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    Pablo Picasso The muse 1935   • This 4th of July: Requiem for Freedoms Long Gone? (Brig Gen (ret) Blaine Holt) • The Disintegration Of Western So
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    Veracious Poet


    OK folks – we have a winner BA.2.75

    TWICE as infectious as measles. It’s on like Donkey Kong!



    VAIDS – the vaxxed have fucked their immune systems



    Italian study on vaccine effectiveness (VE) in kids reports effectiveness dropping to 21% after 43 days.

    Just 21% !!!

    And this is after applying the 14 days miscategorisation trick where the vaccinated are counted as unvaccinated. So in reality VE is much much lower.

    All risk, no reward.
    The worst shit vaxx EVER.




    Some hard Death-Vaxx truth right here – 🤡☠️☠️☠️🤡


    Dr. Shay Fleishon, with the Central Virology Laboratory at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, called the new subvariant “alarming,”


    Clash of the Titans – Malcolm X Vs White Karens


    Covid Laughs – this guy was pro the unvaccinated so worth at least 5 minutes. I pissed yself laughing


    Winning is not loosing

    Over $8.5 trillion has been wiped out of the US stock market this year.

    “representative democracy” is achieved by enforcing “election promises”
    Stability requires population control and population reduction.
    Improvement does not equate with growth.
    Inflation only occurs when you exchange “money” for something. (Loss of purchasing power.)
    I leave the explanations to your critical thinking.


    Chinese Purchase Of North Dakota Farmland Raises National Security Concerns

    • A World Food Crisis Is Coming, And US Allows CCP To Buy American Farmland (CNBC)

    I misread the headline thinking it was the Babylon Bee

    Chinese Purchase North Dakota for it’s Farmland

    Hunter Xiden Takes 7% Real Estate Commission

    Dr. D

    “Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030”

    2030 again. That’s practically tomorrow. Who sends the memo “2030” and not “2035”? And Saudi already left the U.S. and joined Russia. But they’re moving slow enough not to break things: it’s a big machine.

    USAW: We see a run from the DNC, all they need to do is wreck things and muddy the waters. That’s easy. Biden says it’s legal for illegals to vote, they do, and the entire midterms are in doubt. It gets sent to Supreme Court. Yeah, but who cares? You can’t undo an election. They will just say they won, so make me. And you’re going to go up there with rifles? Then they win again: Civil War is their GOAL, it’s nirvana, it’s the reason all this is happening. Since the 90s they’ve taken every move imaginable to cause it. You need to cut them out of your life, work together, then throw a general strike.

    “This is old school racketeering, and it is no different than the mob in the 1920’s.”

    Actually it’s just murder for money. Far worse than general racketeering. Mass murder for mass money, industrial scale. Cattle car, shower-class.

    “Washington State Governor Makes Covid Vaccines a Permanent Requirement (JTN)”

    Ideological loyalty test. Like the police. If they’re not corrupt, complicit, and slavishly obedient, they must be purged. Works like a charm, every time.

    P.S. what are they vaccinating against? Delta’s been gone for a year and everyone got Omicron.

    “one group of whites called Liberals against another group of whites called Conservatives,” –Malcolm X

    Ouch. Totally correct. So the Conservative Justice Quotes Malcolm X. The Liberal Justices quote Hillary Clinton. The Black Panthers are pro-black-gun. The DNC are anti-black people owning guns. Any questions?

    “Liberal whites have not begun to address themselves to the real problem of black people in this country”

    That might be fair then. But now 60 years later, we look for the worst conditions in all America for Blacks, and they’re exclusively in Liberal Blue zones: cities, states, locals. I don’t know what to say about that. Perhaps no one notices this is near-universal fact because nobody cares? Black Or White? Like Malcolm said? But to get anywhere, you have to at least admit and recognize it and imitate stuff that works instead of repeating what hasn’t worked in lifetimes. Still waiting.

    “appear to still be in the tank even during a month that saw the blockbuster January 6 hearings.”

