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    Harris&Ewing Preparations for inauguration of Woodrow Wilson 1913 • September Is Looking Likelier for Fed’s First Rate Increase (NY Times) • SYRIZA To
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    “Even the NYT wakes up to reality.”

    I’ve read, watched closely, for years. My belief; they do allow liberal writers to zing in a bit to accuracy, now and then – but – next week they will publish an “Editorial”, by their Editorial Board; which will not mention the zinger, but will instead come out with full-force full weight straight Owners opinion. In the Opinion Section; but delivered as Received Truth.

    And the liberal writer in question WILL, next week; deliver a new piece on a different topic – reflecting the Owners. Count on it. Next year, the writer will be allowed to slip another liberal opinion in.

    “How can you say we’re biased! Look what we allow published, and who our writers are!”

    V. Arnold

    Greece and the entire capitalist structure needs to collapse.
    From the debris, a new system will emerge.
    And hopefully Marx will be part of the solution…


    I’d like to book Nicole for a meeting with farmers here in western NY. We’ll have home cooked food and music. Bring the old man along for fun!

    Nicole Foss

    Birdshak, that sounds like a lot of fun 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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