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    John Day

    Phoenixvoice quoted Hannah Arendt:
    “Under conditions of total terror not even fear can any longer serve as an advisor of how to behave, because terror chooses its victims without reference to individual actions or thoughts, exclusively in accordance with the objective necessity of the natural or historical process. [She has just spent the last few paragraphs talking about how totalitarianism follows a “natural” or “historical” process.] Under totalitarian conditions, fear probably is more widespread than ever before; but fear has lost its practical usefulness when actions guided by it can no longer help to avoid the dangers man fears. The same is true for sympathy or support of the regime; for total terror not only selects it victims according to objective standards; it chooses its executioners with as complete a disregard as possible for the candidate’s convictions and sympathies.”

    It seems that Hannah Arendt is saying that totalitarianism is a different social paradigm, where everybody does as they are told, including killing other people, because everybody else is doing what they are told and they are all in it together, all one, all obeying immediately and unquestionaingly.

    If we take this as an alternate human-setting, and we look at history, we can see that this setting was active in wartimes, and those times that we always had a hard time understanding how people could do all those horrific and crazy things.

    People who have drunk of the excitement of mass team sports might understand the rioting of fans afterwards, and might get a feeling for massed battles of crowds, and lynch mobs.

    Maybe we have to understand the mindset within totalitarian times as being something humanly useful for those kinds of times. It leads to mass killing of humans, which seems to be “the objective necessity of the natural or historical process”.

    Perhaps that is the function of this setting in humans, to reduce the population at times until it is completed. Who/what decides? Must there be a human Fuhrer?

    “Science” the faceless god seems to be cast in that role this time, mostly for people who don’t understand scientific method, or who see it as secondary to power.

    I have never been wired to feast on crowd-energy. I am a scientist, and it comes naturally to me, and I do not crave power, but like comeraderie and friendship.

    I was recently criticized for using “zetigeist” to mean a living form in the collective mind, concious or unconscious, rather than a stylistic epoch or wave tied to a time.

    I don’t really have another word for that. It seems to me that mass-consciousness is not necessarily blind, can be ruthlessly destructive or poerfully good and beneficent. People can answer calls to righteousness and to killing thier very neighbors. It keeps happening.
    They said that in Rwanda it was not really Hutu and Tutsis, but people whose kids went to school barefoot killing people whose children wore shoes to scool.

    I’m positing that we, as a species, seem to have factory settings that kick in at critical times, which are completely invisible at other times, repeatedly apparent in history, and usually miunderstood and misrepresented to students and citizens who come later.

    Sociopaths THRIVE in these phases, feel right at home, but also get culled in them.
    We may have these settings because we do not have natural predators other than sociopaths, and there must be some mechanism to reduce our numbers when we outgrow our environmental support system.

    It may be that people who resonate to these wavelengths are more susceptible to the killing and being killed, though it can obviously reach out and touch anybody.

    I feel that I have different settings, to have felt for my whole life that I would need to make it through a time like this, that I needed to learn from my Gradfather who did so, needed to really understand…

    If we are dividing into human groups with different settings for times of “selection events” or “herd culling” or “world war”, then maybe we need to reconsider history this way. The herd splits into clumps that behave differently, in synchrony, like a murmur of Starlings, and some members of the herd split away, maybe congregate elsewhere in smaller groups.

    There is so much of people being unable to employ their rational processes for simple self and family benefit and preservation lately. We seem to be living in different worlds, and going forward into different worlds. I don’t feel like I can try to convince anybody who is living in that other world where COVID vaccines are good, protect you, protect the children, and” everybody needs to trust Dr. Fauci and get behind the science”.

    “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more…”

    V. Arnold

    I think you will be interested in this.

    Spartacus says the virus was not zoonosis, nor a lab leak, but a deliberate bioweapon attack by the biodefense mafia. He names names. He goes into the shots too.

    I would be interested in what you think of this from Spartacas…
    I listened to the whole thing…seems a bit fantastical…
    That said, I wouldn’t put it past the crazies running this shit show of a world…

    John Day

    @V.Arnold: I wish he wouldput it into a transcript. Spartacus (he/she/they) always has very good information, reasoning, and replies to my comments, but I can’t listen for more than about 90 seconds. I tried. I process text much better, and might spend the same amount of time (usually much less), and yet get more out of it.



    Some very good thought provoking comments today. Sobering and sad thoughts about the covid vaccine war on us little people too.



    Excellent comment on why the covid vaccine victims continue to support the covid war.

    V. Arnold

    @ John Day

    I tried. I process text much better, and might spend the same amount of time (usually much less), and yet get more out of it.

    I understand and would add a me too…reading is much more better… 😉


    Spartacus neglected to point out that in order to cover their asses, this global conspiracy is perfectly willing to deploy nuclear weapons. Narcissism would just be a charming nuisance if it weren’t for the tantrums, which are prone to extreme violence.
    So yeah, for the most part- despite the narrator sounding a bit like a high school chest thumper, I pretty much agree with him. I heard all the voices: Martin, Chudov, Breggin, Chestnut, Kirsh, Armstrong, Fitts, Rose, etc, etc, etc….

    Did anybody listen to Antony sing “If it be your will”?


    “….. reading is much more better… 😉”
    Pass good …. 🙂

    V. Arnold

    Did anybody listen to Antony sing “If it be your will”?

    Yes, very nice…thanks…


    Where does God stand on being turned into a faintly aware sadistically murderous puppet zombie? Should I slit my own throat before it happens to me? Does Karma have anything to say on this matter?
    In those last moments of free will before I’m hauled off to the re-education chambers should I shoot first and make sure there’s a bullet left for me?
    Who would have thought the 21st century would be so…interesting?
    Oh yeah. Nearly every science fiction writer out there.
    Give me one of your upbeat posts, please, Dr. D.


    The Holodomor had a lot to do with a rather long drought
    Its affects were NOT restricted to Ukraine, other areas suffered as much
    Unless you think Stalin could control the weather…….


    Covid is raging here in Tasmania. All that I know who have it are under fifty , lots of school age kids , a week to ten days of flu like illness , seems that most are vaxed but then supposedly ninety percent are vaxed so that is to be expected. A fourteen year old lad I know is unvaxed and had it twice now in three months, it is a hell of a thing. We just had our shortest day of winter, so the sun is coming back now but still two months of winter weather to go. I started doing my Ivermectin once a week again after stopping for the last two months…..fingers crossed.

    John Day

    @Redneck: I’ve not been to Tasmania, but have met interesting, good and resourceful folks from there. There is a fair amount of agriculture. Veterinary ivermectin might be available without too many questions to those with some sheep. Keeping enough for a 10 day course is a good plan. I presume you are taking vitamin-D.

    OTC COVID rxs for Omicron, from December, just before I caught Delta in our short days.

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