    Huh? The Jan 6 ratings were a stunning failure. That’s the opposite of “Blockbuster”. Perhaps they mean, “expected blockbuster”? Daily Mail then goes on to say how awesome the ratings were, which is the opposite of everything I’ve read. But, Daily Mail: no facts, evidence, or checking. They get their facts from MI6 with a monthly cheque, like Reuters does. …Which is what happens when you have no circulation and no ratings. It’s the alternate plan. We’re now an organ of state government. Government owns the means of production, or a merger of Corporation and State with an emphasis on propaganda and war: i.e. fascists. THe opposite would be free speech without State Repression of competition, aka “Capitalism”.

    More men are seeking vasectomies now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe” — MSNBC

    So clearly a large number of men were using Abortion as birth control. More, since only a fraction of states have acted on it, so only a minority of citizen have any impact.

    “Black men feel ‘helpless and hopeless’ as Black women brace for post-Roe America” –MSNBC

    As Malcolm said: always selling hopelessness and helplessness to da black man. Nice! Thanks, White Liberals! Glad to see you think so much of us. Clearly this headline could only be the case if Black men and women were using it as primary birth control. And again, where? In NY and CA where they now have MORE abortion rights?

    “11 people are registered to vote at an old farm in Loving County, Texas. But the sheriff says no one lives there.” So MSNBC is saying there is extensive voter fraud. Huh. Sounds familiar somehow. We have all the voter fraud except we also have none and we know it’s the most secure election ever because we haven’t looked.

    “Russian strike hits shopping center with more than 1,000 people inside, Ukraine says” MSNBC

    1,000 people were for some reason in this shopping mall that has been closed for over a year. (says their Yelp page) And all walked there since the pictures show no cars in the parking lot. So many lies, so little time. But NBC finds the time. MSNBC: All Stupid, All the Time.

    Meanwhile, in the real world:

    You know what no birth rate means? MASSIVE Deflation. MASSIVE. Unprecedented, perhaps never before seen since the Black Plague. Demographics is Destiny.


    MASSIVE Deflation means what to them? …This is nuts, but it means they can continue to hyperinflate their golfing pals without the system melting. That’s crazy? They’ve literally just been doing that for 15-22 years and it’s working great. They think they have it all under control, they own the levers, and if they run into trouble about it, they’ll just kill another million people.

    Inflate or Die. So how do you forestall the blow off top? Use the Inflation-power to drop Deflation nukes. This also wipes out the Global South’s leverage, so I can’t think of a single reason why not to.

    This goes with Vax/lockdown/CBDC Central Bank Digital Currency. You can only spend from our account WHEN, in what AMOUNT, and in the LOCATION of our choosing. Then we can always inflate and always shut off the consequences of our inflation. (By killing you with shortages) All the same thing.

    Since Inflation must always compound or crash though, doesn’t that mean fascist repression must ALSO go vertical? Into a totalitarian police state without escape?

    Yes. The entire human race is at stake. Forever.


    Kamacho Harris first address to the nation as pretend President



    So the jabbed are getting the bug multiple times and the bug is continuing to evolve. Would it be fair to say that the large pool of immune compromised jabbed will mean there will never be herd immunity and eventually with such a large susceptible population there will arise strains so different from the existing strains that we purebloods will have minimal immunity to and those jabbed still alive after their 20th infection will go for blackjack 21 infection?


    So we survived our drive to the SF Bay Area to pick up the rest of our things, and say a final goodbye to friends and family that remain. Other than my wealthy retired FIL that lives in an high-end area, everyone is miserable. Now that we are gone it’s hard to believe we lived there so many decades. The people, the noise, the horrible roads, the miserable “energy” of the place. To be fair I was trying to leave from the time I arrived in 1996, it took a long time to get my native SF born husband to see how bad it was. Thank God we are gone. What a shithole.

    btw, 80% of people are masked again.

