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    Man Makes Powerful Point: Russia Produces Weaponry, Ukraine Produces Prostitutes for Poland

    Stop, yer killin’ me


    From the comment section

    “…but Poland was always the EU’s prostitute supplier!
    How dare they try and undercut polak head-bobbers…”


    Denninger being a realist about covid, climate and UFOs. The sort of realist that the religious community hates … There Are UFOs! I’ve Seen The Bodies.


    THURSDAY, JULY 27, 2023

    ‘Record high North Atlantic sea surface temperature

    On July 25, 2023, the North Atlantic sea surface reached a temperature of 24.9°C, a record high in a tie with early September 2022. In previous years, a La Niña was suppressing temperatures, whereas El Niño is now pushing up temperatures.’

    With another month of significant warming still in the pipeline for the North Atlantic, we are in for some spectacular meltdowns.

    Next year, with atmospheric CO2 up another 2.5 to 4 ppm, it will be significantly worse, of course.


    aspnaz; do not look at the linked graph or read any of the article; you might actually become informed. And that would so bad for the fake narratives you promote. Ditto Dr D.


    You can see why Judy Garland was such an icon for gay men; she totally looks like a tranny.

    Sweet Kenny

    I’m still getting redirects and spam – at the very least can it be removed for people who contribute?

    Alexander Carpenter

    If AFKTT’s “science” were as well-developed as his invective, abuse, badgering, and shaming skills, he would just shut up as having no basis for his fear-mongering. Mean and nasty, with no space for learning new insights and admitting error, and committed to (imprisoned in?) his premises and rhetoric, AFKTT just tries to beat up those who are more astute than he and his “owners” about the realities of our changing climate. What an asshole.
    Dr. D, Raul, and others have it right, AFKTT and his “sources” have it wrong, but in service to some agenda they cannot (or at least do not) acknowledge. What is it? ‘Fess up…
    Perhaps he is projecting when he proposes that the climate common-sense of the commenters here who do know the actual science is undermining the credibility of the rest of the content and analysis here at TAE. Maybe that is part of his own conscious intention.
    Otherwise why so much vitriol about “fake narratives” and our failure to suck up to his own.
    Shame on him for making an absolutist obsession about some crackpot “doom” into such a rant supported only by “factoids” out of context and/or simply wrong.
    Since authentic climate science (as imperfect as it is) is readily available were he to look, the only credible explanation for his rants and bullying is that he has an ulterior motive and is serving some covert agenda with evil intent. Why? Qui bono?

    Dr. D

    “the annual increase in atmospheric CO2 has been around 2.7 ppm per annum …It is therefore very ominous”

    I disagree. You’ve provided no link between the item measured and anything ominous. In fact, thanks to the research you’ve brought up, I’m making it a personal mission in life to release as much fossil CO2 as I can, in a perhaps quixotic attempt to get CO2 up to levels where plants are happy, and not down at 280ppm where plants are at the doorway of extinction, and with them all life on earth. Burn baby burn!

    My first plan is to find the world’s largest undersea gas pipeline and blow it up. Like all good, climate-fearing, lockdown-making, bug-eating environmentalist nations do. Blow up every pipeline and pave every tree.

    “This corresponds with the fastest melt of the Greenland ice sheet ever recorded and the lowest Antarctic sea-ice cover ever recorded,”

    We seem to have crossed wires. Didn’t Greenland also get the greatest snowfall, and although Ice is melting over the volcanoes on one side of Antarctica, it’s rapidly INCREASING on the other side? And just had the lowest temperature recorded, -117, colder than Mars? We just had 75 feet of snow in the Sierras? No fair cherry-picking, that’s not Science.

    “Observer made several comments in which he extensively elaborated the science”

    He did. And we were just about to discuss them nicely (with me at least). But the minute anyone challenges and says, “What’s up with this? Explain” “science” suddenly has really important things to do other than get into details and evidence with the people. Again. He’s probably washing his cat or something. Now probably that actually is a time-priority for him personally, but it reflects what I’ve been seeing for 25 years. They assume everyone’s an idiot – and granted, good assumption! — but the minute anyone counters a normal debate with some evidence and questions suddenly Whoops! Whaddya know? Town Council meeting’s run out of time! Guess we’ll have to circle back with that discussion while you’re eating the bugs… 25 years? Really? No answers or discussion for 25 years? Yeah, uh, when do you stop attributing good faith to this? (about 23 years ago).

