase and counting”

    Like this. He starts from the conclusion: CO2 is RELEVANT. I don’t take that as a starting belief to my religion. Show me. My age has gone up 50% in the same time period too, but that also didn’t make the earth heat up. Science is where you propose a CAUSALITY. A chain of process. That can be discussed, but can also be disproven. I’ve never seen either.

    Dr, I suggest that you do not go down the path of ignorance and stupidity that jb-hb went down because if you do, I will chew you up and spit you out the way I did him. Declaring, that CO2 is not relevant puts you on the lunatic fringe and demonstrates that you are ignorant, stupid and manipulative. That is something you have been repeatedly doing and have been doing it quite pompously. It is not the path to enlightenment or survival.

    The fact that you have ‘never seen’ proof of the causal link between increased atmospheric CO2 and increased heat retention is clearly because you haven’t bothered to look.

    Try this, for a start in basic science education that you are obviously so badly lacking:

    Fourier, Foote, Tyndall, Arrhenius… it’s all there. All the basic stuff that you say you do not know.

    And what is the bet that you will absolutely refuse to view the information provided?

    After all, you can only continue to ignorantly bloviate is you remain ignorant. Right? “Ignorance must be maintained.”

    Therefore, instead of becoming informed, you celebrate ignorance and stupidity and are proud of your ignorance and stupidity.

    These are indeed, ‘interesting times’, as everything gets progressively demolished by forces directly attributable to overuse of fossil fuels and the ensuing destruction of the environment that people like you celebrate and promote.

    P.S. I’ll hang around a little longer and keep tabs on the blatant lies you and others on TAE promote, until the orbital factors raise the average temperature of this portion of the Earth and the garden comes to life.


    The blood drinking Satanists are coming for your kids.

    Who you gonna call?


    Look what came in over the transom….

    “Received this from a source in Washington. This pediatric clinic revokes parents’ access to their kid’s medical records when the kid turns 13, and says kids can make their own medical decisions.”

    At 13

    Can’t drive

    Can’t drink

    Can’t vote

    But this, sure, makes sense.



    I am no fan of the UN but the fact is, we are leaving the era of overheating and are entering the era of ‘boiling’.

    And it will all be made worse and worse by the corrupt political system and fossil fuel dependent economic-financial system until something ‘breaks’.

    Michael Reid

    Bob Moriarty: The Empire is Over & the Globalists Are Going to Fail!

    Vietnam veteran Bob Moriarty discusses the situation in Europe, the ongoing Ukraine war, and the cosmic levels of corruption in Kiev and Washington. He’s got a fascinating theory on the Prigozhin affair. The Russia-Ukraine conflict is at its heart a conflict between debt-based system of the West and the resource-based system of the East. This could mean the utter destruction of NATO, EU, and the U.S. There is no scenario in which America defeats China. The empire is over and the globalists are going to fail, but it’s going to be painful.

    Bob Moriarty: The Empire is Over & the Globalists Are Going to Fail!


    AFKTT said

    Try this, for a start in basic science education that you are obviously so badly lacking:

    Fourier, Foote, Tyndall, Arrhenius… it’s all there. All the basic stuff that you say you do not know.

    And what is the bet that you will absolutely refuse to view the information provided?

    First error; we are not lacking in basic science education, afktt is trying to elevate himself above us, pretending he is superior. Second error; youtube videos are not where science is made or proven. Youtube videos like your’s, are full of people blovating and furthering their agendas without proof. Third error; you link to a video that starts by claiming that weather is what tells us that there is climate change. As I have pointed out before, your lot have models of weather and climate, your models of weather cannot even predict this afternoon’s weather, let alone climate change, yet you ask me to believe your climate models which are built on top of your weather models? I understand that macro scale effects can be determined without knowledge of how the micro scale events work, but you have no reliable science for either weather or climate.

    I was expecting you to point to Syukuro Manabe or Klaus Hasselmann, the modellers given the Nobel Prize for supporting climate change. At least something semi scientific, but instead we get youtube. Read their work and discover how the government bullshit works, sadly they have proved nothing. They were presented, among others, as being real scientists who can prove the link between CO2 and surface temperatures. I have never seen you refer to them, and for good reason, they are as credible as that guy who modelled Covid at Imperial college, a complete sellout. Or as credible as Obama taking the peace prize.

    Yet it seems as if a number of the people who received the Nobel Prize for real science achievements are saying that AGW is a scam. How do you account for that? The founder of the weather channel says the same. Are all these scientists just not watching the right youtube videos?

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