    On covid and the vaxxs, I still don’t know anyone who has died from covid. But, several more people we know personally or worked with have died suddenly. 2 weeks ago one of my husband’s favorite ex-co workers, another uber healthy person in his 50s, simply didn’t wake up. Now we know at least 10 people personally that have died unexpectedly this past year. And a friend of mine here who never really recovered from her 3rd covid shot a few weeks ago just let me know she’s having gallbladder surgery next week. Super healthy (before this past year) 60 year old woman. Her husband, an obsessive health nut with no history of high blood pressure or any heart problems discovered his heart is coated with plaque a few weeks ago as well.

    Perhaps this is just what happens now that we are in our 50s? Then again, I really don’t remember ever hearing of so many healthy people dropping dead or having mystery illnesses just happen, other than the random shocking cancer diagnosis every few years.

    On the Washington State new law..I had an offer from Washington State for a job in February 2020. Dodged that bullet!

    I still can’t believe we are living in this insanity.

    Polder Dweller

    A hospital In Schleswig-Holstein (far north of Germany next to Denmark) which had a jab mandate, has to manage without 70 doctors and 200 nurses due to chronic corona. Firefighters have been asked to fill in where possible. (in German).

    Meanwhile Germany’s Fauci, Karl Lauterbach, missing a toothbrush moustache but with a definite stiff-arm problem, continues to push the jabs and a possible nationwide mandate in the autumn.

    Karl Lauterbach


    Its sad to hear about people that are pass reproduction age and that are getting sick and dying.
    The younger generations need to inherit those estate to survive.
    The med. establishment is accumulating the info to be able to confirm that its because of “long covid” and are ignoring the common denominator. (90%+ have been vaccinated.)
    Remember, the pie is not getting bigger, therefore, the pie must be shared with fewer people who want more.

    Maxwell Quest

    What have I been doing for the last hour? I followed oxymoron’s YouTube link to the Jim Breuer comedy special and laughed my ass off.


    I think you will be interested in this.

    Spartacus says the virus was not zoonosis, nor a lab leak, but a deliberate bioweapon attack by the biodefense mafia. He names names. He goes into the shots too.


    I expect to finish the last 20 pages of Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism today. The last two days spent mostly traveling gave me time to read.

    I highly recommend the book. Fair warning — Arendt’s writing is pointed and highly organized, but is also full of sentences with many commentary clauses. I sometimes found myself skipping clauses while re-reading a sentence to keep the sentence meaning clear. I found that when people around me started talking to me while I was reading that I either couldn’t follow what the person said or couldn’t follow what I was reading — the writing is “thick” enough that I could not multitask and retain understanding. The edition I have contains 480 pages — it is not a light read. For brevity, the first two sections can be skipped, for while they are relevant, and provide a rich historical setting and background of the two major totalitarian regimes (Hitler, Stalin,) of the 20th century, it is the third section, on totalitarianism specifically, that is most directly relevant to what we are currently experiencing.

    However, what we currently have *is not* totalitarianism as defined by Arendt. There is one MAJOR difference: lack of a “supreme leader.” This major difference is not irrelevant — it is highly relevant if we are to understand what is going on and how to combat it. I realized that this is why Sheldon Wolin called our current system “inverted totalitarianism” in Democracy, Inc.


    Dr D:
    “Washington State Governor Makes Covid Vaccines a Permanent Requirement (JTN)”

    Ideological loyalty test.

    Totalitarian systems are akin to secret societies and have initiation rites. Covid vaccination is an initiation rite and endless boosters are loyalty tests.


    It’s enough to make a grown man cry.



    Why are people dying suddenly in their sleep?

    You can’t make this shit up. Just can’t.


    John Day

    Thanks Germ, much appreciated.

    Saudi Arabia and Iran will both join BRICS +++ ?
    That’s interesting.
    Russia and China and Saudi Arabia and Iran will all be BRICS+++
    Will Israel apply, too?

    Gotta go install window trim now.


    Elmo Noooooo ! Word on the streets in Seattle is Elmo abducted. Snuffleupagus hints to an unknown location in the belly of the Beast.

    Russia is not the kind of Country that expels fighters for human rights.


    Choo- Choo ? No War reports lately regarding UKR/Nato advancing backwards while East Ukr/ RF attacking in retreat ? Run out of Props?