    But asking someone NOT to run away, but to present evidence and theory (that are disprovable) is a degenerate harassment. Asking scientists for science is totally, totally, not at all what they do. Very unreasonable. That there is just. Plain. Silly. Dr. Day can get in legit trouble for talking about medicine and he does it even voluntarily all day. Because he’s a Doctor who loves doctor-stuff. But the only named scientists will do anything to avoid 1) Data and 2) Debate, so far as I can see. It’s like the Christians who talk conversion and forgiveness all day but don’t talk to sinners. To convert anyone, you’d have to TALK to them first. Pitch them your ideas (pretty good idea what yours are, they’re the MSNBC/Twitter version) and then field objections. Good we’ve got a 2-sentence blurb of the first part, but really falling down on the second part. And that’s too bad bc the second part is Science. Open Debate. Supporting your Thesis. In public.

    So of course I’ve seen their CO2 Theories – you can’t be alive and not see them – but there are, as we keep posting, like a dozen major objections to that theory. Theory could still be true, but the objections are formidable. 1) The data-without-peer Ice Cores say CO2 LAGS warming. Lags, lags, lags. It is therefore not the CAUSE. 2) The ppm has been SIX TIMES today’s level with a happier, better earth, lush with plant and animal life. No catastrophe is sight. But I’ll just leave those two.

    As you are defending YOUR thesis, those are the objections YOU must address. Not me. It ain’t my theory, I’m not asking anyone to change. And what’s weird, I’m sure if I dug up MSNBC, they’ve been addressed but some uneducated yokel or another calling himself scientist. Why don’t YOU go look up what they said and parrot it back if you don’t already have a response. Then it would same ME time.

    But that’s ungenerous. I cannot comprehend as these are the top two of a dozen objections, how you haven’t ALREADY thought of it and ALREADY have a response to it. It’s inconceivable. It’s incredible. It’s implausible. So sadly I can only concluded you have never considered any objections – which is wildly, ruefully unscientific – and once you heard the panic of “We’re all gonna die!” pitched right in without restraint. For emotional/psychological reasons, not scientific ones. And that’s not a very kind thing for me to believe. Heck – I – could just get blank page and MAKE UP 50 reasons those two objections are dumb, but why should I do your work for you? I can’t believe you can’t, and never have responded. 1) Ice Cores 2) 6x CO2 at 1,500ppm for 300 million years and no problems. And I’ll add yesterday’s 3) What’s with Greenland warming in 1100 that’s clearly not CO2? Explain?

    It’s very nice that you do good, environmental things all day for the earth, and that’s certainly a thing we need. But doing it for a reason that’s false doesn’t seem to be restful for your spirit.

    For example: “The U.N. Uses TOTALLY FALSE THERMOMETER REPORTING to Declare an Era of Global Boiling” As shown, false in Germany (red maps) false in Greece (typical blazing summer), false in Taiwan where the weather station amazingly gives 6-sigma outliers all day long but only starting last year.

    Wow, that is a fact-free YouTube video. We learn one of the scientists involved was a lunatic (he thought heat was alive and died because of it) the other scientist was a woman. No, really. 2 minutes on her vagina, so therefore…Science? Vagina = True. Just like any bar at 2am. Please, please, please let there be some science in this video so I don’t have to hear any more about racism or people’s private organs. Man, that is the biggest bag of unscientific feelz I’ve ever been force-fed.

    Starting actual science, as opposed to the gender, race, sex, and divorces of scientists (did they do science? Who knows? Too busy talking about their personal lives.) the first scientist mentioned had a hilarious stupid thing that Earth would be -15c natively, but is +16c. Well, aside from being pre 1800, where they didn’t know hardly anything but were just inventing it then, the standard textbook theory is that earth is radioactive and the low level heat for decay add a overall significant heat input that is not solar. That’s a Huuuuuuge error they just let pass as if CO2 is the ONLY factor. Nope, nope, there’s no radio decay nor any other factor evah. …An objection we voice here all the time and I did again above in #3.

    Up to 15m now totally fact-free. In 1900 Euro glaciers were melting. And like us, they (well, certain people did, but other certain people disagreed) thought that was CO2. Good theory! Can we test it? However, the same thing happened in 1100, and like 20 other times before and nothing happened. Again, what’s up? Can you just ignore this forever and be considered serious? Like rabbits, whatever Scientists ignores doesn’t exist.

    20m “It was clear in just TWO years, that CO2 was increasing year on year” – Keeling. What. The. Actual??? You have a two year data set? With zero data before it? And you already assume on basis of 0.0000000001% of all data that we’ve got a straight-line trajectory?

    It is literally impossible to be less Scientific. Significant digit math alone would disclude it. This is a “May require further funding” moment.

    He then coos over Al Gore and takes time to pick on Reagan. …Very scientific. Data-driven, not political at all. At least they didn’t talk about Al Gore’s vagina.

    25m, “Science completely disagreed with itself, making people think they didn’t know what they were talking about.” Uh-huh.

    So far, it’s “CO2 exists” and “It appears there is warming.” Aaaaaand they’re connected how? You already said there are many other factors involved, what are they and were any of them relevant as well? Handwave.

    “Temperature rise wasn’t relevant and was therefore swamped by other signals”

    “Predicted unprecedented warming was on the way, it would be clear as day, unmistakably human-caused global warming by the year 2000”. Still waiting. We’re not even at the Medieval Warming levels yet, to say nothing of the Bronze Age which was very pleasant. “…And of course, they would be proved, right.” Wait, what?

    THAT there is a warming – LESS than Greenland in 1100 – is not PROVING the cause of a warming that’s well within Maunder norms. Wouldn’t you have to get out of historic norms to presume this extravagant release of CO2 was having an effect? I mean, by very definition? HOW could we release so much million-billion tonnes of CO2 and it NOT have an effect, if it’s so amazingly one-factor relevant?

    27m “President Johnson and all were discussing what to do about a warming earth” …While ALSO talking about what to do in the New Ice Age in 1976 and 1980. …That he doesn’t ignore, but mentioned already. So scientists thought there was cooling, he says, scientists also disagreed, he says, AND ALSO had consensus about warming, he says, ALL AT THE SAME TIME? That is, that period 1960-1980? This is THIS GUY’S own data set and presentation we’re discussing here, not outside people. He already disagreed with and disproved HIMSELF. WHICH IS IT?????

    27m, a few minutes on all the statues of James Watt. Thanks. I learned a lot about chemistry and physics there in a valuable use of my time. He finishes with a reminder to always believe the experts – they’re never wrong – Oxford Oxford(How do you know if someone went to Harvard? They’ll tell you.) and the contractually-required photos of non-scientist actors with vaginas and melanin in lab coats in a gleaming Hollywood set instead of a messy, rumpled nerd in the blinking-fluorescent University’s third basement. Just like CSI with police offices the size and cleanliness of Apple Headquarters is the real thing and not a lie at all.

    Okay, science: still waiting. He seems to have forgotten all 1) Data and 2) Discussion, with 3) Dissent. Will he ever address the 1,000 remaining objections? The world may never know.

    Dr. D

    The Doctor: taking the bullet of watching stupid, unscientific YouTube videos so you don’t have to.

    Apsnaz has an objection: the weather station outside his house is giving stupid, unscientific readings, which are part of your data set proving “more extreme weather”. Any curiosity as to why/how a station can give readings claiming there’s a hurricane for 3 minutes every hour and nobody’s mad and nobody fixes it? No?

    Any thoughts about “heat islands” of cities which anyone who’s ever driven knows is near 10f raise?

    Any thoughts on that we’re running 100-year temperature stations were they were once in cornfields and hay but are now measured on tarmac under a Boeing engine?

    Any thoughts on changing sea temps last year to specifically be water intake at the engine’s muffler and not open sea temps?

    Any thoughts on the satellite data totally not agreeing with the weather stations?

    Any thoughts on why after that was brought to popular attention, all the satellite data was disappeared?

    Any thought about the 75 feet of glacial snow dropped on the Sierras this year?


    I have seen an AI in training +20 years ago. The same thing is happening on “weather/climate” on TAE

    Why don’t YOU go look up what they said and parrot it back if you don’t already have a response. Then it would save ME time.

    Wake up. Tomorrow is today. Telling lies is getting easier than yesterday.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Admins: I’m trusting that you are getting it together and eliminating the mis-directions such as the anti-spam distraction (Pretending to not be censorship? Part of some sort of covert suppression of the site overall? What…?)

    And let’s see if this comment elicits the anti-spam fake-robot…

    And what happened to my last message that has disappeared in the existential struggle against spam?

    Please advise…

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