    Deflatulance? Booster get ya ? Sleep well…

    Team America Patriots Celebration – Recent War Criminals

    Bush/ Cheney x2
    Obama/ Biden x2
    Trump/ Pence
    Biden/ Harris (cough cough blow job)

    Looky look at the only one who’s been at the Helm for three terms. The slimiest of scums Bidet.


    “Monkeypox is mutating up to 12 times faster than expected, a study says, amid warnings the UK could see as many as 60,000 new cases a day by the end of the year.”

    Just more AI nonsense. Garbage in garbage out.


    “There was always something Marie Antoinetteish about the UK government’s decision to appoint a tech millionaire as its “cost-of-living Tsar,” but then critics have renamed SW1 “Versailles on Thames” for good reason. Anyway, no sooner had Mr Buttress got his feet under his new desk than he has sparked controversy. The answer – which, apparently, no economist or policymaker in the realm had spotted – to the cost-of-living crisis is for businesses to cut their prices… if only someone had thought of it earlier!”

    A predicament in three parts

    This is the “original thinking” that comes from those who have yet to build anything.


    I think that the vaxed dying from the vax finally makes a modicum of sense. I have tried to figure this out for over a year — why seemingly kill off and injure those who are supporting the movement, supporting those who have given us covid and steered the pandemic and its response?

    The only idea I could come up with was that the crafters of the pandemic and the spike protein injections didn’t have a problem with the injections being deadly, but didn’t realize just how deadly they were, and overplayed their hand. However, taking into consideration Arendt’s analysis, I think that is not correct.

    Arendt states that the internal logic of totalitarianism is so different from normal modes of human governing that it defies “common sense.” She says that this is why the countries dealing with Nazi Germany as it began conquering neighboring nations tended to make so many blunders.

    Under conditions of total terror not even fear can any longer serve as an advisor of how to behave, because terror chooses its victims without reference to individual actions or thoughts, exclusively in accordance with the objective necessity of the natural or historical process. [She has just spent the last few paragraphs talking about how totalitarianism follows a “natural” or “historical” process.] Under totalitarian conditions, fear probably is more widespread than ever before; but fear has lost its practical usefulness when actions guided by it can no longer help to avoid the dangers man fears. The same is true for sympathy or support of the regime; for total terror not only selects it victims according to objective standards; it chooses its executioners with as complete a disregard as possible for the candidate’s convictions and sympathies.

    For sympathizers of the WEF, they are under the spell, and living inside the fiction created by the lackeys of the WEF. They live in terror. The anti-covid inoculations create a situation where anyone could suddenly become the next victim of health issues — disability or death. Because the anti-covid inoculations are initiatory and loyalty tests, even people who generally have social and political status have taken the shots. The loyal are not “rewarded.” The loyal are simply a part of the movement, and will become either its next victims or its next executioners, in a process that is not dependent upon their own convictions or actions.

    That is why the family with the young children going for the kids’ anti-covid inoculations completely ignores the activists trying to save the children. The family is part of the movement, part of the secret society, part of the cult. The family is going to participate in all of the necessary rituals, hate all of the designated people, support all of the designated causes.

    I don’t know how this is happening with no visible “supreme leader” at the center, actively creating the weave. This is both similar and different to what has gone on before.


    Perhaps Phoenix – the supreme leader is just a stoic belief in technology over God?

    Veracious Poet


    @phoenixvoice. What you describe is no different than the Soviet Union under Stalin. Party loyalists were more likely to be executed than the common folk and the more that were purged and killed made the remaining members even more loyal.
    So will the WEF crowd end up purging themselves Jim Jones style with endless boosters. Those that don’t die might just die out as they love the lgbtq+ crap, have abortions if they do get pregnant ( and any kids they do have are multiple jabbed and maybe put on hormone blockers) and think the DINK lifestyle is great. Less than 1 kid per woman equals them more than halving themselves per generation.


    Dr. Robert J. Lifton – Eight Criteria for Thought Reform
    1 – Milieu Control
    2 – Mystical Manipulation (Planned Spontaneity)
    3 – The Demand For Purity
    4 – Confession
    5 – Sacred Science
    6 – Loading the Language
    7 – Doctrine Over Person
    8 – Dispensing of Existence

    Robert Jay Lifton’s Eight Criteria of Thought Reform (Brainwashing, Mind Control)

    The Assault on Reality


    I think is understandable that Bandera and co fought with the nazis against the Soviets, I would have too if my country had suffered as much as Ukraine did under the USSR. The Ukranians had 6,000,000 of their folk starved to death by the Soviets so the Ukranian grain could be sold for hard currency to continue the industrialisation of the USSR.
    So when the Germans appeared to liberate the Ukranians from such horror, people today believe and expect that they should have fought against them? That they should have fought alongside those that had committed a genocide against them? Fight with their oppressors against their liberators , fight with those that were mass murdering them?
    Communism and Bolshevism was a Jewish inspired phenomenon , Karl Marx was a Jew , Jews were involved in the starving to death of six million Ukranians , the event known as the Holodomor .
    Is it surprising that the Ukranians allied with the Germans and took their revenge on the Jewish population in Eastern Europe?
    The true circumstances and context of those times is always left out of the discussion and analysis because every body is afraid of being accused of anti-semetism.
    (This is where you all get to accuse me of being an antisemite.)
    That part of the world has had some extreme events of mass murder , unbelievable violence and hatred, the mass murder of the Polish officers in the Katyin forest for example ,where twenty thousand were shot down into pits by the Soviets. They conveniently blamed Germany and the rest of the world wanted to believe it too, It was not until after the dissolution of the USSR and the records were opened that the truth was discovered. So is it any wonder that Poland is baying for Russian blood right now?
    Without forgiveness for past actions by all parties these old hatreds will continue to fester for centuries and violence and suffering will continue.


    A good reminder
    John 8:7
    – So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

    The Holodomor , also known as the Terror-Famine or the Great Famine, was a man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine from 1932 to 1933 that killed millions of Ukrainians.

    The Katyn massacre was a series of mass executions of nearly 22,000 Polish military officers and intelligentsia prisoners of war carried out by the Soviet Union, specifically the NKVD (“People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs”, the Soviet secret police) in April and May 1940.


    @Redneck: Back when I was in my 30s half a lifetime ago, I got friendly with an old man at my local chess club, and we ended up getting together off and on for chess and conversation. He was a Latvian immigrant to the US, and I remember one time we talked about his life in Latvia during WW II. Although they did not suffer through the same horrors as the Ukrainians, the Bolsheviks were very harsh on them as well. He told me that when the Germans arrived, the entire country viewed them as liberators.

    I also heard a lot of stories about the Russians from my high school Russian teacher, who was Lithuanian. This was back in the late 60s, and he used to go back to Lithuania every year or two to visit relatives, and he had lots of interesting (and mostly negative) things to say about how they lived there under the Soviets.


    The Soviet times were extremely brutal , the Soviet forces that pushed the Germans back to Berlin were illiterate or semiliterate peasants who themselves had been hardened by the brutality of the revolution and the the Gulags.There is no comparison between the Russians of today and the former soviets. That is something the West does not want the world to understand. They want to continue the narrative of the Soviet brutes. Vision of the treatment of Ukranian prisoners by Russians illustrates that. The Ukraine is now displaying the traits of the old Soviets with their Bandera cult. Bandera was appropriate for his time but the world has moved on , the Banderies are living in the past ,big mistake as they are finding out. A reading of the Gulag Archipelago and Two Hundred Years Amongst Us , if you can find any bits of it lays out the state of things back in the day.The USSR was the first country to recognise Israel and when Gold Myeir the first Israeli ambassador arrived in Moscow she was met at the synagogue by fifty thousand cheering Soviet Jews , Stalin nearly swallowed his cigar when he heard about it .History is so interesting and important , not knowing the past means not understanding the present.


    Thanks for posting the descriptions of these two events.

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